Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 988 - 988 I'm Your Biological Sister

988 I’m Your Biological Sister

Song Yu had wrapped up filming her period drama today. She was driving back to her apartment when her phone suddenly rang.

Casually, she pressed the answer button and asked, “Hello?”

“Are you Song Yu?”

A gentle voice came through the phone.

“Yes, may I know who you are?” Song Yu raised her eyebrows slightly. This person’s voice was a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember who it was.

“I’m your biological sister!”

Song Yu’s expression changed slightly. She parked the car by the side of the road and frowned slightly. She said coldly, “Miss, if you spread false news, I’ll send you a lawyer’s letter!”

“Song Yu, if you don’t believe me, I can do a DNA test with you. I’m waiting for you at Starbucks now. If you don’t appear for an hour, I’ll spread the news!”

Song Yu frowned. In the past, many people had threatened her for money, but this time, the caller was very strange. She didn’t want money and instead told her about her background.

She was the adopted daughter of the Lu family. Everyone in the circle knew about her, but outsiders did not know about her family situation at all.

“If you continue to scare me, I’ll send a lawyer’s letter!” Song Yu said tentatively.

“I’ve already sent you the DNA report regarding you and me. You can see if I’m lying!”

As soon as the other party finished speaking, Song Yu received a colorful message. When she opened it, her expression changed.

The other party must have come prepared.

Song Yu gripped the steering wheel tightly. After some thought, she decided to meet that person.

Moreover, she also wanted to know her background.

When Song Yu drove to the entrance of Starbucks, she parked the car and walked in sternly.

The caller said that she was wearing a JK uniform. She looked around. When she saw the woman in the corner, she walked over.

She sat down opposite that person. Her gaze fell on the woman’s face, and her expression changed slightly. In disbelief, she took off her sunglasses.

“Sister, my name is Song Xue.” A gentle smile appeared on Song Xue’s face. She reached out to Song Yu, revealing her beautiful and adorable canine teeth.

Song Yu had never expected the woman sitting opposite her to look exactly like her. The only difference was that Song Xue was a little chubby.

She was completely sure that Song Xue had not undergone plastic surgery.

Song Yu looked at her hand but did not extend it. Instead, she looked at her coldly. “I’m not sure if we’re family.”

Song Xue didn’t feel awkward. She retracted her hand and smiled at Song Yu. “Sister, if there wasn’t a problem at home, we wouldn’t have found you.”

If there hadn’t been a problem at home, we wouldn’t have found you?

Song Yu felt that Song Xue’s words were very strange. It was as if Song Xue had always known where she was, but she hadn’t looked for her.

She had a bad feeling about this. Pursing her lips, she took out her nail clipper impatiently and said, “Cut your nails!”

Although Song Xue had already done a DNA test, she was still worried. She had to see the results with her own eyes.

Song Xue gave an understanding smile. She took the nail clipper and cut off a little of her nails.

Song Yu took out a sealed bag and gestured for Song Xue to put her nails in.

She put away the sealed bag and looked at Song Xue coldly. “I don’t care what you’re thinking. I just want to tell you to stay away from me and not get in my way!”

Looking at Song Xue’s clothes, she knew that the Song family’s environment was average. It was definitely incomparable to the Lu family.

“Don’t you care if your family is killed?” Song Xue grabbed Song Yu’s arm and asked aggrievedly.

Song Yu retracted her hand and said coldly, “I don’t even know if you’re an imposter!”

With that, Song Yu left mercilessly.

… .

Soon, they arrived at the Gu residence.

Chen Qing was about to leave when he saw Qiao Nian’s car at the entrance of the courtyard. He stopped.

When Chen Qing saw that Lu Jiang and Lu Qi were also inside, he smiled politely.

“Young Madam, Fourth Master and Miss Lu, please come in!”

Lu Jiang ignored the smile on Chen Qing’s face and asked, “Where’s Second Young Master?”