My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 431: The Wife Who Has No lnhibitions.not edited yet

Chapter 431: The Wife Who Has No lnhibitions.not edited yet

"A fun meeting?"

"Yes, indeed." Victor threw his letter towards Eleanor.

"..." Eleanor caught the letter and read it.

"Did you get the letter too, Natashia?" Victor asked the woman beside him curiously.

"Yes, I received one a little before I came to this place." Natashia spoke as she leaned her head on Victor's shoulder, she didn't feel like leaving his side right now.

Women are sensitive creatures after they experience a major emotional event, and for Natashia, the event of doing lewd acts for several hours, and, after those acts, performing a wedding ritual, effectively marrying the man by her side for eternity,

She was in a pretty emotional state. She didn't want to think about work, or what the Vampire King was thinking. Now, she just wanted to be with her husband, and relax in his presence.

"I see..." Victor touched his chin.

'If Natashia received the invitation, it's natural to think that all the Countesses did too.'

"... Eleanor, did you receive this invitation too?"

"Hmm?" She looked at Victor, and then replied:

"I didn't receive an invitation... I received a letter from the King giving me orders."

"...." Victor narrowed his eyes.

"What did he say?"

"Strengthen your defense until further notice." Eleanor responded naturally as she threw Victor's invitation back to him.

'My family is considered the Shield of The King. We do not actively participate in politics like the other clans of Vampire Counts, and the same should be said for the Clan of Alucard which is related to the exploration of new lands.'

Thinking of the women Victor became involved with, and the memories she'd seen of the time she was staying in the royal capital, and her teacher's turf.

Eleanor managed to understand why Victor was called.

'With him close, if Victor decides to do something, the other vampire counts will also help...' Eleanor looked at Natashia.

'An example of this is this woman.' Eleanor was 100% sure that if Victor decided to do something, Natashia would voluntarily help.

'His presence at the meeting is an unknown, a bet that everything will happen in a way that benefits Nightingale... Victor has long become something that Vlad cannot touch or provoke without planning.'

Eleanor is a countess, despite having been in that position for just under 10 years, she was quite experienced in politics.

Even if she didn't actively participate in politics, Eleanor knew how to play the game of politics.

All this because she had great teachers.

Rose Adrastea, who was also the commander of the Valkyries, was a woman quite experienced in both politics and warfare.

Along with her butler Walter, she is a vampire who has been alive since her grandfather's time.

I mean, she's old... Quite old.

And even if his territory was separate from the rest of Nightingale, and necessarily, he didn't need to care about the politics of the royal capital.

Rose and Eleanor shared a common opinion on this matter, they agreed that they should always be on the lookout for the royal capital, even if they didn't participate in politics, they could see the outside and gather information so as not to be caught off guard.

This is one of the reasons why Eleanor, the current countess, opened up trade in her territory, even if only to a limited extent.

Through trade, she can obtain information from the outside world.

While everyone was silently thinking about various things related to the meeting, the door opened.

"...?" The group looked at whoever arrived and saw Nero, Pepper, Siena, Lacus, and Mizuki.

"Vic, Vic, VICTOR!" Pepper looked quite excited as she ran towards Victor.

"Yes, I'm Victor."

"This rifle is amazing! With just one shot, I saw the heads of these monsters disappear!"

"Apparently you liked the gift."


"Leaving that aside, Victor, why are you teaching my little sister my technique!?" Lake asked.

"Umu, I'm just advancing the process that Scathach would do with you in the future."


"Pepper didn't say anything?" Victor looked at the girl.

"…I was so excited that I forgot to tell them." Pepper turned her face to the side as she whistled.

"W-Wait! What do you mean by advancing the process?"

"...." Victor looked at Lacus with a lazy look, he didn't want to explain again.

"Just ask Pepper, she'll explain, right?"

"Y-Yes!" Pepper responded quickly when she saw Victor's gaze, even though he wasn't looking at her with a cold or menacing gaze.

She felt that she shouldn't disobey him, that look had the same feeling as when her mother looked at her.

"... Fueh?" Pepper touches her chin and starts thinking hard:

'He reminds me of my mother, an authority figure, so that's what it feels like to have a father?' It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that, after all, she knows how her mother feels.

The strongest female vampire has never felt this way about any other man.

'...But he's kind like an older brother too...'

Remembering how he trained her, and always treated her kindly when she needed it, a gentle smile appeared on Pepper's face, but soon her face turned awkward.

'What is he to me?'

"???" Question marks started to appear around Pepper, she was extremely confused now.

"Pepper, explain to me what happened!"

"Fueh...?" Pepper wakes up from her confused thoughts, and looks at her sister: "Oh yes! Come here, sis!"

Pepper pulled Lacus aside and started to explain to her.

Siena who was nearby also started to hear what Pepper was saying.

Natashia looked at Nero with slightly curious eyes, she had heard about Nero's past while the two of them were resting in the room, and it would be a lie to say that she wasn't curious about her.

After all, she was his daughter now.

"...." To say that Nero was comfortable with Natashia's gaze on her would be a lie, she was doing her best to ignore the older woman's curious gaze.

Victor chuckled when he saw Nero's awkward look, he picks up the girl and places it on his lap.

"F-Father-." Nero looked like he wanted to protest about something, she was embarrassed to be put in that position with so many people around.

But she did nothing to get off her father's lap.

Victor strokes Nero's white hair gently.

Natashia displayed a small, gentle smile when she saw the girl's state, and then she looked at Mizuki.

"...." Natashia narrows her eyes slightly when looking at Mizuki, she could smell Victor's scent on the woman, it wasn't strong like Nero's, or his Maids, but it was still there.

To say she was feeling slightly possessive would be a lie. She was feeling very possessive right now, which was normal, it's only been a few hours since she married Victor.

Her feelings were still turbulent.

And seeing an 'unknown' woman smelling the same as her husband was not a very good feeling.

"My daughter, you may have already met her, but I will formally introduce her to you again."

"Her name is Annasthashia Fulger, mother of my wife Sasha, and my wife too."

"......" A silence fell around them.

There are so many things wrong with that one sentence that Nero didn't know what to say!

"Umu." Natashia huffed proudly, and the feeling she was having earlier was replaced by sweet feelings.

She felt good when her husband said 'my wife' in public!

"Consequently, she is your mother too."

"...I-..." Nero looked at Natashia confused.

Victor pats Nero's head, and says:

"Don't force yourself to call her Mom or anything, and that goes for my other wives too."

"Oh..." Nero nodded a little gratefully, she wasn't ready for that step yet.

"In the end, only me who matters, forget my wives." Victor spoke with a conviction that caught Natashia and Nero off guard.

"Oyy! You can't be less possessive!? I always wanted a younger daughter!"

"Humpf, she's my daughter. Mine!" Victor hugged Nero while looking at Natashia with a wary look.

"..." Nero unconsciously hugged Victor too, even if he doesn't say it out loud, she likes to be with her father better, her father's wives were simply...

Very intimidating.

Looking in the direction of Natashia's breasts, she thought:

'Maybe I can get along with her?' The same moment that thought crossed her mind, she shook her head in denial and hugged her father tighter.

'My father is better.'

"Ugh, I don't know how to feel about this." Natashia grumbled when she saw Nero hugging Victor.

'She is clearly very dependent on him, which is normal given her previous situation... And Victor is just too kind.'


"Vic, Vic!"

"Yes, Victor here." He looked at Pepper.

"Did you marry her!?"

"Yes. Did I not tell you?" He said.

"No, you don't!" Pepper really wanted to strangle this man right now.

"…What are you going to do about my mother?" Siena asked.

"...." Another silence fell over the place.

Victor looked at Siena, and smiled:

"Of course, I'll get married, make her mine, and put a little Scathach in her oven."

"...." The Scathach sisters blushed heavily when they heard what Victor said, this man was very brazen!

Not only did she react like that, even Eleonor and Mizuki were not spared this embarrassment.

"So you guys better start practicing in the mirror how to call me Father."

"Never!" Siena and Lacus screamed.

"Fa-Fa-F-" Pepper was stuttering a lot.

"No need to listen to what he says!" The two sisters spoke at the same time.

"...Now that I think about it... You're married to your wife's mother! And you want to repeat the same with Ruby and my mom!" Lacus suddenly had an enlightenment.

"Oyakodon." Mizuki in robotic tone.

"What do you think about that, Natashia?" Eleanor asked curiously, she wanted to know the feelings of a woman who is in this relationship.

"...." The girls looked at Natashia.

"Hmm? Isn't that a good thing?"

"How good is this!?" Eleanor was speechless.

"I mean, everything that happens in the family, stays in the family... And I am particularly interested in what it would be like to have a threesome with my daughter and my husband."

"...She's useless! She is completely degenerate!" Lacus yelled when he saw the perverted smile on Natashia's face.


"That wasn't a compliment!"

"...Don't tell me you plan to do this to your possible future daughter with your husband?" Siena asked.

"...." Another silence fell over the place.

Natashia thought about the future, and imagined an adult daughter she had with Victor, and imagined that same daughter in the same bed as her and her husband...

Just at that thought, she got excited:

'That's not a bad idea... With that, our lineage remained pure, and it would get stronger with time! And I wouldn't have to worry about finding a strong and talented husband for my daughter!' As a noble vampire who grew up among aristocrats, this idea wasn't a bad one.

It is a very common practice, after all, all clans of noble vampire practice it even today.

The purer the bloodline, the stronger the vampire's ability to wield even greater power.

And since vampires have the quirk of completely inheriting the power of both their parents, the children would just keep getting stronger with time.

Of course, count-status vampires have more leeway, an example of this is Scathach's own story.

She was a vampire who controlled ice, and when she decided to make a child, she kidnapped a vampire who controlled water, and when the child of these two beings was born.

The child was born with both the power of ice and water, and that child was Ruby.

Something similar happened with Clan Fulger, and Snow.

But even though she thought it was a great idea, after all, Victor was a strong vampire who held the power of the three Clans of vampire earls, and he was a progenitor, his children were sure to be talented.

'Although being a parent does not mean that your child will inherit your parenting powers, an example of this is Vlad, none of his children inherited his power... But all of his children are talented, that is an undeniable fact.'

"I will not touch my daughters, Siena." Victor spoke in an extremely serious tone.

"...." Siena was silent, and just looked at Victor, specifically Nero, seeing the satisfied face of the girl who had her hair caressed by Victor, she smiled with a smile that held several meanings.

"I see..."

'You will not touch your daughters, but the same can be said of your daughters?' Victor was divinely handsome, and strong, growing up every childhood alongside someone like that.

Your daughters' male standard will be very high, and being this man's daughter, your daughters would certainly not have a normal personality.

Just look at your wives, are any of them mentally normal?

And just like dragons and demons, vampires also look for strong partners.

Will they look for another partner with someone perfect by their side?

The answer is... Noo.

'Fufufu, I'll have a lot of fun seeing your despair face in the future.' Siena was quite sadistic.

His eyes fell on Natashia.

The countess just smiled kindly.

'As expected. Victor still had the values ​​of a human, he wouldn't accept that.' She found this a little funny, he had no problem causing mass genocide, but surprisingly his values ​​were quite robust.

'I think this is also because of his mother's influence?" Natashia thought curiously.

'... It's no use thinking about it now, his inhibitions will crumble over the millennia, and the longer he lives in vampire society, the more he'll find this idea normal.' Natashia thought.

Time changes many things, and when Victor sees the ages have passed, and he is still alive to experience the millennia passing by, he will change too.

And that was something Natashia understood very well, not just her.

That was something all older vampires understood.

You cannot live 2000 years and not change somehow, change may be slow but it will definitely happen.

The Victor of now will not be the same Victor when he is 2000 years old.

Even now he is changing, not just him, everyone around him is changing.

A slow but significant change.

"Umu, don't think about it now, Darling. After all, you're young, you don't have to think about your kids now."

"Remember, in order for your 'wish' to be with Scathach to come true, you must defeat her." Natashia smiled kindly.

"... That's true." Victor nodded in agreement.

"And Siena… Your question was meaningless." Natashia scolded Siena lightly.

"Yeah yeah. I was just curious."

"Anyway, me, Natashia, Nero, Morgana and Jeanne are only going to stay here for a few days before heading to the royal capital, on those days I will train you all, and that includes you too, Mizuki and Eleonor."

'This visit will be a good opportunity for the two women to see their children.'

"Oh... That's good, I need to teach these girls a thing or two too."

"..." The girls cringed a little when they saw Victor and Natashia's gaze.


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