Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 1819: Final Battle

Sam, Arkiv and Akhil walked out and now they are in front of the clan grounds.

Noah and Kumar walked out of the clan grounds followed by all the elders and young masters.

"Take care of the other two. We will deal with Sam."

The elders and young masters did as they were told.

Akhil and Arkiv nodded at Sam before they led the fight to the side. The vines and roots slowly disappeared as the whole city plunged into chaos.

Sam looked at the two of them and asked.

"Where is the clan leader and the father of the child? Don't tell me they are hiding inside."

"Not hiding, they are biding their time. Its almost two housrs since you started and I am sure we can drag out the time even more."

"Why are you doing this guys? I understand that there is the task, contest and all, but is it really much more important than letting the kids and the mother unite again?

I don't want to resort to extreme measures to do this."

"Who said that we are going let the kids and the mother suffer under these people? Even if I win, I still have a plan set in place to deal with the issue. Not only will they be saved, they will also be safely transported to a far away place to live.

I might be a bitch, Sam. But not a heartless one."

Noah said with a playful smile.

Sam also returned the smile. But he didn't reply.

He took out a staff and swung it around a bit.

"This clearly brings back some memories. Are you sure the result will not be the same as the last time? Do you guys really want to do this again?"

Sam asked as if he is a doctor asking repeated consent for a risky procedure.

Noah and Kumar of course didn't like the tone and just showed their acceptance through their actions. But unlike before they just didn't prepare normally, they directly used their Blood Arts.

Both of them are covered in the blood armor and Kumar swung his blood spear.

The surroundings that just cleared up are once again covered with Blood red trees as Noah disappeared into them.

Sam looked at Kumar with the smirk still apparent on his face.

He thought that Kumar is going to launch an attack.

"Not like that Sam. I am not gonna do the same mistake I did the last time. This is going to be different."

With those words, Noah also disappeared into the woods like he was never there before.

Sam raised an eyebrow as he looked at this. He activated partial fusion as golden flames enveloped his body.

He spun the staff around charring all the vegetation within the radius of the staff. Of course, he didn't expect to hit anything. He just stood as the flames burned everything in his immediate surroundings.

"Now what?"

Sam asked and all of a sudden a dozen wooden spears came at him from all directions.

Those wooden spears are followed by a bunch of large-scale attacks from the vines, a massive trap under his feet as the vines tried to climb and coil all over him, some blood-red fruits that had some corrosive liquid that tried to stop his circulation of spiritual energy.

All of them came at Sam at the same time. Noah and Kumar are not wasting any energy. They directly started at their full strength and even the first attack didn't disappoint Sam.

But Sam just chuckled and said in a very low tone.

"Guys, by now you should already know something about me. Once I surpass a hurdle, there is no way that hurdle can block me again. Even if that hurdle evolves a thousand times over, it will still be beneath me.

Your combo might be good. But I already beat it, that means, I will always beat it."

The large golden flames turned around as he burned every spear, every vine, and every fruit that tried to attack him. The flames spread even more as he started destroying the whole forest bit by bit.

The whole city was so defensive, protected, and prosperous. But now within a few hours, it is brought to the worst possible state it could have been.

All the infrastructure is gone. Hundreds of people died.

The clan that stood as the strongest is down to its last knees.

After half an hour, Sam stood in the middle of the city panting heavily. His body is full of blazing smoke so are the surroundings.

The ground is charred black. If one didn't know any better one would think the black color is the natural color of the soil. It looked like a dark black sand desert.

Noah and Kumar fell down as they panted heavily. They are weak and exhausted. They couldn't even pull up a bit more strength to even stand up.

Sam looked at them with the same smirk on his face.

"Convinced now?"

Noah and Kumar wanted to curse out loud, but they didn't want to be sour losers.

At this moment, Arkiv ad Akhil is still fighting.

Sam was about to call them out, but at that moment, he had to stop in his tracks. Not just him, even the battles happening on the side had to stop in their tracks.

All of them turned towards the clan grounds as a middled aged man, tall, dark muscular to the extreme, came out of the gate.

"Clan leader is here."

Noah said to Sam as she stood up with the most difficulty.

Kumar used his spear to stand up and asked.

"Are you sure you will be fine? If this is all about the kids, we already made arrangements, we can take the kids and Maya away safely. Just give up man. Don't go against a Divine Plane cultivator and risk your life."

Kumar said it out of pure concern.

Noah just stayed silent, but the concern is directly apparent on her face.

"Don't worry guys. I think I can handle myself."

Sam said as he waved his hand. A wine gourd appeared in his hand as he started chugging it wildly. His body started recovering bit by bit. There is not much damage to begin with.

But he spent too much energy and time. He is going to need every bit of his strength to deal with the person that is coming out.

Sam put the staff away and stretched out a bit as he looked at the clan leader coming out.

Akhil and Arkiv felt like they were being locked on and they didn't want to continue with their slaughter. But then, they are already halfway done anyway. It is not like they caused any less damage to the clan. They already shook the foundations.

The clan leader stopped a few feet away from Sam.

He is a very tall man, he is taller than Sam by a few inches. His arms are long, they almost reached his knees.

He is well-built, and his legs are long, sharp, and muscular enough.

Sam looked at it from top to bottom and said.

"You are born to be a fighter, aren't you? You have the perfect muscle and bone structure to be a melee fighter."

The clan leader raised an eyebrow as he looked at Sam.

"You are still in the mood to give out compliments like this?"

"Its just an observation. It is not a compliment. I rarely compliment people for the things they are born with."

Sam stored his wine gourd away as he cracked his fingers one more time.

"But I must compliment you. You are one impressive guy, I must tell you. There is no one I even remotely heard of that could what you did as an Astral Plane cultivator."

"You are not done seeing yet. So, reserve your compliments for some other time. But on the second thought, you might want to get them out now, because in the next thrity minutes, you will be dead."

Noah and Kumar who are walking away turned back and looked at Sam as if he was kidding.

It is one thing for Sam to want to fight like this, even if they know that Sam tried to recover, they are sure that he is not at his full energy capacity. And he has been battling for two and a half hours straight, the mental strain is no joke with all the energy usage.

At least, they knew they won't be able to pull it off.

Of course, they reserved their judgment and didn't gauge Sam by that and walked away.

Sam took out the reaper sword immediately and his body started glowing the golden light. He activated light elemental fusion right from the start as he got ready to make one of the big moves.

He didn't want to hold back at all.

He turned into a light beam and zoomed toward the clan leader.

The players looked at it with anticipation. In a fraction of a second, the light beam reached the clan leader and he was about to grab it.

But the light suddenly became flexible like a snake, slipped past the fingers, and made a u-turn before aiming at the leader's back.

Everyone was stunned once again, thinking that Sam is the only guy who could pull this move. But right when the beam and the blade were about to make contact with the skin..


An explosive impact occurred.

The golden glow created a flash and when the light cleared, Sam is hanging by his neck in the hand of the clan leader.

He is off the ground and the breath left his throat.