Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 701 - 701 Sword Evaluation Meeting

701 Sword Evaluation Meeting

He was able to come back alive because he had visualized the word ‘sword’.

If this wasn’t his life, then what was?

When Shao Tianyi opened his eyes, divine light surged in them.

He had to comprehend more Sword Dao truths. Otherwise, he would definitely not be able to survive the next time!

Looking at Shao Tianyi, who was studying the calligraphies and paintings, and then looking up at the stairs to the second floor, Zeng Daniu was at a loss.

Was this the world of cultivators?

He thought that he had already integrated into this world. Only now did he realize that he was in a different world from them.

He turned around, walked to the door, and closed the door of the sword shop. After sealing it with the spiritual light of the key, Zeng Daniu walked to the counter and began to punch according to the fist technique he had practiced before.

He also wanted to integrate into the world of cultivators…

Three days later, Han Muye came out of seclusion and instructed Shao Tianyi and Zeng Daniu to guard the shop before walking out.

Outside the door, Jia Wu, Shen Fugui, and the others looked up and walked over.

“Shopkeeper Han, we’ll cheer for you at the Sword Evaluation today,” Shen Fugui said with a smile.

“That’s right. You’re the only sword shop on our Yulan Street. How can this sword evaluation weaken our reputation?” A fat old man in a gray brocade robe said loudly as he stroked his stomach.

Although Jia Wu and Shen Fugui did not deliberately publicize it, they still spread the news of Han Muye’s sword evaluation methods.

Subduing the Wind Forest Sword Furnace was something to be proud of.

Moreover, this was a favor from Shen Fugui and Jia Wu. It was worth showing off.

Han Muye smiled and cupped his hands at everyone, then walked towards the place where the Sword Evaluation Meeting was held.

After all, this city was not big. In less than half an hour, they arrived at a sprawling building.

“On Firefly Island, this Muyang Hall should be the most high-end place.” Shen Fugui pointed at the bustling crowd in front of a door and said in a low voice, “It is said that this Muyang Hall is related to the Endless Sea.”

On Scattered Stars Island, Han Muye learned more about the Endless Sea.

The Endless Sea was a place where countless Divine Venerables attained the Dao. Its power was vast and boundless, so it was called the Endless Sea.

The power of the Endless Sea superseded everything, so the spiritual materials produced there shared this characteristic.

The factions under the Endless Divine Venerables sold these spiritual materials to accumulate wealth.

Scattered Stars Island was established for this purpose.

Almost all the biggest and most profitable businesses on Scattered Stars Island were in the hands of the forces of the Endless Sea.

Everyone arrived at the entrance of Muyang Hall. A servant came forward to check if they had any invitations.

If they didn’t, they would have to pay a hundred spiritual rocks to enter.

However, the invitation in Han Muye’s hand was different. It was an invitation to participate in the sword assessment and he could bring Jia Wu and the others in.

Otherwise, this group of people would have to pay more than a thousand spiritual rocks.

How profitable was this business?

They followed the servant into the hall. The decorations were simple but luxurious.

Just the Blood Jade Coral Tree placed in front of the courtyard was worth 10 million spiritual rocks.

Han Muye went to the sword evaluation area, while Jia Wu and the others went to the audience seats.

When Han Muye followed the servant to the front of the stage, there were already seven to eight cultivators sitting upright.

“Hehe, Little Friend Han.” Xu Chuanhe, who was standing on the stage, laughed and led Han Muye onto the stage. Then he said, “I thought you wouldn’t come today.”

Is this a deliberate provocation?

Han Muye cupped his hands and said calmly, “Although I don’t think it’s interesting, I should still come and have fun.”

On the stage, the cultivators sitting upright looked up at Han Muye.

The cultivators sitting everywhere below the stage also looked at Han Muye and Xu Chuanhe.

No one knew Han Muye, but Xu Chuanhe was very famous in the sword shops.

Does Han Muye really have the confidence to face Xu Chuanhe head-on, or is he a newbie? they wondered.

“Haha, this is the new shopkeeper of Yulan Street’s Imperial View Sword Shop, Shopkeeper Han.”

Xu Chuanhe pointed at Han Muye and said loudly with a smile, “Shopkeeper Han’s calligraphy is extraordinary.”


How could a sword seller say that his calligraphy and painting were extraordinary?

Behind them, someone chuckled.

Below, some people also laughed.

Han Muye did not argue with Xu Chuanhe anymore and walked to an empty seat to sit down.

Xu Chuanhe’s cultivation was already at the Heaven Realm. How could he be so concerned about sword evaluations and sword sales?

It was just a show of being a real sword shop owner.

Seeing that Han Muye had sat down, Xu Chuanhe slowly walked to the front of the stage and cupped his hands in all directions. “I’m hosting today’s Sword Evaluation Meeting because it has been decades since such a huge event took place on Firefly Island.

“Today, I have the honor to invite Wind Forest Sword Furnace’s Master Yu Changguan, Hongyun Sword Crafting Cottage’s Master Zhu Mingshen, White Cloud Sword Furnace’s Master Bai Linyu, Emerald Sword Mill’s Master Chen, and…”

As Xu Chuanhe introduced the people from the various sword furnaces and sword mills, he smiled and cupped his hands.

These people were the suppliers of the sword shops and business partners.

It was a win-win situation for the sword shops, sword furnaces, and sword mills to hold such a Sword Evaluation Meeting.

Among the thousands of seated cultivators, most of them were potential customers.

Once a sword received good reviews at the Sword Evaluation Meeting, its price would double or even multiply.

Below, the people from the various sword furnaces and sword workshops stood up to return the greetings.

“Second Uncle, that’s Shopkeeper Han from Imperial View Sword Shop,” Yu Qingzhu, who was standing beside a tall black-clothed swordsmith, said in a low voice.

The person who came today was her second uncle, Yu Changguan. However, the old master had instructed Wind Forest to pay attention to this Imperial View Sword Shop.

Yu Changguan nodded and glanced at Han Muye.

Han Muye was so young, and he looked like he had just entered the Earth Realm cultivation level.