Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 545 - 545 Third-Grade Pill, Suppressing the Essence Soul (3)

545 Third-Grade Pill, Suppressing the Essence Soul (3)

More and more cultivators came to the Heavenly Mystic World, and the various inheritances became more and more impure.

Some time ago, the Daoist sects actually wanted to overturn the eight counties.

Inheritances from the outside world were not like Baili Xinglin, who was willing to coexist with the Heavenly Mystic World.

If this mysterious martial grandmaster came from outside the realm, he would have to investigate carefully.

Hearing the old man’s words, Baili Xinglin shook her head. She waved her hand and said, “It is precisely because this inheritance didn’t come from outside the realm that I sigh.

“Actually, such alchemy techniques are commonplace. However, I have never seen anyone who could use them to such an extent.”


At this moment, even Qin Suyang frowned slightly.

There were alchemy techniques that did not exist in the Heavenly Mystic World. Baili Xinglin said that they are common, but she also said that they were not inheritances from the outside world.

Isn’t this contradictory? Qin Suyang thought.

Baili Xinglin chuckled and looked at Qin Wuyuan. “Grandmaster Wuyuan, you should be able to feel it for yourself, right? The Qi masses you refined can only be stored for three months at most, and the person who refined it didn’t lose the slightest bit of medicinal strength even after 10 or 100 years.”

At this point, her eyes flickered with curiosity.

“Furthermore, if that mass of qi is preserved for a hundred years, the medicinal power in it can sublimate.”

“Grandmaster Baili, don’t keep us in suspense…” A white-bearded old man impatiently said. Before he could finish speaking, Baili Xinglin raised her hand and pointed forward, sending a beam of spiritual light towards the two clouds.



When the spiritual energy collided, the reaction of the two clouds was completely different!

The cloud refined by Qin Wuyuan shook lightly, as if it was about to shatter at any moment.

As for the other one, it emitted a sword cry. The cloud qi in it began to spin, slowly condensing and becoming tighter.

“Sword energy!” Someone cried out in alarm.

“It’s not just sword qi, it’s a technique that has already condensed into sword threads and formed the power of the Sword Dao.” The gray-robed old man who spoke earlier focused and said, “This is the symbol of a great cultivator of the Sword Dao.”

A great cultivator of Confucianism.

A great alchemy cultivator.

Sword Dao, great cultivator!

At this moment, the atmosphere in the hall slowly became solemn.

“A great sword cultivator of the Eastern Sea?” someone whispered.

It was a little similar. After all, Han Muye had appeared at the Guan Estuary.

“Is there such a great cultivator of Confucianism in the Eastern Sea?” Someone shook his head.

“Forget it. Lu Yuzhou knows his identity, and so does Minister Wen.” Qin Suyang waved his hand.

There was no need to worry about Han Muye’s identity as long as he cultivated Confucianism and there was Minister Wen above him.

Everyone smiled.

Wen Mosheng naturally had to worry about the situation in the Heavenly Mystic.

“It’s indeed unusual to be able to fuse the Sword Dao into the Pill Dao so perfectly.” Qin Suyang looked at everyone and then at Qin Wuyuan in front of him.

“Tomorrow, when his Pill Destiny Pavilion opens, you go.”

Qin Wuyuan nodded.

With Han Muye’s guidance, Qin Wuyuan and Han Muye had formed a legacy.

In the future, he, Qin Wuyuan, would have to bow to the juniors.

“Alchemy Destiny Pavilion, the one in Moon Viewing?” Baili Xinglin chuckled. “My little girl has been very attentive recently, so she specially asked the old man to write a plaque for her.

“You know, my old man has sealed his pen for a long time, but he was forced to write by Tongyun.”

Baili Xinglin’s words caused everyone to chuckle again.

Baili Xinglin stayed in the Heavenly Mystic because she admired Grandmaster Huang Tingjie.

Although the two of them had become Dao companions, the Baili Family was the main family lineage. This made Grandmaster Huang feel very embarrassed. A hundred years ago, he had comprehended the Great Daoist Classic on his own and sought the path of righteousness through sitting in meditation. He was close to the Daoist sects and was austere, abstaining from secular desires.

If it wasn’t for Baili Tongyun’s request, it would have been impossible to get Huang Ting to write.

Everyone in the shop slowly dispersed, but they all remembered the opening of the Alchemy Destiny Pavilion tomorrow.

When only Qin Suyang and Baili Xinglin were left in the hall, Qin Suyang turned around and said, “With Baili in charge, the battle in the No Resentment Realm is intense. The soldiers at the front line are severely injured and there’s a shortage of medicinal pills.

“Marquis Chongwu means that, hopefully, this Alchemy Convention will be of help to the front line.”

Baili Xinglin nodded. She looked out of the hall and softly said, “I’ll make arrangements for this matter. However, it will be quite dangerous for the alchemy cultivators participating in this convention.”

Hearing her words, Qin Suyang laughed and strode out. His voice sounded, “Alchemy cultivators are not like the flowers and birds in that garden. It’s not a good thing to always hide at the back.”

Baili Xinglin didn’t speak. She only let out a low sigh.

In the backyard of the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

After continuously refining pills, Mu Wan had exhausted some of her mental strength. Han Muye was the one who carried her back to the room.

It was almost midnight when Han Muye walked out of Mu Wan’s room.

He did not return to his room. Instead, he stood in the small courtyard, spiritual light surging all over his body.

Although today’s pill refinement was not the dual cultivation Mu Wan wanted, it was still quite beautiful.

Throughout the entire process, Han Muye’s mind and spiritual energy control made her feel like she was walking on a tightrope.

If anything happened to him, Mu Wan would probably not be able to withstand it.

At this moment, standing in the small courtyard, his mind was relaxed, and spiritual qi surged. He felt as if his body and mind had sublimated.

When he was in the Western Frontier, he thought that cultivation was accumulation.

Accumulate sword qi, accumulate combat experience, accumulate spiritual qi and soul power.

However, after returning from the outside world and coming to the Imperial City, Han Muye’s comprehension was different.

Whether it was Confucianism, Sword Dao, or alchemy cultivation, it was actually a combination of accumulation and enlightenment. Most of it was through constant contact and experimentation. There was more exploration and understanding of oneself and the Great Dao.

In the past, he thought that the Sword Dao was simply Sword Dao.

He felt that the Sword Dao was pure.

Now that he thought about it, he had been blinded.

Or rather, Sword Venerable Yuan Tian, who walked the same path as him, also had such thoughts back then.

But in the end, Sword Venerable Yuan Tian abandoned everything and left the Heavenly Mystic World.

Perhaps Sword Venerable Yuan Tian had a new comprehension.

“The Dao of the Sword combines into one and transforms into 10,000. In the end, it adheres to the principle of breaking and establishing. Is this the subsequent path of deduction for the Ancestral Return of 10,000 Swords?”

Retracting his aura, Han Muye flew to the roof and landed far away.

When he reappeared, he was already at the edge of a crescent-shaped lake.

Immortal Moon Lake was named after the lake.

It was late at night, and there were few pedestrians by the lake.

The flickering lights in the distance and the two to three boats on the lake created a quiet and prosperous scene.

This was the Imperial City.

After standing by the lake for a moment, Han Muye moved and quietly landed in the water.