Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

692 Chaos (I)

Zen Biyu calmly looked at the people around her. Dao Rhyme manifested around her as she seemed perfectly compatible with Heaven and Earth. And this was not some technique or her attempt to look, but her Taoist Heart and Pure Mind allowed her to reach the perfect state to understand the Dao.

She calmly analyzed the four people before her and quickly noticed three of the four had something in common: pale complexion. 

‘Too much Yin that results in an ambulance. Their cultivation system over-emphasized the soul while completely ignoring the body. No, they abandoned it entirely,’ she analyzed.

Meanwhile, the last one had a rosy complexion and was over 2 meters tall with a muscular physique. Zen Biyu could hear the blood running through his veins like mercury.

‘Powerful fleshly body, but poor control of his body.’ All true body refiners expert locked their blood energy inside their bodies and looked no different from ordinary people. No one will detect it if they do not want anyone to know they have a strong fleshly body.

“Who are you?”

“You call me the Ghost Lord,” replied the leader of the four. That was not his name or title, but he decided to use it for now.

“You’re not from here?”

“No. We are from the Ghost Immortal World.”

“I see. Why do you want to kill me?”

“It’s nothing personal. We only want to pass this trial and get the Eternal Supreme Inheritance.”

“Inheritance? Why do you have to target the Myriad Emperor World for an inheritance?”

“Huh?” muttered Ghost Lord as he did not think of that. So, after she brought it up, he realized there might be some shady business with this entire inheritance thing–especially with how sudden everything was. Nevertheless, he still wanted to try to get his hands on it.

After all, his faction never cultivated an Eternal Emperor, let alone an Eternal Supreme. By getting his hands on such a scripture, he can learn from it and reforge his foundation, increasing his chances of proving the Dao.

“Maybe the Emperor has a grudge against your world. Anyway, I only care about getting the inheritance: nothing else matters.

Zen Biyu sighed. She did not like to fight or compete with others for things like power. If she had a choice, she would slowly cultivate until the Great Emperor Realm and take the first major step of her cultivation path: immortality.

Unfortunately, the world did not revolve around her. She could not spend her life free from the restraints of Karma.

‘The mortal world is a place full of desires, emotions, and ambitions; a place entangled by the threads of Karma–a place of dust. Unfortunately, even cultivators cannot escape.’

Zen Biyu knew her desire was fundamentally flawed: no cultivator can cultivate without being affected by karma. Furthermore, they can only temper the mind and Dao Heart through countless experiences, adversaries, and calamities. This philosophy is often referred to as the Trial of Sea of Bitterness.

Sadly, her desire to be aloof from world affairs and desires is impossible. She is the heir to the Five Element Palace. Such karma has already ruined her pursuit of pursuing tranquility.

A Dharma Body manifested behind her as she prepared to fight. Ghost Lord frowned after sensing her aura before controlling himself; he was still confident. 

[Earth Supression]

Zen Biyu’s Dharma body waved her hand to manifest an enormous mountain: majestic, beautiful, and the embodiment of sturdiness. A terrifying pressure enveloped Ghost Lord that made his body tremble, almost crushed into a blood pool.

Luckily, he acted swiftly and enveloped himself with a powerful spiritual power, blocking the pressure. He raised his hand to create a small mountain in his palm that instantly countered the pressure.

‘Law of Earth,’ thought Zen Biyu before releasing a weird aura from her body. Ghost Lord’s face changed as he found it difficult to control his Earth Law. It was as if he encountered the owner of the Earth Law, and he was someone who borrowed it.

‘Such a terrifying control of the Five Element Law.’

Ghost Lord increased his spiritual power, which in turn raised his control of the Earth Law. He waved his hand to generate a powerful flame that burned the mountain.

Zen Biyu waved her hand, and her mountain absorbed the flame, turning into a volcano, spewing magma so hot that the space distorted. Ghost Lord acted swiftly and used his Fire Law; he is a duel wielder of Fire and Earth Law, walking the path of Earth-Fire Dao.

He combined the two laws to create a magma shield to protect himself and his allies.please visit panda(-)

‘Danm, she’s powerful,’ he thought.


Ghost Lord spewed a mouthful of blood as something pierced his body. He calmly looked down to see the culprit was a tree branch. From the lava that dropped next to him, Zen Biyu turned them into wood elements to attack him.

“I thought I could defeat you alone: I guess not.”

A golden appeared from his forehead before another gilded version of himself appeared next to the impaled body. Ghost Lord’s soul looked at his impaled body, not caring about its destruction.

‘I wanted to continue to use the remaining Yang energy to temper myself. I guess that’s not possible anymore.’ His body was so weak he knew it would not survive such an intact–unless he used countless resources to heal it. But, it was not worth it.

“Let’s deal with her together,” he ordered before controlling Blood Servant, the body cultivator. In the Ghost Immortal World, cultivators viewed the body as a shackle in the path of longevity, so 99% of person abandons it.

As for the remaining 1%, they believed in tempering both the body and the soul. Unfortunately, the laws of Heaven and Earth and the cultivation system make this task beyond difficult.

Any Heaven Chosens who temper their bodies to a certain level will experience a phenomenon where their soul automatically absorbs all the blood and yang energy of the body to nourish it, thus weakening and injuring the body in the process. The only way to walk on the path of double refining is to comprehend Yin-Yang Law and achieve balance.

Unfortunately, in the Ghost Immortal World, Heavenly Dao makes it extremely difficult to comprehend Yin-Yang Law–even more difficult than understanding the Supreme Outlaw Daos.

Despite the difficulty, some geniuses do succeed. So, the rest of the world adapted to fight against these people; they trained and controlled Blood Servants, people who only cultivated the body.

Body-refining resources are rare in the Ghost Lord’s world. As such, only Heaven Chosen, with the full support of their Emperor Lineages, can have a Blood Servant. Furthermore, before or during the Heaven Will Battle, he can swallow him to further nourish his soul.

The Blood Servant rushed to Zen Biyu.


pAn,Da n0,>v,e1 He hit a metal plate that appeared to protect Zen Biyu, injuring his hand. She used the Law of Gold and Earth to create an extremely dense metal and used it as a shield.

Under Ghost Lord’s control, the Blood Servant attacked again, resulting in him being pushed a dozen meters back, vomiting mouthfuls of blood. Zen Biyu changed the properties of the metal to grant it force-bouncing properties. So, the metal redistributed the force of the attack back to the servant.

Meanwhile, the other two people with Ghost Lord went on the offensive. Chains appeared from their forehead and headed directly toward Zen Biyu, who responded appropriately.

She used her Five Elements Law to generate thunder and lightning; she controlled Water Law to create clouds before mixing it with Fire Law. Thunder and Lightning are the nemeses of most  Yin nature things–including the soul.

Unfortunately, she miscalculated these people’s soul abilities as the chain bypassed her thunder and entered her Sea of Consciousness. Zen Biyu’s Soul Protection Treasure activated and created a barrier with five colors surrounding her Primordial Spirit, blocking these chains.

Ghost Lord took this opportunity to counterattack. A fire spear appeared before him before plunging toward Zen Biyu. Luckily, she still had some battle experience as her body acted instinctively and turned into metal.

Zen Biyu looked at the wound on her waist with a frown. She activated the law of water and wood to heal herself before focusing on the battle.

‘Should I continue to fight or just run away?’ she did not like to fight in the first place–especially a pointless battle like this with nothing to gain. 

‘Maybe I can use this experience as a form of tempering,’ she thought, hesitating on the right choice.

Meanwhile, her alter ego/real personality observed everything deep from her Sea of Consciousness. After seeing the battle, she secretly shook her head, lamenting how terrible her battle experience was.

As an expert in Five Elements Law, her other self should know that fire overcomes metal, so why use metal to defend against that attack? Water was the perfect counter. 

However, she was okay with it since she was responsible for this outcome. She purposely influenced the other ego to decrease her battle capabilities, hoping that the Five Element Palace would allow her to seal herself and not fight in this generation.

She wanted to wait for the deal with Wang Wei to finish before proving the Dao in another generation. Regrettably, things were not going her way.