Martial Peak

Chapter 3081

Chapter 3081 Audiobook


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Lu Huai Shuang had shown outstanding cultivation talent and aptitude when she was still a young child; she was also born in a noble and rich family, so she had never lacked resources.

Her exceptional aptitude, paired with her family’s unconditional support, made sure that she would be one of the leaders of her generation. As such, it only took her a hundred years to reach the Origin King Realm.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t haughty or arrogant like many other Young Ladies from prestigious families and was instead very good to her subordinates. She was one of the most popular individuals on Morning Sun Star.

If it weren’t because the old Patriarch was stricken with an illness, she would still be cultivating on her own. Cultivation wasn’t boring to her. She loved it because she felt joyful that the power within her was growing stronger day by day.

It wasn’t her intention to take over the Lu Family after the Patriarch fell ill, but after she did, her quiet cultivation time was replaced by all kinds of issues she needed to deal with. When she opened her eyes every morning, it was as though she could hear the voices of her subordinates who awaited her orders.

For the past thirty years, she had done everything she could for the Lu Family. As a result, she hadn’t been able to increase her cultivation one bit. Hence, she couldn’t fathom why someone from the Lu Family would betray her.

[What was his reason? What is he after? Do I deserve this kind of betrayal in exchange for my thirty years of contributions?] She clenched her sword and then loosened her grip. Following that, she shot a glare at her First Uncle before she shifted her attention back to Ma Chao Qun and uttered dispassionately, “Second Manager, since you’re here, Head Manager and Third Manager must be here as well. Why don’t they show themselves?”

She swept a glance over the surroundings as she spoke.

Although Ma Chao Qun was powerful, she wasn’t afraid of him. From their battle just now, she concluded that they were equally matched. Both of them were in the First-Order Origin King Realm, so they were equal in terms of their power.

Her biggest advantage was her strong foundation and abundant Saint Qi, while Ma Chao Qun’s advantage was his long years of combat experience. After all, he was a Master who had killed countless people to become one of the most infamous Star Pirates in the Star Field.

If only Ma Chao Qun was there, the people from the Lu Family could still defeat him. Nevertheless, the Fierce Gale Pirates were known to go all out when they made a move.

There were three Managers in the Fierce Gale Pirates. The Head Manager, Sheng Yao, was in the Second-Order Origin King Realm. The Second Manager was the fatty in front of her, Ma Chao Qun. The Third Manager, Ge Ming, was also a First-Order Origin King.

The reason the Fierce Gale Pirates could survive assaults from so many great forces was more than just luck. It was also because of their immense strength.

Ma Chao Qun chuckled, “Many thanks for your concern for them, Young Lady Lu, but I’m afraid I must disappoint you. I’m the only one here today because Big Brother and Third Brother have other matters to attend to. If you want to meet them, why don’t you follow me to Fierce Gale’s Base? I’m sure you’ll meet them there.”

Lu Huai Shuang narrowed her eyes, “Are you inviting me to your base?”

Ma Chao Qun kept the smile on his face, “If you agree, then it’s an invitation.”

“What if I don’t agree to it?”

“Heh heh…” Ma Chao Qun laughed without replying to her. His meaning was clear; if she didn’t agree to it, then it would be a threat.

In a calm manner, Lu Huai Shuang replied, “I’ve heard a lot about the Fierce Gale Pirates. The Star Field is extremely vast, so it’s quite coincidental that we’ve come across each other here. As I was caught unaware, my preparations are somewhat lacking, but I’m willing to deliver some gifts to all of you. In exchange, I hope Second Manager can allow us to leave.”

Star Pirates were mostly after money. If possible, she wasn’t willing to confront them. More importantly, she had a premonition that Ma Chao Qun wasn’t the only one here.

The Head Manager Sheng Yao and the Third Manager Ge Ming might be lurking in the dark, waiting for the best opportunity to make a move. If a fight broke out, all those from the Lu Family would be doomed, and she probably wouldn’t be able to escape from this place herself.

If money was enough to ensure their safety, that would be the best outcome.

A glint flashed across Ma Chao Qun’s eyes as he complimented her, “I’ve always heard that the Lu Family’s Eldest Young Lady is incredibly capable. It seems the rumours were not unfounded.”

Most women were shy and frail, but Lu Huai Shuang had courage and boldness that most men lacked. It was no wonder that she could command the Lu Family and occupy half of the resources on Morning Sun Star. If she was a man, she would probably become one of the Overlords of the Star Field in the future.

Ma Chao Qun shook his big head and sighed, “What a shame. I’d like to let you go, but some people might not agree to it.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Huai Shuang asked in a grim voice.

Just then, a black Starship emerged from the thick fog and clouds before it landed on the ground. The Starship was just as large as the one from the Lu Family, as though they were made from the same mold.

A large ‘He’ character was engraved on the Starship, causing a huge commotion to break out when it appeared.

“It’s the He Family’s Starship!”

“Why are they here?”

“It’s a trap. Damn it!”

“The He Family has joined up with the Fierce Gale Pirates. How shameless!”

The He Family was the other top family on Morning Sun Star. The He Family and Lu Family each ruled half of the Star, but it was well known that two tigers could not coexist on the same mountain. These top two families were bitter opponents, so it was expected that there would be confrontations between them. If one family was attacked by the other family, then they would retaliate on the other party the next day. Gradually, their conflicts evolved into a blood feud.

It could be said that these two families on Morning Sun Star desperately wanted each other dead; however, Lu Huai Shuang had never expected that the He Family would join forces with the Fierce Gale Pirates.

The Fierce Gale Pirates were the most infamous Star Pirates in Unending Star Field. If anyone was thought to be related to these pirates, their reputation would be ruined forever.

[Aren’t the He Family members worried that this news will spread? If all the Masters in the Star Field find out about it and launch an attack on them, they won’t be able to enjoy the Lu Family’s wealth even if they can gobble it up.]

Soon, Lu Huai Shuang’s expression darkened, as she realized that since the He Family members had the guts to travel to this place in their Starship, it meant that they had no intention of sparing any of their lives. That was because their secret could only be kept by killing all of them.

Her gaze became cold as she turned to look at her First Uncle, whose jaw had dropped in shock. The fear behind his gaze suggested that this outcome was beyond his expectation.

The Starship landed nearby, upon which its main hatch opened and an energetic old man with gray hair, who appeared to be in his sixties, stepped out. He appeared authoritative despite his calm expression, so it was apparent that he was a leader of his family.

In just a few nonchalant steps, he reached Lu Huai Sheng and the others, followed closely by hundreds of the strongest cultivators from the He Family, who were staring fixedly at the people from the Lu Family.

In an instant, the atmosphere became intense. The sound of gulping could be heard from those of the Lu Family, which went to show how anxious they were.

Ma Chao Qun kept the smile on his face, as though he wasn’t aware that He Wu Zui was there.

Meanwhile, He Wu Zui stared fixedly at Lu Huai Shuang and sneered repeatedly before he uttered, “Little girl, today you die!”

He appeared smug because his plot had succeeded.

Lu Huai Shuang let out a breath as she knew that she probably couldn’t survive. At such a critical moment, she became calm instead. In a dispassionate voice, she mocked, “Old Master He, our feud on Morning Sun Star is only between our two families, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to drag outsiders into this?”

He Wu Zui snorted, “The three Managers of Fierce Gale Pirates are my sworn Brothers, so they’re not outsiders.”

What he had just said shocked everyone from the Lu Family. Lu Huai Shuang appeared flabbergasted as she had never heard about this before, so she reckoned that no one else in the Star Field knew about it either.

However, things had come to a point that she didn’t think He Wu Zui would be cracking jokes. Moreover, Ma Chao Qun didn’t seem to have the intention of refuting him, so it was probably true that he and the three Managers from Fierce Gale Pirates were sworn Brothers.

He Wu Zui felt gleeful as he watched how astounded Lu Huai Shuang was. He had been patient for many years, and this was the day he reaped the fruits of his silence. From now onward, the He Family would be the only one to rule Morning Sun Star while the Lu Family would disappear from history.

“Fourth Brother, I don’t care about the others, but are you sure you want to kill the Lu Family’s Eldest Young Lady?” Ma Chao Qun suddenly turned to look at He Wu Zui and asked.

He didn’t care if the others from the Lu Family died, but he was pretty fond of Lu Huai Shuang. There were many beautiful women in this world, and given Ma Chao Qun’s power and status, he was never short of such women. However, a charming young lady in the Origin King Realm was rare, and he had never had a taste of such a woman.

Moreover, he had heard that Lu Huai Shuang had been cultivating in seclusion for most of her life, so the chances she retained her innocence were also great. In his opinion, it would be a shame if she was killed just like that.

Upon hearing his words, He Wu Zui immediately understood what Ma Chao Qun was up to and warned in a solemn manner, “Second Brother, a rose is fragrant, but it’s also full of thorns. I’m worried that you’ll be hurt.”

After giving it a thought, Ma Chao Qun nodded, “Yeah. Forget it, then.”

He knew how difficult it was to capture someone in the First-Order Origin King Realm, so he decided to give up on that idea. If he hesitated when he made a move because he was trying to subdue her, he would be the one who would be killed instead.

“Begin!” He Wu Zi suddenly shouted. Apparently, he wanted this battle to be ended quickly, thus giving no chance for the Lu Family’s people to fight back.

At that signal, Ma Chao Qun raised his hands, upon which two golden orbs appeared between his palms. The aura around the golden orbs was intimidating, so it was apparently a rare artifact.

On the other hand, He Wu Zui readied himself as his Saint Qi circulated rapidly through his meridians.

With a solemn expression, Lu Huai Shuang raised her azure longsword up high, upon which her Sword Intent significantly surged. The battle was about to begin, but just then, a stealthy figure suddenly appeared beside her and slashed at her with a slender dagger, flustering Lu Huai Shuang greatly.

Earlier, all her attention was on Ma Chao Qun and He Wu Zui, and seeing that they were preparing to make a move, she quickly raised her guard. However, now it seemed apparent that these two were just trying to distract Lu Huai Shuang while the real assassin approached her. By the time Lu Huai Shuang realized this though, it was already too late.

He Wu Zui and Ma Chao Qun grinned as they waited to watch a good show.

A cold glint flashed across the slender dagger, which was shrouded in an aura of death, as though the weapon would soon reap another life.

Right then, the slender dagger’s owner felt a chill all over his body. It was as though he had fallen into a frozen cavern and all the blood in his veins seemed to freeze in place.

Lu Huai Shuang also narrowed her eyes with a shocked expression, because the ‘dead’ young man, who had been lying by her feet, started moving all of a sudden in a very strange manner.

First, his legs slid back until he could place his feet on the ground. Then, his legs straightened as he hoisted his entire body up all of a sudden.

When Lu Huai Shuang turned to look at him, she was met with a pair of dark eyes which seemed to contain a bottomless abyss. By just looking into his gaze, she felt as though she would fall into it.

Astounded, she hurriedly circulated her Spiritual Energy to steady her mind.

Silavin: Original Title – Rising From the Dead