Library of Heaven’s Path

Library of Heaven’s Path



Heng Sao Tian Ya, 横扫天涯


Zhang Xuan traverses into a foreign world and becomes an honorable teacher. A mysterious library appears in his mind. As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weakness would be automatically compiled. Thus, he became formidable.“Emperor Haotian, why don’t you like to wear underwear? To think that you’re still an emperor, can you pay more attention to your image?”“Fairy Linglong, if you continue to suffer from insomnia, you can always look for me. I have a way with lullabies!”“You as well, Qiankun Demon Lord, can you cut down on the garlic? Do you want to stink me to death?”…This is an incredible story about the heritage between teacher and students, cultivating and guiding the world’s strongest experts.


1.chapter 1 swindler
2.chapter 2 shameless
3.chapter 3 imperfections in heavens path
4.chapter 4 slapping face
5.chapter 5 young mistress
6.chapter 6 what did you do to our young mistress
7.chapter 7 you were dumped before
8.chapter 8 i am that trash
9.chapter 9 bet
10.chapter 10 going against the bet
11.chapter 11 begging for mercy
12.chapter 12 emperor bloodline
13.chapter 13 shameless student
14.chapter 14 cultivation technique
15.chapter 15 heavens path divine art
16.chapter 16 cleansing muscles and bones
17.chapter 17 assassination
18.chapter 18 scammed
19.chapter 19 framing
20.chapter 20 wang yings shock
21.chapter 21 zephyr acupuncture
22.chapter 22 the reason behind zhao yas illness
23.chapter 23 troublemaker
24.chapter 24 throw him out
25.chapter 25 looking for trouble
26.chapter 26 enlightenment will trial
27.chapter 27 the frenzied wang clan
28.chapter 28 enraged elder mo
29.chapter 29 you must be sick
30.chapter 30 shen bi rus shock
31.chapter 31 heart of tranquil water
32.chapter 32 hongtian pavilion
33.chapter 33 feigning generosity
34.chapter 34 scam
35.chapter 35 what is happening
36.chapter 36 gourmet
37.chapter 37 big sister spare me
38.chapter 38 reprise bell
39.chapter 39 frigid sun mother grass
40.chapter 40 the master is here
41.chapter 41 treasure speculation
42.chapter 42 someone is acting cool 1
43.chapter 43 someone is acting cool 2
44.chapter 44 i will choose one
45.chapter 45 tip
46.chapter 46 exposing the scam
47.chapter 47 huang yu
48.chapter 48 what the heck is this toy
49.chapter 49 how did he do it
50.chapter 50 peer
51.chapter 51 heavens path golden body
52.chapter 52 master lu chen on the verge of tears
53.chapter 53 bai xuns breakdown
54.chapter 54 hongjin pearl fruit
55.chapter 55 surrounded 1
56.chapter 56 surrounded 2
57.chapter 57 storage ring
58.chapter 58 how did he do it
59.chapter 59 the frenzied students
60.chapter 60 the greatest person
61.chapter 61 she loves me
62.chapter 62 shang bin on the brink of collapsing
63.chapter 63 elder mo xiang
64.chapter 64 trust level
65.chapter 65 ten
66.chapter 66 this cant be true
67.chapter 67 the arrival of the wang clan
68.chapter 68 paying respect to teacher zhang xuan
69.chapter 69 withdrawing from tutelage
70.chapter 70 doubts
71.chapter 71 the arrogant young bai wangye
72.chapter 72 unable to be revoked
73.chapter 73 cao xiongs counterattack
74.chapter 74 the education bureau has falsified results
75.chapter 75 shang chen pukes blood
76.chapter 76 the student who went berserk
77.chapter 77 innate sealed meridians
78.chapter 78 i will make you break through in an hour
79.chapter 79 teacher acknowledgement fever
80.chapter 80 how do i teach you
81.chapter 81 i would like to withdraw from your tutelage 1
82.chapter 82 i would like to withdraw from your tutelage 2
83.chapter 83 the arrogant zhu hong
84.chapter 84 pummeling zhu hong 1
85.chapter 85 pummeling zhu hong 2
86.chapter 86 pummeling zhu hong 3
87.chapter 87 is he really the worst teacher
88.chapter 88 apothecary guild
89.chapter 89 wen xues rage
90.chapter 90 examination hall
91.chapter 91 three rounds of examination
92.chapter 92 just give up
93.chapter 93 marking the examination papers
94.chapter 94 discernment time trial
95.chapter 95 dragon scale grass
96.chapter 96 i will give it a try
97.chapter 97 pill debate
98.chapter 98 i want to debate pills
99.chapter 99 a completely stunned ouyang cheng
100.chapter 100 yao hans doubts
101.chapter 101 zhao ya is moved
102.chapter 102 to the top of the world
103.chapter 103 fighter 6 dan pixue realm
104.chapter 104 fighter 6 dan pixue realm second half
105.chapter 105 new worries first half
106.chapter 106 new worries second half
107.chapter 107 pill debate begins
108.chapter 108 meng yan
109.chapter 109 tranquil heart pill
110.chapter 110 you are about to die
111.chapter 111 death aura
112.chapter 112 cheng jiang
113.chapter 113 forging technique
114.chapter 114 convergence of ten thousand tributaries
115.chapter 115 acupoint soothing pill
116.chapter 116 apothecary bai mings breakdown
117.chapter 117 apothecary bai mings breakdown
118.chapter 118 the true pill debate first half
119.chapter 119 the true pill debate second half
120.chapter 120 not a thing
121.chapter 121 vying to go first
122.chapter 122 pill debate ends
123.chapter 123 solution found
124.chapter 124 thinking of a solution
125.chapter 125 renting a mansion
126.chapter 126 i am a master teacher
127.chapter 127 list of opponents
128.chapter 128 no one is coming
129.chapter 129 southern green jade
130.chapter 130 is your family doing well
131.chapter 131 master cheng yuan
132.chapter 132 the proud sun qiang
133.chapter 133 shut outside
134.chapter 134 the doubtful du yuan
135.chapter 135 matter of minutes
136.chapter 136 master teacher yang xuan
137.chapter 137 touching your wife
138.chapter 138 treatable
139.chapter 139 great loss
140.chapter 140 news spreads
141.chapter 141 youre a beast
142.chapter 142 kneeling outside
143.chapter 143 fetching money
144.chapter 144 spear expert
145.chapter 145 heavens path spear art
146.chapter 146 spear intent
147.chapter 147 can i learn from you
148.chapter 148 student dueling platform
149.chapter 149 zhang xuans decision
150.chapter 150 imparting spear art
151.chapter 151 i am here to slap your face
152.chapter 152 treating du miaoxuan
153.chapter 153 stuffed yourself when you were full
154.chapter 154 the use of the golden book
155.chapter 155 5 star incident
156.chapter 156 resounding throughout the capital
157.chapter 157 painting examination
158.chapter 158 its your turn
159.chapter 159 fraudster
160.chapter 160 the fight between brothers
161.chapter 161 dual traversing dragons
162.chapter 162 second level
163.chapter 163 ill just draw another one
164.chapter 164 that beast
165.chapter 165 diagnosis of the three master teachers
166.chapter 166 the kingdoms book collection vault
167.chapter 167 the arrogant sun qiang
168.chapter 168 the discerning ability of a master teacher
169.chapter 169 the 6 dan of the heavens path divine art
170.chapter 170 brewing storm
171.chapter 171 old master is back
172.chapter 172 catching a pig
173.chapter 173 yang xuan screw you
174.chapter 174 the confident ah yun
175.chapter 175 striking it rich
176.chapter 176 apothecary hong yun
177.chapter 177 exploding cauldron
178.chapter 178 conflicting properties
179.chapter 179 teacher youve worked hard
180.chapter 180 awakening zhao yas unique constitution
181.chapter 181 lu xuns visit
182.chapter 182 throw him out
183.chapter 183 treating shen hong
184.chapter 184 poison master
185.chapter 185 ill learn for a bit
186.chapter 186 concocting poison
187.chapter 187 tons of nonsense
188.chapter 188 the eccentric method to treat shen zhui 1
189.chapter 189 the eccentric method to treat shen hong 2
190.chapter 190 lu xun borrows money
191.chapter 191 zhang xuans legend 1
192.chapter 192 zhang xuans legend 2
193.chapter 193 thats yang shi
194.chapter 194 three shocked master teachers 1
195.chapter 195 three shocked master teachers 2
196.chapter 196 eligibility to take the master teacher examination
197.chapter 197 it has been awhile since we last met
198.chapter 198 wont condone it next time
199.chapter 199 you must be zhang xuan laoshi
200.chapter 200 elder tian
201.chapter 201 the test
202.chapter 202 nine years spring
203.chapter 203 found the wrong person
204.chapter 204 lu xuns appraisal skills
205.chapter 205 is it my victory
206.chapter 206 gifting tea leaves
207.chapter 207 returning to the academy
208.chapter 208 ink
209.chapter 209 poison hall
210.chapter 210 teacher acknowledgement first half
211.chapter 211 teacher acknowledgement second half
212.chapter 212 the teacher evaluation arrives
213.chapter 213 the shocked qian chao
214.chapter 214 yuan tao vs kong jie
215.chapter 215 ive lost
216.chapter 216 exerting too much force
217.chapter 217 its a draw
218.chapter 218 exchanging fists
219.chapter 219 do you dare to accept our challenge
220.chapter 220 reappearance of the golden book
221.chapter 221 coiling dragon hands
222.chapter 222 pummeling lu xun first half
223.chapter 223 pummeling lu xun second half
224.chapter 224 call him uncle now
225.chapter 225 senior
226.chapter 226 a godlike man
227.chapter 227 state of insight
228.chapter 228 shouldnt toy with someone like that
229.chapter 229 guiding zhao feng
230.chapter 230 book of heavens path first half
231.chapter 231 book of heavens path second half
232.chapter 232 the confused liu xun
233.chapter 233 teacher zhang youre here
234.chapter 234 soul depth exceeding 3
235.chapter 235 xuanluo mountain range
236.chapter 236 formations
237.chapter 237 play somewhere else
238.chapter 238 taming 2 in 1
239.chapter 239 strange bird 2 in 1
240.chapter 240 beast hall 2 in 1
241.chapter 241 i tamed a bird 2 in 1
242.chapter 242 failing the examination
243.chapter 243 ancient lightning cloud sparrow
244.chapter 244 punishment
245.chapter 245 mo yus challenge
246.chapter 246 246are you taking the beast tamer examination
247.chapter 247 soul depth above 10
248.chapter 248 he is running
249.chapter 249 discourse
250.chapter 250 can you lend me your tamed beast
251.chapter 251 beast pummeling taming method
252.chapter 252 failed
253.chapter 253 you are a master teacher
254.chapter 254 critically ill savage beast
255.chapter 255 grandmaster qing yang
256.chapter 256 i said that you are an inept physician
257.chapter 257 what else can you be if not an inept physician
258.chapter 258 guidance on pill forging
259.chapter 259 cauldron explosion
260.chapter 260 half zhizun
261.chapter 261 beast taming competition
262.chapter 262 guiding mo yu
263.chapter 263 to the poison hall
264.chapter 264 heavens path disguise art
265.chapter 265 the great herb kings residence
266.chapter 266 physician bai chan
267.chapter 267 butler lu
268.chapter 268 entering the courtyard
269.chapter 269 let me take a look
270.chapter 270 zhang xuans secret art
271.chapter 271 contract gu 2in1
272.chapter 272 i understand
273.chapter 273 whats going on 2in1
274.chapter 274 half zongshi
275.chapter 275 entering the poison hall
276.chapter 276 golden poison heart token
277.chapter 277 another one appears
278.chapter 278 this time were really doomed
279.chapter 279 senior uncle
280.chapter 280 display of strength
281.chapter 281 crimson flame lotus seed
282.chapter 282 heavens path poison art
283.chapter 283 lava beast 2in1
284.chapter 284 go down and beat it up
285.chapter 285 master teacher pavilion here i come
286.chapter 286 tianwu royal city
287.chapter 287 painter guild
288.chapter 288 ji mo gongzi
289.chapter 289 painting through a savage beast 3in1
290.chapter 290 a draw
291.chapter 291 painting of the fifth level done
292.chapter 292 zhao ya and the others arrive
293.chapter 293 he is called zhang xuan
294.chapter 294 sneak attack
295.chapter 295 acknowledge me as your teacher
296.chapter 296 student jiang shu
297.chapter 297 taking liberties with zhao ya
298.chapter 298 framed
299.chapter 299 a beating
300.chapter 300 extorting physician bai
301.chapter 301 the excited ji mo gongzi
302.chapter 302 paying respect to zhang laoshi 2in1
303.chapter 303 master teacher examination begin 2in1
304.chapter 304 no mistake
305.chapter 305 mo hongyi goes into a frenzy
306.chapter 306 the expert
307.chapter 307 how many moves
308.chapter 308 cultivation technique ocean
309.chapter 309 harmonious chiming of the hundred bells
310.chapter 310 this is bad
311.chapter 311 thirty flaws
312.chapter 312 2 star master teacher examination
313.chapter 313 meeting senior
314.chapter 314 soul depth of zero
315.chapter 315 soul depth 101
316.chapter 316 the true test of the house of trust
317.chapter 317 respectful bai chan 2in1
318.chapter 318 hell mode
319.chapter 319 aversion toward studying
320.chapter 320 i can solve their problems
321.chapter 321 you have been recruited
322.chapter 322 mu xueqings countermeasure
323.chapter 323 youre expelled
324.chapter 324 the dumbfounded students
325.chapter 325 the shocked elders
326.chapter 326 three sentences
327.chapter 327 teacher i was wrong
328.chapter 328 brawl of the two ladies
329.chapter 329 duel agreement
330.chapter 330 physician guild
331.chapter 331 challenging the guild leader
332.chapter 332 perfect solution
333.chapter 333 we dont know either
334.chapter 334 guild leader
335.chapter 335 myriad kingdom alliance
336.chapter 336 medicinal herbs obtained
337.chapter 337 raising lu chongs strength
338.chapter 338 zongshi realm heavens path divine art
339.chapter 339 lu chongs deep grudge 1
340.chapter 340 lu chongs deep grudge 2
341.chapter 341 spirit stone
342.chapter 342 imparting sword art
343.chapter 343 solution to the innate fetal poison
344.chapter 344 you are the one who has a problem with your head
345.chapter 345 the viridescent eagle who is willing to be beaten up
346.chapter 346 zhang xuans identity exposed
347.chapter 347 grandmaster physician
348.chapter 348 guardian beast
349.chapter 349 lin clan
350.chapter 350 what illness is it
351.chapter 351 chrysanthemum
352.chapter 352 cured
353.chapter 353 zongshi realm pinnacle
354.chapter 354 come beat me up
355.chapter 355 the promised duel
356.chapter 356 saber intent sword intent 2in1
357.chapter 357 second promised duel 1
358.chapter 358 second promised duel 2
359.chapter 359 apothecary mu
360.chapter 360 wall of pill formulae
361.chapter 361 then you should just take the examination
362.chapter 362 who are you
363.chapter 363 price
364.chapter 364 price three spirit stones 1
365.chapter 365 price three spirit stones 2
366.chapter 366 tenacious lu chong
367.chapter 367 mo hongyi fell into the fecal drain
368.chapter 368 two methods
369.chapter 369 kong shi admits a disciple the student of the sage
370.chapter 370 unwilling to become your student
371.chapter 371 sealing gossip
372.chapter 372 lin lang
373.chapter 373 sorrowful lin lang
374.chapter 374 tianwu kingdoms book collection vault
375.chapter 375 seeking mouse
376.chapter 376 im his teacher
377.chapter 377 lu chongs gratitude
378.chapter 378 physician mu hongs breakdown 1
379.chapter 379 physician mu hongs breakdown 2
380.chapter 380 knocking
381.chapter 381 my students cannot be bullied
382.chapter 382 shadows of a storm
383.chapter 383 then ill beat you until you make up your mind
384.chapter 384 recognized by wang ying
385.chapter 385 zhao ya your sword
386.chapter 386 hall master save me
387.chapter 387 the unreliable hall master
388.chapter 388 formation destroying kick
389.chapter 389 kong shis personal letter
390.chapter 390 spirit blood body nourishment formula
391.chapter 391 these little bastards
392.chapter 392 envoy from the headquarters
393.chapter 393 your name 1
394.chapter 394 your name 2
395.chapter 395 kong shi accept me
396.chapter 396 acknowledgement of the ancestors
397.chapter 397 kong shis statue breaks
398.chapter 398 rejection of the ancestors sorrowful chimes of the bell
399.chapter 399 above the alliance
400.chapter 400 elder
401.chapter 401 paying respects to yang shi
402.chapter 402 unfathomable yang shi 1
403.chapter 403 unfathomable yang shi 2
404.chapter 404 unfathomable yang shi 3
405.chapter 405 the formidable sun qiang
406.chapter 406 slapping the princess consort
407.chapter 407 spirit stones grades
408.chapter 408 direct disciples
409.chapter 409 the crown princes decision
410.chapter 410 finding the old residence
411.chapter 411 he is my teacher
412.chapter 412 avenge him
413.chapter 413 xuanyuan kingdoms strength
414.chapter 414 xuanyuans beast hall
415.chapter 415 ten beasts cage
416.chapter 416 who is it
417.chapter 417 the cute whirlwind wolves
418.chapter 418 tiger head beast
419.chapter 419 seven meridians vicious bear
420.chapter 420 i want to challenge ten beasts cage 1
421.chapter 421 i want to challenge ten beasts cage 2
422.chapter 422 nightmare beast
423.chapter 423 ancient beast language
424.chapter 424 bizarre language 2in1
425.chapter 425 allow me
426.chapter 426 the might of the mysterious language
427.chapter 427 true voice of dragons
428.chapter 428 uncle sun qiang is here 1
429.chapter 429 uncle sun qiang is here 2
430.chapter 430 gu mus teacher is here too 2in1
431.chapter 431 wreaking havoc in xuanyuan kingdom 1 2in1
432.chapter 432 wreaking havoc in xuanyuan kingdom 2
433.chapter 433 bai chen
434.chapter 434 bai chens breakdown
435.chapter 435 the night rain drenches every traveling downstream
436.chapter 436 expelling an army with words 1
437.chapter 437 expelling an army with words 2
438.chapter 438 the great xuanyuan formation
439.chapter 439 lucid mind
440.chapter 440 ding hong 2in1
441.chapter 441 ill make a breakthrough then
442.chapter 442 making breakthroughs as though drinking water reaching new realms like a walk in the park
443.chapter 443 strength of a hundred thousand ding
444.chapter 444 slaying a transcendent mortal
445.chapter 445 raising mo yus cultivation
446.chapter 446 the frenzied mo tianxue
447.chapter 447 soul oracle
448.chapter 448 the levels of transcendent mortal
449.chapter 449 appraiser hall 2in1
450.chapter 450 grave robber
451.chapter 451 spirit calming grass
452.chapter 452 purchasing a herb at an inexpensive price 1
453.chapter 453 purchasing a herb at an inexpensive price 2
454.chapter 454 purchasing a herb at an inexpensive price 3
455.chapter 455 concrete news of the soulless metal humanoid
456.chapter 456 harmonious stream of flowing goblets
457.chapter 457 why dont we make a bet then
458.chapter 458 copper hammer
459.chapter 459 the call of the spirit acknowledgement of the painting
460.chapter 460 poor people have it rough
461.chapter 461 compensation
462.chapter 462 celestial designers mechanical container
463.chapter 463 the auction begins
464.chapter 464 let me give it a try
465.chapter 465 rousing from the drunken dreams
466.chapter 466 our young master is buying it
467.chapter 467 bidding for the soulless metal humanoid 1
468.chapter 468 bidding for the soulless metal humanoid 2
469.chapter 469 i can help you get it out
470.chapter 470 zhang xuans move 2in1
471.chapter 471 do you dare
472.chapter 472 possessing sun qiang
473.chapter 473 nourishment of the oracle soul leap in cultivation
474.chapter 474 the bizarre soulless metal humanoid 1
475.chapter 475 the bizarre soulless metal humanoid 2
476.chapter 476 song chao wishes to guide zhang xuan 1
477.chapter 477 song chao wishes to guide zhang xuan 2
478.chapter 478 formation master guild
479.chapter 479 give me a moment
480.chapter 480 perfect harmony absence of ripples
481.chapter 481 challenging the sea of formations
482.chapter 482 the fearsome illusion formation
483.chapter 483 kick 1
484.chapter 484 kick 2
485.chapter 485 quasi 4 star formation master
486.chapter 486 imperial jade sword acknowledging its master
487.chapter 487 does anyone have a saber
488.chapter 488 self activating sentient formation plate
489.chapter 489 huanyu empire
490.chapter 490 transcendent mortal
491.chapter 491 coax ridge
492.chapter 492 someone is here
493.chapter 493 hall master of the beast hall
494.chapter 494 snatching
495.chapter 495 fearmongering
496.chapter 496 bizarre happenings
497.chapter 497 the pummeled hall master han
498.chapter 498 despairing hall master han
499.chapter 499 taming the demon cinque beast
500.chapter 500 knockout treatment method
501.chapter 501 demon cinque beast breakthrough
502.chapter 502 celestial designer
503.chapter 503 entering the tomb
504.chapter 504 second acknowledgement of the heavens
505.chapter 505 oasis of the mirage deity
506.chapter 506 let me start with a thousand books
507.chapter 507 heavens path soul art
508.chapter 508 i can teach you
509.chapter 509 the deceived soul oracle
510.chapter 510 seven hearts underworld lotus
511.chapter 511 the truth of the incident
512.chapter 512 flying i can do it
513.chapter 513 the method to save lu chong
514.chapter 514 but they are both men
515.chapter 515 zhao feiwus true identity
516.chapter 516 alliance head
517.chapter 517 the reckless demon cinque beast
518.chapter 518 the depressed zhang xuan
519.chapter 519 herbologist clans
520.chapter 520 impossible to guard against
521.chapter 521 herb field
522.chapter 522 completely helpless
523.chapter 523 are you a pig
524.chapter 524 treating the spirit vine
525.chapter 525 nurturing soulrouse grass success
526.chapter 526 selection round
527.chapter 527 pavilion master kang
528.chapter 528 three questions
529.chapter 529 what are you standing there for go and pour me a cup of water
530.chapter 530 he is a celestial master teacher
531.chapter 531 i am that dolt
532.chapter 532 the selection begins
533.chapter 533 demonic tune of psychosis
534.chapter 534 elder wus complete breakdown 1
535.chapter 535 elder wus complete breakdown 2
536.chapter 536 first from the bottom 3in1
537.chapter 537 continuity of spiritual wisdom
538.chapter 538 first up zhang xuan
539.chapter 539 return my bird
540.chapter 540 ill just draw another one for you
541.chapter 541 nine swords of scarlet lotus
542.chapter 542 elder hongs terror
543.chapter 543 forfeit
544.chapter 544 insufficient supporting occupations
545.chapter 545 yin yang lake
546.chapter 546 elder hu
547.chapter 547 ruohuan on the verge of crying
548.chapter 548 origin flame glacier plain
549.chapter 549 ill give you one chance
550.chapter 550 neither male nor female
551.chapter 551 zhang xuans shady dealing 2in1
552.chapter 552 court chief wu making a move 2in1
553.chapter 553 the shy zhang xuan
554.chapter 554 compensation
555.chapter 555 the glacier plain
556.chapter 556 zhao yas departure 1
557.chapter 557 zhao yas departure 2
558.chapter 558 ding hongs scheme
559.chapter 559 ding hongs condition
560.chapter 560 greed drives a humans heart
561.chapter 561 sun qiang evicts
562.chapter 562 returning to myriad kingdom city
563.chapter 563 attack 2in1
564.chapter 564 descending from the heavens
565.chapter 565 i pronounce all of you guilty 2in1
566.chapter 566 invincible
567.chapter 567 transcendent mortal 3 dan pinnacle 2in1
568.chapter 568 forging the clone
569.chapter 569 mo gaoyuan seeks an audience
570.chapter 570 yang shis disappointment
571.chapter 571 yang shi i was wrong
572.chapter 572 lu chong awakens
573.chapter 573 lu chongs peculiarity
574.chapter 574 prize of the tournament
575.chapter 575 rules of the tournament
576.chapter 576 ghost domain illusory city
577.chapter 577 can it be fixed
578.chapter 578 the fearsome otherwordly demonic tribe
579.chapter 579 zhang xuan in a daze
580.chapter 580 kill yourself
581.chapter 581 the test is on reading books
582.chapter 582 daze book reading technique
583.chapter 583 book of emptied river
584.chapter 584 spiritual perception book reading technique
585.chapter 585 celestial chess
586.chapter 586 failure
587.chapter 587 dueling round begins
588.chapter 588 challenging fist art
589.chapter 589 accidentally used too much force
590.chapter 590 zhao feiwus analysis
591.chapter 591 a supernatural occurrence
592.chapter 592 beguiling 1
593.chapter 593 beguiling 2
594.chapter 594 duel of beast taming
595.chapter 595 what are you feigning death for
596.chapter 596 sword duel
597.chapter 597 imparting sword art
598.chapter 598 duel of knowledge impartation
599.chapter 599 give me a moment ill go make some breakthroughs first
600.chapter 600 finals 1
601.chapter 601 finals 2
602.chapter 602 combat soul constitution
603.chapter 603 lecture 1
604.chapter 604 lecture 2
605.chapter 605 capital of huanyu empire
606.chapter 606 obstruction
607.chapter 607 and they all fell down
608.chapter 608 master teacher confrontation
609.chapter 609 hong shis conditions
610.chapter 610 mystical treasure hall
611.chapter 611 inner core of great river snake
612.chapter 612 challenging the stone pillars
613.chapter 613 a bet with sixth young mistress
614.chapter 614 taking you in as my maid
615.chapter 615 princess fei er
616.chapter 616 can this even be called pill forging 2in1
617.chapter 617 first flaw
618.chapter 618 i wish to acknowledge you as my teacher
619.chapter 619 limit revolving pill forging technique
620.chapter 620 your teacher zhang xuan
621.chapter 621 crown princes residence
622.chapter 622 late
623.chapter 623 two different evaluations
624.chapter 624 greeting gift
625.chapter 625 zhang xuans indignation
626.chapter 626 luo zhao on the verge of insanity
627.chapter 627 what else do you have to say
628.chapter 628 rules for the distribution of slots
629.chapter 629 one sided pummeling
630.chapter 630 guiding hong shi
631.chapter 631 lake eye
632.chapter 632 ill challenge all of you
633.chapter 633 fighting with his eyes closed
634.chapter 634 combat master
635.chapter 635 paying respect to zhang laoshi
636.chapter 636 silence restraint
637.chapter 637 library of yellows path
638.chapter 638 unlucky wu zhen 1
639.chapter 639 unlucky wu zhen 2
640.chapter 640 cheating
641.chapter 641 frenzied absorption
642.chapter 642 zhang xuan is dead
643.chapter 643 zhang xuan losing his first kiss
644.chapter 644 crawling back in
645.chapter 645 physical body too weak
646.chapter 646 a shoe
647.chapter 647 yang shi reappears
648.chapter 648 verdant mountain
649.chapter 649 heartthrob
650.chapter 650 saving her
651.chapter 651 consonance of soul and body
652.chapter 652 consonant spirit realm pinnacle
653.chapter 653 attracting spirit beasts
654.chapter 654 wu yangzi
655.chapter 655 formation destroying silver needle
656.chapter 656 underground chamber
657.chapter 657 two stone tablets
658.chapter 658 indecipherable
659.chapter 659 be careful
660.chapter 660 another bet
661.chapter 661 an arm
662.chapter 662 miscalculated
663.chapter 663 crimson blaze cauldron
664.chapter 664 zhang xuan sets up a formation
665.chapter 665 heavens path smith art
666.chapter 666 weapon smithing 1
667.chapter 667 weapon smithing 2
668.chapter 668 third acknowledgement of celestial master teacher
669.chapter 669 mind of void
670.chapter 670 genocide
671.chapter 671 slaying the puppet
672.chapter 672 quintuple incandescence golden body
673.chapter 673 as good as dead
674.chapter 674 finding yu fei er
675.chapter 675 beating heart
676.chapter 676 reduced to a lump of meat
677.chapter 677 thank you zhang xuan
678.chapter 678 zhang xuan is dead again
679.chapter 679 my name is vicious
680.chapter 680 please trust me
681.chapter 681 qin zhong
682.chapter 682 zhang xuan appears
683.chapter 683 can you fly
684.chapter 684 reunion with hall master han
685.chapter 685 you know the beast language
686.chapter 686 eight notes of heavenly dragons
687.chapter 687 i am done studying it
688.chapter 688 hall master qin
689.chapter 689 still alive
690.chapter 690 saving the draconic granite beast
691.chapter 691 great violetwing beast submits
692.chapter 692 rules of the master teacher academy
693.chapter 693 salvage the situation
694.chapter 694 a single finger
695.chapter 695 defeated with a single finger
696.chapter 696 king huai manor
697.chapter 697 scram
698.chapter 698 yuan taos heritage
699.chapter 699 zhang xuans physical body
700.chapter 700 repaying malice with benevolence
701.chapter 701 bazaar
702.chapter 702 exchange
703.chapter 703 the complete red dust heaven ascending steps
704.chapter 704 the start of the entrance examination
705.chapter 705 betting
706.chapter 706 elder mo
707.chapter 707 start of the hunt
708.chapter 708 to rescue or not to rescue
709.chapter 709 hundred flags of void sealing
710.chapter 710 barging into the beguilement formation
711.chapter 711 tamed
712.chapter 712 myriad anthive queen
713.chapter 713 taming the anthive queen
714.chapter 714 byzantium helios beast
715.chapter 715 poor brother yu
716.chapter 716 rip him a new one
717.chapter 717 the miserable byzantium helios beast
718.chapter 718 storing in the storage ring
719.chapter 719 brother yus harvest
720.chapter 720 zhang xuans loss
721.chapter 721 you are zhang shi
722.chapter 722 forty thousand points
723.chapter 723 elder mo accepting a disciple
724.chapter 724 the selfless zhang xuan
725.chapter 725 giving out points
726.chapter 726 luo ruoxin
727.chapter 727 elite sector
728.chapter 728 three great geniuses looking for trouble
729.chapter 729 blacksmith school
730.chapter 730 the importance of academic credits
731.chapter 731 chamber of earth flame
732.chapter 732 second incandescence
733.chapter 733 you still have the cheek to ask for academic credits
734.chapter 734 my teacher yang xuan
735.chapter 735 repairing the passageway
736.chapter 736 goner
737.chapter 737 consulting the school head
738.chapter 738 golden armored cloak
739.chapter 739 his name is zhang xuan
740.chapter 740 meritorious
741.chapter 741 i am not a blacksmith yet
742.chapter 742 taking the blacksmith examination
743.chapter 743 is it too late to practice
744.chapter 744 attempting the 6 star blacksmith examination
745.chapter 745 accepting you as my teachers disciple
746.chapter 746 zhang xuans flaw
747.chapter 747 return of the innate fetal poison
748.chapter 748 spirit emporium
749.chapter 749 fatal danger
750.chapter 750 who are you
751.chapter 751 grandteacher
752.chapter 752 zhang xuan buys an artifact
753.chapter 753 these are all fakes
754.chapter 754 these are all fakes 2
755.chapter 755 where are my artifacts
756.chapter 756 all mine
757.chapter 757 taming the boss
758.chapter 758 returning to the academy
759.chapter 759 ashen moon faction
760.chapter 760 meeting the white robed lady once more
761.chapter 761 you are a teacher
762.chapter 762 library of heavens path upgraded 1
763.chapter 763 library of heavens path upgraded 2
764.chapter 764 hu yaoyao
765.chapter 765 negotiations
766.chapter 766 the price of the origin heavy water
767.chapter 767 i saw zhang xuan
768.chapter 768 terpsichore school
769.chapter 769 night at the terpsichore compendium pavilion
770.chapter 770 6 star terpsichore
771.chapter 771 the foolish deeds of the body
772.chapter 772 dance of the rippling cloud robe
773.chapter 773 poor
774.chapter 774 hu yaoyaos invitation
775.chapter 775 luo qiqi faints
776.chapter 776 bewitching devil
777.chapter 777 she was the one taking advantage of me
778.chapter 778 apprentice hu yaoyao
779.chapter 779 establishing a faction
780.chapter 780 why dont you stay as our gatekeeper
781.chapter 781 imparting a saber art maneuver
782.chapter 782 wretched competition
783.chapter 783 challenging zhang shi
784.chapter 784 zhang shi isnt yours too short
785.chapter 785 the true spear art
786.chapter 786 xue zhenyangs determination
787.chapter 787 wei changfengs daughter
788.chapter 788 metastasis of the innate fetal poison
789.chapter 789 poison soul constitution
790.chapter 790 ten leafed flower
791.chapter 791 price
792.chapter 792 its yours
793.chapter 793 zheng yang accepts a disciple
794.chapter 794 the excited xue zhenyang
795.chapter 795 nothing must happen to you
796.chapter 796 for what
797.chapter 797 this is a fathers love
798.chapter 798 earth vein spirit essence
799.chapter 799 breakthrough to perfect harmonization realm
800.chapter 800 zheng yang lectures
801.chapter 801 xu changqings shock
802.chapter 802 im not selling it anymore
803.chapter 803 a hundred thousand academic credits
804.chapter 804 sun yuans mental breakdown
805.chapter 805 life and death physician duel
806.chapter 806 movements from all fronts
807.chapter 807 you xus eyes reddened
808.chapter 808 content of the duel
809.chapter 809 cheers feel free
810.chapter 810 zhang xuans poison
811.chapter 811 busybody
812.chapter 812 seniority
813.chapter 813 unfilial disciple hurry up and pay respects to your grandteacher
814.chapter 814 so he was the one who bought the manor
815.chapter 815 hu yaoyaos true identity
816.chapter 816 going to the apothecary school to play
817.chapter 817 the exodus
818.chapter 818 even they have fled
819.chapter 819 lu fengs frenzy
820.chapter 820 the downfall of the apothecary school 2in1
821.chapter 821 quasi 6 star apothecary
822.chapter 822 phoenix timber core
823.chapter 823 attainment of six cranes
824.chapter 824 fly divine cranes
825.chapter 825 demonic tunist examination 2in1
826.chapter 826 5 star demonic tunist
827.chapter 827 zither dissension of the cranes
828.chapter 828 byzantium helios beast found
829.chapter 829 i am the old principals tamed beast
830.chapter 830 byzantium helios beast acknowledges its master
831.chapter 831 zhang xuan i shall crush you utterly
832.chapter 832 saint ascension platform
833.chapter 833 ancient secret
834.chapter 834 saint ascension circle
835.chapter 835 cornering
836.chapter 836 collapse of the saint ascension platform
837.chapter 837 folded space
838.chapter 838 meeting kong shi once more
839.chapter 839 return to hongyuan city
840.chapter 840 zhang xuan is my teacher
841.chapter 841 byzantium helios beasts breakthrough
842.chapter 842 byzantium lad explain it to them
843.chapter 843 who is your teacher
844.chapter 844 i am yang xuan
845.chapter 845 i nominate zhang xuan to be the principal
846.chapter 846 principal zhang
847.chapter 847 yu fei ers invitation
848.chapter 848 wei ruyans state
849.chapter 849 pill mist
850.chapter 850 bodhi saint tree
851.chapter 851 scarlet firefly fruit
852.chapter 852 wu yangzis treasure
853.chapter 853 banquet
854.chapter 854 shen jun
855.chapter 855 thousand tempering soul refinement art
856.chapter 856 advancement in soul cultivation
857.chapter 857 who is the principal
858.chapter 858 zhang xuan rejected
859.chapter 859 yu shenqings suspicions
860.chapter 860 clash of demonic tunists
861.chapter 861 he is the principal
862.chapter 862 yu shenqings regret
863.chapter 863 sabertooth spirit tiger
864.chapter 864 someone before us
865.chapter 865 crossing hands
866.chapter 866 zhang xuans prowess
867.chapter 867 i can use any means at my disposal
868.chapter 868 breakthrough chrysalis realm
869.chapter 869 still a human
870.chapter 870 selling the spirit essence
871.chapter 871 breakthroughs
872.chapter 872 the bodhi saint tree is dying
873.chapter 873 burn it 1
874.chapter 874 burn it 2
875.chapter 875 problem with the myriad anthive nest
876.chapter 876 master teacher
877.chapter 877 heart of a teacher
878.chapter 878 returning to cloudmist ridge
879.chapter 879 zhang xuans means 1
880.chapter 880 zhang xuans means 2
881.chapter 881 you come out for a moment
882.chapter 882 tribute
883.chapter 883 the powerful golden beartiger beast
884.chapter 884 zhang xuans change
885.chapter 885 a single finger
886.chapter 886 i am also vicious
887.chapter 887 the wealth of the golden beartiger beast
888.chapter 888 sinned
889.chapter 889 wei ruyans awakening
890.chapter 890 the reason behind the old principals death
891.chapter 891 the four emperors
892.chapter 892 requirements for the 6 star master teacher examination
893.chapter 893 teaching zhang xuan a lesson
894.chapter 894 he is the principal
895.chapter 895 challenging the principal
896.chapter 896 fight among students
897.chapter 897 the master teacher academys shock 1
898.chapter 898 the master teacher academys shock 2
899.chapter 899 inviting the predecessors
900.chapter 900 wont you allow me to pummel you
901.chapter 901 go ahead
902.chapter 902 even donkeys have gone insane
903.chapter 903 forming the principals seal
904.chapter 904 from today onward i am the principal
905.chapter 905 he looked at me
906.chapter 906 it wasnt just a look
907.chapter 907 entering the seventh level
908.chapter 908 the frustrated puppet
909.chapter 909 the ninth floor
910.chapter 910 zhang xuans defeat
911.chapter 911 saint ascension decipher
912.chapter 912 grades of origin cores
913.chapter 913 cultivating the saint ascension decipher
914.chapter 914 reconstructing the cultivation technique
915.chapter 915 time to study
916.chapter 916 chrysalis realm pinnacle
917.chapter 917 another breakthrough half saint reached
918.chapter 918 bodhi seed
919.chapter 919 shen jun burst into tears
920.chapter 920 returning to the myriad kingdom alliance
921.chapter 921 zhang xuans valiant stature
922.chapter 922 meeting zhao feiwu once more
923.chapter 923 6 star master teacher
924.chapter 924 the four principals
925.chapter 925 zhang xuan returns
926.chapter 926 premature commencement of the combat master selection
927.chapter 927 i will give you three minutes
928.chapter 928 masochists
929.chapter 929 compensation
930.chapter 930 impartation ahead of the battle
931.chapter 931 the representatives from the combat master hall arrive
932.chapter 932 the selection process
933.chapter 933 zhu jian makes a move
934.chapter 934 chen zhu
935.chapter 935 crippling with a kick
936.chapter 936 how can we continue the test
937.chapter 937 stone of true breath
938.chapter 938 the invincible zheng yang 1
939.chapter 939 the invincible zheng yang 2
940.chapter 940 the invincible zheng yang 3
941.chapter 941 the lecture ends
942.chapter 942 all cleared
943.chapter 943 the stifled combat masters
944.chapter 944 news on the innate fetal poison
945.chapter 945 circumstances shrouding the mausoleum tablet
946.chapter 946 entering the subterranean gallery
947.chapter 947 dont have to say anything more
948.chapter 948 master i am tough
949.chapter 949 who called for me
950.chapter 950 ingrate
951.chapter 951 the real and the fake goldenleaf king 1
952.chapter 952 the real and the fake goldenleaf king 2
953.chapter 953 the real and the fake goldenleaf king 3
954.chapter 954 trust zhang xuan
955.chapter 955 raising the strength of the puppets
956.chapter 956 on the verge of tears the goldenleaf king
957.chapter 957 breakthrough nascent saint
958.chapter 958 grade 7 formation plate
959.chapter 959 secret code
960.chapter 960 annihilation
961.chapter 961 lu feng and the master teachers shock
962.chapter 962 second group from the combat master hall arrives
963.chapter 963 we are from the xuanxuan faction
964.chapter 964 progeny of combat
965.chapter 965 dragon gate formation
966.chapter 966 zhang laoshis students 1
967.chapter 967 zhang laoshis students 2
968.chapter 968 zhang laoshis students 3
969.chapter 969 returning to the surface
970.chapter 970 mu shi returns
971.chapter 971 dealing with you xu
972.chapter 972 seniority
973.chapter 973 defeating zhuo shi with a single finger
974.chapter 974 wu shis embarrassment
975.chapter 975 zhang xuan wants to organize an exchange visit
976.chapter 976 arriving at the xuanxuan faction
977.chapter 977 combat masters
978.chapter 978 jingyuan city
979.chapter 979 poisoning
980.chapter 980 sepulture flower
981.chapter 981 eccentric old man
982.chapter 982 green spittle poison
983.chapter 983 curing the poison
984.chapter 984 city lord
985.chapter 985 pummeling your teacher
986.chapter 986 waterleaf king
987.chapter 987 city lord manor
988.chapter 988 lifebound venomous bug
989.chapter 989 poison match
990.chapter 990 tastes not bad
991.chapter 991 the crazed violetleaf king
992.chapter 992 the violetleaf king submits
993.chapter 993 heading to the poison hall
994.chapter 994 the poison master examination
995.chapter 995 hongyuan empire poison hall
996.chapter 996 sneaking in 1
997.chapter 997 sneaking in 2
998.chapter 998 the invincible zhang xuan 1
999.chapter 999 the invincible zhang xuan 2
1000.chapter 1000 my precious
1001.chapter 1001 how noisy
1002.chapter 1002 irreconcilable
1003.chapter 1003 i am your founder
1004.chapter 1004 paying respects to the founder
1005.chapter 1005 envoy from the poison hall headquarters
1006.chapter 1006 poison master bai visits
1007.chapter 1007 beguiling poison master bai
1008.chapter 1008 wei ruyans treatment method
1009.chapter 1009 making arrangements for wei ruyan
1010.chapter 1010 death of the hall master
1011.chapter 1011 earthleaf king
1012.chapter 1012 hu yunshengs horror
1013.chapter 1013 luo ruoxins request
1014.chapter 1014 firesource city
1015.chapter 1015 i can give it a try
1016.chapter 1016 zhang xuan breaks the seal 1
1017.chapter 1017 zhang xuan breaks the seal 2
1018.chapter 1018 theres no need to tense up it will be over once i put it in a little
1019.chapter 1019 holding hands
1020.chapter 1020 violetgilt metal
1021.chapter 1021 the despicable sun jin
1022.chapter 1022 causing trouble
1023.chapter 1023 twisted
1024.chapter 1024 you are principal zhang
1025.chapter 1025 master teachers arent to be deceived
1026.chapter 1026 reforging the golden origin cauldron
1027.chapter 1027 i went easy on you just now
1028.chapter 1028 opening of the ancient domain
1029.chapter 1029 the fearsome lava 1
1030.chapter 1030 the fearsome lava 2
1031.chapter 1031 entering the lava
1032.chapter 1032 great heaven reversal formation
1033.chapter 1033 the appearance of the ancient domain
1034.chapter 1034 crushed to death
1035.chapter 1035 cinque sun branch
1036.chapter 1036 quintuple incandescence golden body fifth incandescence
1037.chapter 1037 the frenzied luo ruoxin
1038.chapter 1038 how big
1039.chapter 1039 unbounded voyager 1
1040.chapter 1040 unbounded voyager 2
1041.chapter 1041 secret art
1042.chapter 1042 acknowledge me as your teacher and i will teach you
1043.chapter 1043 field of lightning
1044.chapter 1044 ancient sage qiu wu
1045.chapter 1045 soul tempering through lightning
1046.chapter 1046 lightning elemental orb
1047.chapter 1047 the fearsome stoneleaf king
1048.chapter 1048 he is a celestial master teacher
1049.chapter 1049 an alliance of blood
1050.chapter 1050 jadeleaf king
1051.chapter 1051 killing one another
1052.chapter 1052 fudging
1053.chapter 1053 slaying the jadeleaf king
1054.chapter 1054 black sandstorm of oblivion
1055.chapter 1055 luo ruoxins suggestion
1056.chapter 1056 trap
1057.chapter 1057 illusory slaughter formation
1058.chapter 1058 you are the skyleaf king 1
1059.chapter 1059 you are the skyleaf king 2
1060.chapter 1060 jiang yuan
1061.chapter 1061 the skyleaf king appears
1062.chapter 1062 him
1063.chapter 1063 zhang xuans confession
1064.chapter 1064 you are a good man
1065.chapter 1065 the scarletleaf king coughs blood
1066.chapter 1066 fusing the maps
1067.chapter 1067 the depths of the ancient domain
1068.chapter 1068 the ancient sage appears
1069.chapter 1069 would you believe me
1070.chapter 1070 heavenly demon great sorrow palm
1071.chapter 1071 crossing palms
1072.chapter 1072 ancient sage qiu wu dissipates from shock again
1073.chapter 1073 meeting the skyleaf king once more
1074.chapter 1074 we cant escape
1075.chapter 1075 celestial saint i can give it a try
1076.chapter 1076 he slaughtered nine of them
1077.chapter 1077 yo
1078.chapter 1078 pose and you will be struck by lightning
1079.chapter 1079 what are those things
1080.chapter 1080 i want to become a celestial saint
1081.chapter 1081 exchange
1082.chapter 1082 you are blocking me from watching zhang xuan pose
1083.chapter 1083 celestial saint ordeal
1084.chapter 1084 i am a really good teacher
1085.chapter 1085 luo ruoxins strength
1086.chapter 1086 you are kong shi
1087.chapter 1087 kong shis warning
1088.chapter 1088 luo ruoxins identity
1089.chapter 1089 not even able to withstand a single blow
1090.chapter 1090 poison hall headquarters
1091.chapter 1091 tome of poison legacy
1092.chapter 1092 the founder arrives
1093.chapter 1093 spare me founder 1
1094.chapter 1094 spare me founder 2
1095.chapter 1095 spirit awakener
1096.chapter 1096 vice guild leader xu
1097.chapter 1097 i hate it when others pose before me
1098.chapter 1098 taking the spirit awakener examination
1099.chapter 1099 the lively guild
1100.chapter 1100 i really want to keep a low profile
1101.chapter 1101 is your xuanxuan faction still recruiting 1
1102.chapter 1102 is your xuanxuan faction still recruiting 2
1103.chapter 1103 the xuanxuan faction has taken our men in
1104.chapter 1104 even the division heads have jumped ships
1105.chapter 1105 roughly four hours
1106.chapter 1106 the stifled hall master xing
1107.chapter 1107 cang xu
1108.chapter 1108 pummeling the guild
1109.chapter 1109 huge trouble
1110.chapter 1110 truly impressive
1111.chapter 1111 what a long rift
1112.chapter 1112 hall master xing has been eaten
1113.chapter 1113 what a dark color
1114.chapter 1114 cang xus vengeance
1115.chapter 1115 taming the inner demons
1116.chapter 1116 altering the sutra
1117.chapter 1117 danger danger
1118.chapter 1118 zhang xuan crushes the trio
1119.chapter 1119 zhang xuan imparts a technique
1120.chapter 1120 hall master xings doubts
1121.chapter 1121 elder qi
1122.chapter 1122 trial of inner breath
1123.chapter 1123 a score of 100
1124.chapter 1124 too long too long
1125.chapter 1125 teacher thank you for your guidance
1126.chapter 1126 grand constellation finger
1127.chapter 1127 eleven breaths
1128.chapter 1128 division head fengs misery
1129.chapter 1129 saint 2 dan heavens path divine art
1130.chapter 1130 knock his teeth out
1131.chapter 1131 spiritual perception realm
1132.chapter 1132 three days later
1133.chapter 1133 he did it first
1134.chapter 1134
1135.chapter 1135 what i am the big trouble
1136.chapter 1136
1137.chapter 1137 zhang xuan039s true aptitude
1138.chapter 1138 departure
1139.chapter 1139
1140.chapter 1140 zhang xuan visits a courtesan house 1
1141.chapter 1141 zhang xuan visits a courtesan house 2
1142.chapter 1142 im willing to offer a dance to you
1143.chapter 1143 wei ranxues senior
1144.chapter 1144 news on sun qiang
1145.chapter 1145 landscaper
1146.chapter 1146 king zhongqing
1147.chapter 1147 tian qing
1148.chapter 1148 wreaking havoc in the king manor
1149.chapter 1149 pummeling the vice pavilion head
1150.chapter 1150
1151.chapter 1151 what a huge pit
1152.chapter 1152 an irrefutable argument
1153.chapter 1153 meeting elder xu once more
1154.chapter 1154 wu shis analysis
1155.chapter 1155 i like you
1156.chapter 1156 zhang jiuxiao
1157.chapter 1157 news on luo ruoxin
1158.chapter 1158 heart tempering bridge
1159.chapter 1159 you can do it
1160.chapter 1160 bail
1161.chapter 1161 chen zhes death
1162.chapter 1162 the poisoned king zhongqing
1163.chapter 1163
1164.chapter 1164 evocative vividness
1165.chapter 1165 the proud zhang jiuxiao
1166.chapter 1166 durians
1167.chapter 1167 the ink slab wont grind itself
1168.chapter 1168 kong shi039s silhouette
1169.chapter 1169 bathing beauties
1170.chapter 1170 a visit in the night 1
1171.chapter 1171 a visit in the night 2
1172.chapter 1172 the engagement
1173.chapter 1173 entering the qiu wu palace
1174.chapter 1174 heavenly art of dimension unravel
1175.chapter 1175 all at once
1176.chapter 1176 infinitesimal maneuver
1177.chapter 1177 eccentric training regimes
1178.chapter 1178 today one of us shall fall
1179.chapter 1179 it seems he is called zhang xuan
1180.chapter 1180 zhang xuan vs zhang jiuxiao
1181.chapter 1181 you think i dare not pummel you
1182.chapter 1182 the legendary palm art that descends from the heavens
1183.chapter 1183 no
1184.chapter 1184 pavilion master gou admits defeat
1185.chapter 1185 pavilion crashing success
1186.chapter 1186 7 star master teacher
1187.chapter 1187 arrest
1188.chapter 1188 tian qing039s death
1189.chapter 1189 is someone thinking about me
1190.chapter 1190 the demands of the copper masked figure
1191.chapter 1191 i am the qingtian emperor
1192.chapter 1192 a knife to me a knife to you
1193.chapter 1193 are you looking for me
1194.chapter 1194 an eye
1195.chapter 1195 celestial amulet of legacy
1196.chapter 1196
1197.chapter 1197 pah pah pah
1198.chapter 1198 xuanxuan faction luo qiqi
1199.chapter 1199 decree of the progeny of combat
1200.chapter 1200 spirit reinforcing pill
1201.chapter 1201
1202.chapter 1202 saint 3 dan pinnacle
1203.chapter 1203 crisis at the master teacher pavilion
1204.chapter 1204 the blacksmith guild
1205.chapter 1205 master lin jie
1206.chapter 1206 chu xiang smiths
1207.chapter 1207 leaving aperture ordeal
1208.chapter 1208 yu fei er039s resolve and pride
1209.chapter 1209 heading to the marshlands of the northern meadows
1210.chapter 1210 ji tianxiong
1211.chapter 1211 hall master xings leaving aperture ordeal
1212.chapter 1212 the emergence of the ghost cavern
1213.chapter 1213 encountering inner demons once more
1214.chapter 1214 trapped
1215.chapter 1215 encirclement
1216.chapter 1216 crimson emerald duplet swordsmanship
1217.chapter 1217 cherry popping
1218.chapter 1218 art of cloning
1219.chapter 1219 the qingtian emperor bursts into tears
1220.chapter 1220 listen to me
1221.chapter 1221 brain and eyes
1222.chapter 1222 teacher loves you
1223.chapter 1223 celestial designer lock
1224.chapter 1224 releasing vicious
1225.chapter 1225 the eccentric teacher and student
1226.chapter 1226 liu yang039s crisis 1
1227.chapter 1227 liu yang039s crisis 2
1228.chapter 1228 castrate that emperor 1
1229.chapter 1229 castrate that emperor 2
1230.chapter 1230 flee
1231.chapter 1231 rise and shine
1232.chapter 1232 possession
1233.chapter 1233 returning to qingyuan city
1234.chapter 1234 public execution
1235.chapter 1235 raiding the execution platform
1236.chapter 1236 i039ll choke you with my words
1237.chapter 1237 sever it
1238.chapter 1238 are you still suckling milk
1239.chapter 1239 save the people
1240.chapter 1240 the furious song xuan
1241.chapter 1241 heavenly impartation of mentor039s calligraphy
1242.chapter 1242 why are you playing dead
1243.chapter 1243 the noble zhang shi
1244.chapter 1244 zhang shi is conducting a lecture
1245.chapter 1245 honorary elder
1246.chapter 1246 ji ruochen
1247.chapter 1247 the guide arrives
1248.chapter 1248 the two listening in students
1249.chapter 1249 i shall assess him personally
1250.chapter 1250 zhang xuan imparts an ultimate technique 1
1251.chapter 1251 zhang xuan imparts an ultimate technique 2
1252.chapter 1252 you said that i am from the zhang clan
1253.chapter 1253 qianchong empire
1254.chapter 1254 scapegoating
1255.chapter 1255 how can zhang shi be that weak
1256.chapter 1256 my weapon is a little heavy
1257.chapter 1257 sick from spinning
1258.chapter 1258 please guide me along
1259.chapter 1259 give him plenty of it
1260.chapter 1260 gambling with your life
1261.chapter 1261 trading for spirit stones
1262.chapter 1262 annal of bedstead disquisition
1263.chapter 1263 hong yang
1264.chapter 1264 in the ring 1
1265.chapter 1265 on the ring 2
1266.chapter 1266 my heart really can039t take it anymore
1267.chapter 1267 a shocking bet
1268.chapter 1268 beating up the boss
1269.chapter 1269 the voice in the mist
1270.chapter 1270 dominion
1271.chapter 1271 caged battle royale
1272.chapter 1272 sword lagoon
1273.chapter 1273 heavens path sword art
1274.chapter 1274 the strong can do as they please
1275.chapter 1275 chaotic palace beguilement formation
1276.chapter 1276 insane demon breakthrough pill
1277.chapter 1277 poison needles
1278.chapter 1278 ji lingzhen
1279.chapter 1279 movements from all fronts
1280.chapter 1280 five minutes
1281.chapter 1281 sword quintessence
1282.chapter 1282 i wont be learning them anymore
1283.chapter 1283 three swords of lingxu
1284.chapter 1284 taming of the swords
1285.chapter 1285 the results are voided
1286.chapter 1286 ruoxin here i come
1287.chapter 1287 ancient sage bo shang
1288.chapter 1288 zhang qian
1289.chapter 1289 im in a rush for time
1290.chapter 1290 chen leyaos attitude
1291.chapter 1291 zhao xingmos mental breakdown
1292.chapter 1292 zhang xuan039s decision
1293.chapter 1293 top five
1294.chapter 1294 a royal harem of 3000
1295.chapter 1295 do you want to be the sanctum head
1296.chapter 1296 divine eyes of the ninth netherworld
1297.chapter 1297 are you suffering from achromatopsia
1298.chapter 1298 sage kui039s dilemma
1299.chapter 1299 end of the examination
1300.chapter 1300 elite division
1301.chapter 1301 being able to sleep is an important skill
1302.chapter 1302 challenging zhang xuan
1303.chapter 1303 the strength of the zhang clans bloodline
1304.chapter 1304 make a breakthrough while im at it
1305.chapter 1305 hes bathing
1306.chapter 1306 wave treading stride
1307.chapter 1307 here comes my sword sheath
1308.chapter 1308 accommodation
1309.chapter 1309 vicious039 awakening
1310.chapter 1310 the king of destruction 1
1311.chapter 1311 king of destruction 2
1312.chapter 1312
1313.chapter 1313 your sister
1314.chapter 1314 reunion
1315.chapter 1315 corridor of puppets
1316.chapter 1316 banzai
1317.chapter 1317 i didn039t do it on purpose
1318.chapter 1318 continue with the trials
1319.chapter 1319 sounds a little inauspicuous
1320.chapter 1320 challenging the jia corridor
1321.chapter 1321 unless you are the sanctum head
1322.chapter 1322 hierarchy among sage clans
1323.chapter 1323 all wrong
1324.chapter 1324 a strand of hair
1325.chapter 1325 a strand to shatter the sword
1326.chapter 1326 classifications of quintessence 1
1327.chapter 1327 classifications of quintessence 2
1328.chapter 1328 it039s time to show some real skills
1329.chapter 1329 the stifled qin jiansheng
1330.chapter 1330 let everything collapse 1
1331.chapter 1331 let everything collapse 2
1332.chapter 1332 self introduction
1333.chapter 1333 offering pointers to chen leyao
1334.chapter 1334 chen leyaos breakthrough
1335.chapter 1335 fei shis warning
1336.chapter 1336 luo xuanqing visits
1337.chapter 1337 a group of eccentrics 1
1338.chapter 1338 a group of eccentrics 2
1339.chapter 1339 what an easy lightning ordeal
1340.chapter 1340 this is my leaving aperture ordeal
1341.chapter 1341 charging into the lightning
1342.chapter 1342 the lightning tribulation escapes
1343.chapter 1343 treasure finders
1344.chapter 1344 the zhang clan039s secret 1
1345.chapter 1345 the zhang clan039s secret 2
1346.chapter 1346 killing intent
1347.chapter 1347 zhang xuan the formation master
1348.chapter 1348 i am a physician
1349.chapter 1349 soulbinding golden bead
1350.chapter 1350 i039ll poison him to death
1351.chapter 1351 the shameless zhang clan
1352.chapter 1352 i039ll accept your challenge
1353.chapter 1353 give him a taste of the floor
1354.chapter 1354 the strength of the netherworld azure dragon beast
1355.chapter 1355 one on one
1356.chapter 1356 distorted space
1357.chapter 1357 why aren039t you my brother in law
1358.chapter 1358 3 dan heavenly art of dimension unravel
1359.chapter 1359 zhang xuan got beaten up
1360.chapter 1360 vine
1361.chapter 1361 you poisoned the wine
1362.chapter 1362 luo xuanqing039s breakthrough
1363.chapter 1363 looped space
1364.chapter 1364 you again
1365.chapter 1365 collapse of the ancient domain
1366.chapter 1366 let me teach you
1367.chapter 1367 i039ll take you there
1368.chapter 1368 shrine of seers
1369.chapter 1369 voyeur
1370.chapter 1370 sage xis tortoiseshell
1371.chapter 1371 the tragic elder feng
1372.chapter 1372 how can a man say that hes unable to do it
1373.chapter 1373 changes in the library of heaven039s path
1374.chapter 1374 luo xuanqing runs amok
1375.chapter 1375 luo ruoxin is under house arrest
1376.chapter 1376 the dancing golem
1377.chapter 1377 luo xuanqing039s dimension sundering ordeal
1378.chapter 1378 the shameless gourd
1379.chapter 1379 no one is worthy of her
1380.chapter 1380 only the blind would be interested in you
1381.chapter 1381 crossing hands with feng ziyi
1382.chapter 1382 a sixth
1383.chapter 1383 you arent
1384.chapter 1384 too low profile
1385.chapter 1385 call me senior
1386.chapter 1386 boreal fire poison
1387.chapter 1387 you are an incompetent physician
1388.chapter 1388 treating elder liao
1389.chapter 1389 frenzied hu qing
1390.chapter 1390 bon appetit
1391.chapter 1391 the way to resolve the poison
1392.chapter 1392 yang shi039s strength
1393.chapter 1393 sun qiang039s rage 1
1394.chapter 1394 sun qiang039s rage 2
1395.chapter 1395 you imposter
1396.chapter 1396 the deputy sanctum head appears
1397.chapter 1397 the real butler 1
1398.chapter 1398 the real butler 2
1399.chapter 1399 sun qiang039s wrath
1400.chapter 1400 can039t be poisoned to death
1401.chapter 1401 his name is zhang xuan
1402.chapter 1402 zhang xuan is electrocuted
1403.chapter 1403 hu yiwei039s doubt
1404.chapter 1404 tower of master teachers
1405.chapter 1405 kill him
1406.chapter 1406 challenging the tower of master teachers
1407.chapter 1407 xingyun puppet
1408.chapter 1408 i did go easy on her
1409.chapter 1409 forging a weapon
1410.chapter 1410 grooming log of the brick master blacksmith
1411.chapter 1411 i want to change my clothes
1412.chapter 1412 8 star master teacher
1413.chapter 1413 the location of vicious039 upper body
1414.chapter 1414 cultivation technique forest
1415.chapter 1415 saint 6 dan pinnacle
1416.chapter 1416 accompany me to the zhang clan
1417.chapter 1417 the zhang clan039s clan assembly
1418.chapter 1418 zhang jiuxiao acknowledges a teacher
1419.chapter 1419 help me kill a man
1420.chapter 1420 xingmeng sword saint
1421.chapter 1421 revelation
1422.chapter 1422 i thought of you as my brother but you flirted with my younger sister
1423.chapter 1423 the little princess request
1424.chapter 1424 studying the sanctum had token
1425.chapter 1425 who is the sanctum head
1426.chapter 1426 connate sainthood
1427.chapter 1427 its him
1428.chapter 1428 the five classifications of swordsmanship
1429.chapter 1429 arriving at the zhang clan
1430.chapter 1430 challenging the formation
1431.chapter 1431 dragon spirit tiger spirit
1432.chapter 1432 the magnanimity of the first elder
1433.chapter 1433 is it not him
1434.chapter 1434 greetings i am kong shi
1435.chapter 1435 fearsome spirits
1436.chapter 1436 zhang ziqing
1437.chapter 1437 wu dao mirror
1438.chapter 1438 zhang xuan is going to get serious
1439.chapter 1439 it039s zhang xuan039s victory
1440.chapter 1440 m marriage
1441.chapter 1441 zhang jiang
1442.chapter 1442 do you want to exact vengeance
1443.chapter 1443 i can help you achieve a breakthrough
1444.chapter 1444 the netherworld azure dragon beasts breakthrough
1445.chapter 1445 submit to me
1446.chapter 1446 macrocosm ascendancy ordeal
1447.chapter 1447 please take me in
1448.chapter 1448 your teacher is here
1449.chapter 1449 blood reservoir
1450.chapter 1450 he isnt 1
1451.chapter 1451 he isn039t 2
1452.chapter 1452 the eighth direct disciple
1453.chapter 1453 bloodline enhancement
1454.chapter 1454 the tournament begins
1455.chapter 1455 first round victory
1456.chapter 1456 i can make a breakthrough now
1457.chapter 1457 breakthroughs are as easy as drinking a cup of water 1
1458.chapter 1458 breakthroughs are as easy as drinking a cup of water 2
1459.chapter 1459 irreplicable
1460.chapter 1460 zhang xuan disappeared
1461.chapter 1461 surviving the lightning ordeal
1462.chapter 1462 professionally humble
1463.chapter 1463 i have a humble teacher
1464.chapter 1464 marry her
1465.chapter 1465 a challenge from zhang xuan
1466.chapter 1466 next
1467.chapter 1467 the zhang clans swordsmanship
1468.chapter 1468 fusion of quintessences
1469.chapter 1469 phantasmal space realm pinnacle
1470.chapter 1470 sprouting of killing intent
1471.chapter 1471 exposed identity
1472.chapter 1472 i039ll tame you too
1473.chapter 1473 she039s your teacher039s wife to be
1474.chapter 1474 zhao ya039s call for help
1475.chapter 1475 pursuing zhang xuan
1476.chapter 1476 yang shi is out of seclusion
1477.chapter 1477 he isn039t my student
1478.chapter 1478 ninth netherworld dimension
1479.chapter 1479 too far
1480.chapter 1480 heaven039s path teleportation formation art
1481.chapter 1481 luo xuanqing039s wrath
1482.chapter 1482 luo xuanqing
1483.chapter 1483 you should stay here for a while
1484.chapter 1484 i am really not free
1485.chapter 1485 surrender or die
1486.chapter 1486 grand formation of the sages
1487.chapter 1487 were leaving
1488.chapter 1488 city of glacier
1489.chapter 1489 my name is
1490.chapter 1490 han shuiliu
1491.chapter 1491 three birds with one stone
1492.chapter 1492 earth vein lotus
1493.chapter 1493 threat
1494.chapter 1494 glacier plain court
1495.chapter 1495 teacher i miss you
1496.chapter 1496 art of harvesting
1497.chapter 1497 heaven sealing lock
1498.chapter 1498 confront the first elder
1499.chapter 1499 elder qu of the master teacher pavilion headquarters
1500.chapter 1500 i have brought her away
1501.chapter 1501 let the glacier plain court vanish hereafter
1502.chapter 1502 severely wounded
1503.chapter 1503 a master teacher i shan039t be anymore
1504.chapter 1504 let lightning strike on the glacier plain court
1505.chapter 1505 reporting to the master teacher pavilion headquarters
1506.chapter 1506 zhao ya regains consciousness
1507.chapter 1507 yang shi meets sun qiang
1508.chapter 1508 sun qiang039s breakdown
1509.chapter 1509 empire alliance
1510.chapter 1510 fifth acknowledgement of celestial master teacher
1511.chapter 1511 the frenzied master teacher pavilion headquarters 1
1512.chapter 1512 the frenzied master teacher pavilion headquarters 2
1513.chapter 1513 the return of the progeny of combat 1
1514.chapter 1514 the return of the progeny of combat 2
1515.chapter 1515 zhang shi039s students 1
1516.chapter 1516 zhang shis students 2
1517.chapter 1517 the empire alliance blacksmith guild
1518.chapter 1518 indeed i am him
1519.chapter 1519 discovering zhang xuan
1520.chapter 1520 be my student 1
1521.chapter 1521 be my student 2
1522.chapter 1522 you are a celestial master teacher
1523.chapter 1523 junior yang xuan
1524.chapter 1524 reconstructing meridians 1
1525.chapter 1525 reconstructing meridians 2
1526.chapter 1526 news on sun qiang
1527.chapter 1527 zhang xuan come out and accept your death
1528.chapter 1528 who dares touch my teacher 1
1529.chapter 1529 who dares touch my teacher 2
1530.chapter 1530 heed my commands
1531.chapter 1531 the true might of the poison masters
1532.chapter 1532 first elder of the luo clan
1533.chapter 1533 wei ruyan arrives
1534.chapter 1534 pavilion master seal
1535.chapter 1535 negotiations falling through
1536.chapter 1536 disciple lu chong returns
1537.chapter 1537 lu chong039s transformation
1538.chapter 1538 the master teacher pavilion ran away
1539.chapter 1539 wang ying arrives
1540.chapter 1540 zheng yang appears
1541.chapter 1541 teacher allow me to vent your anger for you
1542.chapter 1542 unexpected changes with the pavilion master seal
1543.chapter 1543 the unreliable kong shi
1544.chapter 1544 a sudden intruder
1545.chapter 1545 a duel with the sword saint
1546.chapter 1546 zhang xuan offers his pointers 1
1547.chapter 1547 zhang xuan offers his pointers 2
1548.chapter 1548 admits defeat
1549.chapter 1549 zhang xuan is my son
1550.chapter 1550 sword saint meng039s temper
1551.chapter 1551 the true sanctum head 1
1552.chapter 1552 the true sanctum head 2
1553.chapter 1553 senior
1554.chapter 1554 apologize master teacher pavilion 1
1555.chapter 1555 apologize master teacher pavilion 2
1556.chapter 1556 the secrets of the master teacher continent
1557.chapter 1557 returning to the zhang clan
1558.chapter 1558 news reaches the luo clan
1559.chapter 1559 the whole world in uproar
1560.chapter 1560 i didn039t hear clearly
1561.chapter 1561 zhang xuans birth name
1562.chapter 1562 sword saint xing039s name
1563.chapter 1563 origin of the innate fetal poison
1564.chapter 1564 surge in prowess
1565.chapter 1565 great sage realm
1566.chapter 1566 engagement
1567.chapter 1567 the secret behind the marriage of the zhang clan and the luo clan
1568.chapter 1568 hundred schools of philosophers
1569.chapter 1569 luo xuanqing visits
1570.chapter 1570 scare it away
1571.chapter 1571 unforeseen circumstances 1
1572.chapter 1572 unforeseen circumstances 2
1573.chapter 1573 just who could it be
1574.chapter 1574 the little princess happiness 1
1575.chapter 1575 the little princess happiness 2
1576.chapter 1576 the storm after the calm
1577.chapter 1577 who dares to hurt him
1578.chapter 1578 the adolescent boy
1579.chapter 1579 qiqi im sorry
1580.chapter 1580 zhang xuan breaks the engagement
1581.chapter 1581 why not marry them together
1582.chapter 1582 white creek mountain
1583.chapter 1583 luo ruoxins identity
1584.chapter 1584 who is guiding whom
1585.chapter 1585 ancient sage ran qiu
1586.chapter 1586 yellow water of the netherworld
1587.chapter 1587 delicious
1588.chapter 1588 offering pointers to the lightning tribulation
1589.chapter 1589 dimensional sand
1590.chapter 1590 4 dan heavenly art of dimension unravel
1591.chapter 1591 the excited deputy clan head of the luo clan
1592.chapter 1592 golden warriors of mentor039s calligraphy
1593.chapter 1593 wu chens terrifying strength
1594.chapter 1594 challenging two words
1595.chapter 1595 the stone doors
1596.chapter 1596 my hands itch to draw
1597.chapter 1597 the power of the zhang clan bloodline
1598.chapter 1598 dragonbone divine spear
1599.chapter 1599 acknowledge your new master
1600.chapter 1600 golden origin spirit stone
1601.chapter 1601 the emergence of the celestial amulet of legacy
1602.chapter 1602 otherworldly demons indeed
1603.chapter 1603 escape
1604.chapter 1604 prime amulet
1605.chapter 1605 i want to go to the luo clan
1606.chapter 1606 luo tianya
1607.chapter 1607 the hundred schools of philosophers wants a duel
1608.chapter 1608 spatial top
1609.chapter 1609 why dont i give it a try too
1610.chapter 1610 the spatial top wouldn039t stop
1611.chapter 1611 ill give you one second
1612.chapter 1612 full strength
1613.chapter 1613 please be our clan head
1614.chapter 1614 zhang xuan is from the luo clan
1615.chapter 1615 becoming the clan head once more
1616.chapter 1616 luo qiqis strength
1617.chapter 1617 guiding luo xuanqing
1618.chapter 1618 the luo clans treasure vault
1619.chapter 1619 the speaking pig trotter
1620.chapter 1620 kick zhang xuans ass
1621.chapter 1621 what is your relationship with kong shi
1622.chapter 1622 the sanctum of sages under attack
1623.chapter 1623 stalking
1624.chapter 1624 the harvest valley city seer guild
1625.chapter 1625 falling out with the seer guild
1626.chapter 1626 a book to crush an ancient sage
1627.chapter 1627 has the master teacher pavilion betrayed mankind
1628.chapter 1628 sun qiangs inflated ego
1629.chapter 1629 nangong yuanfeng arrives at the zhang clan
1630.chapter 1630 tantai zhenqing
1631.chapter 1631 memorization through spiritual perception recital of a thousand books
1632.chapter 1632 time quintessence
1633.chapter 1633 tantai admits defeat
1634.chapter 1634 the luo clan arrives
1635.chapter 1635 refining the ancient sage corpse
1636.chapter 1636 has the jiang clan betrayed mankind too
1637.chapter 1637 a breakthrough in soul cultivation
1638.chapter 1638 jiang feifei
1639.chapter 1639 the jiang clans treasure vault
1640.chapter 1640 comprehending the soul quintessence
1641.chapter 1641 who are you
1642.chapter 1642 mental breakdown jiang fangyou
1643.chapter 1643 i am your clan head
1644.chapter 1644 the indiscernible duo
1645.chapter 1645 fake
1646.chapter 1646 unknown secrets of the soul oracles 1
1647.chapter 1647 unknown secrets of the soul oracles 2
1648.chapter 1648 descendants of ancient sage zi yuan
1649.chapter 1649 taking jiang feifei in as a student
1650.chapter 1650 heavenly flame tribulation
1651.chapter 1651 empyrean heavenly flame
1652.chapter 1652 tempering the aureate body
1653.chapter 1653 flight of the innate fetal poison
1654.chapter 1654 the arrogant innate fetal poison
1655.chapter 1655 pummeled by the clone
1656.chapter 1656 luo tianya vs zhang xuan
1657.chapter 1657 tianyas request
1658.chapter 1658 head of the three clans
1659.chapter 1659 lets go to the master teacher pavilion headquarters
1660.chapter 1660 master teacher pavilion headquarters
1661.chapter 1661 9 star master teacher
1662.chapter 1662 shrine of kong shi
1663.chapter 1663 kong shis cultivation technique
1664.chapter 1664 eradicating the innate fetal poison 1
1665.chapter 1665 eradicating the innate fetal poison 2
1666.chapter 1666 hes smithing
1667.chapter 1667 the temple of confucius appears
1668.chapter 1668 the history of the great codex of spring and autumn
1669.chapter 1669 the subterranean gallery of the dracotiger mountain
1670.chapter 1670 entering the subterranean gallery once more
1671.chapter 1671 venturing alone
1672.chapter 1672 general auer
1673.chapter 1673 half ancient sage artifact
1674.chapter 1674 on the verge of insanity
1675.chapter 1675 taming the demonic saber
1676.chapter 1676 killing the commander
1677.chapter 1677 queue up and hold each other hands
1678.chapter 1678 cheese
1679.chapter 1679 will you believe me
1680.chapter 1680 repairing the seal
1681.chapter 1681 crossing the spatial seal
1682.chapter 1682 army of a hundred thousand
1683.chapter 1683 high commander
1684.chapter 1684 sowing discord
1685.chapter 1685 complete chaos
1686.chapter 1686 killing the high commander
1687.chapter 1687 complete victory
1688.chapter 1688 meridian altering
1689.chapter 1689 ren qingyuan and the others shock
1690.chapter 1690 just for fun
1691.chapter 1691 the two sovereigns on the verge of insanity
1692.chapter 1692 heading to the temple of confucius
1693.chapter 1693 qufu
1694.chapter 1694 the importance of soul depth
1695.chapter 1695 surge in soul depth
1696.chapter 1696 soul depth of 299
1697.chapter 1697 sword saint xing makes a breakthrough
1698.chapter 1698 luo ruoxin039s worry
1699.chapter 1699 entering the outskirts of temple of confucius
1700.chapter 1700 goldface skywolf
1701.chapter 1701 crimsonfrons white tiger
1702.chapter 1702 white tigers are amazing
1703.chapter 1703 encircling the cloudtiger
1704.chapter 1704 a cry of help
1705.chapter 1705 heavenwood greenserpent
1706.chapter 1706 one on one with the goldspirit white tiger
1707.chapter 1707 the cloudtiger submits
1708.chapter 1708 one word is all it takes
1709.chapter 1709 guarding the exit
1710.chapter 1710 desert dimension
1711.chapter 1711 sand giants
1712.chapter 1712 the appearance of the oasis
1713.chapter 1713 the bizarre lakewater
1714.chapter 1714 the manmurdering tree
1715.chapter 1715 submission of the massive tree
1716.chapter 1716 the ice dimension
1717.chapter 1717 encountering the altar again
1718.chapter 1718 zhang xuan has been captured
1719.chapter 1719 activating the altar
1720.chapter 1720 the reappearance of the spirit god
1721.chapter 1721 xuan er hurry over
1722.chapter 1722 hu yaoyaos advancement
1723.chapter 1723 the encounters of the xingmeng sword saints
1724.chapter 1724 zhang xuan accepts the battle
1725.chapter 1725 the prowess of the root
1726.chapter 1726 the appearance of the ancient sage
1727.chapter 1727 i039ll humbly accept them
1728.chapter 1728 the blood of an ancient sage
1729.chapter 1729 where is zhao ya
1730.chapter 1730 ten breaths is all it takes
1731.chapter 1731 hall of great accomplishment
1732.chapter 1732 an opportunity to achieve a breakthrough to ancient sage
1733.chapter 1733 the use of the icy crystal
1734.chapter 1734 breaking the seal
1735.chapter 1735 the requirements to achieving a breakthrough to ancient sage
1736.chapter 1736 achieving a breakthrough to ancient sage
1737.chapter 1737 assimilating the ancient sage blood
1738.chapter 1738 assaulting an ancient sage
1739.chapter 1739 poison dimension
1740.chapter 1740 fishing
1741.chapter 1741 meeting luo qiqi once more
1742.chapter 1742 bodhi fruit
1743.chapter 1743 the ability of the koi fish
1744.chapter 1744 gongxi qing
1745.chapter 1745 stone forest dimension
1746.chapter 1746 sequencing
1747.chapter 1747 hall of divine crusade
1748.chapter 1748 stone of divine crusade
1749.chapter 1749 advancement in soul cultivation
1750.chapter 1750 apricot pavilion
1751.chapter 1751 apricot tree
1752.chapter 1752 yan xues astonishment
1753.chapter 1753 dictum of absolute truth decree to dictate spring and autumn
1754.chapter 1754 yuan tao lifts the altar
1755.chapter 1755 strike down the phantasm
1756.chapter 1756 failure
1757.chapter 1757 the appearance of the prime hall
1758.chapter 1758 ancient sage yan qing
1759.chapter 1759 white overlord
1760.chapter 1760 i have many cruxes
1761.chapter 1761 cruxes
1762.chapter 1762 entering the prime hall
1763.chapter 1763 actually the prime amulet is also with me
1764.chapter 1764 auctioning slots
1765.chapter 1765 the four realms of ancient sage
1766.chapter 1766 entering the prime hall
1767.chapter 1767 the final assessment
1768.chapter 1768 kong shi039s last trial
1769.chapter 1769 the final 001
1770.chapter 1770 the ultimate treasure
1771.chapter 1771 luo ruoxin
1772.chapter 1772 wu chens true identity
1773.chapter 1773 the number one expert of the otherworldly demonic tribe
1774.chapter 1774 the prowess of the strongest otherworldly demon emperor
1775.chapter 1775 farewell
1776.chapter 1776 the arrival of the two sovereigns
1777.chapter 1777 the final card
1778.chapter 1778 sovereign chen yong mustnt die
1779.chapter 1779 you owe the master teacher pavilion an explanation
1780.chapter 1780 zhang hongtian vs bo yu
1781.chapter 1781 zhang hongtians death
1782.chapter 1782 zhang xuan falls into a coma
1783.chapter 1783 finale at the master teacher pavilion
1784.chapter 1784 whisperings of the night clock tower
1785.chapter 1785 the truth of his identity
1786.chapter 1786 descending into the subterranean gallery with sovereign chen yong
1787.chapter 1787 mapleleaf wolf
1788.chapter 1788 a shout to drive them all away
1789.chapter 1789 he is the hidden elder
1790.chapter 1790 is this book the
1791.chapter 1791 a long awaited reunion
1792.chapter 1792 the capital of the otherworldly demonic tribe
1793.chapter 1793 ancient sage hao xun
1794.chapter 1794 assimilated by magnetism
1795.chapter 1795 hes my young master
1796.chapter 1796 ancient sage allfire
1797.chapter 1797 more dragon blood
1798.chapter 1798 liu yangs experiences
1799.chapter 1799 offering pointers to liu yang
1800.chapter 1800 the arrogant appraiser
1801.chapter 1801 sovereign chen lings palace
1802.chapter 1802 snooping around sovereign chen lings palace
1803.chapter 1803 you found me
1804.chapter 1804 investigations
1805.chapter 1805 i am being suspected
1806.chapter 1806 i have been discovered
1807.chapter 1807 paying respects to the guild leader
1808.chapter 1808 ancient sage lan ya
1809.chapter 1809 how fragile life is
1810.chapter 1810 is the dragon blood here
1811.chapter 1811 enhancing the tier of the dragon blood
1812.chapter 1812 and the dragon blood goes to
1813.chapter 1813 ancient sage mo ling makes a move
1814.chapter 1814 ill set up a formation
1815.chapter 1815 escape
1816.chapter 1816 spit it out
1817.chapter 1817 a breakthrough
1818.chapter 1818 looking for ancient sage allfire
1819.chapter 1819 all you have to do is become my tamed beast
1820.chapter 1820 battling ancient sage allfire
1821.chapter 1821 ancient sage allfires pride
1822.chapter 1822 submit to me
1823.chapter 1823 sovereign chen yong arrives
1824.chapter 1824 returning to the capital
1825.chapter 1825 sovereign chen yong isnt dead
1826.chapter 1826 seed of acquiescence
1827.chapter 1827 immortals envoy
1828.chapter 1828 harvesting blood
1829.chapter 1829 a soul breakthrough to ancient sage 1
1830.chapter 1830 a soul breakthrough to ancient sage 2
1831.chapter 1831 ordeal of lightning armament
1832.chapter 1832 is this the end
1833.chapter 1833 surviving the cultivation ordeal
1834.chapter 1834 i am sovereign chen ling
1835.chapter 1835 the descent of a deity 1
1836.chapter 1836 the descent of a deity 2
1837.chapter 1837 the submission of sovereign chen ling
1838.chapter 1838 the strength of the deity
1839.chapter 1839 the final trump card
1840.chapter 1840 sovereign chen yong039s pride
1841.chapter 1841 succession
1842.chapter 1842 sovereign chen xing
1843.chapter 1843 meeting the spirit god once more
1844.chapter 1844 hes my student
1845.chapter 1845 a month later
1846.chapter 1846 assassins
1847.chapter 1847 the plan
1848.chapter 1848 making a move
1849.chapter 1849 a duel amongst fellow disciples
1850.chapter 1850 the one who is truly frightening
1851.chapter 1851 zhang xuan lectures
1852.chapter 1852 the sovereign of the otherworldly demonic tribe
1853.chapter 1853 the mysteries of the ancient domains
1854.chapter 1854 the young lady who missed out
1855.chapter 1855 mo xiao wants a duel
1856.chapter 1856 the value of the pill
1857.chapter 1857 zheng yangs girlfriend 1
1858.chapter 1858 zheng yangs girlfriend 2
1859.chapter 1859 a bird in the jungle
1860.chapter 1860 xiang ges identity
1861.chapter 1861 the fearsome stone tablet
1862.chapter 1862 a corpse
1863.chapter 1863 kong shi is dead
1864.chapter 1864 a powerful barrier
1865.chapter 1865 becoming the worlds teacher
1866.chapter 1866 the shocked master teacher pavilion
1867.chapter 1867 entering the barrier
1868.chapter 1868 greensprout wheat
1869.chapter 1869 village belle
1870.chapter 1870 bidding farewell
1871.chapter 1871 fan xiaoxu
1872.chapter 1872 the topic of the examination
1873.chapter 1873 the law of the jungle
1874.chapter 1874 fan xiaofeng
1875.chapter 1875 yan yixiao
1876.chapter 1876 the enforcement squad
1877.chapter 1877 even he has got it
1878.chapter 1878 creating opportunities
1879.chapter 1879 small fries should scram to the side
1880.chapter 1880 what a coincidence
1881.chapter 1881 the descendant of ancient sage zi lu
1882.chapter 1882 clearing the examination
1883.chapter 1883 zhong qing039s suspicions
1884.chapter 1884 the copper gong
1885.chapter 1885 the ferocious fan xiaoxu 1
1886.chapter 1886 the ferocious fan xiaoxu 2
1887.chapter 1887 sage ancestral hall
1888.chapter 1888 meeting ancient sage yan qing once more
1889.chapter 1889 yan huis corpse
1890.chapter 1890 kong shiyaos capabilities
1891.chapter 1891 word of law
1892.chapter 1892 hes here
1893.chapter 1893 borrowing a sword
1894.chapter 1894 hes zhang xuan
1895.chapter 1895 i have a younger brother
1896.chapter 1896 slaying a deity
1897.chapter 1897 repairing the formation
1898.chapter 1898 the prowess of the otherworldly demonic tribe
1899.chapter 1899 the origin of aeon of ancient sage
1900.chapter 1900 sacrifice
1901.chapter 1901 become my student
1902.chapter 1902 prophet
1903.chapter 1903 kong shiyaos breakthrough 1
1904.chapter 1904 kong shiyaos breakthrough 2
1905.chapter 1905 little junior
1906.chapter 1906 where did teacher go
1907.chapter 1907 ancient sage i shall become the world039s teacher 1
1908.chapter 1908 ancient sage i shall become the worlds teacher 2
1909.chapter 1909 ancient sage i shall become the worlds teacher 3
1910.chapter 1910 zhao yas unique nature
1911.chapter 1911 zhao yas breakthrough
1912.chapter 1912 the importance of meridians
1913.chapter 1913 up to the azure
1914.chapter 1914 just the thought of it excites me so
1915.chapter 1915 dan xiaotian
1916.chapter 1916 humiliation
1917.chapter 1917 dan xiaotians confusion
1918.chapter 1918 gu
1919.chapter 1919 dont you want to return the favor
1920.chapter 1920 youre wrong
1921.chapter 1921 virtual reality
1922.chapter 1922 dueling ring
1923.chapter 1923 my name is worlds edge
1924.chapter 1924 sword tossing
1925.chapter 1925 astonishment
1926.chapter 1926 dan xiaotians advancement
1927.chapter 1927 elder lu yun
1928.chapter 1928 sharpshooter
1929.chapter 1929 the culprit is the horse
1930.chapter 1930 cao chenglis astonishment
1931.chapter 1931 entering the ethereal hall once more
1932.chapter 1932 another bet
1933.chapter 1933 xue qins father
1934.chapter 1934 recurring number
1935.chapter 1935 the cultivation realms in the azure
1936.chapter 1936 capture
1937.chapter 1937 the art of framing
1938.chapter 1938 turning tables
1939.chapter 1939 elder lu arrives
1940.chapter 1940 the trial of inner disciples
1941.chapter 1941 dan xiaotians birthday
1942.chapter 1942 dan xiaotian pushes for a breakthrough to ancient sage
1943.chapter 1943 xiaotians revenge
1944.chapter 1944 arriving at the ascendant cloud sword pavilion
1945.chapter 1945 ten li sword god
1946.chapter 1946 zhang xuan takes the examination
1947.chapter 1947 sealing a sword intent
1948.chapter 1948 there was a sword during your examination
1949.chapter 1949 berserk
1950.chapter 1950 kong shi 1
1951.chapter 1951 kong shi 2
1952.chapter 1952 selling bathwater
1953.chapter 1953 elder bai ye
1954.chapter 1954 betting 1
1955.chapter 1955 betting 2
1956.chapter 1956 well fight you
1957.chapter 1957 please call me gao jin
1958.chapter 1958 third young masters swordsmanship
1959.chapter 1959 taming the dongxu gourd
1960.chapter 1960 i challenge all of you here
1961.chapter 1961 come at me
1962.chapter 1962 the number one inner disciple
1963.chapter 1963 bai ruanqing is here
1964.chapter 1964 were all in this together
1965.chapter 1965 elder mu
1966.chapter 1966 indeed an inner disciple
1967.chapter 1967 and they all fell down
1968.chapter 1968 the details of the battle 1
1969.chapter 1969 the details of the battle 2
1970.chapter 1970 find out who i am low profile is
1971.chapter 1971 its him its him
1972.chapter 1972 i must marry him
1973.chapter 1973 elder bai ye wishes to take in a disciple marry
1974.chapter 1974 knocking out bai ruanqing
1975.chapter 1975 too weak
1976.chapter 1976 a show
1977.chapter 1977 bai ruanqing vs core disciples 1
1978.chapter 1978 bai ruanqing vs core disciples 2
1979.chapter 1979 identity figured ou
1980.chapter 1980 1980 zhang xuan is out of seclusion
1981.chapter 1981 1981 liu yulian
1982.chapter 1982 you want me to give up on my money
1983.chapter 1983 1983 killing the core disciples
1984.chapter 1984 1984 elder bai yes breakdown
1985.chapter 1985 1985 meeting the sect leader
1986.chapter 1986 1986 devastating the elder council 1
1987.chapter 1987 1987 devastating the elder council 2
1988.chapter 1988 i am not a disciple of the ascendant cloud sword pavilion
1989.chapter 1989 the requirements to upgrading the tongshang sword
1990.chapter 1990 1990 the elders library
1991.chapter 1991 1991 sect leader hans astonishmen
1992.chapter 1992 disciple bai ruanqing
1993.chapter 1993 1993 wuhai marke
1994.chapter 1994 1994 bloodsoaked stone
1995.chapter 1995 1995 zhang xuans explanation
1996.chapter 1996 luo ruoxin
1997.chapter 1997 true immortal realm heavens path divine ar
1998.chapter 1998 1998 achieving a breakthrough to true immortal
1999.chapter 1999 1999 swallow their swords
2000.chapter 2000 2000 a bet
2001.chapter 2001 2001 killing a heavenly high immortal
2002.chapter 2002 2002 ascendant cloud sword god formula
2003.chapter 2003 2003 fligh
2004.chapter 2004 2004 heading to the starchaser palace
2005.chapter 2005 2005 all hail zhang xuan
2006.chapter 2006 huh who is zhang xuan
2007.chapter 2007 ascendant cloud mountain
2008.chapter 2008 serpentine dragon
2009.chapter 2009 tricked
2010.chapter 2010 2010 beast tamer zhang in action
2011.chapter 2011 2011 the powerful dongxu gourd
2012.chapter 2012
2013.chapter 2013 2013 the dongxu gourds reques
2014.chapter 2014 2014 hall master qin
2015.chapter 2015 2015 double kill
2016.chapter 2016 2016 violence
2017.chapter 2017 2017 a failed disguise
2018.chapter 2018 2018 semi divinity artifac
2019.chapter 2019 2019 break free
2020.chapter 2020 2020 little yellow chick
2021.chapter 2021 the premature emergence of the azure bridge
2022.chapter 2022 2022 the rules of the sevenstar pavilion
2023.chapter 2023 2023 i need to earn money
2024.chapter 2024 2024 dragon transformation palm
2025.chapter 2025 2025 ill let you choose your favorite way to die
2026.chapter 2026 2026 are you willing to become an elder
2027.chapter 2027 2027 could he be zhang xuan
2028.chapter 2028 2028 head whipping cultivation method
2029.chapter 2029 2029 sevenstar immortal grass
2030.chapter 2030 2030 eating the immortal grass
2031.chapter 2031 high immortal realm
2032.chapter 2032 the secrets of semi divinity
2033.chapter 2033 2033 semi divinity realm beas
2034.chapter 2034 2034 elder feng qian
2035.chapter 2035 the wonders of the sea of little mirror
2036.chapter 2036 2036 the cunning blackback tortoise
2037.chapter 2037 2037 its the fisherman who profits from the fight between two fish
2038.chapter 2038 2038 pay respects to your new master little tortoise
2039.chapter 2039 2039 are you willing to become our sect leader
2040.chapter 2040 2040 vacant sea
2041.chapter 2041 2041 conquerors of the ocean
2042.chapter 2042 2042 the unreliable chick
2043.chapter 2043 2043 encirclement of the sharks
2044.chapter 2044 2044 taming the sharks
2045.chapter 2045 paying respects to the palace master
2046.chapter 2046 2046 guests from the hall of gods
2047.chapter 2047 2047 the strongest fist reigns mighty
2048.chapter 2048 the warriors of the hall of gods
2049.chapter 2049 2049 city of collapsed space
2050.chapter 2050 2050 the disdainful clone
2051.chapter 2051 inner demons flower
2052.chapter 2052 2052 the assault from zhang xuan and his clone
2053.chapter 2053 2053 the price of bragging
2054.chapter 2054 2054 palace master dus ritual
2055.chapter 2055 2055 catalysts for a breakthrough
2056.chapter 2056 the truth
2057.chapter 2057 2057 counterattack
2058.chapter 2058 2058 suicidal
2059.chapter 2059 2059 what is hall master kong up to
2060.chapter 2060 2060 meeting han jianqiu
2061.chapter 2061 2061 head of four sects
2062.chapter 2062 2062 meeting wu chen once more
2063.chapter 2063 2063 the key to achieving a breakthrough to semi divinity
2064.chapter 2064 2064 heaven anchoring boulder
2065.chapter 2065 bai xuansheng wants vengeance
2066.chapter 2066 2066 descent of the azure bridge
2067.chapter 2067 2067 slaying a semi divinity
2068.chapter 2068 2068 entering the hall of gods
2069.chapter 2069 2069 revelation
2070.chapter 2070 the meeting of kong shi and zhang xuan
2071.chapter 2071 2071 the first order
2072.chapter 2072 2072 the other kong shi
2073.chapter 2073 2073 facing kong shi
2074.chapter 2074 2074 the use of the altar
2075.chapter 2075 we are here
2076.chapter 2076 xuanjiang river
2077.chapter 2077 2077 returning to the master teacher continen
2078.chapter 2078 2078 fraudsters
2079.chapter 2079 zhang xuan creates a cultivation technique
2080.chapter 2080 the heavens would have withered if they had feelings
2081.chapter 2081 zhang xuan achieves a breakthrough to the semi divinity realm
2082.chapter 2082 the two altars
2083.chapter 2083 the mysterious palace
2084.chapter 2084 heavens path hammer ar
2085.chapter 2085 facing off against kong shi
2086.chapter 2086 a heart of intertwined threads filed with thousands and thousands of knots
2087.chapter 2087 meeting palace master du once more
2088.chapter 2088 the ethereal hall headquarters
2089.chapter 2089 returning to starchaser palace
2090.chapter 2090 zhang xuan imparts
2091.chapter 2091 entering the city of collapsed space once more
2092.chapter 2092 tombstone
2093.chapter 2093 corrupted aura of divinity
2094.chapter 2094 a hundred thousand true immortals 1
2095.chapter 2095 a hundred thousand true immortals 2
2096.chapter 2096 precarious predicamen
2097.chapter 2097 he casualty of war
2098.chapter 2098 camaraderie of brothers
2099.chapter 2099 godhood
2100.chapter 2100 overcoming the odds
2101.chapter 2101 the one who returned
2102.chapter 2102 god ordeal
2103.chapter 2103 entering the firmamen
2104.chapter 2104 such is the firmamen
2105.chapter 2105 the continuation of the legend
2106.chapter 2106 nine skies ten monarchs
2107.chapter 2107 heaven subjugating monarch
2108.chapter 2108 the declining firmamen
2109.chapter 2109 greenbeast ancient grass
2110.chapter 2110 streak of grey
2111.chapter 2111 i am a bandit but i have been robbed
2112.chapter 2112 twilight city
2113.chapter 2113 lottery
2114.chapter 2114 the god of gambling
2115.chapter 2115 my horse too
2116.chapter 2116 underground black marke
2117.chapter 2117 beauty pill
2118.chapter 2118 descendant of a god monarch
2119.chapter 2119 valley of falling clouds
2120.chapter 2120 the bizarre young man
2121.chapter 2121 phosphor armored beas
2122.chapter 2122 pledge your loyalty to me
2123.chapter 2123 physical body breakthrough
2124.chapter 2124 beauty pill goes on sale 1
2125.chapter 2125 beauty pill goes on sale 2
2126.chapter 2126 wu fangqing
2127.chapter 2127 maestro sun qiang 1
2128.chapter 2128 maestro sun qiang 2
2129.chapter 2129 the gifts of the city lord
2130.chapter 2130 the order of seating
2131.chapter 2131 celestial mountain
2132.chapter 2132 the skies in an uproar 1
2133.chapter 2133 the firmament in an uproar 2
2134.chapter 2134 the anxious zhang xuan
2135.chapter 2135 insulting the god monarchs
2136.chapter 2136 anima of yearning
2137.chapter 2137 dusklight city
2138.chapter 2138 three bearded cultivator
2139.chapter 2139 the game
2140.chapter 2140 ming laixiang
2141.chapter 2141 city lord monumen
2142.chapter 2142 city lord
2143.chapter 2143 linxie
2144.chapter 2144 library of heavens paths anomaly
2145.chapter 2145 the firmaments master teacher pavilion
2146.chapter 2146 incompetence
2147.chapter 2147 zhang xuans intervention
2148.chapter 2148 becoming a celestial god 1
2149.chapter 2149 becoming a celestial god 2
2150.chapter 2150 sky of deathlessness
2151.chapter 2151 lucid lunar lake
2152.chapter 2152 god king
2153.chapter 2153 qi yue
2154.chapter 2154 the final victor
2155.chapter 2155 a mysterious medicine
2156.chapter 2156 paying respects to the god monarch 2inl
2157.chapter 2157 spirit god
2158.chapter 2158 news on luo qiqi
2159.chapter 2159 is it time to put on a huge show
2160.chapter 2160 netherworld pool
2161.chapter 2161 its time to reveal my real skils
2162.chapter 2162 beitang xue
2163.chapter 2163 is it a transaction error
2164.chapter 2164 fu jiangchen
2165.chapter 2165 just 998
2166.chapter 2166 the death of the spirit god
2167.chapter 2167 the titles of the nine god monarchs
2168.chapter 2168 great displacement teleportation formation
2169.chapter 2169 high tier celestial god realm pinnacle
2170.chapter 2170 physician tournament
2171.chapter 2171 unqualified
2172.chapter 2172 ao hua
2173.chapter 2173 pureblooded dragon
2174.chapter 2174 sky of cloud dragon leader of the physician guild
2175.chapter 2175 a tournament regarding the way of medicine
2176.chapter 2176 crushing victory
2177.chapter 2177 deducing a sword ar
2178.chapter 2178 fighting a god king 1
2179.chapter 2179 fighting a god king 2
2180.chapter 2180 sky of spirit origin
2181.chapter 2181 disguising as a god monarch
2182.chapter 2182 the right to enter spirit god palace
2183.chapter 2183 feng jiuge
2184.chapter 2184 treating feng jiuge
2185.chapter 2185 pufferfish
2186.chapter 2186 feng jiuges new teacher
2187.chapter 2187 the disaster of spirit origin royal city
2188.chapter 2188 returning to the inferno phoenix clan
2189.chapter 2189 nine phoenix stellar formation
2190.chapter 2190 challenging the trial
2191.chapter 2191 impartation
2192.chapter 2192 breaking the formation
2193.chapter 2193 bloodline tes
2194.chapter 2194 melodramatic
2195.chapter 2195 grass of god king
2196.chapter 2196 is little chick the deathless monarch
2197.chapter 2197 sky oflinglong
2198.chapter 2198 a perfect forging method
2199.chapter 2199 need to breakthrough
2200.chapter 2200 pill king
2201.chapter 2201 baiye qinghong
2202.chapter 2202 judgemen
2203.chapter 2203 intervention
2204.chapter 2204 reunion with an old friend
2205.chapter 2205 glomp
2206.chapter 2206 an edict from the sky of freedom
2207.chapter 2207 god monarch lingxi
2208.chapter 2208 fairy linglongs mental breakdown 1
2209.chapter 2209 fairy linglongs breakdown 2
2210.chapter 2210 feng hanqiu
2211.chapter 2211 what have i been doing all my life
2212.chapter 2212 become the clan head
2213.chapter 2213 light up
2214.chapter 2214 the deathless monarch
2215.chapter 2215 little deathless
2216.chapter 2216 luo ruoxin god monarch lingxi
2217.chapter 2217 the truth of the otherworldly demonic tribe
2218.chapter 2218 descending into the abyss
2219.chapter 2219 god king 1
2220.chapter 2220 god king 2
2221.chapter 2221 returning to the azure
2222.chapter 2222 old acquaintances
2223.chapter 2223 the return of the deathless monarch
2224.chapter 2224 the visitation of a monarch
2225.chapter 2225 crimson heaven sword
2226.chapter 2226 the god monarchs sword ar
2227.chapter 2227 sky of freedom
2228.chapter 2228 the meeting between kong and zhang
2229.chapter 2229 war of the heavens
2230.chapter 2230 night of the full moon
2231.chapter 2231 above the moon
2232.chapter 2232 i shall live as myself
2233.chapter 2233 the demise of a monarch
2234.chapter 2234 conferred god king of the nine skies 1
2235.chapter 2235 conferred god king of the nine skies 2
2236.chapter 2236 kong shi could come back to life
2237.chapter 2237 kong shis plan
2238.chapter 2238 the origin of laoshi
2239.chapter 2239 the flood of spiritual energy is here
2240.chapter 2240 flooding sea
2241.chapter 2241 reunion of zhang xuans lineage
2242.chapter 2242 for whom did we work so hard
2243.chapter 2243 risk and danger 2in1
2244.chapter 2244 absorbing the spirits
2245.chapter 2245 get moving
2246.chapter 2246 exasperation
2247.chapter 2247 venturing along the mountain stream
2248.chapter 2248 betrayal
2249.chapter 2249 i always repay my deb
2250.chapter 2250 exact vengeance for me zhao ya
2251.chapter 2251 can i take back my words
2252.chapter 2252 monarch spirit grass
2253.chapter 2253 someone is faster than us
2254.chapter 2254 epitome monarch pill
2255.chapter 2255 taming the comets
2256.chapter 2256 the epitome monarch pill appears
2257.chapter 2257 a legendary treasure surfaces
2258.chapter 2258 the retaliation of the veteran conferred god kings
2259.chapter 2259 a finger will suffice
2260.chapter 2260 nine skies lotus leaf
2261.chapter 2261 primordial golden lotus of the nine skies
2262.chapter 2262 finale 1
2263.chapter 2263 finale
2264.chapter 2264 finale 3
2265.chapter 2265 authors wrap up
2266.chapter 2266 side story 1 luo xuanqing
2267.chapter 2267 side story 2 luo qiqi
2268.chapter 2268 side story 3 sun qiang