Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603 Audiobook


The first Baal’s Contractor said that Baal’s saliva turned him into a demon. He added that if Baal’s Contractor was truly evil, the worst villain would be born. The half-draconians, who had long demonstrated their combat power, were also born from a single drop of blood. It was believed that the blood shed by Evil Dragon Bunhelier accidentally fell into a well and mutated ordinary humans.

The half-draconians, who made up and believed in a plausible legend, would deny it, but this was the reality. The influence of transcendent beings greatly deviated from the common sense of the public. When the average person saw it, it easily caused huge waves of unusual objects or actions.

‘These are the scales of a dragon.’

Dragon scales weren’t ordinary. Rather, it was the hardest part of a dragon’s body. This was actually a proven fact. Therefore, it became one of the greatest symbols of the dragons.

The armor of an absolute species. Dragon scales weren’t only the best material in the world, but they also had a great and powerful symbolic meaning. A dragon’s heart and horn was next.

‘It was no wonder why the radar had an error.’

An object created by the wise giant Filewolf after many years of research—the radar that precisely analyzed magic power and signs to identify dragons, it was equalling Grid to a dragon. It was a natural thing. Grid perfectly reproduced and armed himself with the armor of the absolute species.

The gray gauntlets and gaiters emitted a soft light and seemed to be alive and breathing. Hundreds of small scales wriggled, repeatedly exhaling and absorbing. It added vitality beyond the level of following, so there were no inconveniences in Grid’s movements. It wasn’t a magical function, but instead something in the realm of technique. Grid’s technique completely pulled out the performance of the scales.

“Congratulations. Now that you have fully reproduced the self-defense of the absolutes, you will be twice as safe.”

In the midst of the tower members’ admiration and astonishment, Hayate felt relieved. The gentle smile on his aristocratic face matched well like ceremonial clothes.

Dragon Slayer Hayate—he was the only absolute among humans and his life was swayed by the dragons. The dragons’ will prevented him from dying and he was destined to be killed by the dragons one day. It was inevitable because the dragons couldn’t be annihilated.

Hayata’s death must come in the most horrific form in the world. It was a truth that only he knew.

“I’m glad. It is really fortunate.”

Hayate always liked Grid. It was because the fate of the human god was similar to his own. He felt pity for Grid, who would one day be erased by the heavenly gods. It was even though he knew his great strength. It was simply futile to stand up against the steadily multiplying angels and gods.

Grid would be thoroughly isolated if even the dragons had a grudge against him. It was beyond the level of annihilation. He would lose everything he had achieved and shed tears of blood. This was why Hayate had been working hard for Grid. Every time the dragons’ gaze tried to turn to Grid, Hayate revealed his presence. He focused all their attention on himself, not Grid. It was while barely suppressing his fear. It was close to compassion.

Hayate’s favor toward Grid was due to respect and expectations, but sympathy and a sense of similarity played a role in his sacrifice. Now things had changed. Grid went beyond interacting with dragons and gained some of the dragons’ powers. There would be no dragon who dared to antagonize him unless it was an old dragon.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Grid could take dragons lightly, but at least one concern was relieved. It was right to see it as a small hope in a fate that had no dreams or hope. It was an interpretation from Hayate’s point of view. Hayate knew that Grid was different from him. It had been a long time since he became a coward after being crushed by the pressure of the dragons for all these years.


Hayate, who was lost in thought, suddenly came to his senses. There was no change in his expression. Hayate had been smiling from the moment of relief when he saw Grid’s changed fate to now. The gaze facing Grid had only honest liking.

Grid wrapped his hands around both of Hayate’s hands. “I will make dragon armor for you in the near future. Please accept it even if you’re not satisfied.”

Sword Saint Biban could use all types of sword weapons without restrictions. No, he handled them even more strongly. It was even the case with dragon weapons. The Gujel’s Sword he wielded could cut even the scales of a top dragon. Meanwhile, Hayate was a Dragon Slayer. He could handle anything made with a dragon’s body part more powerfully.

The ‘Dragon Slayer’ in the conditions of use for the gauntlets and gaiters created by Grid indirectly proved it. Additionally, Grid was in a position to steadily secure Xenon’s scales in the future. It was natural to have the desire to arm Hayate, his strongest ally, with a dragon armor set.

‘Xenon said he would pay the scales once a month…’

Xenon had vowed to steadily provide scales for the next 20 years. There were plenty of resources left to create a dragon armor set for Hayate and Mercedes, and develop mass produced dragon armor for his other colleagues to use.

‘No… Maybe he will only give one scale every month?’

He was already worried about what the system would do while using balance as an excuse. Getting only one scale every month wouldn’t cause much disruption to his plan, but he didn’t like the delay.

‘…Well, it is fine. If I am in a hurry, I can just ask him to pull it.’

Based on Xenon’s personality, Grid didn’t think he would refuse.

“……?” Grid became startled as he was busy thinking. It was because Hayate’s eyes facing him were trembling. The blue eyes as clear as glass shook. Grid had never seen him so agitated.

“Thank you.” It happened the moment Hayate opened his mouth…

[Overgeared God Grid is writing the 18th epic.]

[It comes from a tower whose name is unknown.]

“You have given me courage.”

[There was a human being who beheaded a sick dragon and was covered in its blood.]

[He was a lonely and pitiful person.]

[The man who became the only Absolute in human history was already alone.]

[His eternal life was nothing more than a cruel curse.]

“I will cherish your kindness and live.”

[The Absolute assumed responsibility. He built a tower that no one knew about and defended humanity. For countless long years, he lived for people who didn’t even know his name. He built up fear without showing it. The height of his fear quickly overtook the height of the tower. He was crushed by despair. He forgot who to blame and endured the roar of the dragons. Anger, hatred, killing intent, darkness, darkness, and darkness. His vision and mind gradually darkened. He fell into an endless abyss.]


Hayate was a noble person. He fought for the world and humanity, and his back was always upright. Even the same tower members didn’t know the pain he felt. They only vaguely estimated it. They never imagined that the pain would be so great that it crushed his shoulders. Even Fronzaltz and Radwolf, who had been with him for a thousand years, didn’t notice that Hayate was barely holding on.

It was originally a secret that would be buried forever. Yet at this moment, Grid revealed the secret.

Grid’s expression became cautious. He was worried that Hayate would be ashamed. However, Hayate was still smiling.

[A new god established by humanity—Overgeared God Grid reached out to the dark abyss.]

[The hands that made hundreds of thousands of weapons were firm and strong. They easily bore the weight of the fear crushing the Absolute, so he grabbed the Absolute and pulled him out of the abyss.]

“I am no longer afraid thanks to you.”

Hayate’s smile brightened. It was a pure smile that overshadowed the years he endured. Was he originally a person who smiled like that? The hearts of the tower members were touched when they saw Hayate, who had regained his true smile. Biban was shedding tears like chicken poop…

[The Absolute realized it.]

[I am also just one human being.]

[I want to rely on the lantern if possible.]

[He said this as he held the hand of the god who had become a lantern.]

“From now on, I won’t hesitate to kill the dragons. I will fulfill my duty with anticipation rather than fearing the future that hasn’t come. I will remember that the strength I acquired is a blessing, not a curse.”


[Overgeared God Grid has completed the 18th page of the epic.]

[The dragon killer—Dragon Slayer ‘Hayate’ has appeared in the world.]

[The secret stories of the dragons that had been buried all over the continent will start to appear.]

This was the world message.

[Your status has risen further as a reward for completing the epic.]

From here on out, it was the contents of the notification windows that were only visible for Grid.

[The reward for completing the epic has given you maximum affinity with all the tower members.]

[The reward for completing the epic has given you a bond with Hayate.]

[The sword energy of Dragon Slayer Hayate is covered with the killing intent he has been suppressing.]

[Humanity’s only Absolute has gained his full skills.]

[In the future, the Tower of Wisdom will more actively intervene with the peace of the world. They will no longer turn away from people’s unjust deaths.]

[The hidden piece ‘Hidden Role of the Pioneer’ has been completed.]

[The status of ‘Tenth Tower Member’ has been acquired as a reward for the hidden piece.]

[The qualification of Pioneer has become meaningless with the acquisition of the tower member status. Transferring the Pioneer qualification to the next suitable person.]

[Player ‘Kraugel’ has become the new Pioneer.]


Grid simply said he would make an item. He really said only a few words. So what was this…?

Grid had a bewildered expression on his face, but he soon smiled. He was endlessly proud when he saw Hayate, who had relieved the burden of his heart, and the tower members who were happy to see it. Grid’s heart was filled with joy. Maybe he had been fighting for these moments.

He had such a thought.


[A dragon slayer existed from the beginning?]

[Dragon Slayer Hayate is a hot topic… what is the Absolute?]

[What is the tower’s identity?]

[Relics and documents related to the dragons are being excavated all over the world. There are so many clues to know about ancient culture… attention is focusing on whether the ‘Ancient Episodes’ will open, starting with the city of the giants found by Grid.]

Breaking news poured in. Just one of the news would’ve made headlines for a few days. People’s minds were confused. They felt like they had adapted a bit, so it was absurd to see the world that opened up again. They wondered if Grid, who was always at the center of the opening, was the same person as them.

-In fact, isn’t Grid the god of the game?

└ The real God Gridㅋㅋ

└ Peak Sword’s foresight is crazy…

└ I think Peak Sword should retire and become a shaman. Tremble.

Suddenly, the stock price of Peak Sword increased. It was purely because he created the nickname ‘God Grid.’ It was a social phenomenon that was half a joke. However, some people were serious.

The Korean Patriotic Association was flooded with inquiries about lottery numbers, so Peak Sword had to suspend the operation of the customer service center for the time being…