New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 362 - Connate Numinous Treasure, the Fuxi Zither!   

“Damn it!”

Jiang Mochou gritted his teeth.

He had hidden himself for five thousand years this time and had already cultivated the heaven-rank cultivation technique, Heavenly Origin Chant, to the highest realm. He could use the Heavenly Imperial Zither to instantly increase the spiritual power he released by more than ten times.

Unexpectedly, he still couldn’t deal with Xiao Jing.

On the other side, Xiao Jing gritted his teeth in anger.

After his heaven-rank cultivation technique, the Great Void Dao Voice, reached the Formation Realm, he could use the Mystic Gold Jade Flute to play 180,000 tones.

Every tone hid huge killing intent. This killing intent was enough to instantly heavily injure a Emperor Realm cultivator.

He didn’t expect that after five thousand years of bitter cultivation, he would still be helpless against Jiang Mochou.

The two of them couldn’t help but sigh to themselves. Could it be that this decisive battle would be another draw?


At this moment, the distant Heavenly Immortal Mountain suddenly shook.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound.

The entire mountain was filled with light and spiritual power.

The shaking became more and more intense, like the scene before a volcano erupted.

Seeing the huge mountain slowly fall apart from the middle, someone couldn’t help but shout,

“Could it be that some treasure is about to appear in the mountain?”

When a phenomenon occurred, treasures would definitely be born.

The light and spiritual power that spewed out from the center of the Heavenly Immortal Mountain were so magical and mysterious that it filled everyone with curiosity.

Soon, the Heavenly Immortal Mountain completely separated from the center.

After a ball of light rushed into the sky, the Heavenly Immortal Mountain quickly closed.

In the endless light, everyone saw a zither covered in mystic light floating at the top of the Heavenly Immortal Mountain.

Its entire body was flowing with colorful lights and natural spiritual energy, causing the zither to be faintly discernible, as if it had come from the Immortal Realm.

As for the zither, it looked mysterious.

There were countless ancient words engraved on it. There were a total of nine jade beads on both sides. They were lustrous and overflowing with immortal aura.

“This is the Fuxi Zither!”

Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing trembled at the same time and cried out in shock.

It was rumored that the Fuxi Zither was created by the Primordial Emperor Fuxi. It was the supreme king of musical instruments, and it was a connate numinous treasure.

If he could obtain it and use it as an instrument to execute a cultivation technique, he would definitely be able to instantly kill an Emperor Realm cultivator.

In other words, Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing firmly believed that as long as they could get the Fuxi Zither, they would win this battle.


At this moment, a string on the Fuxi Zither was suddenly plucked and let out a heavenly sound.

However, to everyone present, although this sound was beautiful, it was extremely dangerous!

A terrifying ripple spread out from the top of the Heavenly Immortal Mountain in the blink of an eye.

Everyone in this range felt a bang in their heads and spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

“So the legend is true. There’s the soul of the Zither Emperor in the Fuxi Zither. Once it’s born, it will definitely play the Fuxi Zither.”

“The only way to control it is to play the ‘Fuxi Thirteen Sounds’ at a faster speed. Otherwise, it will play faster and faster, and the lethality will increase by a hundred times every time!”

In the crowd, someone who had heard of the rumors about the Fuxi Zither hurriedly said its story.

At this moment, Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing had already rushed towards the Fuxi Zither.


The second sound wave emitted by the Fuxi Zither transformed into an incomparably terrifying sound wave that spread out. When it pierced through their bodies, it instantly shook the two of them until they spat out blood.

“This Fuxi Zither is really too terrifying!”

“Just the second sound is so terrifying. If I can get it, I can definitely win immediately!”

When Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing thought of this, they gritted their teeth and continued to charge at the Fuxi Zither.

The two of them raised their true essence to the limit and reached out at the same time to press on the strings.

Jiang Mochou smiled sinisterly. “You’re dead meat!”

He immediately plucked the strings according to the rhythm of the “Fuxi Thirteen Sounds”.


A terrifying spiritual power exploded from the zither string and sent him flying thousands of feet away.

Jiang Mochou felt a sharp pain in his internal organs and almost shattered.

“How could this be?”

“Why can’t I pluck the strings?”

Jiang Mochou was stunned.

He was actually unable to even pluck the strings of the Fuxi Zither. This meant that it was impossible for him to obtain the Fuxi Zither!

Xiao Jing revealed a smug smile. “It seems like this zither is destined to be mine!”

As a music genius, his zither skills were naturally world-class. He immediately strummed the strings according to the rhythm of the “Fuxi Thirteen Sounds”.


Another terrifying spiritual energy blasted Xiao Jing away.

Sensing the pain in his body, Xiao Jing was shocked. “God, I can’t even strum a string!”


At this moment, the strings of the Fuxi Zither moved again, emitting a golden sound wave that was visible to the naked eye.

In this sound wave, the ancient sound talisman was like rolling heat waves.

Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing felt an indescribable terrifying pressure surge over.

Even as Emperor Realm cultivators, they were shocked by this pressure.

The onlookers in the distance also revealed shocked expressions and trembled.

Just the third sound wave was so terrifying.

If the Fuxi Zither continued like this, the entire Central Divine Continent would probably be destroyed!

Unfortunately, the two strongest musical prodigies of the Central Divine Continent were present.

If even they couldn’t control this Fuxi Zither, who could resolve this crisis?

Phew ~

Just as everyone was shocked, a white light rushed to the top of the Heavenly Immortal Mountain.

Everyone focused their gazes and saw a peerless handsome man in white.

When they saw him, everyone’s nervousness and uneasiness were instantly swept away.

It was the Consort!


Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing couldn’t help but look at each other.

So the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort was here!

The two of them immediately looked at Lin Xuan and saw that Lin Xuan was already standing in front of the Fuxi Zither.

“Could it be that the Consort can subdue the Fuxi Zither?”

The two of them saw through Lin Xuan’s intentions and were shocked.

On second thought, the two of them revealed excited expressions.

“Who is the Consort? If he makes a move, he must be confident!”

At this moment, Lin Xuan had already placed his hands on the strings.

The strings of the Fuxi Zither were like ordinary zithers. There were a total of seven strings.

However, it was different from ordinary zithers.

Its seven strings weren’t simply arranged, but contained a mysterious formation.

This formation used heaven, earth, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth as the seven formation cores. It could develop 49 variations.

Every time one plucked the strings, one had to pay attention to the changes in the formation to accurately play the tune.

Lin Xuan had thought that as proud zither players, Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing would know what was special about the Fuxi Zither.

But when he saw them attack, Lin Xuan knew that it was impossible for them to control the Fuxi Zither!

As for Lin Xuan, who had the Absolute Mystic Sutra and grandmaster-level music skills, making the Fuxi Zither submit was a piece of cake!

Then, he followed the rhythm of the “Fuxi Thirteen Sounds” and plucked the strings before the soul of the Zither Emperor.


A melodious voice sounded.

Jiang Mochou and Xiao Jing trembled. “The Consort played the zither!”