Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

690 Injured

Wang Wei sighed, a little disappointed despite expecting this outcome. He would have preferred to battle Di Tian in the Emperor World than in the Heaven Will Battle as it would give him more time to gain an advantage. And on the unlikely chance they become allies, his plan would benefit greatly.

‘It was never possible,’ he shook his head. For his plan, Wang Wei needed absolute power, and the existence of someone as powerful as Di Tian, who could contradict his order, would be harmful. As such, their egos would never leave room for peaceful cooperation.

He finally looked at Wrath and unsealed her.

“Only communicate through Divine Sense,” he instructed her through a sound transmission that only two could hear. Although puzzled, she agreed.

“Why didn’t you help me save Gluttony?” she questioned.

“I only promised to look after you. I don’t care what happens to the others.”

pA(nD)A no ve1 “You!” Her anger was about to explode. “Can’t you do something at all?”

“No. He’s currently more powerful than me. I will be powerless if he becomes determined to catch or kill you.”

“You simply don’t care,” she commented.

“That’s also a reason.”

“What if I insist on putting myself in danger?”

“Then, you will die. Anyway, I am not bound by any contracts. If you are stupid enough to do such a thing, you deserve to reunite with your master.”

Wrath stared at him with fiery eyes; if she had the power, she would kill him in the most painful way possible.

“Do you want to test if that’s true?” she replied, calling on his bluff.

“Little girl, don’t act out before me. Don’t think I don’t know you attacked Di Tian because you knew I would come to save you,” said Wang Wei with a gentle smile. However, Wrath’s body trembled as she felt a deep fear deep in her soul.

“I’m usually a patient and chill person to get along with. But don’t push my buttons. You understand?”

Wrath mechanically nodded; her body moved by instinct while her mind was overwhelmed by fear.

“Alright. If you want to save your friends, become powerful enough to take it from his hands.”

“I-I will,” replied Wrath, who bit her tongue to use the pain to overcome the fear. Simultaneously, she made a new goal for herself. No, two, but she did not know whether she could ever accomplish the other. 

‘It doesn’t matter if I can succeed. Pursuing this monster’s footstep will allow me to go far in the cultivation path.’ A firm determination flashed in her eyes.

Wang Wei saw the change in her eyes and temperament, but he did not care enough to ask or figure it out. “Quickly finish your end of our bargain.”


“One last thing. I will attack you, and you have to defend before running away with your companion.”

Wrath was smart and quickly figured something was going on. However, she did not ask any further questions. Wang Wei suddenly attacked her with immense force, and she blocked him with her sword. However, she did not retaliate but broke the void with her two companions.

Wang Wei watched her leave with an intense killing intent emanating from his body.

‘Her cunningness and scheming ability are not bad,’ he thought, smiling internally.

He knew Wrath had a two steps plan for fighting Di Tian. The first relied on him to save her, and the other was threatening or blackmailing him. So, she sent Sloth and Envy to Gluttony’s Territory to take Di Tian’s troops hostage when necessary.

However, Wang Wei thinks she underestimated his strength and ruthlessness. He could save his men and capture her with relative ease. Or worse, sacrifice these soldiers to kill these devils.

‘Nothing?’ suddenly thought Wang Wei. When he first arrived, his intuition warned him of prying eyes nearby. However, no matter how much he searched or the method he used, he did not detect anything.

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Wang Wei punched the air. The power of Destruction emanated from his body, annihilating everything in a hundred-meter diameter. Trees, mountains, soil, dirt, animals, and atoms were all destroyed with that single attack. He even eradicated space-time, leaving a zone of nothingness.

If someone came to this area, they would see that a big chunk of this continent was destroyed or erased from the world.

‘Still nothing?’ thought Wang Wei. He knew to trust his intuition, so this only meant the person was already gone or the method they used was beyond his ability.

“Whatever,” he uttered before waving his hand and returning things to their original state. He was prepared to leave and return to his cultivation when he sensed something. After the changes in this continent, a powerful force blocked the spatial tunnel to the devil continent’s exits. However, he felt the blockage had drastically reduced.

‘This is not a coincidence. Someone was indeed here. And they were probably the people being this sudden invasion.’ Wang Wei did another sweep of his Divine Sense but found nothing. In the end, he left helplessly, since it seemed pointless.

Hundred thousand meters underground, He Shiyi’s figure suddenly appeared in a cave. He was in terrible shape, missing half of his body. A look of fear flashed in his mind as he remembered that horrible punch. It reminded him of the helplessness he felt the first time he asked one of his ancestors to experience the power of an Immortal.

Without wasting time or hesitating, he swallowed several pills to appease his injuries. Luckily, he cultivated a Nine-Stage Duyi Realm, allowing him to remove the opponent’s power. Still, the process was slow because his Duyi Realm seemed to lack a certain quality compared to Wang Wei’s.

After a quick analysis, he knew the reason. His opponent made each of his Nine Cultivation Realms unique, while he only did it for a few before cultivating his Duyi Realm to a higher level through years of training.

“Phew!” exhaled He Shiyi; his condition had stopped deteriorating. “If not for the remaining power of the Four Symbol Artifact, I would have died.” During his cultivation journey, he experienced numerous ups and downs and overcame countless challenges. But this was the first time he came so close to dying.

“My journey has been too smooth,” he analyzed. “I have suppressed all the peers in my generation, making me arrogant. As the saying goes, there is a heaven above heaven.”

His eyes became brighter as his state of mind sublimated; a peaceful aura enveloped him as he entered a natural state. 

‘I may be behind now, but that may not be the case after we prove the Dao.’ He Shiyi’s eyes were bright and profound.

Then, he focused on what he had learned.

‘The relationship between Wang Wei and that person called Di Tian is sour, which is understandable. However, there seems to be a strange relationship between Wang Wei and that devil woman.’

He frowned as he analyzed things deeper. Despite how he attacked her, everything was odd. ‘There is a chance he suspected my presence and put on a show.’

This information was less useful than it appeared. His sect could not use it to their benefit since there was no tangible proof that Wang Wei had contact with the devil race. The Myriad Emperor World ended the reign of the devil race and has been hunting them down for countless years.

So, it’s hard to convince people they have allied with the devil race with only his suspicions; he would need solid proof.

After pondering for a moment, his eyes became fierce. “Let me ask the sect to try one last desperate attempt.” He was the lynchpin that powered the barrier that prevented people from exiting the continent. However, with his injury and wasting much of the Four Symbol Mirror’s power, the seal won’t last long.

So, he wanted his sect to try one last method to kill these two. And even if it fails, it’s only a small price. He Shiyi used a secret technique to send the information back and his request.

Lust Territory:

Di Tian returned to his camp, prepared to plan his next step. He wanted to see if there were any more talents worth him conquering. Suddenly, he sensed something, and the power of Life and Death flashed in his eyes,

“Deam Omen?” He felt the possibility of dying. Although it was very low, it was strange, given his strength. He looked in the distance with a serious face.

“Master, is there a problem?” Typically, the Shadow would not ask questions and only did as he was ordered. However, he noticed his master was nicer, for lack of a better word.

“I sense unwanting trouble,” replied Di Tian. In his long life, he had to develop a skill for sensing danger and trouble because of how much Heavenly Dao made him go through. Although it was useless against such a mighty force as Heavenly Dao, it did help him on some occasions.

“Did we reach the 100 million quotas?”

“Yes, although barely.”

“Then let’s leave this place.”

He placed his troops in another space before forcefully breaking through the barrier of this continent. He could not do so previously, but this thing was now drastically weaker.