Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2464

2464 Shocking Waves

His low voice was sinister and ruthless. He looked at Ye Jian without blinking and said slowly, “I just want Sun Dongqing and her daughter to stay in prison. If you do that, I’ll tell you more about the jade. There are some things you know, but there are some things you might not know.”

Ye Jian was indeed a little agitated. In the beginning, she purposely gave him a cold look. Now, she wanted to hear what else Ye Zhifan had to say.

She knew that her mother might have been harmed by the person behind the jade. Ye Zhifan was the only person who had contacted the person behind the jade. Perhaps he knew something.

“What else do you know?” she said coldly. “Tell me everything in one go. There’s no need to keep me in suspense.”

Ye Zhifan felt a little at ease. He looked around from the corner of his eyes and then looked at Ye Jian intently. “If you agree to my request, I’ll tell you.”


“Okay.” He just wanted to use her to prevent Sun Ying from escaping. Sure. She had never thought of letting Sun Ying escape anyway.

Ye Zhifan didn’t suspect anything when Ye Jian agreed.

However, her promise didn’t reassure him until she nodded.

Ye Zhifan crossed his fingers and revealed his last bargaining chip. “The letter focused on the jade pendant and said that your mother didn’t have long to live.”

These words finally caused huge waves in Ye Jian’s heart. The shock surged and slammed into her heart, causing her fingertips to tremble uncontrollably.

“The letter focused on the jade pendant and said that your mother didn’t have long to live.” This sentence proved that her mother was killed! This was the evidence!

When Ye Zhifan mentioned the letter again, Ye Jian knew that it did exist. Ye Zhifan might have kept it.

She needed to get the letter from Ye Zhifan!

“We have a deal, but I need the letter in your hand… The original copy!” Ye Jian emphasized the word ‘original’.

“That’s what I’m thinking too.” Ye Zhifan finally believed that Ye Jian had agreed to his request. “I’ve been keeping the letter in the bank. You can take it directly when you go out later. Be careful when you look through it. It has been kept for almost 20 years. The paper is very fragile.”

It was ironic, but in the end, he placed his hope on Ye Jian, the girl he harmed.

Ye Zhifan looked at Ye Jian quietly for a few seconds. He retracted his gaze and hid the coldness that was about to disappear from the depths of his eyes. After a few seconds, he said in a low voice, “Sun Ying has Madam Li behind her. I suspect that Madam Li looked for her and gave her the idea to report me. Sun Ying is my daughter. I understand her.

“Madam Li must’ve made a promise. That’s why Sun Ying dared to attack me. Ye Jian, I want Sun Ying to know that it’s better to rely on herself than on others. I want her to realize that in the end, she schemed for nothing. If you agree, you’ll also be going against Madam Li. Do you dare to do that?”

If it wasn’t for Sun Xueqing, the jade, or his own success, he would have admired Ye Jian.

Even if she had someone supporting her, everyone had seen her hard work. That was why he had reminded Sun Ying again and again that if she wanted to surpass Ye Jian, she had to work hard and have the ability to compete with Ye Jian.

However, Sun Ying bit off more than she could chew. She only wanted to use others to teach Ye Jian a lesson. Since that was the case, as Sun Ying’s father, he didn’t mind teaching her another life lesson!

Ye Jian was a little surprised. She didn’t expect Ye Zhifan to remind her of this.