I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 656 - 656 Taking Action (Part 2)

656 Taking Action (Part 2)

He would use his supreme power to protect Qin’s divine soul from being destroyed, while helping him to complete the transformation into a divine being of the Heavenly Dao.

After becoming a divine being of the Heavenly Dao, Qin’s karma would be severed.

Furthermore, with Chu Xuan’s protection, the other party would not be able to detect that Qin was still alive, unless he showed up personally to check, which would not happen.

There was no reason to.

After all, no one below the chaos supreme realm could resist the power of the supreme laws of the chaos.

Chu Xuan did not choose to meet force with force.

There was no need for that.

The other party had no enmity with him.

The reason why he had acted to protect Qin was not only because he was the one who had instigated him to kill Prison Dao Ancient God, but also because Qin possessed a large amount of the Heavenly Dao’s fate energy.

His death would in turn damage the Heavenly Dao and hinder its development. It would take the Heavenly Dao a long time to recover from that damage. Therefore, his death was not an option that Chu Xuan would entertain.


Qin’s body was instantly destroyed.

He had no power to resist.

Even his divine soul seemed to be on the verge of melting.

At this moment, a mighty and supreme power brushed past his divine soul, transforming him completely into a divine being of the Heavenly Dao.

His divine soul was recovering in the Heavenly Dao, and his physical body soon reappeared. His previous body was different from his current one, which had been condensed by the Heavenly Dao.

After annihilating Qin, the destructive supreme power disappeared.

Chu Xuan had saved Qin without the other party even realizing he had interfered.

There was no danger.

Chu Xuan was at ease. Actually, based on that attack, Chu Xuan could tell that he was stronger than the other party, even though he had just broken through to the chaos supreme realm recently.

This was likely due to the 3,000 Chaos Bodies of Creation and his cultivation foundation that had been solidified by the system.

So what if he had just broken through?

He was no weaker than any of those ancient chaos supreme realm experts!

Within the special space, the imposing figure retracted his hand.

He frowned slightly. He felt that he had encountered something this time.

However, he did not dwell on the matter.

His target would only survive if another chaos supreme realm expert took action.

If this had happened, he would have been able to sense it.

Not a single person in the entire special space intervened.

Perhaps the other party had some kind of supreme treasure, which caused the power to encounter something.

However, it was unable to stop it and was still annihilated.

Outside the nine zones, the terrified experts finally regained their ability to move once the destructive supreme power disappeared.

The place where Qin had been standing was empty.

All of the experts were silent.

It was too terrifying.

Even those who had transcended the World Creator realm were like ants in front of such an existence.

The incomparably powerful Qin that had killed Prison Dao Ancient God had actually died just like that.

Not even a trace of his ashes was left.

Chu heaved a sigh of relief. That chaos supreme expert had only killed Qin and did not implicate the entire human race.

This was a great fortune amidst the disaster.

He also felt sad.

Ancestor Qin, a legendary person, had actually died just like that.