My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 483 - 483 Mutation Phenomenon In The Upper Level of Land of Origin 2

483 Mutation Phenomenon In The Upper Level of Land of Origin 2

Yan Liang squinted his eyes and flapped his wings again. He disappeared from the spot and dodged the green light.

The green light landed on the stone wall, and without a sound, holes appeared on the stone wall.

Yan Liang looked at the deep hole and frowned slightly. Just as he was about to attack again, the Heaven Abyss Saint appeared in front of Yan Liang and Ye Heng.

The two of them were stunned when they saw Saint Heaven Abyss.


Ye Heng said respectfully.

The Heaven Abyss Saint nodded and chuckled.

there’s been an anomaly in night Valley. This trial is over. You should leave this place first.

As he spoke, the darkness surged and enveloped the roaring black-shelled rock tortoise, making cracking sounds.

The black-shelled rock tortoise let out a shrill cry before it was crushed into meat and blood.

When Ye Heng and Yan Liang saw this scene, their eyes were filled with respect.

“Yes, ancestor,” Ye Heng nodded.

The Heaven Abyss Saint once again opened the pitch-black spatial door. Ye Heng and Yan Liang entered the spatial door and disappeared from the spot.

The Heaven Abyss Saint disappeared once again.


In the other area, Lu Yuan was still a little confused after hearing the roar of the fierce beast. However, his expression changed slightly very soon.

This was because the evolution cube in his body suddenly started shaking.

Lu Yuan’s pupils contracted slightly, his eyes full of shock.

What was going on?

The evolution cube did not have any fluctuations earlier, so why did it suddenly start shaking?

Just as Lu Yuan was bewildered, there was a loud boom. The next moment, Lu Yuan felt two auras approaching quickly.

They were two dark night giant wolves with pitch-black fur.

At this moment, the two dark night giant wolves had strange tentacles on their bodies, and strange eyes were blinking on the tentacles.

Seeing the two night giant wolves, Lu Yuan’s eyes widened slightly.

“A mutated beast?!”

At the side, Yeye’s pupils also contracted, and her expression fluctuated violently.

There shouldn’t be any signs of mutation in the land of origin.

At the very least, there had never been any signs of mutation in the land of origin in the past few years.

But now, Lu Yuan and Yeye actually saw a mutated beast?

This was completely unusual.

While the two of them were still in shock, the two dark night giant wolves roared and closed in on them.

Lu Yuan frowned slightly and activated the Sun Spirit Body at full force. His eyes flashed with the sun’s radiance and a sun inscription appeared on his forehead. His hair was shining with golden light.

An incomparably terrifying power emerged.

Lu Yuan pulled Yeye behind him and said indifferently, “This beast is a little strange. Be careful.”

Yeye was stunned. She glanced at Lu Yuan’s back and nodded slightly. “Yes.”

In the next moment, Lu Yuan’s body disappeared from where he was standing, and the heavy sword flashed with a dazzling golden light.

Sun Spirit Body, black steel force, sky splitting slash, all of them were used.

At this moment, Lu Yuan’s explosive combat power could be considered as a normal state.

Just like the sun, a 100-meter-long golden sword light cut through the darkness and slashed at the night demonic wolf.

The night demonic wolf felt threatened and roared. A strange green spirit light surged, and green light shot out from its eyes towards the golden sword light.

However, although the mutated Night Demon Wolf was much stronger than before, it was still a distance away from Lu Yuan.

The golden sword light wiped out the green light with crushing power, and the sword light cut through the head of a night demonic Wolf.


Fresh blood gushed out, carrying an evil green color. It fell to the ground, and the ground made a corrosive sound.

The night demonic wolf’s corpse fell to the ground. The tentacle twisted and screamed, then turned into ashes and dissipated.

When the last night demonic wolf saw this, it let out a low growl and turned around, wanting to escape.

Lu Yuan’s expression was cold. He appeared beside the night demon wolf in an instant. The golden sword light cut through the darkness again, cutting the night demon wolf into two.

Looking at the tentacles on the demon wolf’s corpse turn to ashes, Lu Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

He felt two unknown auras merge into his body.

There wasn’t a lot of this unknown aura, not even as strong as the previous B-grade xenogeneic. It was about the same as a C-grade xenogeneic.

However, Lu Yuan was still a little happy.

To Lu Yuan, as long as it was an unknown aura, it was still not bad. At the very least, it could cause the evolution cube to transform.

However, Lu Yuan’s expression turned serious again very quickly.

He looked around. The previous battle had attracted the attention of the nearby beasts.

At this moment, many auras were approaching.

Lu Yuan could sense a few of these auras that were life-threatening to him.

Those were originally Emperor-level beasts. After the mutation, their strength had soared again. Even if they were not as strong as Emperor-level beasts, they were still extremely powerful.

Lu Yuan believed that unless he went all out, he might have a chance to kill a few of them. If he only used the Sun Spirit Body, starry sky roaming, or even the Divine Radiance, he might not even be a match for one of them.

He was too strong.

Lu Yuan frowned slightly.

At this moment, a figure appeared in front of Lu Yuan and Yeye.

Lu Yuan was stunned and a little shocked, but then he felt that it was natural.

It was the Heaven Abyss Saint.

Since the trial was being held in the night Valley, the Heaven Abyss Saint must have been able to observe them through some means.

Now that there was a mutation, it would be strange if the Heaven Abyss Saint did not come.

This was no ordinary situation. Perhaps this was the first time something like this had happened in the entire Land of Origin?

The Heaven Abyss Saint looked at the corpse on the ground and raised his brows. He looked at Lu Yuan and chuckled.

“You did this?”

“Yes,” Lu Yuan nodded. “Your excellency.”

“That’s right, Yeye has a good friend.”

He emphasized on the word ‘good friend’ and looked at Yeye with a hint of teasing in his eyes.

Yeye shifted her gaze slightly and did not meet the Heaven Abyss saint’s eyes.

Lu Yuan was speechless.

He always felt that these people who had lived for a long time had a little bit of a bad taste.

Had he lived for too long that his personality was becoming smaller and smaller?

Lu Yuan felt a little embarrassed.

However, the Heaven Abyss saint’s expression quickly turned serious.

He looked around and felt the aura that was slowly approaching. He chuckled and said,

“It seems that the situation here is a little strange. You two leave here first, I need to deal with the situation here.”

Hearing this, Yeye nodded slightly.

Lu Yuan thought for a while, then said, “”Your Excellency, may I stay and help?”

Hearing this, Yeye was stunned. She turned to look at Lu Yuan and blinked. She reached out and pulled Lu Yuan’s hand.

“It’s very dangerous.”

Lu Yuan looked at the worried Yeye and smiled. “Don’t worry, I have a spatial combat skill. Even if there’s danger, I can escape.”

Lu Yuan naturally knew that it was a little dangerous, but with the space combat skill, Lu Yuan had a lot of room to operate. He could find King-level fierce beasts to kill and obtain unknown auras.

To Lu Yuan, this many mutated beasts could be considered a treasure. He did not plan to give up easily.

Yeye fell silent. She thought for a while and then nodded slightly. Yeye did not say that she would stay as well. She could feel the powerful energy around her and understood that there was a huge gap between her strength and Lu Yuan’s. If she stayed, Lu Yuan would only be distracted from taking care of her.

The Heaven Abyss Saint was also slightly shocked when he heard Lu Yuan’s words.

He sized Lu Yuan up and chuckled, “Human brat … Hmm, you’re Lu Yuan, right? How about I call you Ah Yuan?”

“It’s my honor, Your Excellency.”

Lu Yuan laughed.

“Ah Yuan, I know you’re pretty strong,” the Heaven Abyss Saint said with a smile. “However, an Emperor-tier beast that has mutated isn’t weak at all. It might even have some strange abilities. In addition … I have to remind you that there are many mutated beasts and mutations in the upper layer of the land of origin. If you are killed by a mutated beast, you will be completely dead and will not be reborn in the real world. You still want to stay?”

Hearing this, Lu Yuan’s eyes widened in shock.

After being killed by a mutated beast in the origin source grounds, he would not be resurrected in the real world?

There are actually many mutated beasts and mutations in the upper layer of the land of origin?

Lu Yuan had no idea about this before. He had asked sister Qinghe about the situation in the upper levels of the land of origin, but she had not said much.

I didn’t expect that there would be signs of mutation and mutated beasts in the upper levels.

However, why was there a mutation in the upper layer of the origin source grounds? this area had not been here before, so why was there a mutation now?

Lu Yuan’s heart was filled with question marks.