Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 881 - 881 Go Out and Fight If You Dare

881 Go Out and Fight If You Dare

Master Rowe looked at the calm Chu Nan and was slightly surprised.

Although he had participated in this matter the entire time, he did not interfere much in the specific matter. Therefore, he only knew that Jiggs had captured some especially outstanding young genius martial artists from the Orion Arm to satisfy some of their needs, but he did not know how these young genius martial artists were.

Previously, Chu Nan had unexpectedly broken free from his restraints and displayed shocking strength. Not only had he broken through the defense measure that Jiggs called “absolutely relieved”, but he had also touched the side of the power core under such tight protection and used it as a threat to force Jiggs to be flustered. It had already surprised him. Now that he had personally come to face Chu Nan and discovered that he did not panic when facing him, his evaluation of him immediately increased.

Of course, no matter how high his evaluation of Chu Nan was, it would not shake his powerful confidence.

No matter how outstanding Chu Nan’s performance was, no matter how talented a young martial artist was on the Orion Arm, he was still a young martial artist in the end. His strength was limited, so how could he defeat a third-stage Heaven Control expert like him?

“Kid, be obedient and I won’t make things difficult for you. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless,” Master Rowe said coldly to Chu Nan.

While Master Rowe was sizing Chu Nan up, he was also seriously sizing him up.

Chu Nan did not plan to directly destroy the power core from the beginning because it was meaningless and would only put Tiago, the girl, and the others in danger.

Jiggs had spent a lot of effort to capture these people, so he was naturally unwilling to let them die like this. Chu Nan was also unwilling. Therefore, his goal was actually to force out the strongest backing of Jiggs on this spaceship and find another way to truly save Tiago and the others and leave his current state.

Before he took action, Chu Nan had already thought it through.

If Jiggs’s greatest backing on this spaceship was actually a Star-Grade Martial Artist, then he could only immediately escape, because it was impossible for him to be a match for a Star-Grade Martial Artist now.

However, the truth was as he had expected. An important figure like a Star-Grade Martial Artist would not easily participate in such a thing.

Although the person who appeared in front of him now knew at a glance that he was powerful and definitely not easy to deal with, he was definitely not a Star-Grade Martial Artist.

As for the exact strength, it was impossible to tell if he could win.

Hearing Master Rowe’s words, Chu Nan smiled and pointed up.

“Go out and fight. I don’t think you’re willing to destroy this spaceship because of our battle, right?”

Master Rowe was slightly stunned.

Was this kid challenging him head-on?

“Hmph! Kid, you’re quite bold.” Master Rowe sneered, “Do you think you can defeat me with just you? I advise you to obediently surrender. Otherwise, if we really fight later, I can’t guarantee that I won’t show you mercy.”

“Cut the crap. Are you going to fight?” Chu Nan rolled his eyes and asked bluntly.

If it was said that Chu Nan would still be respectful when he saw a Heaven Control expert in the past, then he had already seen so many of the strongest Star-Grade Martial Artists. At the same time, he had already successfully condensed a star cloud and become a Heaven Control Martial Artist. When facing other Heaven Control Martial Artists, he was no longer afraid.

On the contrary, he, who had just obtained a major breakthrough, hoped to fight opponents of the same level to verify his true strength.

Now that he had obtained such a good opportunity, the battle intent in his heart was strong. He said this on purpose to anger the other party.

As expected, when he heard Chu Nan’s rude words, Master Rowe was immediately furious and sneered, “Kid, you chose this yourself. I hope you won’t regret it!”

After saying that, he raised his head and said, “Jiggs, open a passageway and let me go out with this kid.”

“Master Rowe, I’m afraid you…”

“Afraid of what? Could it be that you’re worried that I’ll lose to this kid?”

Jiggs was silent for a moment before sighing, “Alright, I’ve already opened the left spiral cabin door. You can leave the spaceship from there.” After a pause, he added, “Chu Nan, you’re the one I think the most highly of among this batch of young martial artists. I hope you take care.”j

Chu Nan grinned, “Heh, thank you for your concern.”

A moment later, a uniformed member of the spaceship walked over and led the two of them to the left door of the spaceship. Then, he entered the isolation cabin and transformed. As expected, he entered the familiar and unfamiliar space environment.

Master Rowe glanced at Chu Nan and hooked his finger at him. His body flashed and he had already left the cabin door and flown into the vast sky.

Chu Nan took a deep breath… Of course, he did not breathe any air. He only felt that coming into space from the closed spaceship made him feel more comfortable and his body could not sense any discomfort.

The most obvious increase brought about by the successful condensation of the star cloud was that his survival in space was no longer like before when he could only rely on the strength of his body. Instead, it was a natural phenomenon of the circulation of the star cloud and the natural exchange of spatial energy inside and outside his body. It did not feel forced.

He had felt this when Supremacy Quediro captured him previously, but he did not care so much at that time and did not feel it deeply. Now that he had entered space, he felt it extremely deeply.

Feeling the extremely pure spatial energy circulating in the space around him, Chu Nan’s mind soared. He tapped his feet and also flew into the vast space.

Looking back, a strange-looking spaceship that was about the size of a planetary spaceship was floating in space behind him. It was the spaceship he had been in just now.

“Tiago and that girl should have been captured again, right? I wonder if they’ll be injured again in that Absolute Space.”

Chu Nan’s gaze swept past the spaceship and he was a little worried.

With Tiago and the girl’s strength, it was clearly impossible for them to break free like him. Moreover, they had just recovered and their strength was still far from winning. They would definitely not be able to block Jiggs’s full-strength capture.

However, this was not the time to worry about them. Chu Nan knew very well that if he could not defeat this Master Rowe, all his previous efforts would be in vain. Tiago and the girl would still not be able to escape their miserable outcome.

“Kid, there’s nothing around you to worry about now. Let me see what strength you have to dare to speak nonsense in front of me!”