Long Live Summons

Chapter 819 - The Smiling Face of Yue Yu

Chapter 819: The Smiling Face of Yue Yu

After Liu Ye went into the water, she found that Yue Yu’s expression was different.

“What’s the matter?”

She herself was shocked and thought that something was wrong with herself. “Nothing’s wrong.” Yue Yu returned to her senses and waved her hand.

“Sister Liu Ye, your golden lock piece is really beautiful.” Bao Er swam over.She found the golden rune lock piece on Liu Ye’s crisp chest and her eyes lit up.

“My Master gave it to me. If it weren’t for her saying that I shouldn’t lose it, it would have been okay to give it to you.” Liu Ye half-covered the mound in front of her chest in her hand, and carefully pulled out the golden rune lock piece with the other. Bao Er looked closer with slight curiosity. She didn’t know much about the text of the heavenly runes in the first place. Hence, it was natural that she couldn’t understand the rune array on this golden rune lock piece.

Xia Yi was silent. She was not interested in the golden rune lock piece, but Yue Yu’s surprised expression just now made her feel that there must be some sort of connection between the two.

But she didn’t feel the need to pry too much because the matter did not concern her.

The attentive half-elven slave however, stole a glance at Yue Yu.

Although Yue Yu had already recovered and appeared calm on the surface at this time, her heart was actually like a tsunami, tumbling and crashing without rest.

Liu Ye also owns this Golden Rune Lock Talisman, so what does it mean? Is she my own sister? Was she also a descendant of the Yue family?

What troubled Yue Yu’s mind the most was the completely different messages she had received from her father and Fifth Elder… If it was inferred from what they said, the one who was born on the battlefield back then was most likely Liu Ye. Because only she had the Inherent Skill of [Cleansing]. She could disperse the demons, and could rescue father and the others who were trapped by the demons in distress…Because of the fear of the soldiers’ pursuit, father did not keep the newborn baby. The baby was then taken away by his comrades. After leaving a descendant, her father stayed behind and was lost. Later, he was rescued by the Demon Race Countess, and only then did he manage to escape.

With her father already passed away in battle, she was unable to find out the truth of the matter.

However, she could make an inference with the many clues.

She was very likely to be a substitute that was brought back… Yue Yu was afraid that the tears in her eyes would be discovered by everyone, so she dived deeply into the bottom of the hot springs. Just like a mermaid sitting on a rock, she borrowed the surrounding pressure and unbreathable space to release the tension from the bottom of her heart, all to calm the chaos in her heart. Only in such a place where no one can see her,Can she find a trace of peace.

How should I face Little San in the future?

If he knew that I am not his sister, would things be the same as it is now?

Can I keep him in check for everything, help him in the laboratory, and still take care of him in every possible way in life?

If this was known to the public, how would others think of me? If I find out the truth by myself, how saddened Liu Ye would be… Liu Ye, she is so kind and pure, and her love is tied to her master, Little San. If I let her know the truth, will Liu Ye commit suicide?

However, if this matter is not said, and if Liu Ye knows about it in the future, whatever happens to her will perhaps be even more painful.

Even if I don’t tell the truth, how long can this matter be kept secret?

Father is gone. Grandpa and Fifth Elder must have known the truth. If Liu Ye is going to marry Little San and they come out to stop him, what should they do?

Do we need to expose the truth about the identity of Little San… If Grandpa and Fifth Elder realises that Little San is just inheriting the name of Third Uncle, and it was only the life created by Si-niang in the Divine Will Flower Tree, I am afraid it will hurt more people. Si-niang would not agree with disclosing the matter as well… This is not only about Little San, but also Bing Er and Shuang Er…

What should I even do? Should I even continue to trace this matter to the end? The truth was a form of harm to myself, and it would undoubtedly be a blow to Liu Ye, Grandpa and Fifth Elder. It would also be an extremely cruel truth to Little San, Bing Er and Shuang Er. What exactly should I do?

Yue Yu’s train of thought became more and more chaotic, and she was faced with a dilemma with every thought contradicting each other..

She would rather have never seen the Golden Rune Locked Talisman on Liu Ye’s neck and never knew the truth.

At least that way, she could have maintained the status quo and continue to live in a muddle-headed manner in the future without worrying about the troubles of reality.

Under the hot springs, alone with the suffocating thoughts, Yue Yu who was troubled suddenly felt that there was a trace of tranquility in her mind, and the beastly Surging Tide came out automatically at some point, and gave her a hint of thought.

The Surging Tide in the past had no human form nor wisdom.

When Yue Yu broke through and was promoted to the position of Divine Envoy in Yue Yang’s energy field, it had also evolved along with her in that endless will of energy.

Unknowingly, it evolved into a human form and possessed wisdom, perhaps because of awakening in that realm. Although its wisdom was elementary, it was surprisingly familiar with human nature. As a Quasi-sacred beast, she knows how to take care of her master…Although she couldn’t understand her master’s troubles, she naturally chose to help when she saw her master’s repressed and painful state, isolating the surrounding water so that her master would not suffocate.

Seeing that Surging Tide looked rather similar to herself, but had the appearance of a small water child, Yue Yu couldn’t help reaching out and stroking her: “Thank you, I’m fine. Just let me calm down.”

Surging Tide, who couldn’t speak, sat quietly beside Yue Yu.

She didn’t know how to comfort her master, so she could only accompany her quietly.

Seeing her worrying about herself, Yue Yu suddenly strengthened her mind: It doesn’t matter if Liu Ye was her own biological sister, or she was the real Third Miss of the Yue family and herself a substitute. These were not reasons to hide from her own heart!

A long time ago, I swore to Little San that I would take care of him for the rest of my life.

This matter will not be an obstacle.

No matter what the truth is and no matter what the world thinks, I must stay with Little San, to support him, and to take care of him!

Thinking of this, Yue Yu stood up, stretched out her hand and gently stroked the top of the Surging Tide’s head, her eyes filled with a kind of steadiness that wasn’t usually present. She swam out to the surface of the hot springs and floated away under the strange gazes of Xia Yi and the others.

Returning to the energy field, she saw that Yue Yang was still asleep, while the Sickly Beauty was waiting outside quietly, just watching.

Yue Yu nodded to her: “Little San hasn’t woken up yet, it’s enough to have you here to take care of him. I want to take advantage of this period of time to go up the stairway to train myself, and see if I can integrate my perception of the new realm and improve myself as soon as possible.”

Sickly Beauty was stunned at first as Yue Yu usually does not have a high interest in practicing her cultivation. What happened today?

However, she didn’t ask further. She just nodded: “Don’t worry, I will always be here, go train yourself first. When he wakes up, I will catch up to you as well.”

Yue Yu gave her a light hug. Her wings displayed the Angel’s Blade, and she rose to the sky… Yue Yu did not understand how to deal with the problems of the truth. She had given up those worries now, but doubled her beliefs, which was staying by Yue Yang’s side, to provide him with more and more help in all aspects… Therefore, Yue Yu hoped that she could train and improve before he could wake up, so she could provide him real aid instead of causing him trouble.

Of course, in this way, she could also temporarily calm the chaos in her mind.

Setting everything aside, to practice and improve.

Yue Yu stepped onto the stairway of cultivation. She had never been so dedicated. In the past, she didn’t like fighting and had a peaceful mind. She didn’t have a high desire for improvement in cultivation, and she was more about going with the flow.

Now, with a kind of firmness and desire that she had never felt before, she had transformed it into a driving force for her advancement.

One thousand, one thousand five hundred, two thousand, two thousand five hundred, three thousand steps… Yue Yu never thought that she could rush to the height of three thousand steps in one go. Facing the energy shadow ‘Fire Spirit King’ of the test level 3000 with the extremely powerful guardian, Yue Yu greeted him without fear, and wielded the Angel’s Blade with an explosive fighting spirit like never before!

One day passed.

Ten days passed.

Half a month later, when the Sickly Beauty saw that the Night Empress had started to awaken, she walked out slowly, and suddenly sensed a certain person in the sky. An indescribable vast energy soared into the sky, compared to the Red who was promoted to Divine Envoy status, Ah Man inherited the five elements from the column’s Divine Power and was promoted to a Divine General without any weakness.

This vast energy had no trace of hostility. It was as gentle as a lake, or a peaceful sea.

The feeling of being born at that moment was like seeing a sky waterfall flowing down the extremely high skies, hanging on the surface of the lake. Clearly it spanned a large thousand feet, but it did not form a trace of robust waves. Instead, it completely turned into a gentle and thin blanket of rain. Although she was located at a very high space, the Sickly Beauty could still feel the clarity.

She even had a wonderful feeling of understanding the other’s mood.

“It’s Yue Yu, she has been promoted to a true Divine Envoy.” The Night Empress stood beside the Sickly Beauty. The starlight field was even brighter, and the shadows looked up at the sky, the nature-like voice sounded softly: ” Being promoted to a Divine Envoy without going through the Supreme Innate stage? Yue Yang has granted another miracle to this world. Although it is a miracle, it seems that Yue Yu is really working hard! I thought it would take a long time for her to raise her level into a true Divine Envoy. Who would have known that she progressed even further than all of you.”

“She has always worked very hard.” The Sickly Beauty smiled, with a little pride in her smile, because she was the person who understands Yue Yu the most.

Five thousand steps.

After the tenth unwavering challenge, Yue Yu had finally defeated the guardian of the 5000th level, “Sea Spirit King” and gained the highest recognition of the energy of the 5000th stage. She seemed to be able to see the predecessors who left a shadow of energy at the five thousandth level. While fusing the energy they left behind to promote into the position of a Divine Envoy, the Sea Spirit King had also merged with the Surging Tide, which transformed into a new Diamond Ranked Beast, Tsunami Demoness…Tsunami Demoness: [Diamond] level 5, Humanoid Elemental Class, Guardian Spirit Beast, simulating the appearance of the master, elemental forms. Special skills: “Tsunami”, “Water Spring”, “Sky Waterfall”, “Undercurrent”, “Vortex”and “Unity of Beast and Master”.

When Yue Yu walked out of the advanced energy beam, there were two droplets of joyful tears flowing down her cheeks.

The Tsunami Demoness, who was now about 90% similar to her, was no longer a child. She had grown up to the appearance of a fourteen to fifteen year-old. Although she was yet to seem mature, her slightly green body and appearance would make people feel like they were actually seeing Yue Yu, as if the two were sisters, making others feel very prone to mistake the illusion for Yue Yu. The Tsunami Demoness knelt on one foot and half-kneeled on the ground, welcoming her Master. The sacred beast that had advanced, had already learnt etiquette and wisdom in the heart of her Master.

Yue Yu lightly hugged the Tsunami Demoness, as if she was hugging and welcoming her own sister.

Immediately, the Tsunami Demoness transformed into an energy form.

Merging into Yue Yu’s body.

The ‘Unity of Beast and Master’ enables the Tsunami Demoness to learn, simulate and sense everything about her Master at any given time, allowing her to grow under the influence of her Master all the time. Similarly, she could also more conveniently provide aid to her owner in life or in battle.

When Yue Yu returned to the stairway, the Sickly Beauty and the others greeted her at the foot of the mountain.

She hugged everyone one by one… Yue Yu, who had gone through a lot of hard work, was already very different from before. Not only was she stronger now, but she had also completely solved the knot in her heart that had been entangled for a long time. While embracing Liu Ye, Yue Yu gently whispered a blessing in her ears: “Liu Ye, you have to work hard too!”

Liu Ye couldn’t have possibly understood the sentiment of Yue Yu’s words when she said so, instead she took it as an ordinary sentence of encouragement.

Everyone didn’t know the truth, including Liu Ye who was the last to be embraced.

Only the Sickly Beauty, who knows Yue Yu best, could vaguely guess a little.

“You laughed. It’s been a long time since I saw you smile so comfortably.” The Sickly Beauty looked at Yue Yu and said in words that served a double meaning.

“It’s not just me, everyone should smile more…” Yue Yu replied with a smile, her smiling face with red lips and white teeth looked particularly amiable today. Just like a soft and gentle breeze, lightly brushing over everyone’s hearts.