New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 800 - 800 The number one Grandmaster of the eight divine eyes!

800 The number one Grandmaster of the eight divine eyes!

Wu ning felt that Lin Xuan definitely did not lack any treasures.

However, it would be too difficult to compensate Tang Jinbo with three celestial immortal incense stones and a pot of three-colored Spirit Water.

And he happened to know a top perfumer, so the best choice was naturally to ask him to come over and help him concoct a bottle of celestial immortal’s illusionary dew.

She truly liked si Zhu and the other three children, and she truly wanted to help si Xi.

Mu youqing looked at Wu ning in surprise, ”


Wu ning nodded her head and smiled, ”

“Yes, he’s a very powerful figure!”

Mu youqing quickly looked at Lin Xuan and said, ” “Cousin-in-law, Wuning knows a master perfumer, why don’t you ask her to invite him over?”

Wu ning’s face was filled with anticipation and admiration as she looked at Lin Xuan, ” “Please grant me your permission!”

Lin Xuan had wanted to do it himself, and he did not like to owe others favors.

However, since mu youqing and Wu ning had said that, and Wu ning and Chi Zhu were good friends, he felt that there was no need to be too distant.

“Sure.” He nodded casually.

Wu ning was delighted upon hearing this, her beautiful eyes glistening.

Even though she knew that Lin Xuan had only agreed because of the four babies, she was still overwhelmed by the favor.

Tang Jinbo sized up Wu ning and felt that her temperament was extraordinary. He smiled and asked, ”

“Miss, can you first tell me who your friend is?”

“I’ve spent my entire life studying perfume, and I’ve also met many master perfugers in the heavenly Devil World. Perhaps I know a thing or two.”

Wu ning smiled, ”

“Don’t worry, boss. You’ve definitely heard of this expert before!”

he is the Evergreen of our Heavenly Devil world’s perfumer world, the Grandmaster Jing huanwen who has occupied the Supreme position for five hundred thousand years! &Quot;

She knew what Tang Jinbo meant. Ordinary people would never be able to concoct a top-grade celestial immortal’s illusionary dew.

Therefore, he specifically mentioned Jing huanwen’s Grandmaster title and his authority in making scented dew.

He wanted to let Tang Jinbo know that he was not talking nonsense.

As expected!

Tang Jinbo couldn’t help but clap his hands and praise, ”

Grandmaster Jing is the number one perfumer in the past 500000 years! &Quot;

“Since you know such a person, please quickly invite him over!”

After he said that, all the customers in the shop looked excited and expectant.

They were all people who liked fragrant dew, so they loved the house and its Crow. They really wanted to see what the world’s number one perfumer was like.

And more importantly …

They saw that Lin Xuan’s appearance was extraordinary, his temperament was like a fairy, and he was indescribably handsome.

Therefore, they all wanted to stay in the shop for a while longer and look at him to satisfy their cravings.

“Alright!” Wu ning nodded and immediately sent a message to Jing huanwen through magic flash.

In the next few days, Jing huanwen was going to collect an extremely rare and expensive spice, which was only available in the demon Palace of the red flame Kingdom.

Therefore, Jing huanwen came to the chiyan Kingdom to meet Wu ning’s father, the chiyan Demon King.

Demon Lord Chi Yan knew that he was a veteran master in the heavenly Devil world’s perfumer world, so he had asked him to stay in the demon Palace for a few days.

Wu ning had helped Jing huanwen a lot in collecting spices.

As such, Jing huanwen had promised him that he could look for him at any time if he encountered any trouble in mixing incense.

Just as Jing huanwen had promised, after receiving Wu ning’s reply, he quickly rode a magical beast to the fragrant dew Pavilion.

Hu ~

The light in front of the fragrant dew Pavilion’s door dimmed, and a tall figure walked in.

Everyone followed the trail and saw a tall purple-robed elder walk in.

The old man’s hair was completely white. The most eye-catching thing about him was the beast-head mask he wore, which was made of black iron.

The most special part of the mask was its eyes. Each of them was made up of eight round holes, as if it had eight pupils.

It was extremely strange, but at the same time, it exuded an extraordinary temperament.

Seeing the old man enter, many customers and women hurriedly made way for him.

It was obvious that they had never thought that the world’s number one perfumer would have such a strange and even a little frightening aura.

On the other hand, Tang Jinbo’s eyes lit up, and he exclaimed in admiration,

“The eight divine Eyes Mask! You are indeed the world’s number one Grandmaster Jing!”

As the owner of the fragrant dew Pavilion, he was very familiar with all the major perfugers in the heavenly Devil World.

As the current number one in the heavenly Devil realm, the Supreme Jing huanwen, Tang Jinbo knew even more about him.

As far as he knew, Jing huanwen’s most iconic feature was his eight-extreme divine Eyes Mask that he wore all year round.

Each eye on the mask had a total of eight pupils, corresponding to Jing huanwen’s eight pupils.

On the other hand, Jing huanwen was born with the eight extreme pupils. This God-level physique allowed him to possess the extraordinary vision of a Saint.

From a large place, one could see every flower and grass millions of miles away.

From a small angle, one could clearly see every single hair on the ant’s leg.

This amazing talent allowed him to have a superior ability to recognize and distinguish fragrances.

One must know that in the path of incense, recognizing, identifying, tasting, and creating incense were all indispensable.

The mastery of the colors of spices and the changes in the colors after mixing them were extremely important skills.

The octupole pupils could help Jing huanwen identify the subtle color differences before and after the fusion of spices, allowing him to concoct the most beautiful and pure dew.

Of course, apart from the eight extreme pupils, Jing huanwen’s sense of smell was also first-class.

With his extraordinary talent, he had cultivated to the great emperor realm and above through the Dao of incense.

He could be said to be a heaven’s favorite among heaven’s favorites, and he was indeed worthy of his name as the evergreen tree in the world of fragrance wafting!

Wu ning hurriedly stepped forward and said, ”

“Grandmaster Jing!”


Jing huanwen nodded slightly and followed the scent of the celestial immortal’s illusionary dew all the way in. He only stopped when he saw the glass bottle that had fallen to the ground.

With a wave of his hand, he took out a glass fragment and sniffed it. &Quot;

this dew is made from 322 different kinds of spices and the water of the demonic spring. The color is pure and clear. It is indeed a top quality product! &Quot;

Tang Jinbo chuckled and said,

Grandmaster Jing is indeed a master. You know that I did not lie to you. This is indeed the authentic celestial fairy’s illusionary dew! &Quot;

Wu ning silently nodded.

Jing huanwen had agreed to come and was so proficient in the celestial immortal illusionary dew. This meant that he was confident in making a new bottle.

“Grandmaster Jing, it shouldn’t be difficult to make a new bottle, right?”

“How can such a peerless masterpiece be easily made?” Jing huanwen smiled indifferently and then changed the topic, however, I’ve been researching this dew for more than 30000 years, and I’ve made a major breakthrough recently. I believe that I’ll be able to produce a finished product in less than three tries! &Quot;

Wu ning was overjoyed when she heard this and immediately bowed, ”

“Grandmaster Jing, please make your move!”

Tang Jinbo and everyone else present nodded in silence.

As the Supreme Master of fragrances, Jing huanwen had already studied the celestial immortal illusory dew for more than 30000 years. He must have had absolute confidence in his ability to make such a claim.

Now, all they had to do was wait patiently and witness him make a new celestial immortal illusionary dew.

Under everyone’s gaze.

Jing huanwen took out 322 types of spices that he had collected for many years and a small bottle of demonic spring water from his storage ring.

Then, he took out a top-grade magic treasure, the carnage bottle, and controlled it with his spiritual energy, making it float in the air.

With a wave of his hand, he grabbed the 322 spices in the air and turned his spiritual energy into fire, burning these spices for a full five breaths.

In the end, he casually flicked his finger and all the spices fell into the bottle.


Jing huanwen shouted as he drew out a stream of demonic spring water from the bottle and poured it into the carnage treasured bottle.

He activated his Mystic technique, and the bottle immediately glowed with a blood-red light, burning the spice in the flask like a flame.

Everyone could clearly see that the color of the spice in the bottle began to change rapidly.

However, they could only see the colors changing continuously. They could not see any more subtle changes.

“Eight pupils, open!”

Following Jing huanwen’s shout, Mystic Light bloomed from his eight divine Eyes Mask.

A total of 16 Mystic rays shot out from the mask’s eyes and gathered on the sacrificial blood bottle.

Tang Jinbo, Wu ning, and the others looked at the scene with admiration.

as expected of the number one expert in the world. He’s too powerful! &Quot;

They deeply felt that Jing huanwen might be able to succeed on his first try.

As he spoke, the color of the spices in the bottle changed at an even faster speed, so fast that it was impossible to catch it, as fast as lightning.

Jing huanwen sent a stream of spirit Qi into the bottle from each of his hands and roared,”Close!”

Bang ~

A ray of black light burst out from the bottle.

In the blink of an eye, the originally bright-colored spice water turned as black as ink.

Tang Jinbo and the rest could not help but frown .’Failed?

“We failed!” Jing huanwen sighed.

He then tried again without stopping, but the result was still a failure.

At this time, everyone revealed a calm expression.

Grandmaster Jing just said that he would succeed in three tries. I think he will definitely succeed on the third try! &Quot;

Faced with everyone’s anticipation, Jing huanwen directly used his trump card, heaven-grade high-grade Mystic technique, for the third time, and forcefully fused all the spices.

However, after a flash of blood, he helplessly discovered that the fragrant dew he had concocted was blood red.

“This …”

Jing huanwen furrowed his brows deeply with a helpless and puzzled expression.”Why did it turn blood red? I clearly saw the color before I did it!”

He was truly puzzled. He had clearly only made his move when all the spices were about to merge into the Golden color of the celestial immortal illusory dew. He did not expect that he would make a mistake and go to heaven.

In his 30000 years of research, he had never made such a mistake. The current situation really left him scratching his head.

Seeing Jing huanwen fail three times in a row, everyone was stunned.

They didn’t expect that this Supreme master of the world of perfucians wouldn’t even know what his mistake was for the last time!

Wu ning tightly clenched her hands, feeling uneasy.

She had just vowed in front of Lin Xuan that Jing huanwen would be able to make the celestial immortal’s illusionary dew, but Jing huanwen had failed again and again. How could this be good?

Jing huanwen could also see Wu ning’s helplessness. He sighed heavily and said,

“This celestial illusionary dew is too difficult. It seems that my previous insights were all wrong. I can’t help you now!”

When Wu ning heard this, she couldn’t help but lower her head, appearing extremely dejected.

At this moment, a young and magnetic man’s voice rang out beside her, ”

“The celestial immortal’s illusionary dew is made up of a total of 322 spices, and its color changes rapidly with a single breath!”

“Just relying on the eight extreme pupils is too difficult!”