Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 904 - They Will Hurt Too

Chapter 904 They Will Hurt Too

Did anything happen to her? “Rourou…”

“I heard it!”

Tang Xinrou was so happy that she almost cried. She quickly turned around and ran toward another path.

“Yaoyao, where are you?!”

All the flashlights gathered together and everyone stood on the steps, shining down at the bottom of the slope.

Actually, they were hoping that they wouldn’t find Song Yaoyao down there.

This place was too steep. If a person fell down, even if they didn’t die, they would still be heavily injured.


Things didn’t go as planned.

The girl was wearing a camouflage suit with excellent concealment. She was thin and small, sandwiched in the middle of a tree trunk. If one didn’t look closely, they wouldn’t be able to see her figure.

She lay on her back with her eyes tightly shut. The cold rain continuously washed over her face, but there wasn’t the slightest movement.

Tang Xinrou was so shocked that she lost her voice.


The light was very bright.

Song Yaoyao moved her eyelashes and slowly opened her eyes.

The familiar bedroom was decorated in a low-key and luxurious style.

The air was emitting a faint cold fragrance mixed with the smell of medicine, making Song Yaoyao feel dizzy…

Her throat was so dry that it hurt. Before she could open her mouth, tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

“You’re awake?”

The man’s low and slow voice sounded beside her, filled with unconcealable fatigue.


Song Yaoyao only managed to call out once before she pursed her lips in grievance.

She thought that she was going to die again.

She thought she would forever die at the age of 19 and never live to the age of 20?

“Drink some water first.”

Her back was gently lifted up by a wide and hot palm, and a cup of warm water was placed up to her mouth. Song Yaoyao was very thirsty. As soon as she touched the water source, she could not wait to drink it.

After she finished drinking, she was put back.

However, Huo Yunque was behind her, propping up her pillow.

“Gege, how long have I been asleep?”

“Not long.”

Huo Yunque smiled and stroked her hair, gently tucking it behind her ear.

“Don’t lie to me.”

Song Yaoyao’s voice was like a little kitten, weak and slightly hoarse. “You look like you’ve aged ten years.”

He had always been an older man dating a younger woman, but now, he really looked like an old man.

He had always looked like a gentleman, gentle and elegant; no one could tell his true age.

But now, his eyes were filled with fatigue.

“I am indeed almost ten years older than you.”

Huo Yunque curled his lips and lowered his voice as if he would scare her if he were to speak a little louder.

His tolerance towards Song Yaoyao had once again broken the bottom line.

In the past, he hated Song Yaoyao the most when she said these things.

Song Yaoyao’s eyelashes moved slightly as she turned her face.

The back of the man’s fingers were still pressed against her face as he gently caressed it lovingly.

Song Yaoyao was shocked. “Gege…”

His hands were trembling slightly.

No one knew what happened after Huo Yunque brought her back from the hospital that night. He locked himself and Song Yaoyao in the room for a night, and the next day, everything was as usual.

Song Yaoyao did not know until Liu Yu came to check on her that she had been unconscious for two days and a night.

The military training had ended.

She was already injured before the semester even started.

But Song Yaoyao did not have time to feel sorry for herself. She had been frightened by Huo Yunque’s reaction.

Whenever she had the chance, she would cling to Huo Yunque like a coquettish cat, using her little paws to soothe his restless heart.

Dopey and Unhappy hopped onto the table and tried to crawl into her arms.

In the next second, the two little ones were mercilessly grabbed by the back of their necks, and their bodies were thrown into the air.


Song Yaoyao’s heart ached terribly. She looked at the cold Huo Yunque and mumbled timidly, “Be gentle… they will hurt too.”