I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 374 - 374 Meeting Shi Jian

374 Meeting Shi Jian

A few minutes later…

Old Master Ren was lying on the ground like a dead dog, not moving at all. He had suffered your brutal beating again.

Furthermore, your attacks were even more severe than the last time.

It was as if Old Master Ren was being pressed against the ground, and a deep pit was formed on the ground.

Old Master Ren was lying in the pit, looking extremely miserable. Although the current Old Master Ren had evolved, he was still many levels away from having the strength to resist.

From the moment he dared to be fierce to you, he would not be able to escape a beating.

You dusted your hands and looked down at Old Master Ren from above. “You still dare to bare your teeth at me?”

Hearing what you said, Old Master Ren’s bloodshot eyes revealed a human-like look of fear.

His intelligence was also increasing as he evolved. Perhaps, at the end of his evolution, Old Master Ren’s intelligence might not be inferior to humans at all.

It was just that Old Master Ren didn’t have the chance anymore. Because through the incident just now, you came to understand something.

“Zombies are ungrateful wolves. Once they have the strength, they will constantly think of backstabbing their master.” You had already decided to get rid of Old Master Ren. Anyway, you only needed a zombie as an incubator.

You gathered all the bandits’ corpses together and even shattered Old Master Ren’s head with a bolt of lightning.

After waiting for a few hours, the corpses suddenly started moving.

These bandits who had been affected by the corpse poison finally turned into zombies.

You kept one of the more obedient zombies and killed the rest. After that, you took the zombie with you and flew into the distance.

It was the period of the Republic of China, and there’s a country that was living quite well. You hadn’t forgotten about it, and since you had the opportunity to go there, you should definitely visit and take care of it.”

Just like that, you brought the little zombie across the ocean and arrived at the land of the rising sun.

You first went to a military camp and let the zombie in. After one night, tens of thousands of zombies appeared in the entire island country.

You didn’t pay attention to it—you planned to create a disaster of zombies.

Tens of thousands of zombies spread out, and in half a month, the entire island country was infested by zombies.

There were millions of zombies running amuck on the island. Naturally, there were people who practiced Daoism on the island, such as the Onmyoji. However, anyone who tried to kill the zombies would be killed by you.

In the end, there were no living people on the entire Island. All of them turned into zombies. And you, through tens of millions of zombies, finally successfully refined an invincible Zombie King.

Year 25: You returned to the mainland from Japan. You were followed by the Zombie King, who you named General, and the four strongest zombie guardians.

Since Japan had become the Zombie Island, no one had dared to go there for a long time. Therefore, the speed of development on the mainland was even faster.

You didn’t pay attention to the political affairs and returned to the Mao Mountain with the five zombies.

In the main hall, Shi Jian sat cross-legged in the spiritual pool and said to you with his eyes closed, “You’re back.”

You casually picked up a melon from the offering table, ate it, and said to Shi Jian, “Well, old man, why haven’t you become the Sect Leader yet?”

Shi Jian was already used to this. He looked at the five figures in black behind you in surprise, then he was shocked. He hurriedly said, “You’ve succeeded!?”

Even with Shi Jian’s cultivation, he couldn’t tell that the five figures behind you were zombies.

However, according to Shi Jian’s understanding of his child, he had already guessed what these five figures were.

It was Shi Jian who had given you the secret manual of the corpse-refining tecnique.

It was a cultivation technique that Shi Jian had found by accident in a cave on a cliff.

It seemed to be passed down from some ancient hermit sects.

According to the introduction in the book, one could even ascend in the day if they succeeded in their cultivation.

However, the corpse-refining technique was so evil that Shi Jian, the Eldest Senior Brother of the Mao Mountain, did not even bother to learn it.

He didn’t expect you to come here today and say that you had succeeded.

Shi Jian’s eyes flickered, and he slowly walked to the leading zombie.

All of a sudden, countless lightning bolts appeared on Shi Jian’s hand, and he slapped the zombie with all his strength.

Without your order, the zombies wouldn’t move.

Therefore, when the zombies looked at you and found you didn’t say anything, they just stood there and let Shi Jian hit them.

“Not bad, not bad at all. Even my Thunder Fist can’t break this body. Did you train this zombie? Where did you get so much fresh human blood to feed it?” Shi Jian asked with confusion.

You smiled faintly and directly said, “Zombie Island.”

Upon hearing this, Shi Jian’s expression changed drastically.

The Zombie Island incident could be said to have shaken the entire world. Such a large place had been destroyed, and its entire population had turned into zombies.

Now, no one dared to enter Zombie Island’s territory.

Most importantly, it was a taboo, so Shi Jian had to be careful.

“Not bad. With your five peerless zombies, I believe that when Father’s tribulation comes, it will definitely be easy.”

Shi Jian laughed wildly.

His cultivation base had long reached the limits of the mortal world, but unfortunately, due to the thin Spiritual Qi in this world, no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to ascend to the heavens.

“Mm, there shouldn’t be any problems. By the way, I heard that something happened on Lin Fengjiu’s side. He set off firecrackers with the ghosts in hell? Even the reapers have sent out a large number of them,” you casually said.

Shi Jian’s interest was piqued. In the entire Mao Mountain, Lin Fengjiu was the one he hated the most.

Back then, it was Shi Jian who had put in so much effort to finally chase Lin Fengjiu off the Mao Mountain.

Who would have thought that the disciple of that fellow was so useless that he could even set off firecrackers for the ghosts in hell.

“Hahaha, that guy deserves it. I’ll make a trip to hell and talk to Yama.”

With that, Shi Jian stood up and was about to leave.

But you suddenly reached out your hand and stopped Shi Jian from leaving.

Shi Jian didn’t panic when he was stopped by his son, but he asked anxiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Old man, that guy is not easy to deal with, especially since he invited the Grandmaster to the mortal world. Even Yama has to give the Grandmaster some face. So, I don’t suggest you go to hell.”

Hearing that, Shi Jian calmed down. He knew that he was not very popular in the Mao Mountain.

On the contrary, Lin Fengjiu, who had been chased out, was very popular.