Legendary Armament Canon

Chapter 731 - 731 Ignorance (2)

731 Ignorance (2)

“Times have changed. Now that the war has begun, what’s the point of your Sima Grotto-Heaven hiding things?” Tang Mao’er snorted.

“Who’s hiding things?” Zheng Yongtai said. “Don’t blame me for not reminding you if you get beaten up for spouting nonsense. Your Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven might not even have a hundred connate divine weapons in total. You want to ask me for a hundred? Do you think the Sima Grotto-Heaven is mine?”

“Doesn’t the Sima Grotto-Heaven belong to your Zheng family?” Tang Mao’er pursed his lips.

Zheng Yongtai rolled his eyes, speechless.

From their conversation, Zhou Shu had noticed something.

Zheng Yongtai didn’t seem to have lied to him. His status in the Sima Grotto-Heaven might really be extraordinary.

The reason he didn’t know many secrets was that his cultivation was not high enough to come into contact with them.

Is Zheng Yongtai a descendant of the master of the Sima Grotto-Heaven?

“I can’t be bothered to talk to you anymore. I don’t have any!” Zheng Yongtai waved his hand as if he was chasing away a fly.

Tang Mao’er’s chest heaved violently. He clenched his fists and stared at Zheng Yongtai.

“What? Do you want to use force to make me sell to you? Hit me if you want,” Zheng Yongtai said angrily. “Hit me. I definitely won’t fight back. Anyway, I owe you my life. Just beat me to death.”

Zheng Yongtai spread his hands and closed his eyes, letting Tang Mao’er do whatever he wanted.

Tang Mao’er looked furious and raised his fist. But when he saw Zheng Yongtai simply standing there, he suddenly felt like a bully, so he retracted his fist.

“Can you listen to me?” Zhou Shu coughed lightly and broke the stalemate.

“You again?” Tang Mao’er turned to look at Zhou Shu, anger rising on his face.

“Yes, it’s a small world.” Zhou Shu smiled. “Tang Mao’er, you want connate divine weapons?”

“Who are you to call my name?” Tang Mao’er was furious. The fist that had not landed on Zheng Yongtai smashed down on Zhou Shu.


Before Tang Mao’er’s fist landed, he felt a surging force hit his lower abdomen, and he involuntarily took a few steps back.

Tang Mao’er steadied himself. The anger on his face had disappeared, replaced by a solemn expression.

Although he was impulsive, he was no fool.

“Who is it?!” Tang Mao’er shouted.

His gaze swept across the surroundings. Apart from him and Zheng Yongtai, Zhou Shu was the only one present. The others were several steps away, so it was impossible for them to sneak attack him.

“It’s you?” Tang Mao’er’s gaze landed on Zhou Shu.

“Can we talk now?” Zhou Shu said calmly.

“If you want to talk to me, let’s see if you’re qualified!” Tang Mao’er shouted, and the aura on his body exploded. He raised his hand, and a long sword appeared in his hand. He slashed forward.

“Tang Mao’er, no!” Zheng Yongtai’s expression changed drastically.

He moved, wanting to stop Tang Mao’er, but his cultivation was on par with his. How could he stop him?

He cursed in his heart. The grotto-heavens had rules. Humans were not allowed to kill each other for no reason. Tang Mao’er didn’t hold back. If he killed Zhou Shu, he would be severely punished.


With a crisp sound, Zheng Yongtai’s eyes widened in disbelief.

A tiger-headed saber had appeared in Zhou Shu’s hand at some point and blocked Tang Mao’er’s sword beam.

The sharp sword beam shattered, but Zhou Shu didn’t take a step back.

On the other hand, Tang Mao’er was forced back half a step by the counterforce.

“It’s impolite not to reciprocate. How about you try my move?” Zhou Shu said coldly. He raised his hand and slashed out.


Tang Mao’er parried with his sword, but an incomparably surging force came. His figure flew away like a cannonball.

Zheng Yongtai’s eyes widened even more.

What did I just see?

Tang Mao’er was sent flying?

How is that possible?

Isn’t it impossible to cultivate above the first rank of the Martial Dao outside the grotto-heavens?

How could Zhou Shu send Tang Mao’er flying?

No, he seems to have a daughter. That little girl is very strong!

How could I have forgotten about this?

Zheng Yongtai wished he could slap himself. How embarrassing.

He was still recruiting him to join the Sima Grotto-Heaven. He might be a disciple of another grotto-heaven. Otherwise, how could he have such high cultivation?


Tang Mao’er rushed out of the gravel. Just as he was about to speak, a half-smiling face appeared in front of him.

Zhou Shu seemed to teleport as he arrived beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

The anger in Tang Mao’er’s heart instantly dissipated, replaced by cold sweat.

The hand on his shoulder felt as heavy as a mountain. He couldn’t move.

“Little Zhou, show mercy!” Zheng Yongtai said loudly.

At this moment, he realized that he had been defeated by Zhou Shu’s daughter.

His daughter was already so strong. How weak could the father be?

Zheng Yongtai had yet to discover that Xiaoyu’er was actually here. It was mainly because he didn’t expect her to grow from a two to three-year-old child to seven or eight years old in just a few days.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill him,” Zhou Shu said indifferently. “I just want to talk to him.”

Tang Mao’er was like a mouse that had encountered a cat. He was no longer as arrogant as before.

“What do you want?” Tang Mao’er asked tentatively. “Which grotto-heaven are you from? Is it fun to pretend to be a mortal to fool us?”

Zhou Shu smiled lightly. “Would you believe me if I said I’m not from a grotto-heaven?”

Disbelief appeared on Zheng Yongtai’s and Tang Mao’er’s faces.

“Little Zhou, Brother Zhou, I was blind before. I didn’t expect you to be a fellow comrade,” Zheng Yongtai said awkwardly. “Tang Mao’er has a foul mouth and no ill intentions. Our grotto-heavens are united—”

“I told you I won’t do anything to him.” Zhou Shu shook his head. It seemed that no matter how he explained that he wasn’t from the grotto-heavens, they wouldn’t believe him. He decided not to bother with him over this and went straight to the point. “Tang Mao’er, you just said that you want a hundred connate divine weapons?”

“Yes.” Tang Mao’er didn’t understand why he asked this, but there was nothing to deny.

“I have a hundred connate divine weapons. What can you afford?” Zhou Shu said calmly.

“You do?” Tang Mao’er and Zheng Yongtai were shocked.

“Are you sure? Do you really have a hundred connate divine weapons?” Tang Mao’er asked in disbelief.

He asked Zheng Yongtai with his eyes. Other than the Sima Grotto-Heaven, which other grotto-heaven can take out so many connate divine weapons?

Don’t ask me. I don’t know either. Other than the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain back then, no one else has any surplus weapons now, Zheng Yongtai replied with his eyes.

“I do,” Zhou Shu said. “As long as you can afford the price, not to mention a hundred, even more won’t be a problem.

Tang Mao’er was from the Xu Ling Grotto-Heaven. Putting aside whether they were good or bad people, at least for now, he was leading people here to resist the Demon Realm army.

Resisting the Demon Realm army meant that they would face countless battles in the future. What did this mean?

They were good workers!

Even if he didn’t want the connate divine weapons, Zhou Shu would think of a way to sell them to them. Moreover, Tang Mao’er was in a hurry to buy weapons.

Not only could he earn money, but he could also increase his number of workers. It would be strange if he let go of such a great opportunity.

“You have more?” Tang Mao’er’s eyes widened.

“Of course. That’s assuming you can afford them,” Zhou Shu said calmly.

“How can I trust you?” Tang Mao’er said.

Zhou Shu pointed at Zheng Yongtai. “Young Master Zheng has the Seven Star Dragon Abyss Sword on him now. It’s a connate divine weapon I forge. You can ask him.”