Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 703 - 703 Chalcedony Essence, Thousand Chances Sword

703 Chalcedony Essence, Thousand Chances Sword

What did cultivators want?

They wanted to raise their cultivation levels and live forever.

What about alchemy and artifact cultivators?

Apart from longevity, most of them would have an additional obsession, which was to improve their craftsmanship and alchemy cultivation.

He Yuhu did not care that Han Muye had revealed the secret of refining the Fenghua Sword earlier.

Even if others learned this smithing technique, they could not compare to him.

What he cared about was the method Han Muye had mentioned in the jade slip to improve this sword.

If this method really worked, it would probably be an improvement in all aspects.

This was extremely important to his weapon refinement cultivation.

“All of you are refiners and great sword cultivators. If you think about it carefully, you can deduce a little,” Han Muye said calmly as he sat in his seat.

He glanced around.

“The Hundred Origin Grass can increase its toughness. If it is refined properly, it can indeed improve the quality of this sword. The Ten Thousand Cold Stone…” Someone whispered.

“Wonderful. When the power of the Ten Thousand Cold Stone is combined with the Hundred Origin Grass, it can increase the toughness of the sword without reducing the coldness of the sword. At the same time, when the sword is activated to the extreme, the power of the Ten Thousand Cold Stone will be activated.” A sword evaluator sitting beside Han Muye turned his head.

Below, the people from the weapon refinery mills and sword cultivators began to plan carefully.

“Second Uncle, according to this method, this sword isn’t the only weapon that can be upgraded…” Yu Qingzhu looked at her second uncle, Yu Changguan, and said in a low voice.

Yu Changguan nodded, a hint of seriousness on his face.

“By the way, little girl, when you reported Shopkeeper Han’s matter to the old master, did he say anything?” Yu Changguan felt that he had probably neglected some important information.

Hearing his words, Yu Qingzhu said softly, “Grandpa was going to visit personally, but I stopped him.”

Yu Changguan turned his head to look at her. Yu Qingzhu smiled and said, “Which sword furnace owner visits a sword shop?

“If we don’t grasp this situation well, what will happen?”

Yu Changguan turned to look at Han Muye, who was sitting on the high platform, and then at the people from the other sword furnaces and sword workshops beside him. He nodded.

Concern would lead to confusion.

At this moment, many people below the stage were already in a mess.

No wonder the old master valued this niece. Now it seemed that she really had an excellent temperament.

On the stage, He Yuhu cupped his hands at Han Muye and said softly, “Mr. Han, I’ll go back and reforge this sword now. I wonder if I may come to ask for guidance if I have any questions?”

Han Muye smiled and cupped his hands in return. “Don’t worry, Master He. If you have any questions, feel free to look for me.”

He Yuhu nodded and turned to look at Xu Chuanhe.

“Brother Xu, do you still want to look at this jade slip?”

The records in Han Muye’s jade slip were extremely detailed, and there was also a way to improve the sword. It was impossible for any of the sword appraisers present to surpass him.

Xu Chuanhe laughed and said, “Shopkeeper Han’s sword evaluation skills are indeed extraordinary. I admit defeat in this first round.”

He had evaluated the sword in detail in the jade slip, but it could not compare to Han Muye.

He had thought that everyone would follow the rules, but who would have thought that he would meet a hothead?

He Yuhu cupped his fists, held the Fenghua Sword, and turned to leave.

A few sword cultivators who cultivated the Frost Sword Technique could not help but follow him out of the venue.

If this sword was successfully upgraded, it would become a semi-treasure.

Who wouldn’t want such a treasure?

On Scattered Stars Island, the trading of magical and semi-magical artifacts was mostly controlled by the forces of the Endless Sea and several major sects.

If they could decide on the ownership of this sword today, be it for one’s own use or for sale, it would be a huge profit!

Ignoring them, Xu Chuanhe pointed at the second sword in front of him.

“Everyone, Shopkeeper Han’s sword evaluation method is not bad. You can learn from it.”

After the first sword was evaluated, thousands of people present remembered Han Muye from the Imperial View Sword Shop.

Although this was a reflection of Han Muye’s sword evaluation strength, it was inevitable that there was a feeling that he had an unfair advantage in the first round.

Xu Chuanhe’s reminder was to let the other sword appraisers show their skills. They could not let their guard down in the next round.

Indeed, if they could not turn the tables, the Sword Evaluation Meeting today would probably make the Imperial View Sword Shop famous.

The Golden River Sword Shop’s Zhang Daquan was the first to step forward.

He carefully observed the sword and pondered for a long time before returning to his seat.

This time, he took a much longer time to inscribe on the jade slip.

The others examined the swords and took longer than before to inscribe on the jade slips.

Below, whether it was the sword cultivators from all over or the people from the sword mills and the sword furnaces, there was a hint of anticipation on their faces.

Today’s sword evaluation would definitely be exceptionally exciting.

Attending a Sword Evaluation Meeting that demonstrated such methods without spending additional spiritual rocks was a rare opportunity.

When Han Muye stepped forward, there was silence on and off the stage.

Han Muye examined the sword and returned to his seat. He inscribed on the jade slip and closed his eyes in silence.

Xu Chuanhe spent more time in this round.

It was obvious that the people below were getting impatient.

After Xu Chuanhe finished inscribing on the jade slip, he coughed lightly and looked down.

Before he could speak, a tall and strong swordsmith stepped onto the platform.

“Zhao Yue Sword Furnace, Qin Zhaoyue.”

The swordsmith master cupped his hands and strode to the wooden table.

There was an uproar below.

Qin Zhaoyue of Zhao Yue Sword Furnace was a famous swordsmith master on Scattered Stars Island.

The second sword was actually refined by this master.

They wondered what kind of evaluation his sword would have.

Qin Zhaoyue seemed to be impatient as well. He reached out and picked up a jade slip.

Spiritual light flashed, and a light screen appeared.

‘The sword’s name is Pine Breeze. It’s three feet and two inches long and weighs 58 pounds and nine taels. Its entire body is refined from Song Yuan Chalcedony, mixed with eight taels of He Yuan Iron and three taels of Shao Ling Steel.’