Reborn Missy An Adorable Wife

Chapter 626 - 626 Chapter 626, International Exhibition (11)

626 Chapter 626, International Exhibition (11)

In any case, this international antique multinational company was born under the dumbfounded expressions of Kevin and the others!

As expected, the Citicorp market was open until the evening. Gu Qingchen could be considered to have enjoyed shopping today, so she decided to continue tomorrow.

After hearing this news, Rong Yu simply made another phone call and directly told the Citicorp market to open tomorrow afternoon and rest in the morning.

As for the reason..

Heaven and earth knew, Rong Yu knew, and so did Gu Qingchen.

When she went back in the evening and entered the room, Gu Qingchen felt her whole body lightened up. The world was spinning, and she was carried by Rong Yu.

Then, she strode to the room. Her back softened, and she fell into the soft bed.

“Rong… Oh!”

Before Gu Qingchen could speak, all the words were kissed into her mouth by Rong Yu.

This time, Rong Yu was not gentle. Instead, he became even wilder. Gu Qingchen really could not handle it. Very soon, she gave up and surrendered. She was completely paralyzed in Rong Yu’s kiss… She could not resist at all!

“Dear wife, today… I Won’t let you off so easily like yesterday…”

Because yesterday was Gu Qingchen’s first time, Rong Yu naturally considered Gu Qingchen’s physical condition and did not want her too much.

But today… he would not let Gu Qingchen off so easily. Of course, it was mainly because after tasting Gu Qingchen’s taste, it was difficult for him to control himself.

The feeling of both their souls and bodies resonating and going to heaven together was really wonderful.

“That…”can you do it a few less times?

This was Gu Qingchen’s inner voice. Unfortunately, Rong Yu was too bad now and did not let Gu Qingchen finish speaking.

From Rong Yu’s point of view, besides moaning, Gu Qingchen only needed to call out his name when she was on the bed.

Gu Qingchen felt as if she was floating in the sky. It was an intimate moment!

After a few battles, Gu Qingchen gradually began to lose her strength. She almost put all her weight on the bed. She could not exert any strength at all. Only Rong Yu worked hard to bring the two of them closer… Closer!

With a low growl and a soft moan, Rong Yu and Gu Qingchen finally climbed to the peak of their lives together!

During the rest, Gu Qingchen was still a little exhausted. Although she was still conscious, she was already beginning to lose consciousness.

But she still asked subconsciously, “Rong Yu, what time is it now?”

Even at this time, Gu Qingchen was still thinking about going to the KLYONGKU market tomorrow.

Rong Yu was very dissatisfied with this. He held Gu Qingchen in his arms, and his hands started to become disobedient again.

“Stop it, I’m tired.”Gu Qingchen was really tired. She felt that she did not have any strength and energy left, so she wanted to do it again.

However, Rong Yu did not listen to Gu Qingchen’s words and continued to do what he liked to do..

“When my dear wife and I were together, she was still thinking about the CLANGOU market. That can only mean that my efforts were not enough. Let my dear wife think about other things. Be good and do it again. I guarantee that you will forget everything. be obedient and enjoy it!”

After saying that, Rong Yu was very engrossed. He flipped Gu Qingchen over again and tried a new position..

He rolled for a night and did not sleep. In the room, the low growls and moans were continuous, persistent and full of seduction and passion.

When Gu Qingchen opened her eyes again, she felt that her waist was really about to break.

That’s right, it was so exaggerated!

Last night, she did not know how many times she had sex with Rong Yu. She only knew that each time, it was more passionate than the last! Each time, it was more intense than the last!

She even changed many different positions. Although it was very tiring, she had to admit that it was indeed very exciting!

Moreover, the feeling of reaching the peak was really wonderful. Her whole body seemed to be full of electricity. When she was aroused, she only felt that her body was trembling!

“Rong Yu…”

Gu Qingchen opened her mouth and called out to Rong Yu in a daze. She actually realized that her throat was a little hoarse. It was probably because she had called out too loudly yesterday. In addition, she had called out for a whole night and her throat was slightly hurt.

Gu Qingchen took a look. Rong Yu was not beside her. However, there was a cup of warm water on the table by the bed. Gu Qingchen picked it up and drank a cup of warm water.

She suddenly felt as if she was alive and very comfortable. The temperature of the water was just right. It was neither cold nor hot. From this, one could see how meticulous Rong Yu was.

Gu Qingchen looked at the time and realized that it was already afternoon. After thinking for a moment, Gu Qingchen decided to stay in bed again.

She was really too tired today. She needed to rest. As for the Lyon market, Gu Qingchen did not have the mood and strength to go again.

Anyway, there were still many opportunities in the future. She would go again when the time came. She needed to rest today!

She really needed to rest!

Gu Qingchen stayed in bed and did not want to come out. She did not even want to move.

Gu Qingchen put down the cup and went back to sleep. She had not slept enough for the past two days and needed to replenish her sleep as soon as possible.

The exhibition was tomorrow, so Gu Qingchen felt that she needed to adjust her condition to attend the exhibition.

When Gu Qingchen woke up again, she was tortured by Rong Yu. But this time, it was another kind of torture — delicious food.

In fact, Gu Qingchen’s stomach was already starving. Now that she smelled the aroma of food, she opened her eyes subconsciously. Her confused eyes were still full of sleepiness.

“It smells so good…”gu Qingchen’s throat was still a little hoarse, but it was much better than before.

Rong Yu first handed a glass of water to Gu Qingchen. Gu Qingchen took a sip. It was a little sweet. It was pear juice, which moistened her throat.

Soon, a glass of pear juice was swallowed. Rong Yu took the glass naturally and said, “You must be hungry.”

Gu Qingchen immediately nodded very cooperatively, “I’m starving…”

She had not eaten for a whole day, and she had gone through so much trouble last night. She was so hungry that she had become limp.

Rong Yu smiled dotingly, then hugged Gu Qingchen and let her sit up.

When she came out of the quilt and touched the air outside, she suddenly had goosebumps.

At this moment, Gu Qingchen realized that she was still naked!

Therefore, Rong Yu hugged her like this, exposing her to Rong Yu like this.

There were also red marks on her body. Those were the marks that Rong Yu left on her body last night when the two of them were too intense!

The bright marks showed how intense last night was! Gu Qingchen’s scalp immediately went numb!