I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 657 - 657 Crisis

657 Crisis

Chu Xuan saved Qin, and Qin completely transformed into a divine being of the Heavenly Dao.

Furthermore, given Qin’s personality, he would definitely wander the chaos and think of ways to strengthen the Heavenly Dao in order to become stronger himself.

Chu Xuan even gave him a little teaser.

The Heavenly Dao had the potential to become a supreme law of the chaos.

This also meant that once the Heavenly Dao became a supreme law of the chaos, as a divine being of the Heavenly Dao, Qin would also become a chaos supreme realm expert.

This further ignited Qin’s fighting spirit.

In order to become a chaos supreme realm expert, he had to think of ways to strengthen the Heavenly Dao.

In fact, he even tried to comprehend the supreme laws of the chaos while inside the Heavenly Dao and guide the supreme laws to descend.

“You remained in seclusion and secretly saved someone from the hands of a chaos supreme realm expert. You have been rewarded with 10,000 year’s worth of cultivation.”

He had triggered the system reward.

Chu Xuan was overjoyed. This was an unexpected gain, and would increase his strength by a large margin.

Chu Xuan received his reward.

The embryonic supreme laws within the 3,000 masses of the chaotic energy of creation instantly grew by a large amount.

His strength had more than doubled.

Chu Xuan sighed.

Without a cultivation method to transcend the chaos, it was too slow to improve his strength passively like this. This reward proved it. His strength would only double after ten thousand years of cultivation.

As someone who had cultivated for less than a hundred years, this was painstakingly slow.

As expected, after breaking through to the chaos supreme realm, the increase in his strength had slowed down.

Transcending the chaos was like a huge immovable mountain.

Even if he had a special constitution that allowed him to transcend the chaos, it was still too difficult to do so, and would take many thousands of years of accumulation.

Therefore, the 100-year milestone reward was crucial.

With a cultivation method to transcend the chaos, his cultivation speed would increase rapidly once more.

Of course, even without a cultivation method to transcend the chaos, Chu Xuan far surpassed the other chaos supreme realm experts, who were still searching for the path to transcend the chaos.

At the very least, he was moving in the right direction, albeit slowly.

Outside the nine zones, the chaos was completely silent.

Then, Mo Bao spoke.

“Qin committed treason and violated the dignity of a chaos supreme realm expert. Therefore, he was killed!”

Mo Bao’s voice was filled with killing intent as he continued, “The chaos supreme realm expert did not attack the human race because the human race wasn’t worthy of his attention. However, we should resolve this issue for the chaos supreme realm expert and annihilate the human race!”

The moment he said that, the various forces present were shocked.

The chaos supreme realm expert had made a move and killed Qin.

However, the human race was spared.

Was this due to benevolence?

It definitely was not!

The human race was simply unworthy of the chaos supreme realm expert’s attention and action.

If they attacked now and destroyed the human race, would they not be able to get into that expert’s good books?

No matter what, it was an opportunity to gain favor with a legendary existence.

Realizing this, the experts of the major forces all erupted with powerful auras, locking on to Chu, Xia, and Ji.

“Xi, are you going to offend the chaos supreme realm expert and continue to protect the human race? Even your master would join forces with us if he knew about this,” Mo Bao looked at Goddess Xi and said coldly.

So what if he was the immortal ancestor?

No matter how powerful the ancestor was, he was not a chaos supreme realm expert. The same was true for the other three ancestors.

Goddess Xi’s expression turned complicated. Even if she stayed out of it, the other experts of the immortal race would not.

This time, the human race was truly in danger of being annihilated.

Chu’s expression darkened.

He was no longer calm.

No matter how unparalleled his schemes and strength were, he was helpless in the face of such a crisis.

Once this matter spread throughout the chaos…

The human race would become the target of the major forces in the chaos thanks to this legendary existence.

Xia’s aura erupted as he brandished his saber.

He was already prepared to fight to the death.

Ji’s expression was calm.

Even if the human race was in danger, it was limited to the chaos.

It would not affect the nine zones.

The human race would not be exterminated.

He was not worried about being targeted.

After all, the Supreme Lord was also a chaos supreme realm expert,

“Chu, today is the day you die!”

Mo Bao’s aura surged, and his demonic power began to churn.

“Yao, it’s time to make your move!”

Yao naturally stood forth.

Chu looked around. They had already been locked onto by the auras of the various experts.

There was almost no way to escape.

Kun Gu, who had already dispersed his world and Dao path, began to condense them once more to recover.

Chu looked at Xuan and Shui Lian.

“This is a calamity for the human race. It has nothing to do with you. You may leave.”

Xuan and Shui Lian did not move, but their expressions were determined.

Ting looked at his sister and panicked. He said, “Sister, don’t be foolish.”

“Yes, don’t be foolish,” Chu nodded.

For the first time, Ting’s impression of Chu improved.

Mo Bao charged over.

“Chu, it’s time for your human race to be eradicated. Stop struggling.”

Chu looked at Mo Bao, his gaze sharp.

“Mo Bao, even if I die, I will drag you down with me!”