Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 941: SCR Summit,Two Days Left

Chapter 941: SCR Summit,Two Days Left

There were two days left before the beginning of the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit, and the entire Aeternal Sky Starfield was broke into a frenzy, especially the Everlore Domain. There were thousands upon thousands of Voidships flying in every corner. Some visited the nearby planets, touring the territory of the Everlore Association, and others engaged in private exchanges or personal conversations.

From afar, one could see Voidships joined at the hull belonging to different forces, from mortal to mystic, and they were relatively open about their alliances. Instantly, pre-preparation of politics were forming as lesser groups began to link up, joining their Voidships into impromptu fleets of epic proportions that could match superior forces.

If individually, they were plunged into a state of despair at the disparity, then together, they roared united and bonded. For example, the three Mystic Forces of the United Source Starfield had allied together—the Vast Cloud Pavilion, Kun Clan, and Reaping Sword. These three forces formed an impressive fleet of Voidships, totalling thirteen. At the lead were their three main Voidships, large-sized and outfitted for battle.

This was but one of the unexpected alliances amongst mystic-tier forces, as most of these coalitions belonged to mortal-tier forces. Some mortal-tier forces yielded to stronger forces, trying to develop a relationship of subservience or friendship. The pre-game for the summit was underway, and it was becoming complex.

Within a day, roughly 40% of the forces had already joined together with at least one other party. The others were still deciding whether to do so or remain independent, a frustratingly difficult decision regardless of their choice. And as time passed, more and more made their choice.

In the Kun Clan's main Voidship, within the quarters of the Kun Clan's Matriarch, Kun Yiming, three figures were discussing various matters with relative ease. Unlike the others, they felt very little tension from the summit. They had already established their backer, and if the others knew, they could only kneel in envy.

Venerable Bluecloud was joyfully smiling, chortling as he clasped the shoulder of Venerable Slayingsword. "I always knew you had it in you, pulling such an exceptional woman. Haha."

Venerable Slayingsword's expression was a little awkward as he couldn't shrug off Venerable Bluecloud's tight hold. He could only cough slightly, replying: "Old man, you…uh, thanks." Before he shot out a verbal cannon of curses, he saw the warmth in Kun Yiming's eyes, and he could only soften his tone as a result.

"You're lucky; your grandmother wasn't even close. Tch, tch." Venerable Bluecloud clicked his tongue as he recalled his youthful days, how vigorous and popular he was. In the end, he ended up with a tigress that fully tamed his wild side. A grinch of a woman.

Venerable Slayingsword's left eye twitched slightly. In the end, he just forced a smile and nodded: "I am lucky." He looked at Kun Yiming again and genuinely smiled, "Really lucky."

After the incident of being trapped and almost pushed to death during the Stellar Nest discovery, the two finally decided to tie the knot officially. Kun Yiming was now his wife. Due to varying circumstances, he decided to take the 'Kun' name, marrying into her clan. While he had a clan, he never felt that he belonged there.

If not, he wouldn't have left to become a Void Hunter and establish his own organization, the Reaping Sword. He didn't find it emasculating in the slightest; One the contrary, he had finally found a family that he could call his own. Thinking this, he finally walked toward Kun Yiming and gently held her hand.

"Haha! Good. Good!" Venerable Bluecloud's smile reached ear to ear. It was extremely difficult to find an Ascended being as a wife or husband with genuine feelings involved, not a circumstance of refusing to watch their partner die far too soon. He felt relieved to see their feelings reflected in their eyes, especially knowing how strongly Kun Yiming felt for this knuckleheaded boy. While Kun Yiming was older by a few thousand years, they still would have thousands more years than an Ascended and a mortal. Furthermore, they could dual cultivate.

Kun Yiming slowly tightened her grip around her man's hand, feeling extremely happy at the moment. Still, she couldn't help but think about the summit. Her expression subtly changed.

Noting her shift, Venerable Slayingsword asked: "What is it?"

Kun Yiming was a little surprised that her husband noticed her shift in thought, yet it only meant he was paying exceptional attention to her. This brought her a little bit of happiness, considering she pursued him and not the other way around. What was initially casual had transformed into something exceptional.

She spoke out her thoughts, "I hadn't really grasped the immensity of the summit until today." Outside, there were tens of thousands of Voidships with more arriving with every passing minute, representing all sorts of organizations belonging to the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. She felt a little overwhelmed.

So many experts were gathered, so many talents and so many complex undercurrents were flowing. Generally, she felt herself to be terrifyingly powerful. As 'genuine' Ascended at the Soul of Mysticism Phase, she commanded respect in the United Source Starfield ruled and dictated the lives of billions. Yet the power and might she wielded were utterly insignificant to some of these figures.

Even she, an Ascended being, felt her voice might be drowned out. Was her presence necessary?

Venerable Slayingsword could feel her dreary emotions through her tone, feeling the same way in his heart. It was overwhelming. However, he didn't want to pile onto her already weighty thoughts and simply remained silent while holding her hand. He conveyed through his gaze that no matter how overwhelming it was, they'll shoulder it together—as husband and wife.

Venerable Bluecloud chimed in, seemingly nonchalant: "It is quite huge, huh? I wonder what the Young Lord is going to do." He slyly reminded them of who they belonged to, who was backing them, and what that meant. They weren't insignificant figures. They had the backing of an Earthly Saint and a young Mortal Sovereign Alchemist who was so talented that he could very well be the next King of Everlore.

Inexplicably, they felt relief wash over them as they thought about Wei Wuyin. It was extremely well-known that Wei Wuyin contributed no small amount to this summit. In fact, it might not have even started without him, especially not this soon.

Venerable Slayingsword nodded, "I can't wait."


Within the mass of Voidships, there was a particular vessel that was unaccompanied by others, yet a dozen silver-rank and gold-rank forces surrounded it. Above this vessel were the spiritual characters: "Dark Yin Palace."

A young woman with clear, bright grey eyes dressed in a light grey robe was standing at the bow of this ship. Her countenance was beyond exquisite, her figure was enchanting to the apex, unable to be concealed despite her conservative dressing, and her demeanor carried a unique air of grace, authority, and confidence. She had grown far steadier than before.

It was none other than Na Xinyi, the Extreme Yin Saintess, and Chosen of the Dark Yin Palace, a gold-rank force. Those surrounding her were subordinate forces of all-female designed organizations; a few were bronze-rank, unqualified to be here, most were silver-rank, and two others were gold-rank. Amongst the various forces, these organizations certainly had the highest number of visits from young male elites scouring for beauties of great talent.

The Dark Yin Sect and the others allowed their requests, communicating amicably and 'discussing' various matters while convening for parties. A few of these talented female cultivators might actually find a match suitable for them. A few of them already have.

Na Xinyi was isolated, however. Her gorgeous eyes stared unblinkingly at Ever-Sky, her soft and slender fingers caressing the spatial ring that Wei Wuyin left her.

"I will make my name known to all," Na Xinyi quietly swore, remembering those words that Wei Wuyin left her. Refusing to be a foil, she sought to be the highlight. While Wei Wuyin's reputation was exceptional, their engagement wasn't known to anyone else. She will make sure the world knows her as Na Xinyi, not as another's wife.

A blazing resolve ignited in her eyes. The audience was the entire stellar region.

This was it.


A lone Voidship, extremely small, was hidden in the shadows of another Voidship. It was difficult to sense and discover. Onboard this ship, meditating on the deck, was a figure garbed entirely in jet-black.

When the figure opened their eyes, the whites of their eyes were entirely black and blurry, like an ephemeral shadow. The figure silently stared at the Ever-Sky.


Nearing the end of the second day, a gargantuan Voidship approached the Everlore Domain, and it was the largest Voidship of them all by a large margin! It was at least fifty times as large as a typical titanic-sized Voidship, almost rivaling a small-sized planet. Utterly massive.

Its shadow encroached on the other Voidships, causing various experts and talents to step outside their quarters, halting all parties and gatherings as they gazed with awe and fear at the incoming ship.

It was azure and gold in color, exceptionally hard to miss in a canvass of blackness that was the Dark Void. At the sides of the ship, carved, not projected, was the symbol of a tight fist smashing downwards towards a planet, mid-way shattering it with extreme ease! On the fist was a single character: MARTIAL!

Every expert instantly noticed this ship and its origins, their breaths caught in their throat from the sheer forceful aura it emitted. A few breathily shouted with their all: "Boundless Martial Sect!"

One of the three World Sects of the Aeternal Sky Starfield and largely considered the third strongest mystic-tier force throughout the entire stellar region, only eclipsed by the Imperial Clan and the Ninestar Sainthall!

"Boundless!" The Voidship only had a single name and it was the undisputed largest Voidship throughout the entire stellar region! They mobilized such a monstrosity for this summit! The observers were in awe and fear.

Boundless was said to possess 99 Secret Realms, all designed to house elite forces and train them simultaneously. Furthermore, a few of these secret realms could house mystic-graded materials, a heart-shaking ability that made it a literal titanic war machine that could carry an ample supply of fuel, weaponry, and energy for battle!

Across entire starfields!

Within one of these 99 secret realms, the Zenith-Gravity Realm, a figure was training while swinging a warhammer. Watching this figure was a young girl with white skin without the slightest trace of a blemish and a petite figure, seemingly no older than ten years old, that was as adorable as a doll. With her pink hair tied into twin pigtails, her forehead covered by flat bangs, and dressed in a floral dress, she watched with eyes filled with innocence.

Suddenly, her ring blinked with spiritual light. The little girl glanced at the ring and spoke to the figure in the distance, "We've arrived! Will you still keep up the charade?"


The figure heavily slammed their hammer into the ground. As the figure grew clearer, one could tell it belonged to a voluptuous woman of exceptional quality, fit and strong, and she said in a hoarse voice: "Master, I'll show you that I'm not lying."

The little girl pouted, "So stubborn. Fine, we'll see if you actually know him or not."

"Yes, we will!" The figure said as her golden eyes brightened considerably, grabbing the handle of her hammer as she pulled it up. After hefting it onto her shoulder, she softly muttered with an emotional voice: "Yes...we will."