Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 702 - 702 Sword Evaluation Meeting (2)

702 Sword Evaluation Meeting (2)

The Imperial View Sword Shop still had the support of a force behind it. However, it had been closed for 30 years. He did not know if the new shopkeeper could revive the business.

In Yu Changguan’s opinion, his niece was too concerned about the Imperial View Sword Shop.

However, he did not know that when their old master heard Yu Qingzhu’s report and received the calligraphy, he was even more concerned than Yu Qingzhu.

If not for Yu Qingzhu’s dissuasion, Yu Fenglin would have personally visited the Imperial View Sword Shop.

Yu Qingzhu said that no matter what methods this Shopkeeper Han had, he was now the shopkeeper of the sword shop. Their old master should be in control of the situation as the owner of the sword furnace.

This was the rule of Scattered Stars Island.

Yu Qingzhu was the reason why Yu Fenglin didn’t come today.

On the other side, Zhu Mingshen also looked at Han Muye.

He was very curious. Did Shopkeeper Han unintentionally or intentionally leave the sword Qi in the sword and nurture it?

The difference was huge.

However, in his opinion, since this person said that he would choose the sword and choose the owner, he probably had some true ability.

Han Muye sat there as the owners of the sword shops beside him exchanged pleasantries. They were very cold to him.

It couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t that easy to integrate into a circle.

At the very least, one had to show enough qualifications to join the circle.

Han Muye was not interested in chatting with these people. He turned to look at the 10 swords on the stage.

They varied in length, weight, and style.

Some of these swords were simple, some were light, some emitted sword light, and some were restrained without any halo.

With just this glance, he could not tell how special these swords were.

Xu Chuanhe did not say much. After introducing the participants of the Sword Evaluation today, he announced the start of the meeting.

“Today’s first sword is a sword provided by the Purple Gold Sword Pavilion.”

Xu Chuanhe pointed at a long sword on the wooden rack and smiled. “He Yuhu from the Purple Gold Sword Pavilion is also here today. Everyone, please do your best when evaluating the sword.”

Below, a tall and strong middle-aged man stood up and cupped his hands towards the stage. “Master Xu and I are old friends. Master Chuanhe is holding a sword assessment meeting, so of course I have to support him.

“This sword was personally refined by me three years ago. It’s a high-grade spiritual artifact and is made of many good materials. Everyone, take a look.”

On the stage, the sword shop owners who were participating in the sword assessment cupped their hands in return.

To them, evaluating a good sword was an experience that was helpful in their cultivation.

According to the assigned seats, everyone went forward to evaluate the swords.

The first to step forward was an old man in a black robe.

He wrapped the hilt with a silk scarf and carefully drew his sword to observe. Then he carefully sized it up and weighed it repeatedly before finally putting the sword back.

He put down his sword and walked to his seat. He picked up a jade slip and poured his divine sense into it. A moment later, he placed the jade slip on the table.

A female cultivator in colorful clothes held a jade disc and went forward to take the jade slip. Then she placed it on the wooden table in front of the stage.

At this moment, the second sword evaluator stepped forward.



After a short while, there were already eight jade slips on the wooden table.

“Shopkeeper Han, the host goes along with the guest. You can evaluate the sword first.” Xu Chuanhe smiled at Han Muye.

Other than Xu Chuanhe himself, only Han Muye had not evaluated.

Hearing his words, Yu Qingzhu couldn’t help but sit up straight.

Having watched Han Muye evaluate a sword, she was looking forward to it today.

Han Muye did not decline. He walked forward and did the same as everyone else. First, he wrapped a silk scarf around the hilt, then he drew the sword and admired it. A moment later, he returned the sword to its sheath.

When he filled the jade slip with information and the female cultivator in colorful clothes placed it on the table in front of him, Xu Chuanhe laughed and walked forward. He also began to carefully admire the sword.

After putting away the last jade slip, Xu Chuanhe cupped his hands and invited He Yuhu from the Purple Gold Sword Pavilion to come up to the stage.

He Yuhu smiled and went up to the stage. He walked to the wooden table and picked up the first jade slip.

With the infusion of spiritual qi, the information in the jade slip immediately turned into lines of words that appeared in midair.

Sword evaluation. Under normal circumstances, this information naturally would not be disclosed to outsiders.

However, how could it be an ordinary gathering when so many people were invited to observe the sword evaluation?

Some of the sword appraisers today might become famous on Firefly Island, or their reputation might be ruined and their shops closed.

Everyone knew that this Sword Evaluation Meeting was organized by Xu Chuanhe for the new shopkeeper of the Imperial View Sword Shop.

As for whether he wanted to make Shopkeeper Han famous or force him to close down, different people had different views.

‘The sword’s name is Fenghua. It’s about three feet long and weighs about 30 pounds. The body of the sword has been tempered thousands of times. It’s cold to the touch. I guess it’s mixed with three round ice rocks.’

‘There are three spiritual patterns on this sword. They are all ice thread spiritual patterns. The body of the sword is thin and suitable for ice lineage sword cultivators.”‘

In midair, the evaluation of this sword was revealed.

It was very standard and relatively detailed.

Unless the sword owner offered a high price and asked the sword evaluator to investigate in detail, this information was the standard sword evaluation given by a sword shop.

Most sword judges could only do this much.

“Shopkeeper Zhang Daquan of the Golden River Sword Shop, your evaluation is very pertinent.” He Yuhu turned around and cupped his hands at the black-robed old man with a smile.

The old man returned the greeting with a smile.

Below, there was a murmur.

This sword was very good. Some sword cultivators with frost sword attributes were very tempted.

He Yuhu put down the first jade slip and looked at the others.

They were all sword evaluators on Firefly Island. Their standards were actually not much different. The comments might be different, but the meaning was not much different.

When it came to Han Muye’s jade slip, many people no longer cared.

On the other hand, those who knew that Xu Chuanhe had organized this Sword Evaluation for Han Muye sat up straight.

“Quick, take a good look at Shopkeeper Han’s jade slip.” Jia Wu’s eyes sparkled as he whispered to the people around him.

Yu Qingzhu and Yu Changguan looked up.

Zhu Mingshen sat up straight and looked up.

With a faint sound, words appeared in midair.

As soon as the words appeared, everyone was stunned.

Aren’t there too many comments?

However, when everyone saw the comments, their expressions changed.

‘The sword’s name is Fenghua. It’s three feet long and weighs 31.5 pounds.’

‘This sword was forged 1865 times with 352 pounds of Luo Yuan Iron. After removing the impurities, it was refined nine times with the Mixed Energy Tempering Technique.’

‘Three and a half taels of ice stone were ground 9,100 times and seeped into the sword body 15 times.’

‘For the first round, 0.08 pounds were forged 300 times.’

‘The second time…’

‘The three ice-cold spiritual patterns are: the water-controlling frost runes at the center of the sword spine, the three rhombus frost runes at the hilt, and the emerald patterns at the tip of the sword.’

‘When this sword was forged, the seventh quenching took three breaths, causing the power of the frost to weaken by a thousandth of a point.’

‘When inscribing the third green spirit rune, there was a trace missing from the edge of the sword. The power of the frost was 1% weaker.’

‘After the sword was forged, it was not nurtured in the ice stone at the bottom of the sea. Its spirituality was insufficient.’

‘This sword is suitable for sword cultivators of the Frost Sword Technique. It is compatible with sword moves such as the frost magic technique and the frost power technique. This sword is not recommended for cultivators of sword intent.’

‘If there are sword cultivators who are good at illusions and Frost Techniques, this sword can unleash 120% of its combat power.’

‘If you want to upgrade this sword, you can find the Hundred Origin Grass and the Ten Thousand Cold Stone to smelt it. Inscribe the body of the sword with three Wind Cold Runes, which can upgrade this sword to a half-treasure.’

The thousands of people in the hall looked at the densely packed words in surprise.

He Yuhu slowly turned around and stared at Han Muye.

“Can you really improve the quality of this sword?”