Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1820: Vs The Clan leader

Sam felt his body leaving the partial fusion state.

The light elemental energy scattered away as his internal energy circulation was messed up for a bit because of the impact.

The clan leader looked at Sam coldly, but the next second he revealed a surprised expression on his face. Because Sam didn't reveal any expression. He is not shocked, he is not pained, he is not even a bit rattled.

He is just calm and his face didn't betray any emotion that he might be feeling inside.

Taking advantage of that very fleeing momentary daze of the clan leader, Sam tried to stab him with the reaper sword. The spiritual energy violently circulated around the blade as he tried to penetrate the defense.

The clan leader reacted swiftly and pulled Sam over to the side and used his other arm to block Sam's sword by catching his hand.

Now Sam has a clear view of the clan leader's right side face and the temple. The clan leader is holding Sam by his throat with his right hand while blocking the sword and the arm with his right.

He looked at Sam coldly through a side-eyed glance as he slowly increased the pressure on the sword-holding arm.

The players who are spectating the fight could feel the pain just from watching. The Divine plane cultivator essentially has a stronger physique and it didn't take much effort for him to break the arm and try to crush the bone.

But Sam didn't let go of the sword, instead, he circulated his energy even more into the arm as if it is trying to break free. As the clan leader focused on trying to dissipate the energy further, Sam made another move.

His free left hand brought out a handgun from his storage and he directly shot at the leader's temple from such a short range.


The leader was stunned as he took the shot head-on. Due to the impact, he had to let go of Sam, who didn't waste a moment to disappear from that spot and create some distance between them.

Sam looked at his crushed arm and started healing himself. He let his vampire side go crazy as he tried to heal as fast as possible. Luckily, the clan leader seemed to have been in a mood to inflict some pain on Sam or he would have had to face a lethal blow at such a close range, which would have made damage that much harder to recover.

The energy flash cleared out and the clan leader looked at Sam coldly.

Now he had a big mangled piece off of his face. Sam could even see part of the bones inside.

This energy bullet would have killed a person of Astral Plane cultivation from far away, but that bullet could only do this much damage to the clan leader.

The most it did seems to piss off this person even more.

Sam's arm almost completely recovered and he held his sword tightly. He put the gun away and looked at the opponent carefully.

"You are in this situation already and you are still dancing around.

At first, I wanted to make you slowly understand how big of a mistake you made by thinking that you can take on a Divine plane cultivator.

But screw that. I will kill you and be done with you."

He cracked his fingers and was about to lunge toward Sam. But at that exact moment, Sam who is already on the edge suddenly used a spatial blink and disappeared from their face.

By the time he completely disappeared, the clan leader already reached that spot. He just missed it by hair's breadth.

He would have been caught if he had delayed his escape even just by one millisecond. But the clan leader didn't feel disappointed, he just turned around and extended his hand before making a pulling motion in the air.

The spiritual energy materialized into a rope that seemed to have caught something in the void, even before Sam reappeared from his spatial blink, the spiritual energy rope is already there and caught hold of him as soon as he appeared.

He didn't even know what hit him for a moment as he pulled towards the Clan leader, who readied his fist with Divine energy and threw a punch at Sam.

Sam widened his eyes in disbelief for the first time. His thoughts ran amok in his head. As the fist grew bigger and bigger in his vision, Sam swapped the reaper with the shadow sword. He used the pushback from a small energy bullet that he shot out of his feet to change the direction of the rope's movement, he mobilized a very tiny amount of spiritual energy to slash.


The air whistled as the shadow sword slashed toward the opponent's arm. Everyone thought that Sam was about to slash the arm, but they didn't have any hopes of the hit landing.

And to their expectations, the sword was easily dodged by the old man and he was about to hit Sam with an uppercut.

At that moment, the shadow sword glowed and Sam suddenly turned into the shadow fusion form. He disappeared and dissolved into the shadow of the clan leader and within that shadow, it looked like Sam's shadow has slashed the shadow of the Clan leader.

The clan leader's momentum was halted abruptly as he lost control of his arm for a moment and it froze in place, meanwhile, the rest of the body still continued to move forward with the force of the punch.

This created an awkward imbalance in his step and Sam didn't intend to let this chance go.

Shadow energy condensed in the sword as another minuscule amount of Divine energy mixed within as he slashed the back of the clan leader.

The sword slashed through the armor and the robes and left a wound on the left side back of the clan leader.

Sam tried to disappear into a puff of smoke and create some distance, but before he could do it, the clan leader already regained his balance turned around, and threw a punch straight to Sam's chest.


With an explosive sound, Sam felt his collarbone crack as he flew for over a dozen of meters and crashed into the ground like a crater.

The clan leader felt a sharp pain in his back. The wound is infested with shadow energy and his natural energy is not enough to counter that. The shadow energy is also infused with Divine energy, so he has to use his own Divine energy to cleanse it.

But just because he already figured out what the problem is, doesn't mean he was able to solve it immediately.

Sam who crashed into the ground stood up while groaning a bit. His eyes are still cold and there is no change in his expression as he disappeared from that spot again.

He used a spatial blink and reappeared behind the clan leader ready to throw another slash.

When the clan leader turned around to counter, Sam's body glowed with golden light as he turned to a light beam before slashing another divine energy-infused attack on the clan leader's back.


Of course, as soon as he landed the attack, he was met with another solid punch.

But this time, the clan leader didn't let him get away that easily.

He pulled Sam towards him with the spiritual energy rope and threw another punch.

Sam put the sword away and used a punch of his own to hit the clan leader on his forearm. His aim was to deflect the punch a bit and he did succeed.

The only problem is, he felt his arm go numb in the process.

The clan leader on the other hand, used the momentum of the deflected punch to spin around and gave a spinning elbow straight to Sam's face.



Everyone could hear the cracking sound of Sam's nose. He flew into the air and almost crashed into the ground.


The clan leader once again used that spiritual rope technique and pulled him back up.

Sam felt his whole body float and then fall towards the clan leader who got ready with another big punch.

His eyes are still as cold as ever, and even though he is bleeding from his nose and mouth, he still looked as alert and sharp as when he started.

As he fell towards the clan leader, he balled himself up and used his elemental wind energy to change the trajectory a bit.

Just when the clan leader tried to re-position himself to land another proper punch, Sam opened up his body again, spun in the air, and like a snake he coiled around the clan leader's arm and then onto the back.

Before the clan leader could even make sense of the situation, a claw appeared on Sam's palm. He condensed another small amount of divine energy and infused the hydra poison within as he jammed it into the already existing wound.

The shadow energy and light energy are already wreaking havoc in that small area, but Sam managed to land another decent blow and this time, the poison that is concocted by consumption of a myriad of the most dangerous poisons Sam ever came across was used on it.

The clan leader felt a stinging pain as the poison seeped into his muscle fibers.

He grabbed Sam by his collar and slammed him into the ground.