I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 372 - 372 Cultivating Zombies

372 Cultivating Zombies

Looking at Old Master Ren, who was gradually becoming motionless on the ground, you couldn’t help but be puzzled.

“It can’t be that he used too much strength just now and was killed by my punch, right?”

Just as you were about to take a look, Old Master Ren jumped up again.

Seeing that Old Master Ren was fine, you were also secretly relieved. Old Master Ren was of great use to you.

At that moment, Old Master Ren was baring his teeth and growling like a wild beast in your direction.

It was obvious that your punch had angered him.

Anyone who had watched Mr. Zombie would know.

The Ren family’s old master wasn’t an ordinary zombie. It had some remnant memories, and after it woke up, it immediately returned to the Ren family and bit its own son to death.

In the face of Ninth Uncle’s pursuit, it even displayed a certain level of intelligence. It was not as rigid as the other zombies and only acted on instinct.

“Eh? You still dare to bare your teeth at me?” You snorted coldly and said, “It seems that I didn’t hit you hard enough just now!”

As soon as you finished speaking, you strode towards Old Master Ren.

Old Master Ren wasn’t afraid and immediately pounced toward you again.

“Lightning Palm, Five-Lightning Heavenly Heart Curse.”

All sorts of rolling thunder could be heard from the deep mountains and forests.

They were all accompanied by a terrifying scream. The scream was like that of an injured beast, and it was obviously not something that a human could make.

The current battlefield wasn’t as tragic as one would imagine.

You were completely unscathed, and even your clothes were sparkling clean. On the other hand, the zombified Old Master Ren’s hat had been sent flying, his clothes were torn, and his entire body was charred black. He was in an extremely miserable state.

Naturally, this was because you deliberately held back. Otherwise, Old Master Ren would have long been chopped into pieces by you.

“Are you convinced?”

As you asked, you walked toward the zombie lying on the ground.

What you did not expect was that when the zombie saw you walking over, its first reaction wasn’t to bite you. Instead, it revealed a look of fear and kept jumping back, hiding under a big tree and trembling.

In the past few minutes, Old Master Ren had suffered inhuman brutal beatings and abuse.

Old Master Ren had finally realized that the human in front of him was a creature that was even more terrifying than zombies.

“Old Master Ren, you’re scared of lightning.”

In another plot, when the Four-Eyed Daoist was possessed by a God to beat up the royal zombie, the royal zombie also showed a look of fear.

From this, it could be seen that any high-level zombie definitely had some intelligence.

They could distinguish who was easy to bully and who couldn’t be provoked. Seeing you walking toward him, Old Master Ren was very scared, but he had nowhere to run. He could only shrink into the corner and shiver, like a little girl who was being bullied, so weak and helpless.

“You’re pretty smart. I told them that the corpse-controlling technique written in the book was not reliable. I’ve researched a way to subdue zombies by myself. It seems that I’ll have to produce a secret manual when I have time,” you mumbled softly.

After successfully subduing Old Master Ren, you had to start executing that great plan.

In the darkness…

It was silent. On the desolate path, two figures were moving quickly.

If there were any outsiders present, they would definitely be shocked. This was because one of the figures was not walking like a normal person, but rather, he was jumping.

Every time he jumped, he could jump high and fly far away.

The figure’s limbs seemed to be a little stiff and clumsy.

However, their actual speed was far faster than ordinary people’s.

He was clearly in front one moment, jumping around, but in the next moment, he could disappear from sight.

The other person’s speed wasn’t slow either. He walked through the mountain forest as if it was flat ground. And every time the figure in front ran a little too fast, the man behind would catch up and beat him up.

These two figures were naturally yours and Old Master Ren’s.

The two of you used the moonlight to hurry on with your journey.

Soon, you passed by a small village.

There were more than a dozen thatched houses there, as well as stables for raising horses. All the wooden houses and stables were surrounded by a row of wooden fences to prevent wild beasts from entering in the middle of the night.

Even though it was late at night, there were still men’s shouts in the village.

This was not an ordinary village, but a village occupied by bandits, who wanted to build a base.

The original villagers had already been killed, and everyone in the village was a bandit.

From afar, you could see that the blood in this village was surging. It’s obvious that it had just encountered a great disaster.

After combining everything you saw, you quickly determined the truth of the matter. Immediately, a smile appeared on your face.

You brought Old Master Ren to the wooden fence.

A mere wooden fence would naturally not be able to stop you.

You grabbed Old Master Ren and jumped over the fence.

When the gray horses in the stable saw you enter, they immediately neighed a few times, their eyes alert and fearful.

Animals had a much stronger sense of perception than humans, and the Yin Qi and Death Qi surrounding Old Master Ren’s body made these horses feel very uneasy.

Your target was naturally not these horses, so you ignored them.

You touched the fence around you and felt that this was pretty good.

This was to prevent the bandits from running away after the commotion.

‘This is also a trap that you’ve dug for yourself.’

Thinking up to this point, you patted the zombie’s shoulder and said indifferently, “Go and drink your fill in blood! If you dare to run, I’ll break your legs!”

Although the zombie’s body was very hard, if one wanted to, one could easily tear off a zombie’s leg.

Old Master Ren didn’t understand what you were saying. After all, his intelligence was currently very low.

However, Old Master Ren vaguely understood what you meant by touching and pushing him.

Coincidentally, he also smelled the scent of many living people in the surrounding wooden houses.

His instincts urged him to suck these people dry of their blood. After that, Old Master Ren hopped and skipped to the side of the first wooden house.

Before he entered, he hesitated for a moment and sneaked a glance in your direction.

After making sure that you weren’t angry, he continued to approach the wooden house.

‘I’ve left a huge psychological shadow in Old Master Ren’s heart.’

As long as you snorted coldly, Old Master Ren would definitely not dare to act rashly and would stay there obediently without moving.

The door of the first wooden house happened to be open. After Old Master Ren entered the wooden house, he saw a bald, brawny man sleeping soundly on the bed. Seeing this,Old Master Ren couldn’t wait any longer. He pounced over and bit off the brawny man’s throat.

With his throat bitten off, the bald man woke up with a start. He opened his eyes wide and made a choking sound. He waved his hands wildly and struggled. A person’s throat was a fatal part, but after it was bitten off, they would not die in a short time.