I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 373 - 373 A Naive Zombie

373 A Naive Zombie

The bald man could only watch as the zombie sucked his blood dry.

“This fellow usually likes to let innocent victims bleed to death when he pillages. Now, he’s also sucked dry by a zombie. It’s his retribution.”

After Old Master Ren sucked the brawny man’s blood dry, he immediately let out a carefree low growl.

After a zombie sucked blood, its strength would increase significantly. Moreover, Old Master Ren had not consumed any blood since he was released.

After feeling that his strength had increased a little, Old Master Ren became even more excited.

This made him eager to drink more blood.

Soon, Old Master Ren rushed toward the second wooden house.

The door of this wooden house was open, and there were a few big men drinking inside. The first shouts you heard were from these big men.


Old Master Ren howled and pounced on the few burly men.

“Enemy attack!”

The bandits in the wooden house didn’t even see what it was.

When they saw a black shadow pouncing toward them, they immediately shouted and picked up the large machete beside them, slashing at Old Master Ren.

The large machetes landed directly on Old Master Ren’s shoulder.

However, it was as if they had hit a rock.

The sound of the blade cracking could be heard. How could ordinary blades break a zombie’s body?

At that moment, Old Master Ren was already close to one of them and was pounced toward him. It was only then that the bandit saw Old Master Ren’s face clearly.

He had a green face and sharp fangs, looking ferocious and terrifying.

“A ghost!” the bandit screamed in fear.

Before he could escape, Old Master Ren bit his neck.

With his artery pierced, a large amount of blood gushed into Old Man Ren’s mouth. He gulped down the blood in large mouthfuls as if he was drinking Amrita. In just a few breaths, he had sucked all the blood from the bandit’s body dry.

After that, Old Master Ren threw the bandit’s corpse away and pounced on his next target.

At present, the entire village was in chaos.

After the bandits heard the sound of an enemy attack, they were stunned.

They all rushed out with their weapons.

“What’s going on?”

“Where is the enemy?”

The bandits searched for the enemy in a chaotic manner.

They happened to see the zombie that had jumped out of the second wooden house. Under the moonlight, they could see that Old Master Ren’s face was ferocious, and his exposed canine teeth were covered with blood, looking ghastly and terrifying.

“Holy sh*t! It’s a zombie!”

“Run!” shouted a timid one. His face turned pale, and he turned to run.

However, one of the more courageous bandits immediately stopped him from escaping.

“Don’t run! What are you afraid of? There are so many of us here. We can kill it if we attack together!”

Hearing the bandit leader’s words, the bandits were all excited.

They quickly followed their leader, raised their weapons, and rushed toward Old Master Ren.

Unfortunately, these bandits had no idea how terrifying zombies were.

Although Old Master Ren had just turned into a zombie, he had already become a black zombie after drinking the blood of a few people.

These bandits were just ordinary people, so how could they defeat the zombie? If they wanted to rely on the human-wave tactic, the only outcome would be Old Master Ren drinking their blood faster.

Old Master Ren pounced toward the bandits as well. The weapons of these bandits could not break through Old Master Ren’s defense at all, and thus, a one-sided massacre began.

Old Master Ren was like a tiger that had charged into a flock of sheep, massacring wantonly and drinking fresh blood.

You stood at the entrance of the campsite and watched the tragic scene with a calm expression.

After losing seven or eight comrades, the bandits finally realized that they couldn’t defeat the ferocious zombie in front of them. They were completely terrified.

“Argh! Run!”

“Run! We can’t kill it!”

“Help! Boss, please save me!”

The remaining dozen or so bandits had completely lost their confidence in fighting and started to run.

The entire village was surrounded by fences, and the only way to escape was at the village entrance, where you were standing guard.

When the bandits discovered that a figure had suddenly appeared at the village entrance, they were instantly shocked.

However, when they saw clearly that it was only a normal human, the bandits became brave again.

The leader once again revealed a ferocious and brutal expression.

“Brat, get lost!”

The leader of the bandits raised his blade and charged in your direction, followed by a few other bandits.

Facing a few bandits that were charging at you, you smiled coldly and raised your hand.

“Kun, Earth River Vehicle.”

The next moment, an earthen dragon rose from the ground and sent the bandits flying.

You had been in the Mao Mountain for many years. Not only had you mastered all the techniques there, but you had also simulated many of the martial art skills in your mind through enlightenment.

Old Master Ren had already sucked the blood of the bandits beside him dry. His scarlet eyes were fixed on the few bandits who were flying back.

“Argh! Don’t come over, don’t come over!”

“Help! Please save us!”

Unfortunately, no matter how the bandits called out and begged, you remained calm and unmoved.

Finally, Old Master Ren attacked the bandits, and they slowly died in despair and pain.

There was an obvious wound on each bandit’s neck.

The wound had turned black, a sign of being poisoned by the corpse poison. It would not be long before these bandits became new zombies.

After Old Master Ren sucked all the bandits ‘blood, his Scarlet eyes instantly glared at you.

It could be seen that after drinking all the blood of the bandits.

There were obvious changes to Old Master Ren’s body. His pitch-black body size had increased and looked even harder, his claws had become sharper, his eyes had become more scarlet, and

His joints could now move freely, and the light of intelligence slowly appeared in his scarlet eyes.

Old Master Ren was like a mad beast. His entire body exuded a crazy aura. It was obvious that Old Master Ren had evolved.

You said very calmly, “It seems that you haven’t been trained well. You’re indeed a beast without intelligence. You haven’t learned your lesson, and you even dared to have ideas about me.”

Your eyes turned cold. A disobedient zombie wouldn’t be of any help to your plan.

There was some hesitation in Old Master Ren’s eyes. Obviously, the experience of being beaten up was still vivid in his mind.

However, in the end, his desire for fresh blood triumphed over his rationality and prompted Old Master Ren to pounce in your direction.