Martial God Asura

Chapter 5185: Reunion of Master and Servant

Chapter 5185: Reunion of Master and Servant

“How did we end up together? I also want to know the answer to that too. How in the world did I bump into Chu Feng when the world of cultivation is this big?” Old Cat grumbled grudgingly.

It turned to Chu Feng and said, “See, Xue Ji is doing well. I wasn’t lying to you, right?”

Then, it turned back to Xue Ji and said, “Xue Ji, hurry up and tell Chu Feng that I haven’t mistreated you. Tell him that you willingly chose to go with the Demon Spirit King.”

Killing intent burst out from Xue Ji upon hearing those words.

“What do you mean by ‘willingly chose to go’?”

Xue Ji’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, but she looked incredibly intimidating. Even the brazen Old Cat swallowed its own saliva and smiled awkwardly.

“Wrong choice of words, wrong choice of words,” Old Cat replied awkwardly.

“Step away for a while. I have things I’d like to tell Chu Feng,” Xue Ji spoke in a commanding voice.

“Brother Chu Feng, I’ll wait for you outside,” Old Cat said before fleeing outside.

It appeared to be scared of Xue Ji, much to Chu Feng’s bewilderment. Xue Ji had revealed her cultivation earlier when she momentarily lost her temper—she was at rank seven Martial Exalted level. While that was a massive improvement from before, it didn’t make sense for Old Cat to be intimidated by that.

It made him wonder if the one whom Old Cat was terrified of was the Demon Spirit King.

While Chu Feng was still pondering about the issue, Old Cat had already left the hall and closed the doors behind it. With that, Chu Feng and Xue Ji are the only ones left in the room.

“It looks like Old Cat hasn’t been lying. It looks like you came here of your own volition and have been living well,” Chu Feng said.

He could tell from Xue Ji’s condition that Old Cat wasn’t lying.

“Indeed. It’s all thanks to the Demon Spirit King. He’s even thinking of marrying me. What’s wrong? Are you getting jealous?”

Xue Ji’s beautiful eyes curled into seductive crescents.

Despite having met so many beautiful women in his long journey, Chu Feng hadn’t met anyone who could compete with Xue Ji and Eggy. Yet, he found himself unable to put down his guard and talk to Xue Ji like old friends.

His gut feeling was telling him that the person before him wasn’t the real Xue Ji and that the person standing before him posed a threat to him. Given so, it was inevitable that he would feel wary around her.

“Jealous? Am I that narrow-minded of a person?” Chu Feng replied with a composed smile.

Despite having sensed danger from Xue Ji, Chu Feng wasn’t intimidated at all. This was not the first time that she had cracked such a joke with him, and he had long become accustomed to it.

“Why would you come all the way here if you weren’t jealous?” Xue Ji asked.

“I came here to look for you under someone else’s request,” Chu Feng replied.

“Someone else’s request? Who is it? Eggy? She must be up to no good again,” Xue Ji mumbled grudgingly.

“It’s Yu Sha,” Chu Feng replied.

“Yu Sha?”

Xue Ji’s eyes widened upon hearing that name.

“It looks like you still remember Yu Sha,” Chu Feng said.

“I do. She’s a lackey of mine. How did the two of you get together?” Xue Ji asked.

“Lackey? It looks like you don’t have a high opinion of her. Yu Sha approached me with the intention to find you, and that’s also why I’m standing right before you,” Chu Feng replied.

“In other words, Yu Sha has become your world spirit? Bring her out,” Xue Ji said.

“I can’t do that now. She’s currently in closed-door training. I’ll let you meet her once she finishes her training. Given how obstinate she is, she’ll probably insist on meeting you too. After all, she cherishes you a lot,” Chu Feng said mockingly.

He was mocking Xue Ji for treating Yu Sha like a nobody despite the latter cherishing her so much.

“Heh… You’re as nosey as ever, Chu Feng. Someone like you will never achieve anything great,” Xue Ji said.

“That’s how I am. I wouldn’t be me if I could change my nature. Xue Ji, are you really going to marry the Demon Spirit King?” Chu Feng asked.

Even he couldn’t understand why he was so concerned about this matter.

“A woman should find someone strong to become her backing. You can’t be thinking that I would join you once more, are you? Do you think that you’re worthy of that?”

Xue Ji looked at Chu Feng with a seductive smile, but she started exerting her oppressive might on him.

However, her oppressive might was swiftly blocked off by Chu Feng’s domineering spirit power.

Needless to say, the oppressive might from a rank seven Martial Exalted level cultivator couldn’t possibly breach the spirit power of a rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist.

In fact, Chu Feng could have blocked the oppressive might without resorting to his spirit power too. He was a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator, after all. However, he still channeled his spirit power anyway, possibly because he wanted to show Xue Ji that he was no longer the weakling he used to be.

“A mere rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation. I thought that you would have reached God-cloak by now. Your speed of growth is disappointing… It was indeed the right decision for me to have chosen the Demon Spirit King.”

Yet, Chu Feng’s display of ability only invited mockery from Xue Ji.

“How strong is the Demon Spirit King? Is he a junior too?” Chu Feng asked.

“He isn’t a junior, but he’s far stronger than you right now. Chu Feng, are you only here because of Yu Sha? If that’s the case, you can leave now. Don’t bother bringing Yu Sha over either; I don’t need her. Tell her to return to the Asura Spirit World.

“Right, she is probably stuck here due to the peculiar nature of your World Spirit Space. I guess she’ll have no choice but to devote herself to you then. You probably wouldn’t treat her fairly since Eggy is around, but again, I doubt that she’ll mind that given her personality,” Xue Ji sneered.

“Where is the Demon Spirit King?” Chu Feng asked.

“You’re asking the obvious. Didn’t you see the earlier gush of gaseous flames?” Xue Ji asked.

“On the account of our past ties, why don’t you tell me what it is?” Chu Feng asked.

“You’re finally letting your tail slip. It looks like your true goal is to acquire information from me. Did Old Cat get you to ask that? I’m surprised that the two of you are working together. Have you forgotten how he took me away as if I was a dog back then?”

There was a flicker of rage in Xue Ji’s eyes when she said that.

“Of course I do. I don’t have a good impression of Old Cat either. If you harbor a grudge toward him, I can seek justice for you. But haven’t the two of you already made up with each other? Otherwise, why would you have a secret code?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who knows how much I’d have to suffer if I had to rely on you? I have already gotten even with him,” Xue Ji replied coldly.

Her anger seemed to be directed toward Chu Feng as much as it was directed toward Old Cat.

“Chu Feng, I know that you like to risk your life for fortuitous encounters, but I advise you not to fool around here. It isn’t just the Demon Spirit King here; he has many powerful experts keeping a close eye on the Demoncoffin Ordinary Realm too. They will soon make a move now that what they are waiting for has surfaced.

“A rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist like you won’t be a match for them. Even Old Cat is nothing more than an ant in their eyes. If you know what’s better for you, you should leave this place as soon as possible. The Demon Spirit King will be returning soon, and he doesn’t welcome outsiders here,” Xue Ji said.

“Fine, I’ll leave now. However, if Yu Sha insists on meeting you, I’ll still bring her over,” Chu Feng asked.

“Tsk.” Xue Ji rolled her eyes.

“I”m glad to see that you’re doing well. Farewell.”

Chu Feng clasped his fist before turning around. Right as he was about to walk through the door, Xue Ji suddenly asked a question.

“Speaking of which, have you found your mother yet?”