Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

Chapter 344 - Belhermione’s Cry For Help!  

[ F * ck! That Black Mass is actually a territory, and there’s even a Lord inside! What’s going on? ]

[ troops! A large number of troops have emerged from the territory inside the Black Mass and are heading towards me. What are they doing? Are they attacking my territory? ]

[ no, since it’s a Lord, why can’t we communicate? Why are they directly attacking me? ]

[ yeah, since it’s a Lord, shouldn’t they be supporting us from the outside? Why are they attacking us? ]

[ something’s not right, what’s going on? ]

[ I, Giao, the soldiers from the territory in the Black Mass are attacking my territory directly, they’re for Real! ]

[ F * ck! Tier 9 soldiers! The enemy is so strong, F * ck, I can’t Hold on anymore, I’m going to abandon my territory and escape! ]

[ can anyone come and save me? I’m definitely going to die. Whose subordinate is this? The soldier is so powerful! ]

[ I’ll try to communicate with the other party to see if there’s any room for improvement. After all, we’re all lords. ]

[ don’t go upstairs. I tried to communicate with the other party just now. The other party is very arrogant and has directly launched an attack. There’s no way to communicate. ]

Looking at the messages in the chat group, Ren Qi frowned.

It seemed that it was as he had guessed. All the black groups were lords from another plane.

Moreover, the other party could not be communicated with.

In other words, the other party came to deal with them.

In order to harvest these ‘resources’.

This could not help but make Ren Qi frown. Although he, daybreak, and the members of the cloud did not have to worry about these invading lords.

After all, according to the news in the chat group, the majority of these Lords were tier 9. Even if there were half-step saint-rank soldiers, there were not many of them. The members of daybreak and the cloud faction would be able to defend against them.

However, what about the other new lords?

One had to know that it had not been long since their territories had materialized.

Ren Qi had raised his strength to this level, but it did not mean that the other lords would be able to do the same.

There were still many tier 7 and tier 8 new lords in the Black Fog, and there were even some tier 6 lords who were lucky.

When they faced these Lords from another plane, they probably wouldn’t have much power to resist.

When the other side conquered a territory, they would receive a large amount of resources to expand their strength.

After all, this wasn’t as dangerous as the monster forces. After all, some monster forces wouldn’t take the initiative to attack, so they didn’t feel that much pressure.

However, these Lords from another plane would take the initiative to attack, and they also had intelligence.

What made Ren Qi feel even more dangerous was that these lords weren’t like the monster forces, which could be defeated individually.

Since these Lords came from another plane, they must have been in contact with each other and would take the initiative to work together.

There might even be an alliance-like organization, but they had just arrived and had yet to gain a firm footing.

The first step these Lords took was to eliminate the surrounding lords’forces to ensure their own safety.

However, most of the new lords in the black fog were still unclear about their intentions.

Most of the new lords even believed that these Lords came from Earth outside of the Black Fog. After all, they did not know about the news of another plane.

Without any hesitation, Ren Qi directly sent a message in the chat group.

Ren Qi said, “Everyone, these Lords didn’t come from Earth outside the black fog. They came from another plane. Moreover, their intentions aren’t good. They treat our lords here as ‘resources.’their purpose here is to harvest our ‘resources.'”

The lords from another plane had already invaded this place. This matter concerned all the new lords in the Black Fog. Ren Qi felt that they had to unite.

Putting everything else aside, they had to at least let the other new lords know about these lords so that they wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Ren Qi’s reputation was quite high in the chat group. The moment his words appeared, the entire chat group exploded.

[ F * ck! The Lords of another plane? Is that true? ]

[ these words were said by Big Boss Seven Seven, so there shouldn’t be any problems. However, what are the resources that Big Boss seven mentioned? What does he mean by treating us as resources? ]

[ isn’t it obvious? If you destroy a Lord, the resources in his territory will be yours. In other words, these lords are here for the resources in our territory. ]

[ F * ck! Is there really another plane? Why does it feel a little strange? ]

[ hey, don’t believe me. I’ve already received news. The black fog from a hundred years ago and the black fog that appeared now are all related to another plane. I just didn’t expect that another plane would have a lord and even invade this place. ]

[ what should we do then? The lords of these other planes are very powerful. Their military types are basically all tier 9. How are we going to fight them? ]

When Ren Qi’s news appeared in the chat group, it immediately caused a commotion.

After all, the news from another plane was too shocking. The new lords in the black fog needed a certain amount of time to digest this news.

Following that, Ren Qi opened a private chat group and began to ask about the members of daybreak and Yunduan.

Ren Qi: “How’s the situation over there? Is there any danger?”

Zhao yuheng: “The situation here is stable. There are several lords from another plane around Xuanming territory. However, I have already helped him stabilize the situation. The other party is quite strong, so they should retreat.”

Tianji zi replied, “I only have a new territory on my side. The other party’s attack has already been blocked by me. However, the other party has retreated. I don’t know if they will be moved further.”

Li Tianlan replied, “The situation on my side is also relatively stable. I have already destroyed a new territory.”

Wang Muyu replied, “I am quite lucky. There are no black masses around the territory. However, there are signs of attacks on the surrounding territories. However, there isn’t any danger for the time being.”

Guo feiyang said, “Fang Chenggan and I don’t have to worry too much. One of the New Territories tried to attack us, but we were killed instead. The lords from the other planes aren’t that bad after all.”

Reynolds said, “My side is fine as well. Although they were attacked, they were able to stabilize themselves.”

Song qingge said, “My side is in a bad situation. A few members of my team were attacked. The enemy’s attacks are quite fierce, but they were able to stabilize themselves. We don’t need reinforcements for the time being.”

Hermione: “Two black groups have landed on my side. The two lords seem to be in contact, and they’re attacking my territory together. The enemy has half-step sage-level soldiers. I… I can’t hold on much longer. Can anyone help me?”

Looking at the messages in the private chat group, Ren Qi realized that most of the people were still relatively stable. After all, the people in Yunduan City and the daybreak organization weren’t weak.

However, looking at the distress message from Bell Hermione, Ren Qi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Ren Qi did not have a deep understanding of Bell Hermione. He only knew that she was from the Bell family, so she should be in contact with Zhao Yuheng and the others.

Previously, the five elements teleportation array was sold to him by Bell Hermione, so she had helped him a lot.

Ren Qi: “I don’t have much to do here, but your territory is a little too far from my location. I shouldn’t be able to rush over in time.”

Belle Hermione’s territory was to the west of the dark nether world. If Ren Qi wanted to go there, he would need to go to the dark nether world’s territory first before going to Belle Hermione’s territory.

Based on a conservative estimate, it would take at least an entire day to reach Belle Hermione’s territory from here.

Belle Hermione replied, “Ren Qi, if you come over, I still have a five elements teleportation array here. I should be able to contact the five elements teleportation array in your territory.”

Looking at the other party’s message, Ren Qi was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Hermione to have a five elements teleportation array in her hands.

He did not know if this was left behind by the other party during the transaction or if she had just obtained it.

After thinking for a moment, Ren Qi directly sent a private message. “Sure, you can directly use the five elements teleportation array. After connecting, I will go over directly.”

After hanging up the private message, Ren Qi informed Xu Xinghe and briefly distributed the resources they had obtained. Ren Qi then brought the succubus legion back to the territory.

Not long after they returned to the territory, the five elements teleportation array emitted a beam of light. Following that, the entire five elements teleportation array shook.

Following that, a figure appeared inside the five elements teleportation array.

It was Hermione.

At this moment, Hermione’s expression was a little anxious, and there was a trace of blood on her face. It was obvious that the situation in the territory wasn’t looking good.

The reason why she was the first to teleport over was to dispel Ren Qi’s doubts. It meant that she was really asking for help, and there wasn’t any trap.

After all, although she and Ren Qi were both members of the Yunduan organization, their relationship hadn’t reached a certain level yet.

Ren Qi looked at belhermione, who had appeared in her territory, and raised her eyebrows slightly.

The other party’s situation was not good.

“How’s the situation in your territory now?”Ren Qi did not hesitate and asked directly.

Belhermione said anxiously, “The other party’s attack is very fierce. I barely managed to resist them by relying on some defensive means. However, the other party has a large number of half-step saint-tier soldiers. Moreover, they have quite a number of siege weapons. I estimate that my territory can only hold on for another three hours at most.”

Can they only hold on for another three hours?

Ren Qi raised his eyebrows and frowned slightly.

Although Hermione’s strength was not considered the strongest in the clouds, it was still relatively high. After all, the enemy’s army was a giant silver dragon.

Moreover, the enemy also had saint stones, so their strength should have increased a lot during this period of time.

However, they could only hold on for another three hours.

This was enough to show how powerful the other party was.

Ren Qi did not ask any more questions. Instead, he directly said to Belle Hermione, “I’ll bring the Succubus Legion with you to support you.”

It was not very useful to ask the other party how many half-step saint-tier soldiers they had. After all, Ren Qi intended to support them.

If the enemy was too strong, he could ask the elemental elves and Dark Elves to support him.

If he couldn’t, Li Tianlan and Li Lin ‘an could help him.

At the very least, with Fang Gan and Guo Feiyang, Ren Qi didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat the two lords.

The Succubus Army quickly entered the five elements teleportation array and disappeared.

Ren Qi and Hermione followed closely behind and quickly entered the five elements teleportation array.

When Ren Qi opened his eyes again, he had already arrived in Hermione’s territory.

Hermione’s territory wasn’t very big. It was about two-thirds the size of Ren Qi’s territory, but the buildings inside were relatively complete.

These buildings all had a silver color to them, giving off a very grand feeling.


As soon as he arrived, Ren Qi felt a tremor.

Raising his head, Ren Qi saw all sorts of attacks continuously heading towards the top of Belhermione’s territory, but they were all blocked by a silver energy shield.

However, this silver energy shield clearly couldn’t hold on for too long. Its surface was already covered in cracks.

It was estimated that this silver energy barrier would be broken after another half an hour.

A large number of silver giant dragons continuously danced in the sky as they attacked the area outside of the territory.

If it was not for these silver giant dragons continuously attacking to relieve the pressure, the silver energy barrier above would have already shattered.

On the ground of the territory, there were quite a number of silver dragon corpses. Fresh blood flowed out, directly dyeing the entire territory a layer of blood-red.

Just by raising his head to look, Ren Qi saw the flying troops of the other party.

They were both giant dragons, fiery-red giant dragons!

The body of the fiery-red giant dragons in the sky was very huge, one circle larger than the silver giant dragons. Their auras were also very dense, filled with a violent aura.

Peak Tier 9!

Half-step saint-level!

Half of the flaming dragons in the sky were half-step saint-level!

Ren Qi’s heart sank. The other party’s strength was even higher than he had thought!

Illis quickly led the succubus army to provide support.

“Let’s Go! Let’s go up the city wall and see what’s going on.”

Ren Qi was wearing the silver leaf wind dragon armor, and he quickly came up to the city wall with Hermione.

Upon reaching the top of the city wall, Ren Qi saw the tragic scene below.

One of the enemy troops was a flying force, while the other was a gold behemoth.

Most of these gold behemoths were at the peak of Type 9, with many at the half-step saint-level.

Behind these gold behemoths, there were many human-shaped troops, using all sorts of siege weapons to attack Hermione’s territory.

Those soldiers were obviously not the enemy’s soldiers, because they were all wearing chains.

Slave soldiers?

At this moment, Belhermione’s soldiers had been greatly depleted, and the situation was somewhat critical.

Elise did not hesitate and directly jumped down from the city wall, heading towards the large number of golden behemoths below!