Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 1230 1224: Radiant Star, Our Home

"Today, the Heptasage Pillar Stellar Region will be no more; from henceforth, by my name, I, Wei Wuyin, the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor, have declared this territory as the Neo-Dawn Starfield!"

These words were like endless ripples upon the vast scape of an ocean, reaching every corner, every depth, and every living soul capable of hearing it! By now, the name 'Wei Wuyin' had become known throughout the Sealed Regions. Few, very few, were unaware of this heaven-defying, convention-changing, era-rising existence. Now, even those blatantly unaware would no longer be able to remain ignorant or forget that name in their lifetime!


Everlore Domain, New Everlore.

The planet was barely half a century old, located on the outskirts of the Everlore Domain, the furthest position away from the Aeternal Sky Star. It was the residence of those who lost their home, their place of belonging, and it transformed into the last living reminder of their past life.f𝒓𝑒e𝓌e𝚋𝘯૦𝘷e𝗹. c૦𝒎

"...from henceforth, by my name, I, Wei Wuyin, the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor, have declared this territory as the Neo-Dawn Starfield!"

Those pervasive words reached the ears of the young, the old, the healthy, and the strong. To some, to those who remembered, their ears weren't the only place reached—their hearts were grasped!

An elderly man with a long, willowy, white beard was watching his great-grandchildren play in a sandbox. They laughed, fumbled, fell, rose, pouted, and giggled. The young children's vibrant emotions were on full display while the elderly man simply ate some sunflower seeds on a wooden bench, his eyes gentle and warm.

Then, like a soft yet domineering storm, those words hit. The children stopped playing, and those nearby all froze as they, subconsciously or deliberately, looked up; there, piercing through the sky layers, was a radiant star illuminating them with its warm rays.

The sunflower seed bag in the elderly man's hands was crushed, and his hands trembled violently. Two clear, pure streams of tears fell from his face. He was a man without fame. Besides Wei Wuyin, who took the time to meet him personally, perhaps no one throughout the world knew of his achievement.

He stood up, and then with an increasingly vigorous stream of tears, the elderly man smiled the brightest, happiest, and purest smile he had ever formed in his entire life. This elderly man, unknown to all, had invented and spread the name: Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor!

It was a name formed by a dream of experiencing a new era and that his existence would be the spark to do so, leading the world into it without any fear. It was hopeful, beautiful, filled with admiration, respect, and expectation, and while it was a little mouthful, it was poetic enough to etch in the hearts of countless souls of the short-lived Neo-Dawn Starfield.

"Greatpapa!" A young boy, likely no older than four, noticed the elderly man's tears and grew concerned. "Why are you crying? Are you sad?"

The elderly man's moist and reddened eyes looked at his young descendant, and he answered after shaking his head, with the entirety of his soul behind it: "We can finally go home." Those five words encapsulated the entirety of many, many dreams and hopes. They had a single planet, yet it wasn't theirs. This territory wasn't theirs. This world wasn't theirs.

It already had pre-established rules, laws, social norms, traditions, and principles that hadn't been formed by the history of their ancestors. Because of this, prejudice against Demons existed, while Beastmen were neglected abominations, and Elves were considered lesser beings.

"Home?" The boy lifted his gaze and saw the radiant star that dazzled the sky.

He pointed, "Home."


Abyssal Dawn.

The planet was forged to house demonkind, an effort by the Golden Life Pavilion to reduce their suffering and generate a suitable environment for their existence. However, while it functioned as a way for them to live, it eventually became an isolated cage as Demons were seen as plague-like existences. Their exuded energies often tainted fertile environments, and even their mere presence could corrupt areas; consequently, few wanted them in their world.

"...I, Wei Wuyin, the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor, have declared this territory as the Neo-Dawn Starfield!"

The demons on the planet all looked at the sky, regardless of where they were, and while some couldn't see the radiant star, those who could felt a degree of extreme emotions. Were their lives as caged beasts, seen as disease-spreaders, finally ending?

The Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor originated from the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory! The most accepting and inclusive place in the world, accommodating their presence and allowing them to exist on the same level as every other race. They could choose to walk the earth or stay wherever they wished; they were given the right to decide!

Their souls roared out in a cacophony of sounds! There were half-beasts, half-elves, and half-humans, and they all cried out their frustration, screamed out their anger, and shouted out their excitement!

The Neo-Dawn Starfield was returning!


"...the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor, have declared this territory as the Neo-Dawn Starfield!"

"Took him long enough," a young, beautiful woman with blonde hair and luminous blue eyes said with a pout. Despite her aggrieved words, tears formed at the edge of her eyes and threatened to fall at any moment.

"Focus!" A slightly older young woman, equally as beautiful, carrying a strong resemblance with the younger woman, shouted as she stabbed her blood-red sword into the body of a humanoid creature with thin limbs, sharp fangs and claws, and a tall body seemingly made of bright-red flames. The sword stabbed into its head!


A fiery explosion erupted, and the woman waved her non-wielding sword hand, dissipating the explosive force and flames.

The younger woman seemed lost in her thoughts. A sword flew by her, stabbing into a growling creature that tried to bite her head clean off. A fiery explosion once again erupted! A slender figure appeared before it, and just as before, the blast was negated with exquisite control. It was clear that high-level Fire Intent at the World Heart level was within her movements.

"I know! I know what you feel, I know what you want to say, but the War Devil Realm will wait for no one!" Despite the words of the older sister, tears were already falling down her cheeks, down toward a brilliant smile.

"Big Sis…" The younger sister noticed this, her eyes widening slightly. She had never seen her sister smile so beautifully before. Despite her ferocity, she had the purest smile imaginable.

Eventually, the younger sister nodded. She brought out her blood-red spear, her body exuding a high-level Water Intent, similarly at the World Heart level, and she fiercely dashed toward the incoming creatures. They were Flame Devils!

And this world? It was a replica of the Devil War Realm! The Season of Devils was in effect, but these creatures were far, far stronger than those in the original Devil War Realm. They possessed strength that would make ordinary Starlords flee!

And these sisters? They were none other than An Biru and An Feijing, two sisters who had their lives saved and changed by Wei Wuyin on the Bloodforge Continent! Now, they were Ascendants of the Third Legion!


Wu Yu was currently overseeing the training of the Eternal Monarch Sect's disciples at Wu Baozhai's request. While he had forfeited his title as Founding Monarch, he still was unable to throw away his attachment to the sect and kept involving himself in its affairs over the years. There was a deep level of pride entrenched in his heart toward Wu Baozhai. The rate of development of the Eternal Monarch Sect and its members was incredibly fast, praise-worthy, and a little terrifying. While she was backed by Wei Wuyin, it was the leadership and decision-making rather than the backing that elevated the sect.

While he would never openly admit it, the Eternal Monarch Sect was far better than the Myriad Monarch Sect, from the foundation of learning to the structure of its hierarchy. There was competition, but there was also an undying sense of loyalty developing in the hearts and minds of every single person. The fact no one had attempted to defect was a sign of this astonishing achievement.

When the radiant star emerged in the sky, Wu Yu was taken aback by its suddenness. He had helped in the Solar Star project, a privilege he felt in his heart, as no one else, not even Ma Zheng, was invited to participate. This was a sign that Wei Wuyin trusted him wholeheartedly. But he didn't expect the star to be revealed so soon.

"Something must have happened during his Star Core Tribulation," Wu Yu concluded. Moreover, he could tell from his position that the Solar Star in the sky was almost ten times smaller than the completed project. Fortunately, it seemed that only their plans had been moved up, and there weren't any major issues as Wei Wuyin had ordered the exodus!

He couldn't hold back his grin, "Finally!"

Wu Yu exited the Secret Realm where the Eternal Monarch Sect was cultivating and made his way to New Everlore. When he arrived, he was swift in his actions as he briefly glanced at the depths of the Everlore Domain. It was time. He brought out a silver talisman and infused his Spatial Power and Spiritual Power into it. From across New Everlore, 108 sky-piercing pillars manifested from the ground!

The Abyssal Dawn had a similar experience!

These silver pillars emitted spatial ripples that caused the inhabitants to feel slightly shaken. The ripples encapsulated their bodies until they began to emanate Spatial ripples, from infants to elderlies. Some of them even touched upon the profound concept of Spatial Resonance and now could reach higher levels than they would've ever before! As for the others, a foundation of affinity towards space was set, which would elevate their potential in the future!

The two planets, alongside several World Realms and Secret Realms developed over the decades, began to all experience this phenomenon of 108 sky-piercing pillars!

"Exodus!" Wu Yu's grin was tainted with crazed excitement. He had been waiting decades for this single moment!