Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 543 - Take the Pill

Shao Tianze was telling the truth.

But how could Ding Ali admit it?

Her face went an ugly green, “Chairman Shao, how can you say that to me? I’m…”

“I know you want my attention. I know you want to sleep with me. You’re in love with me? What a joke.”

He glanced at the nightstand, “That’s for last night. Hang on to it!”

Ding Ali could not help but clutch her fists.

What did he think she was? A prostitute?

She suddenly sat up in bed and tended to tear apart the check on the nightstand.

However, as soon as she grabbed the check, having a look at the amount on it, she promptly stopped.

She couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t do it at all.

This was a check for one million.

It was even higher than renting her womb out.

Shao Tianze was totally right. Since she had already reached her goal, why bother staying on a high horse?

She put her arms down with her hands holding that check tight.

Seeing that Ding Ali had calmed down, Shao Tianze sneered and was going to leave.

When he walked to the door, he seemed to have thought of something. He turned around, “How should I call you?”

Ding Ali hastily pulled herself together and answered him, “Ali, call me Ali.”

Shao Tianze nodded and added coldly, “Remember to take the birth control pills in the drawer.”

Hearing Shao Tianze, Ding Ali was stunned.

Just as she was stunned, Shao Tianze had opened the door and left.

Ding Ali opened the drawer of the nightstand. Not surprisingly, there was a morning-after-pill in the drawer.

She pursed her lips and was ready to throw the pill on the floor.

At this moment, however, the room door opened. Shao Tianze’s assistant suddenly came in and stopped her, “Miss Ding, you can’t do this.”

Ding Ali frowned. A man suddenly coming in annoyed her much.

She pulled the covers up over her chest. Then she angrily stared at the assistant, “Why are you breaking in?”

The assistant apologized with a smile, “This is the case. Chairman Shao asked me to make sure you take the pill.”

Hearing his explanation, Ding Ali started raging.

But then it followed with a crushing sense of powerlessness.

Shao Tianze did not allow her to carry his baby.

That was why he ordered his assistant to watch her take the pill.

If she didn’t take it, Shao Tianze would be fed up with her.

Thinking about the fat check in her hand,

Ding Ali took the pill sullenly.

The assistant left until she did it.

However, after the assistant left the room, Ding Ali quickly jumped from the bed and rushed to the bathroom. Her fingers were down her throat, trying to throw herself up.

She didn’t want to take that d*mn pill.

Besides, morning-after-pills were not 100 percent effective.

She was going to spit out the pill and carry his baby.

Shao Tianze couldn’t do anything after she got pregnant. Anyway, Gu Changle had lost her fertility.

Shao Tianze would have no choice but to accept it after she delivered him a child. He would treat her child nicely.

After all, her baby would be his flesh and blood.

The assistant headed for Shao Tianze after he had done with Ding Ali.

Shao Tianze arrived at the company first, and the assistant came after a while.

It happened that Shao’s had a morning meeting.

After arriving at the meeting room, the assistant whispered in Shao Tianze’s ear, “Chairman Shao, Miss Ding has taken the pill.”

Shao Tianze nodded, “Good.”

Then he dismissed the assistant and started the meeting.

Song Yunxuan learned that Shao Tianze got a room with Ding Ali soon after.

When Song Yunxuan called Ding Ali, Ding Ali hesitated for a moment before confessing, “I was with Chairman Shao last night.”

Song Yunxuan glanced at the Ragdoll that was having breakfast, “How do you two get along?”

Thinking of the bruises on her body, Ding Ali tended to make a big complaint against Shao Tianze right away.

However, as soon as she was about to blurt, she assumed it was inappropriate to complain about what Shao Tianze had done to her. She nodded, “We’re fine.”

It took long for her to answer, which aroused Song Yunxuan’s suspicion.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “He knew you did plastic surgery to look like Gu Changge, didn’t he?”

Ding Ali was speechless, and her eyebrows were drawn.

Not only did he know about this but he also perceived it was not her first time.

Her image had sunk in his opinion.

Thus he treated her as a plaything.

“Didn’t you want to carry Shao Tianze’s baby?”

As she mentioned, Ding Ali responded, “Shao Tianze forced me to take the pill this morning and let his assistant monitor me, but I spit it out in the bathroom as soon as he left.”

Hearing Ding Ali, Song Yunxuan could not help laughing, “I didn’t expect you get to cheat.”

Ding Ali said nothing.

She had ten thousand ways to cheat. As long as she was able to achieve her goal, she did not care much about the process.

However, Song Yunxuan warned, “Although you’ve done well, I believe you’d better think about how to deal with Gu Changle.”

Ding Ali was reminded that Gu Changle had requested her to move into a house that she found for her.

She did not want to be under Gu Changle’s control.

She thought for quite a long time before she said, “Gu Changle invited me to move to one of her places. I don’t want to.”

Song Yunxuan uttered, “You got it right. If you move there, you’ll have to stop seeing Shao Tianze.”

If Ding Ali had been caught in Gu Changle’s control, it would have been difficult for her to meet with Shao Tianze.

If they hadn’t been able to meet, how could they take up with each other?

Ding Ali replied, “I don’t want to move, either.”

“Then you shall stay in Shao Tianze’s place.”

Ding Ali thought about what Shao Tianze said before he left this morning. She whispered, “He asked me to wait for him in the hotel.”

“He must take great pleasure in you. You should wait at the hotel.”

Ding Ali agreed.

Song Yunxuan was about to hang up the phone.

Before Song Yunxuan hung up, Ding Ali suddenly spoke, “Umm…”


Ding Ali looked at the bruises on her arms and tried to describe it in an indirect manner, “Last night, Shao Tianze was a little… well, rough to me.”

Hearing Ding Ali out, Song Yunxuan quickly understood, “Did he beat you?”


“I’ll send someone to check you out.”

Song Yunxuan felt that it was necessary to send someone to check her out. After all, many things couldn’t be articulated on the phone.

Ding Ali did not object.

Song Yunxuan promised to send someone for Ding Ali. After her work was done, she set about arranging.

Receiving Ding Ali’s location, she asked Ding Ali to meet with her assistant at the money-taking hall of a bank.

Ding Ali was told to be near the VIP counter, and she met Mei Qi there.

After a brief introduction, Ding Ali pulled her sleeves on, “These all happened last night.”

Mei Qi saw the bruises and scars on her arms. He sighed and sympathized, “These look really painful.”

Ding Ali took the opportunity to ask Mei Qi, “Does Miss Song know about Mr. Shao? I wonder if Mr. Shao has a tendency of violence. Or… is he a psychological pervert?”

Mei Qi couldn’t answer those questions. He told Song Yunxuan these questions word for word.

Hearing Mei Qi, Song Yunxuan was shaken from reflections.

In those reflections, Shao Tianze had always acted like a gentleman until everything got ugly.

Moreover, during his disguise as a gentleman, he did not show any tendency of violence. When they had sex, he never hurt her.

He never treated her rudely.

Song Yunxuan was silent. Looking at her, Mei Qi could not help but ask, “Manager Song, do you think that Shao Tianze is a pervert or not?”

“I don’t know.”

She could not judge whether Shao Tianze was a pervert.

She only knew he was ruthless and cruel.

When she was with him, he camouflaged perfectly.

He was cold-hearted and had no morals.

Coming back to earth from meditation, Song Yunxuan talked to Mei Qi, “Since Ding Ali has chosen Shao Tianze, it’s her choice to bear the pain or not.”

If she coveted his wealth and wanted to be rich by delivering him a child, Ding Ali would tolerate it even if Shao Tianze was a pervert.

Therefore, it didn’t matter whether he was a pervert.

Mei Qi sensed Ding Ali’s scars weird. He associated it with Gu Changle and Gu Changge.

“Gu Changge was his wife, but no one had seen scars on her body.”

That was true. There had never been bruises or scars on Gu Changge’s body.

Not to mention Gu Changge, even Gu Changle had never got hurt by him.

So Song Yunxuan was pretty sure that Shao Tianze did not mistreat every woman he had.

The reason why Ding Ali was mistreated might be that he had some dissatisfaction with her.

Song Yunxuan’s thoughts did not stay near Ding Ali’s scars for too long. After Mei Qi murmured, she reminded Mei Qi, “Today’s schedule is busy. Stop thinking nonsense. You’d better go with me to the branch.”

Hearing this, Mei Qi nodded, “Yes, Manager Song. I’ll be your company everywhere you go.”

Mei Qi was best at brownnosing. Song Yunxuan shook her head and laughed at what he had just said.