Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 737 - 737 Ji Lutian's Origin, Dealing with the Great Change (2)

737 Ji Lutian’s Origin, Dealing with the Great Change (2)

Zhou Shu nodded. He had come to find the Qin emperor only to try his luck. After all, Ji Lutian was missing. Even if he could find him, Ji Lutian might not tell him anything.

Now, Zhou Shu realized that almost everything was related to Ji Lutian.

The Divine Stone had attracted the covetous eyes of the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven. Zhou Shu didn’t believe that Ji Lutian had been forced to hand over the information about the Divine Stone to them.

Ji Lutian was not an ordinary person. How could he not know the value of the Divine Stone?

In addition, Ji Lutian had asked Yao Yi to give him the forging legacy of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain. Not long ago, Tang Qianluo had said that he was chosen by Ji Lutian. These things made Zhou Shu extremely puzzled.

It was precisely because of this that he was in a hurry to leave the front line and come to Great Qin’s capital to find the Qin emperor.

Since he couldn’t find Ji Lutian now, he would investigate his background first!

Zhou Shu didn’t mind the Qin emperor’s presence. He sat on a chair and began to flip through the thick stack of information on the table.

Great Qin’s intelligence bureau was very powerful. They had investigated Ji Lutian’s eighteen generations of ancestors clearly.

From his birth to where he learned his forging techniques, when he became a forger, and when he revealed his talents in the Great Qin Imperial Court, almost everything was recorded in detail.

But the more Zhou Shu looked, the more he frowned.

He looked up at the Qin emperor.

The Qin emperor’s expression was very calm as he said, “This is the result of two generations of Great Qin’s investigation. I can guarantee that there’s definitely nothing wrong with this investigation.

“On the surface, Ji Lutian’s background is clean, and we are able to trace his every step.”

“Then, why are you suspicious of him?” Zhou Shu frowned.

“It can’t be considered suspicious,” the Qin emperor said. “Ji Lutian didn’t hide his extraordinariness from my father from the beginning. Otherwise, my father wouldn’t have cooperated with his plan.

“He revealed his cultivation that surpassed the first rank of the Martial Dao in front of my father. At the time, he directly said that he didn’t do this to help Great Qin but for another purpose.

“It’s just that he didn’t say what his motive was.”

“So, you’ve investigated for so many years and found nothing?” Zhou Shu frowned. What was the point of hiding a pile of useless information in a secret chamber?

“Why don’t you read these first?” The Qin emperor pointed at the remaining books that Zhou Shu had yet to read.

Zhou Shu was puzzled, but he still took the books and flipped through them.

Zhou Shu’s expression changed slightly.

The next moment, he quickly flipped through the pages.

After more than two hours, Zhou Shu finally finished flipping through the last book. Then he raised his head and looked at the Qin emperor.

The Qin emperor’s expression was solemn as he slowly said, “Great Qin has investigated for a hundred years, and we have finally found something.

“This isn’t the first time Ji Lutian has appeared in the thousand years of Great Qin’s history.”

“Even the establishment of Great Qin is related to Ji Lutian,” Zhou Shu said in a low voice. “This can only mean that Ji Lutian has lived long enough…”

“Of course he has lived long enough,” the Qin emperor said with a serious expression. “That’s not the most important problem. You should be able to tell that Ji Lutian is from the Heavenly Mountain Villa!

“Or rather, he’s the master of the Heavenly Mountain Villa and the person in charge of the ranking of the Armament Manual.”

The information that Great Qin had spent a hundred years collecting was extremely detailed after being screened and classified by professional intelligence personnel.

Zhou Shu didn’t doubt the authenticity of this information, nor did he doubt the level of Great Qin’s intelligence personnel.

But even if Ji Lutian was really the master of the Heavenly Mountain Villa, there was nothing strange about it. It still couldn’t resolve the doubts in his heart.

Ji Lutian’s background was definitely not ordinary. There was no doubt about it. Moreover, from the previous situation, Zheng Sanguang of the Sima Grotto-Heaven should know him.

Otherwise, even though Ji Lutian was seriously injured at the time, it would be impossible for Zheng Sanguang to bring him away.

Now that they knew that Ji Lutian was the master of the Heavenly Mountain Villa, it was just another identity. They still knew nothing about the origin of the Heavenly Mountain Villa.

“He’s already mysterious enough. Even adding the identity of the master of the Heavenly Mountain Villa won’t change anything,” Zhou Shu said solemnly. “What I want to know is his true origin and his true goal.”

“I’m afraid only he knows.” The Qin emperor shook his head. “I even suspect that he deliberately let us find out about him.

“Otherwise, with how meticulous he is, it’s impossible for him to leave any clues.”

Zhou Shu nodded. He had personally experienced Ji Lutian’s schemes.

He sighed. With Ji Lutian’s style, it was unlikely that he would leave any flaws. He had thought too well. It seemed that it was impossible to obtain any useful information in Great Qin.

If he wanted to know the truth, he could only wait until he met Ji Lutian in the future or think of a way…

Zhou Shu suddenly thought of something. “Qin emperor, before Ji Lutian went to the Demon Realm, he was an official in Great Qin for many years. Didn’t he have any wives, concubines, or children?”

The Qin emperor shook his head. “Back then, he was obsessed with forging and didn’t get close to women. Everyone in Great Qin knows this.”

“Did he leave anything behind? Blood or hair or something?” Zhou Shu continued asking.

The Qin emperor didn’t say anything. He looked at Zhou Shu with a strange expression.

Zhou Shu was also a little embarrassed. It sounded a little strange to ask for a man’s blood and hair. It sounded like a pervert.

But if he wanted to use the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique, he could only use these mediums.

Other than the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique, Zhou Shu couldn’t think of a better way to understand Ji Lutian’s secrets.

“How do you know that Great Qin kept these things? Could it be that you also know witchcraft?” the Qin emperor asked.

Zhou Shu was stunned. There’s witchcraft in this world?

But after hearing the Qin emperor’s explanation, Zhou Shu suddenly understood. The witchcraft he mentioned was different from the witchcraft on Earth in his previous life.

What the Qin emperor was talking about should be curse techniques that could curse others through a medium.

It seemed that Great Qin didn’t trust Ji Lutian completely back then.

A smile appeared on Zhou Shu’s face. “Qin emperor, if you’ve really preserved Ji Lutian’s hair or blood essence back then, perhaps we will know Ji Lutian’s true goal.”

What Tang Qianluo had said about Zhou Shu being chosen by Ji Lutian made Zhou Shu feel uneasy. He didn’t know what this so-called chosen meant. In order to figure this out, he would rather endure the pain of using the Zhuang Zhou Butterfly Dream Technique.

As for being chosen by Ji Lutian, Zhou Shu even thought of the Legendary Armament Canon!

Ji Lutian’s background was mysterious, and Zhou Shu’s was not much different.

He came from another world, which was the deepest secret in his heart. He had never told anyone about it. The Legendary Armament Canon was also his biggest secret.

At the thought that this might be related to Ji Lutian, Zhou Shu felt his hair stand on end.

Therefore, no matter the price, he had to figure this out!

“Back then, just in case, my father thought of a way to obtain a drop of Ji Lutian’s blood essence and saved it with a secret technique,” the Qin emperor said solemnly.

The Qin emperor hesitated. “But Ji Lutian is mysterious and unpredictable, and his cultivation is extremely high. Moreover, he hasn’t shown any obvious hostility to us now, so there’s no need for us to do anything to him.”

“You’ve misunderstood.” Zhou Shu shook his head. “I don’t want to deal with Ji Lutian. I just want to figure out his goal. Qin Emperor, the world is probably going to change drastically. Our Ten Nations should be prepared in advance.

“Even if they’re not our enemies, knowing ourselves and the other side will at least put us in an invincible position. Don’t you think so?”