Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 835 - Long-Destined Decision!

Chapter 835: Long-Destined Decision!

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Then, the only question now was if Superstar Resource Recovery Company would really join hands with the Red Dragon Army. Moreover, if he specially mobilized the power of Broken Star Club and Blue Home to oppose the Land Enclosure Decree with a clear banner, what kind of reaction would it trigger from the “big nine”?

Meng Chao was not afraid that the commercial interests of Superstar Resource Recovery Company would be damaged.

After all, Superstar Resource was only a tool that he used to change the future.

If he forgot his original intention just to keep the tools intact and let Dragon City continue to run along the ruts of destruction like in his previous life…

That was putting the cart before the horse. It was too stupid.

Nevertheless, he had to consider the stability and balance of Dragon City.


In his previous life, the Red Dragon Army had lost soldiers and generals in the northern offensive, including Thunder God Shao Zhengyang at peak combat strength. After that setback, they never recovered and always lived under the wings and shadows of the mega corporations.

The Red Dragon Army’s weakness was, of course, one of the reasons that led to its eventual destruction.

However, at that time, there was also one benefit to the Red Dragon Army’s inaction in shaking off the “big nine” and becoming Dragon City’s savior.

At that time, the Red Dragon Army was very satisfied with playing the role of “garrison army, security army, and engineering soldier.”

Even if they threw themselves into the battle, they would surround the Deity Realm experts who were born in the mega corporations and consume the enemy civilization’s shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

Such a “tacit understanding” at least prevented Dragon City from having the problem of internal friction.

It had only brought about the glory of the Extraordinary Disaster for a short period of ten to twenty years.

Unfortunately, no one knew better than Meng Chao that this glory was just a flash in the pan.

With the current situation of Dragon City, it was impossible to win the war between worlds.

If he had to choose between the Red Dragon Army and the nine mega corporations, Meng Chao would definitely be on the Red Dragon Army’s side.

Not only because he was the “son” of the Red Dragon Army…

But also because the mega corporations in his previous life had failed. “I’m giving you a chance, but you’re useless.” Should he not change the players and play a different game?

Unfortunately, it was a reason that could not be made public.

It did not matter if he told the founders of the nine mega corporations in person that those high and mighty Deity Realm experts had the ability to foresee the future and the future Dragon City would be destroyed because of the corporations’ abnormal expansion, hence… they should honestly hand over most of the profits, rights, and military force of the enterprises. They should also let the Survival Committee hold real power and allow the Red Dragon Army to become the core force to save Dragon City.

The Deity Realm experts and countless vested interests who were attached to the nine mega corporations would not dare or be willing to believe it.

“Support the rise of the Red Dragon Army.” That was an extremely sharp double-edged sword.

If the Red Dragon Army could rise in a relatively gentle and intelligent way, as well as reach a new balance with the nine mega corporations, the two sides would engage in healthy competition, supervise each other, promote each other, and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dragon City’s civilization would be walking on two legs and beating people with two fists.

That was the scene Meng Chao was most willing to see.

However, deep in the micro brain’s memory, Meng Chao had heard a sentence that the mother once said to Jin Qianxi. He pondered for a long time but could not refute it.

“Aren’t humans monsters?”

Yes, many times, humans had been more cunning, insidious, greedy, and ferocious than monsters.

At the very least, humans could easily read the emotions and desires of monsters from their hideous faces.

However, no human had ever been able to read another human 100%.

The Red Dragon Army’s rise was a matter of slight carelessness. It was very likely that it would turn into a conflict between the two forces in Dragon City, or an even more intense conflict. It would result in a rift that did not appear in his previous life and was enough to tear the entire civilization apart.

This was the reason why Meng Chao did not want to think about this problem in detail in the past.

At that time, he always thought that his realm was low and that he was just an insignificant character. The Monster War had not ended yet, and the Red Dragon Army and mega corporations were still very close… There were many reasons to avoid the problem; he had struck a balance between the Red Dragon Army and the mega corporations.

But now, he had nowhere to run.

With their great victory of the Monster War, the threat that had suppressed Dragon City for decades was finally gone.

Many problems and contradictions in Dragon City were now being exposed one by one.

‘I have reached five-star Heaven Realm and am about to march toward the peak of the Heaven Realm when I am not even 25 years old. No matter what, I am not a nobody.’

“My family’s Superstar Resource Recovery Company has also developed to the limit, or the ‘critical point.’ From now on, no matter which domain I reach out to, I’ll face the commercial competition with the nine mega corporations. I won’t be able to develop in the same way as before.

“It’s time to make a decision!”

If he really made up his mind, he would not have to hesitate anymore.

It only took Meng Chao a few seconds to see his own path clearly.

“If Dragon City is purely controlled by the nine mega corporations, it will definitely come to a dead end.

“I came back from the end of the world to change everything.

“Then, why is there a need to be cautious and timid?

“I want to block the wheel of history, but I’m hoping that I won’t have to pay any price, that I won’t hurt the harmony and the interests of anyone, that I won’t have to face a fierce backlash, and that I will not even be seriously hurt. That is not only naive but also stupid.

“From the moment I was reborn, I should have predicted this day.

“After all, I’ve already seen the worst outcome. If a new player comes to the table, will it end up worse than Dragon City’s destructions?”

Thinking of this, Meng Chao took a deep breath.

“General Shao, if the Red Dragon Army really trusts Superstar Resource so much and is willing to fight side by side with us and share the responsibility of developing the crystal lodes in the Hidden Mist Domain, which is such an arduous and important task…”

He stared at Shao Zhengyang with determination in his eyes and enunciated each word clearly.

“…Then, all my colleagues in Superstar Resource and I will never betray the Red Dragon Army’s trust. We will certainly bring out our best technology, our best researchers, and our best resources. We will do everything we can to win the battle beautifully together with the Red Dragon Army!”

Just like that, Meng Chao and Shao Zhengyang reached a gentleman’s agreement.

Superstar Resource and the Red Dragon Army were fully collaborating and making preparations in secret.

Of course, Meng Chao did not have to deal with the specific business collaboration matters personally.

He remained in the monster’s lair and focused on his cultivation.

After Shao Zhengyang’s reminder, he also took some time to browse the news platforms and major forums on the Internet to understand the latest developments in Dragon City’s sudden changes and undercurrents.

Meng Chao found that Dragon City was now at a very special stage.

If one had to use one word to describe it, it would be “impetuous.”

Another word would be “confused.”

Another word would also be “Inflated.”

Over the past decades, the people of Dragon City had always had the sharpest monster claws and teeth at their throats.

When people faced external threats to their survival, it was always easier to reach a consensus.

“Let’s put other problems aside for now. Let’s work together and live first!”

This was once the common opinion of tens of millions of people in Dragon City, whether they were superhuman individuals, Red Dragon Army troops, or ordinary citizens.

However, after the problem of “living” was solved, there were questions of how to live better, what did it mean to live better, and who should live better first… They could be answered by at least 105 people in Dragon City.

In addition, there were concepts such as the Ancients, ancient civilization, and ancient war.

Not forgetting, the monster mastermind had originally been a biochemical weapon concocted by the Ancients. The Ancients had once occupied the entire Other World. Perhaps, they had even left behind in the depths of the Other World a biochemical weapon that was even more powerful than the monster mastermind and an indigenous civilization that was even more terrifying than the monster civilization… Such rumors were flying all over the place.

This made the citizens of Dragon City even more confused. They felt as if a storm was coming, and they were all in a state of panic.

Speaking of which, everything that happened in Ruins No. 2 should have been top-secret and should not have been easily leaked.

Unfortunately, the Dragon City civilization did not have a strong core management organization to begin with, and the battle to attack the Hidden Mist Domain had involved too many people.

The more people there were, the more eyes there were. Word of mouth spread, and after all kinds of exaggeration, the ancient civilization had evolved into an existence similar to the Supernatural Entities in the heavens. In a sense, it was not too wrong to understand it this way.

The vision of Dragon City’s people was originally highly limited to the small Monster Mountain Range, but in just half a century…

The width of their vision had suddenly expanded to the entire Other World and even the sea of stars above the Other World.

The depth of their field of vision had extended from half a century after Dragon City transmigrated to hundreds of millions of years.

The impact of “the entire world being magnified ten thousand times in an instant” was indeed not something that everyone could withstand.

Faced with the vast and mysterious Other World, some people were worried and even worried over nothing. They were worried that the moment they rushed out of Monster Mountain Range, they would encounter an Other World civilization that was a hundred times stronger than the monster civilization, and Dragon City would be knocked to the ground in an instant. Everyone would become the slaves, food, and experimental subjects of the Other World people.

If it were not for the fact that “Earth’s civilization had been destroyed in an all-out nuclear war”—this half-true news had spread like wildfire—the “homelands” would probably have their momentum greatly increased, and countless people would be willing to live on Monster Mountain Range. They could just develop for another five hundred years honestly!

Of course, some people would cower, while others would advance rashly.

Many people in Dragon City were muddled by the smooth sailing in the later stages of the Monster War. They felt that “the biochemical weapons made by the Ancients were only so-so, and they boasted so much, but weren’t they still knocked down by us all at once?”

They strongly urged the Dragon City civilization to immediately rush out of Monster Mountain Range and go to the “iron torrent, sweeping away thousands of soldiers”, so as to realize the hegemony of conquering the other world as soon as possible, and at the same time, excavate more ancient ruins from the depths of the Other World, so that Dragon City’s civilization could grasp more ancient technology. Only by achieving a leap in civilization could they return to Earth as soon as possible to explore and rebuild their home.

“Time is of the essence. We have already stepped on the most terrifying enemy. What else is there to worry about?

“While the war machine of Dragon City is still rumbling, the entire economic and financial system is still in the state of war. Countless superhuman individuals and veterans with rich experience in killing are still waiting for the right moment. If we don’t rush out of Monster Mountain Range now, when will we do it?”