Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 769: Raid, its not flattering

Seeing the Seventh Prince with a child’s face, but explaining his plan seriously like an adult, the Eldest Prince was shocked.

The Eldest Prince knew that the Seventh Prince was precocious and not an ordinary child. Although he would not treat him as a child, he would not put him on an equal footing.

In front of the Seventh Prince, the Eldest Prince still has a sense of superiority. No matter how wise the Seventh Prince was, given his age, how capable can he be?

Although the Empress threw an olive branch at him, the Eldest Prince didn’t want to go to pick it up. The Empress obviously wanted to give up the crown prince and help the seventh prince sit on the throne. But how old was the Seventh Prince this year?

He can’t do anything as a child.

What’s more, he was also a prince and son of the emperor. Although he doesn’t like the emperor and doesn’t have the backing of his maternal family, he has military power in his hand. The Seventh Prince doesn’t have the power to fight for the throne, why should he do it for others?

He accepted the kindness of the Empress, but he didn’t want to make an alliance with the Empress. In his point of view, the age of the Seventh Prince was a big flaw. Even the third prince has more hope than the seventh prince, but… …

Hearing what the Seventh Prince said, the Eldest Prince knew that his seventh brother was not only precocious.

The Eldest Prince suppressed his shock and asked with a smile: “The seventh brother’s method is very good, but are you not afraid to annoy the Imperial Aunt?”

The Seventh Prince changed his usual ignorance and innocence and said with a dignified face: “Eldest brother if you give up something, you will get something in return. We are the son of the Imperial Father.” They were born to stand against the opposite of Prince Xiao, so they had no choice.

“The Imperial Father asked us to pick up Uncle Xiao back to the palace, and to comfort the army was just incidental.” The Eldest Prince told the Seventh Prince that the Emperor did not tell them to embarrass the Jinwuwei Army. They came to appease the army and appease Xiao Tianyao. If this incident made Prince Xiao unhappy, they would be the ones who will suffer.

“Imperial Aunt won’t take these small things to heart.” If Prince Xiao was here, the Seventh Prince wouldn’t dare to do so.

“In that case, then I’ll rely on the seventh brother.” The eldest prince thought for a while and nodded.

It was the Seventh Prince who led the matter, and the Seventh Prince willfully wanted to go to the military camp at night, which made a lot of trouble. At most, his eldest brother did not fulfill his duty of persuasion. Prince Xiao and Princess Xiao would blame him at most, and would not offend them to death.

“Thank you for, eldest brother. This younger brother will not let you down.” Hearing the Eldest Prince’s reply, the Seventh Prince changed his style in speech. He shouted very affectionately.

The Eldest Prince smiled and said: “The seventh brother is so extraordinary at a young age, and I admire him.” All the children in the palace were precocious. But at this age of the seventh prince, he was not as calm as him.

Did the Empress teach all this to the Seventh Prince?

The Eldest Prince believed that these things must be the empress’s handwriting, but if the Seventh Prince didn’t have the ability, the Empress’s plans would be useless no matter what.

There was a difference between saying and doing it.

Next, the Eldest Prince didn’t regard the Seventh Prince as a precocious child, but ignored his age and put him on an equal footing. In this way, the two brothers talked happily and exchanged a lot of information with each other.

The two brothers were not in a hurry. Since they decided to go to the military camp at night, the later the better. At night, when the Jinwuwei Army already sleeping, no matter what they do, they couldn’t do anything.

With this idea, the two brothers didn’t arrive at the place where the Jinwuwei Army was stationed until midnight.

However, the two men were not so stupid as to rush directly, but stopped ten miles away from the station and sent someone to pass the message quickly, so that the Jinwuwei Army will ready to meet the two princes.

It was not that the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince didn’t want to rush directly, but if they do so, it couldn’t be explained by childishness, and… if they run to the military area without saying hello, they were simply courting death!

Ten miles away, riding a horse, the messenger will simply take a quarter of an hour to go back and forth. The Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince washed their faces with cold water and continued to walk slowly.

In the barracks, Lin Chujiu, who had already fallen asleep, climbed up with a gloomy face when she heard the news.

“I knew the emperor is uneasy and unkind.” She muttered discontentedly. Lin Chujiu washed her face with cold water to wake herself up.

Outside the camp, the little soldier who came to report was standing trembling outside, trying to reduce his sense of existence. And at the same time secretly muttered to himself that the Jinwuwei Army who had seen blood was indeed terrible. Fortunately, the Seventh Prince was wise and decided to come at night. If he met hundreds of thousands of murderers during the day, his courage would be broken.

“Let people in.” Lin Chujiu yawned and asked the Jinwuwei Army to bring people in.

“This lowly soldier, thousand… …”As soon as the little soldier came in, he didn’t dare to raise his head. He knelt with a plop. He only realized halfway through that what he said was wrong. He was stunned on the spot for a while. He didn’t know what to do.

“Tell me, what’s the matter?” Lin Chujiu looked at the other party lazily, as if she didn’t him.

“Answering back Xiao Wangfei, the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince are ordered to comfort the army. Because of a bad situation on the way, the journey was delayed. The Seventh Prince didn’t want to go to the post station to rest and wanted to come to the camp tonight, this soldier wonders if it is possible?” The little soldier who came back faithfully recited what the Seventh Prince had said.

“He came here at this time? Where are the Seventh Prince and his party now?” She already knew the Seventh Prince’s plan, but Lin Chujiu still played dumb.

“The Seventh Prince and his party are ten miles away at this time.” The little soldier felt relieved when he saw Lin Chujiu was not angry.

“Ten miles away? Someone… welcome the Seventh Prince into the camp.” Because of the preparation in the daytime, when Lin Chujiu gave the order, the deputy general came forward and let the little soldier lead the way together with his men to meet the seventh prince.

The deputy general didn’t lead many people, just a small team of 30 people. Each of them looked friendly. No one has a frightening and murderous aura. The little soldier was happy when he saw it.

The group soon left the barracks. As soon as they left, the drums in the rear of the barracks began to sound. The soldiers who slept in peace heard the drums. One by one, they quickly got up, tidied up their clothes, took weapons, and ran out in order.

Two hundred thousand troops completed the gathering in two columns of incense and lined up in the best posture to meet the Eldest Prince and Seventh Prince.

Lin Chujiu didn’t show up in front of people. She only looked in the dark and went back to the main camp.

She didn’t mean to make the Jinwuwei Army stand ready to fight the Seventh Prince and the Eldest Prince, but they decided to come at night when everyone was asleep. So it was understandable if she was not around.

It was alright if she act like this. Dare to step on her tail, then she won’t give them a good face.

The Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince don’t want to compete with the Jinwuwei Army head-on, but also don’t want to give the Jinwuwei Army a chance to perform. She wanted to let the Jinwuwei Army come out to frighten them, let them understand that the Jinwuwei Army was not afraid, and let them understand that Prince Xiao was not afraid of the imperial court.

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