My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 432: ELEGANT!

Chapter 432: ELEGANT!

A few days later, Nightingale's royal capital.

"Hmm? Am I the first to arrive?" A woman with long red hair spoke as she looked around, wearing her usual attire of dark red armor.

"Yes, you are." A voice echoed through the Castle's entrance.

"...." Scathach narrowed her eyes and stared straight into one spot as if she was looking at someone through the walls.

"Welcome to my castle, Countess Scathach."

"The castle is a little empty, where are the residents of this castle?" She asked with a small smile on her face.

"They're busy." Vlad didn't even flinch at Scathach's little provocation. He hadn't been a king for millennia for nothing.

He is as shameless as any king. In fact, he is even more shameless than all the kings put together!

He can make a stone spit blood with just insults!

Although this now appeared to be a passive ability of the progenitor vampires...

"Yeah yeah."

'I bet the demons are taking good care of them... Ah, wait. Vlad killed them, so the souls of those two are in Vlad's body.'

"I don't need to tell you the way, right?"

"...." Scathach nodded and soon started walking towards the meeting room, but quickly stopped when she felt a presence approaching.

She looked up to the sky and saw a trail of fire in the sky, looking like a flaming comet.

The comet of fire began to descend towards Scathach, and this comet hit the ground gently as a hurricane of fire appeared, and a woman with long white hair came out of the fire.

The woman threw her hair back and said:


"Oh...?" Scathach's smile rose slightly when she saw the sword in Agnes's hand.

"You've grown stronger, Agnes... Much more than your former heyday..."

'If I had known that killing her husband would have caused her to be so motivated, I would have done it from the beginning...' Scathach shook her head in denial internally and ignored those thoughts. She knew that if she did, she would just get a troublesome person as an enemy, and her daughter Ruby would hate her.

"Things happened." Agnes spoke casually.

"Yeah, your husband died." Scathach was never a woman to mince her words.

"..." Looking at Scathach, Agnes' eyes became dragon-like for a few seconds.

"Shall we? I want to end this meeting fast."

Scathach ignored the woman's gaze and started walking. She didn't mean it badly, it was just how her personality was.

'And to think that she would use that sword and perfectly control it... This girl's father would be happy.'p、

"..." Agnes sighed lightly and calmed her feelings, then her eyes returned to normal.

Walking beside Scathach in silence. The castle's royal guards do their best to lower their heads and ignore the two women.

They really wanted to appreciate their beauty, but everyone knew Scathach's personality. After all, all the royal guards were trained by her personally.

Because of that, they know how crazy she is.

The same can be said of Agnes, who, for whatever reason, will set fire to their existence, and she has a very impatient personality.

Walking through several corridors in silence, the two women arrived in front of the door where the meeting would take place.

Scathach reached for the door handle.

"By the way, Natashia married Victor."


"Fufufufu~." Agnes looked at the doorknob with a satisfied expression, though she couldn't see Scathach's gaze now because her hair was covering her gaze.

But she didn't need to see her face to see that she was quite annoyed.

The very bloodthirsty aura that emanated from her body was proof enough.

Agnes opened the door and entered with a satisfied look.

Entering the great hall, she saw Vlad, the king of all vampires sitting in a very luxurious chair, wearing an elegant black suit. He still looked the same as he used to go out around the world with his youngest daughter.

At his side was Alexios in garb similar to his king.

"Oh? It is unexpected to see you in this outfit. On these occasions, you always wear something old and not very modern."

"I had a little engagement in the human world, and I didn't have time to change clothes..." Vlad spoke evasively.

"I see..." Agnes knew he was talking nonsense since, with his power, he could change his clothes and appearance whenever he wanted.

But she wasn't very interested in prolonging this matter and just said it out of curiosity.

Sitting in the chair to Vlad's right, a spot she always picked at this type of meeting, she crossed her arms around her sword and closed her eyes.

"...." Vlad just looked at all of this with a curious look:

'Adonis' death impacted her so much, huh...'

If it were the Agnes of old, she wouldn't sit and be silent like this patiently. She would always say she wanted to leave.

To be honest, it's quite refreshing to see such a calm demeanor in this woman.

'...On the other hand...' Vlad looked at Scathach, who had just entered the room and sat on Vlad's left. She crossed her legs, leaned back in her chair, and crossed her arms while standing with her hair covering her eyes.

She had an aura that said, 'Don't talk to me now.'

A few minutes after the two countesses arrived, silence still lingered in the room.

"...." And that made Alexios quite apprehensive. Being in the same room with these beings, and all of them in silence, was not a good thing for his mental health.

He knew his king didn't mind, in fact, he preferred it that way.

But... He cared!

Scathach had a red aura covering her body and looked quite annoyed!

In comparison, Agnes was calm as if she were meditating.

Alexios looked slightly at Agnes with a complicated expression:

'This woman just poured gasoline on the fire, and now Scathach is acting like this.' Alexios wasn't a vampire, but he had very good senses and clearly heard what Agnes said to Scathach.

He really felt like sighing now.


Hearing the sound of lightning, Vlad and Agnes, who had their eyes closed, opened their eyes and looked at the door.

"They arrived." Agnes commented lightly.

"...." Vlad clearly noticed the slight change in Agnes' tone of voice, it was quite imperceptible, but it was still there.

'She's anxious... I think it's normal, considering she's going to find her husband's killer.' He thought to himself.

'...My ex-wives...' A feeling of disgust rose in Vlad's heart when he saw Victor being accompanied by Morgana and Jeanne.

'...They regained their former strength and appearance...Victor put his fangs in her?' Vlad can't help but squint.

He felt pretty complicated now.

It was the same feeling he had when he threw away his treasure, and a child took that treasure and claimed it for himself.

He can't help but feel sour about it.

Sounds of footsteps were heard, and of voices:

"Jeanne and Morgana, your children must be at the castle. Go visit them."

"...But-." Jeanne's voice was heard, she looked like she was going to say something, but Victor didn't let her.

"Ignore that old man's opinion, he has no right here."

"..." This is my castle, did you know? It's my CASTLE!

Veins started popping in Vlad's head.

'Seriously, does this man have a talent for pissing people off?'

"And my daughter wants to visit Ophis, no one, not even Vlad, will stop her from doing whatever she wants."

'I wouldn't stop her anyway. If I did that, Ophis, who started to like me now, would hate me.'

"I-I d-don't want to visit Ophis or anything..."

'It's painfully obvious that you want to visit, my daughter! What is this cute creature?'

"See? She wants to visit Ophis."

"I don't-." Nero was going to continue talking, but Victor interrupted her, saying:

"Lilith, Ophis, and Elizabeth are in that direction, and Adam is in that direction."

"..." The group suddenly fell silent.

Morgana and Nero looked at each other, and without speaking, they walked towards Lilith, Ophis, and Elizabeth.

Jeanne didn't even say anything and walked towards where Adam, her son, was.

"Hehehe~, she's such a cute creature, Darling."

"Indeed, she holds her feelings a lot, and that's a bad thing..."

"Just in time for her, eventually, she'll be brutally honest like you."

"I will look forward to that day." Victor chuckled lightly.


Hearing the word 'darling' come out of Natashia's mouth and hearing her acting all loving like a wife, there were two reactions in the meeting room.

"...." Alexios just swallowed hard as he felt Scathach's aura get even worse, and now even Agnes had joined her.

Looking at the state of the two countesses, Vlad couldn't help but display a small smile:

'Hahahahaha~, he's going to suffer! Dammit, if I could only eat popcorn!' He was quite pleased to see Victor suffer.

"Although I must teach her not to fall into verbal traps, supernatural beings are quite dishonest after all." Victor spoke.

"Don't worry, I'll teach her too."

"After all, she is my daughter too~."


"...." Cold sweat started to fall even more from Alexios' head when he saw the floor and a piece of the table cracked like a spider's web, the two women did it without moving! Just utilizing their rage and murderous intent!

He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face.

'These two women are scary!'

Vlad's smile threatened to grow even wider, but he did his best to keep his poker face, but inside he was:

'HAHAHAHAHAHA~.' He really was having more fun than expected in a simple boring meeting.

He made a decision that he would invite Victor to every kind of gathering since he was the best entertainment Vlad could ask for.

And that was also his revenge!

Victor and Natashia talked all the way to the meeting room, acting like a couple of childhood friends who became a couple in the future.

They played like childhood friends and flirted like passionate lovers as they spread the aura of 'LOVE' throughout the castle.

An aura so strong it made the single men of the royal guard feel like they'd eaten dog shit.

As expected of someone blessed by the goddess of love! Without even intending to do anything, he was causing emotional damage to everyone around him!

Aphrodite would be proud if she saw this scene!

Arriving in the meeting room, Victor opened the door, wearing a very elegant black suit, with black gloves showing red magic circles on his hands, and on his face, there was a small smile.

"Sup, people, I came to the party."

"This is not a party, Victor." Vlad commented in a professional tone.

"Really? But, I'm seeing two very elegant women here, I thought I was going to have a party..." He commented, confused: "Sigh... That's a shame, I wanted to get closer to the two of them and have a more intimate conversation. " He flashed a small smile at the end.

"...." The aura of the two women visibly diminished.


'I really want to learn from the person who taught this man to be a playboy...' Vlad couldn't help but think.

With just one sentence, he managed to severely lessen the two countesses' bad moods.

Natashia's head appeared behind Victor, looking like a child who was hiding behind her father.

"...." Agnes and Scathach look at Natashia.

The woman just smiled with a victorious expression and made two 'V' signs with her fingers:

"Yay~." That simple gesture contained millions of meanings that only women could understand.

Meanings that Scathach and Agnes understood clearly.

"!!!" Veins popped in both women's heads, and their aura exploded to the ceiling.

"Blegh." Natashia shows her tongue to the two women and hugged Victor's back:

"MINE~" Natashia spoke without a sound.

And the two women could clearly understand what she was conveying.

'This bitch! I will kill her!'

Natashia just got gas and threw it on the fire!

"Hahaha~, Natashia, my honey. Please don't provoke the two of them anymore, or this castle will really disappear."

"That will never happen, don't underestimate my castle." Vlad spoke.

Victor, of course, ignored him.

"Fufufu~, if that's what you wish, my 'DARLING'."

She got off Victor's back, and soon her appearance was seen.

She was wearing a very modern simple black dress, with a black choker around her neck and two black ribbons that connected to this choker that reached her back.

Her golden hair was cut short, with the length reaching her neck. One of the perks of mastering the vampire transformation is that you didn't need to cut your hair anymore.

Natashia and Victor could switch at any time to their original hair.

A power that would make every beauty salon in the world go bankrupt.

She was wearing black high heels embroidered with red flowers.

The couple looked quite elegant as if they were actually going to a party.

"You really are dressed for a party…" Alexios commented with an appreciative look.

They were 'elegant!'

"A person in the past said to me: Manners maketh a man."

"...." The pressure in Agnes' body dropped severely, and her eyes twitched.

"I'm just applying their teachings." Victor commented lightly as he sat in the chair that was directly in front of Vlad, even the way he sat was...


"And as your wife, I couldn't introduce myself inappropriately, right?" Natashia commented with a sneaky little smile as she leaned on Victor's chair while she massaged Victor's shoulder and enjoyed the silence that fell in the room afterwards.


Natashia gave Victor a peck on the mouth and walked towards her chair, which was on Victor's left, next to Agnes.

"...." Agnes looks at Natashia with a dry but complicated look. She had several thoughts running through her head now.

It was only when she heard Victor's phrase that she understood that her feelings of jealousy were unfounded since this man was not her husband.

'...Wives... He married a countess... Ugh.' Even if it's not officially, and the public doesn't know it, Clan Fulger has become an unconditional ally of Clan Alucard, which could also be said about the other Clan of Vampire Countesses.

Vlad felt a headache when he thought about the distribution of political power.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the man in front of him has the second greatest influence in his kingdom, second only to himself, the King.

"So, Vlad Dracul Tepes... Why did you call us for this meeting?"


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