Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 768: Precocious, people are cheap

The first person to take the initiative was different. Even if the emperor prefers the third prince, even if the third prince was suitable, the emperor has no intention of replacing the first prince and the seventh prince.

He has no time to joke around. He was Jun the emperor. He should do whatever he wants to do with his sons.

Although the third prince regretted it, he was open-minded and kind by nature. He didn’t think much about it. He just felt that he was not as good as the seventh prince.

On the third day, the eldest prince received the decree that he should go out of the city to comfort the army and welcome Prince Xiao.

Together with the edict, the seventh prince was also there. The seventh prince has prepared everything. The eldest prince just needs to change his clothes and go out of the city.

Although the eldest prince had known it for a long time, he had to pretend that he didn’t know anything. He changed his clothes in a hurry and then left the city with the seventh prince.

Before they left, Lin Chujiu received a message from the palace court and asked her to prepare for the reception.

“Wangye hasn’t come back yet. Aren’t the eldest prince and the seventh prince coming too early?” Lin Chujiu frowned and was very impatient.

What does the emperor want to do?

Yesterday it was Prime Minister Lin, who was clamoring to see her daughter, and today, were the first and seventh princes. No need to mention the emperor wanting to show his grace to the army, but what the hell was welcoming Xiao Tianyao into the capital?

Xiao Tianyao was not here at all. So what are they welcoming, a ghost?

“This is the will of the emperor. This lowly official doesn’t know it.” The official of the Ministry of Rites, who sent the message, buried his head very low and wished he didn’t exist.

He was just a small civil servant, and has no courage to face these murderous gods.

“Well, since the emperor wants to comfort the army, I will make the armies line up to welcome the two princes.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what medicine the emperor sells in the gourd, but she knows one thing, that was, Xiao Tianyao stationed outside the capital with the Jinwuwei Army, meaning he was not afraid to show strength.

The emperor asked the two princes to come, whether they came to pacify the Jinwuwei Army or to explore something. She wanted these two people, and also the emperor in the palace, to see the momentum and strength of the Jinwuwei Army.

“Wangfei, the two princes are just coming to congratulate the army, there is no need to mobilize the army.” The official of the ceremony department instinctively felt bad but didn’t dare to say it too directly. He could only mildly remind Princess Xiao, hoping she could be sensible.

Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu, Princess Xiao, was never a sensible person. When she was carried into Princess Xiao in a wedding dress, she was destined to be between the emperor and Xiao Tianyao. She could only stand on the side of Xiao Tianyao.

“The two princes are coming in person, how dare I be negligent? If the two princes know about this, they might blame me for not being sensible.” Lin Chujiu put the matter on “not being sensible”.

When Xiao Tianyao comes back, whether the emperor was happy or not, he can find a perfect reason.

Princess Xiao was a woman who was not sensible.

“Wangfei, we have our procedures to comfort the army. You just need to follow the procedures.” The official of the Ministry of Rites sweated coldly. He can now be sure that Princess Xiao was going to intimidate the two princes, or frighten the imperial court.

“Oh? What’s the process of consoling the army? Wangye is not here, and the military commander is also not here. The army is full of rough people. I am a woman, and I don’t know how to go through this process.” Lin Chujiu looked confused and refused to give up in this process. So before the official of the Ministry of Rites had the opportunity to speak, she asked the soldiers beside him, “Do you know?”

“Answering back wangfei, we don’t know. We have never received the emperor’s will to comfort us before.” The Jinwuwei Army was very proud and spoke in unison.

Of course, they didn’t say this without resentment. They fought with Prince Xiao for dozens of years, and their achievements were countless. But the emperor never sent an edict to comfort them, even though the rewards were very few.

Compared with other armies, they were like the children of stepmothers.

“We don’t understand this matter. It seems that we can only follow our process.” Lin Chujiu smiled softly.

“This lowly official…” The official of the Ministry of Rites wanted to say that he knew, but before he finished speaking, Lin Chujiu asked someone to send him down. “This official can come here so early, he must have left yesterday. It’s been a hard journey. Come on, take him out so that he could rest.”

“I…” Before he could speak, the official of the Ministry of Rites was frightened by the four big men in front of him. His legs couldn’t help but be soft.

He stayed in the capital all his life. He had never seen such murderous figures before.

“My lord, please…” The Jinwuwei soldier knew that these officials in the capital were afraid of them, so he deliberately kept a face and looked like he was going to kill people.

“Thank you, thank you…” The refusal turned to thank you. The official of the Ministry of Rites didn’t dare to fart and went away with the Jinwuwei soldiers honestly.

“Sure enough, everyone is cheap. The last time Prince Xiao returned to the capital triumphantly, he didn’t bring troops into the city according to the imperial edict but was ambushed and nearly lost his life. This time, he took the Jinwuwei Army to the capital and went safe all the way. The emperor also issued an order to comfort the Jinwuwei Army for the first time, which is funny.” Lin Chujiu shook her head and turned to tell the deputy general about the arrangement to meet the two princes.

The place where they camped was only a day’s drive from the capital. If the eldest prince and the seventh prince travel today, they will arrive tomorrow.

Of course, the possibility of arriving at night was not ruled out.

“By the way, let everyone sleep in military uniforms tonight. Also, be alert and line up for me when you hear the drums.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to interfere in military affairs at all. She hates having to deal with the Jinwuwei Army.

Every time she saw them, she would think of those who had died protecting her, and she could not help fretting.

No way, she was feeling guilty!

“Tonight? Wangfei means that the two princes will arrive at night?” The deputy general frowned, obviously not agreeing.

To pay tribute to the armies, how could they choose to do it at night? Even if they arrive at night, they will choose the next day.

“Who knows when the eldest prince and the seventh prince are coming? The seventh prince is still young. If he wants to come at night, can you want to argue with a child?” Just like she put out a big army to frighten the court, and the court can’t argue with her.

Who let her be a woman, not sensible?

In the eyes of many people, women and children have the right to be ignorant and make mistakes.

“This general understand.” The deputy general stood straight and saluted Lin Chujiu, then turned around and went out.

As Lin Chujiu thought, the eldest prince and the seventh prince went to the military camp at night and began to console the armies.

Of course, the person who made the idea was the seventh prince.

“Eldest brother, it doesn’t matter if we walk slowly. When we arrive at night, we don’t need to rest at the post station, but go directly into the camp and announce the imperial decree. At night, the army must have rested, and even if there are not resting, they will not line up to meet us. If the emperor is not happy, I will say that I lost time on the way, which made us come too late.” In front of the eldest prince, the seventh prince doesn’t hide his early wisdom.

If he wants to win over the eldest prince, he must show his strength. Otherwise, it was impossible to attract the strong with a little favor

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