Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 767: Profound, simple and rough

When the seventh prince was halfway there, he suddenly stopped and turned to the emperor and said, “Imperial Father, you said I’m too young to do it. What about the eldest brother? Can I go with the eldest brother?”

The seventh prince stared at the emperor. His eyes were more black when shining brightly, and were full of expectation.

“This matter…” The emperor was stunned and instinctively wanted to refuse, but the seventh prince ran to the emperor’s side without waiting for him to say no and pulled his clothes acting like a spoiled child: “Imperial Father, imperial father, you should give this son a chance. This son wants to help the imperial father relieve his worries. Can you let the eldest brother take this son with him? This son promised you that he will not let imperial father down.”

In the face of the seven prince’s pleading eyes, the emperor could not say a word of refusal. He sighed and said, “Qi’er, do you know what it means to go to Jinwuwei Camp alone?”

“Well, this son knows, Imperial father rest assured that this son will do a good job.” The seventh prince immediately put away his playful child and stood in front of the emperor and saluted in a serious manner.

Of course, he knew what it meant for him to go out of the city alone to meet his Uncle Xiao. It was because he knew the answer that he would go, even if he might die outside.

If he go there, he can still have a chance. Otherwise, if the person sitting on the throne was replaced, as the legitimate son of the empress, his fate can be predicted.

“Qi’er, this is not child’s play.” The emperor looked at the seventh prince seriously and was moved.

“Imperial Father, I am serious.” The seventh prince was more serious, his face was tight, for fear that the emperor would not believe him.

“This matter…” The emperor still wanted to think about it, but he decided to think about it again. His ideal candidate was Xiao Zian.

“Imperial Father, I beg you.” The seventh prince plopped down on his knees, his face full of pleading: “Imperial Father, this son will listen to my elder brother’s words, and I will listen to my imperial aunt’s words. Imperial Father, can you trust this son once?”

The emperor was so entangled by the seventh prince that he couldn’t help it. He thought that the seventh prince and Lin Chujiu were friendly. Lin Chujiu happened to be in the army, so he nodded and agreed, “Ok, I will trust you once, but listen to your imperial aunt’s words, and don’t mess around.”

“Thank you, Imperial Father. Don’t worry, this son will live up to your expectations.” The seventh prince bowed his head carefully and thanked the emperor, but he was helped up by the emperor himself.

As soon as the seventh prince got up, the eunuch came in and announced: “Your Majesty, Prince Zian asked to see you.”

“Zian?” The emperor frowned slightly and could guess a thing or two.

Not to mention the seventh prince. He knows better than anyone, but he can’t show it at this time.

“Imperial Father, this son will not bother the imperial father and the third brother to talk about political affairs.” The seventh prince raised a pure smile and looked at the emperor admiringly.

Children have the advantages of children. No one can guard against a child.

“Go.” The emperor touched the seventh prince’s head and smiled.

He would never think that the seventh prince was doing it intentionally.

The seventh prince and Xiao Zian met in the outer hall. Xiao Zian didn’t expect to meet the seventh prince here. He was stunned, but the seventh prince saluted him. Then he walked over and went in.

He did not expect that the seventh prince would take a step ahead of him and make a good impression in front of the emperor.

As soon as the seventh prince came out of the hall, he went to see the queen and told her the story one by one.

The empress nodded with satisfaction and held the person in her arms. “My son is doing very well. This empress will send someone to send a message to your eldest brother.” The empress will never do such a thing without leaving a name.

Although this time, it was the seventh prince who brought up the eldest prince together to take the job. But if there was no seventh prince, the eldest prince may not have a chance.

The empress’s message came one step ahead of the emperor’s order. The eldest prince was really surprised when he got the news.

“What does the empress mean?” The eldest prince didn’t think that the empress would simply help him.

He has military power in his hand. Although he was not liked by the emperor, the emperor will not hate to see him. But compared with the crown prince, the third prince, and the seventh prince, he was the least valued.

“Eldest Prince, the empress is trying to win you over.” The eldest prince’s aide said solemnly.

This was too obvious.

“If she wants to win me over, she should ask me to help the crown prince. How can it be the seventh brother? If this is done, how much credit can the seventh brother, a child get?” Winning was just a matter, but for whom it will be beneficial, it was easy to guess.

“If it was the crown prince who went, there would be nothing for you.” The eldest prince’s Aide has been with him for more than ten years. The eldest prince had reached this far and contributed a lot by this aide. can be today, and his staff’s achievements were indispensable: “Eldest prince, the crown prince’s recent performance has given you a lot of achievements. Moreover, it’s not that you don’t know the past of Princess Xiao, because of the importance that Prince Xiao attaches to Princess Xiao. If it’s the crown prince…” He was afraid nothing can be gained to it.

“Speaking of this… I’m really shocked. I always thought Uncle Xiao was only face-saving for his princess, but I didn’t expect that this time he would clean up the Zhang family of Central Empire for his princess. It’s really… shocking.” The eldest prince thought of what happened in the capital before, and the missing eldest princess. He was glad that he didn’t offend Lin Chujiu, otherwise, he would be miserable.

“Eldest Prince, you can’t look at things on the surface. Being angry at the crown prince is just a reason to cover up the real purpose. Do you think Prince Xiao will be a person who only cares about a woman and doesn’t care about the consequences?” The aide has different views. He doesn’t think that Prince Xiao attacked the Zhang family because they hurt Princess Xiao.

The Zhang family of the Central hurt Princess Xiao. That’s why Prince Xiao made a move.

“You mean… Uncle Huang is aiming at the Central Empire?” The eldest prince said in disbelief.

The Aide shook his head and said, “This subordinate is not sure either. It’s just… I don’t believe Prince Xiao will seal the Zhang family’s property only for touching Princess Xiao.”

“You are right to say that. Uncle Xiao has profound meaning in everything he does.” The eldest prince nodded and approved the words of his aide.

In fact, not only the aide of the eldest prince, but also the emperor, the empress, Left Prime Minister Lin, Right Prime Minister You, and even Lin Chujiu also believed that Xiao Tianyao’s move was profound. He not only vented his anger for Lin Chujiu but also shocked the imperial Zhang family.

Prince Xiao always takes ten steps to do things. Simple and rough was never his style. Prince Xiao’s simple and rough handling of the Zhang Family of the Central Empire must have profound implications.

Many people began to have a deep discussion on the meaning of Xiao Tianyao’s move.

However, only God knows that Xiao Tianyao has no deep meaning at all this time. He just gave a warning to the Zhang Family and other people. Don’t think about touching his wife.

As for why he was so simple and rude this time, the reason was very simple. He has enough power and status now. Why bother to think deeply about it, being simple and rude can save him trouble

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