I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 391 - Immortal and Demon Transformation Spell

Andrew revealed a faint smile and put away the Kunwu Blade with a flip of his hand. However, he still followed the white-haired old man to be polite.

“Since Senior has already relented, then I’ll make the first move.”

Andrew quickened his pace and looked around the treasure pavilion.

He could not wait any longer. After all, the power in Lingyu’s body could only be sealed temporarily. If anything happened to the black shadow in the Alps, the life of Lingyu would be in danger.

Andrew searched around the treasure pavilion but found nothing.

After some thought, Andrew released his cultivation. Since he could not find it with normal thinking, then he would try to mobilize all the cultivation methods in this treasure pavilion with immortal Qi.

In the blink of an eye, four or five cultivation methods appeared. After staring at those cultivation methods, Andrew sighed helplessly.

These things were not what he needed. He felt a little puzzled. This Mountain of Gods had existed for so many years. How could it not even have a cultivation technique that he wanted?

Just as he was standing in the treasure pavilion, the voice of the white-haired old man rang in his ear.

“Young man, I think you haven’t found the cultivation technique you want. You can tell me. After all, I’ve been here for more than a thousand years. I might be able to help you.”

Andrew was astonished. However, he quickly replied to the white-haired old man, “Then help me look for it. I want a technique that can seal the cultivation of others. You have been here for thousands of years. You should have heard of this kind of cultivation technique, right?”

The white-haired old man’s figure appeared. Then, he took out a relatively old cultivation technique.

He said to Andrew, “No one has been interested in this Immortal and Demon Transformation Spell for thousands of years. I didn’t expect you to be interested in this thing.”

As he spoke, the old man threw the book at Andrew.

Andrew caught the thing, but he didn’t know whether what the white-haired old man said was true or not.

He held the Immortal and Demon Transformation Spell and carefully looked at it. Although it didn’t reach his ideal appearance, it was already very good, so he put it away.

A mysterious smile appeared on his face, and he said to the white-haired old man, “Since you’re willing to give this thing to me, I’ll thank you. However, there might still be some other things that I need. If you have nothing else, you can leave.”

When he heard Andrew’s words, a trace of doubt flashed across the old man’s face.

In the next second, the white-haired old man suddenly came to a realization. However, what could he say now? After all, Andrew had already spoken, and he was not Andrew’s opponent at all.

After some thought, he sighed helplessly and released the Qi in his body. Before leaving, he with a solemn expression, “Although this place is full of cultivation methods, they won’t be taken away easily. Moreover, your cultivation is already very high. These cultivation methods are basically useless to you.”

Andrew just smiled faintly and waved at him.

“I don’t need anyone to teach me what to do.”

Andrew released his cultivation once again and began to explore the treasure pavilion. This was because he had a feeling that these cultivation techniques were not the only things in the treasure pavilion.

Just as he walked out of the treasure pavilion, he felt that there was a very powerful force inside. However, he could not pinpoint it for a while.

When he walked in and fought with the white-haired old man, the force he felt disappeared without a trace. However, he was sure that the thing was in the treasure pavilion.

For now, he still had to do something more important, which was to find an item that could absorb the cultivation of others.

When he fought with those people from the Blood Blood Moon God Demon Sect, Andrew always felt that it was a pity to kill those disciples. After all, their cultivation was not bad.

The reason why he was so sure they had a related technique was that when he first came to the Mountain of Gods, he saw one of the gods absorbing the power of a monster.

At that time, Andrew had no idea what was going on, but from what he learned later, there were many cultivation techniques on the Mountain of Gods that he had never seen before.

He knew from Zeus that these cultivation techniques were left behind by the ancient gods. As for the gods on the Mountain of Gods now, they were unable to unleash the full power of those cultivation techniques.

After traveling through the treasure pavilion for a short while, Andrew held countless cultivation techniques. However, these things were not of much use to him. Moreover, he could see that these cultivation techniques were basically what the ordinary gods on the Mountain of Gods cultivated.

He threw those things on the ground. However, in that instant, he felt that there was a mysterious power within the treasure pavilion that was attracting him.

The power he felt this time was completely different from what he felt outside the treasure pavilion.

After hesitating for a moment, he quickened his pace. When he walked into the depths of the treasure pavilion, he discovered that there was a cultivation technique book that was glowing with a dazzling golden light. It was placed alone, even though it was covered in dust.