I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1083 - 1083 Chu Yunfan the Human-Shaped, Walking Nuclear Bomb

1083 Chu Yunfan the Human-Shaped, Walking Nuclear Bomb

The Internet was in an uproar.

“As expected of Mighty Chu. He’s mighty and domineering!”

“That’s right, the marine folks and the demons are nothing but clay statues!”

“Hahaha, let’s see what those guys have to say now. They’re nothing in front of Mighty Chu!”

On the Internet, Chu Yunfan had become known as the guardian deity. It was as if as long as he existed, the Federation had nothing to be afraid of.

After all, Chu Yunfan had even turned this near-death situation around.

Once a video of him killing the marine folk and demon allied-army out on the Infinite Sea was released, it shocked countless people on the Internet.

Although they all knew that Chu Yunfan had saved people and that his strength was not to be underestimated, they did not know how he had done it.

After watching this video, they finally understood and were shocked. When they saw his sword strike, which destroyed hundreds and thousands of monsters that were as big as small mountains in one breath, they were dumbfounded.

“This is equivalent to the power of a small tactical nuclear bomb on a battlefield.”

“That’s right. Mighty Chu is like a walking nuclear bomb!”

“The Federation is impregnable from now on!”

Many were shocked that humans could become so powerful with their own cultivation—even comparable to a nuclear bomb.

In the past, their understanding of a Divine’s strength was derived from various legends. Compared to ordinary people, Divines were undoubtedly much stronger. However, they did not know how strong the experts in the Divine Abilities Stage were.

And Chu Yunfan’s existence had undoubtedly provided them with a realistic template.

Of course, they didn’t know that Chu Yunfan’s strength was at the top of the Divine Abilities Stage. However, this didn’t prevent them from being inspired by him and setting off a crazy wave of cultivation in the Federation.

In modern society, although it was said that everyone cultivated martial arts and everyone was like a dragon, most still did not regard cultivation as the main theme of their life. They went to work and went to school.

But the amazing strength that Chu Yunfan displayed made them feel a throbbing in their hearts.

This video was, of course, released by the higher-ups of the Federation to boost the recently low morale of the Federation. At this moment of panic, especially when the trend of the demon and the marine folk alliance was becoming more and more obvious, the Federation’s morale had dropped.

The Federation was in desperate need of such a hero.

At first, there were many forces inside and outside the Federation who were quite dissatisfied with Chu Yunfan, but when they saw the video of the battle, they were completely dumbfounded. They all passed down orders that no one was to go against Chu Yunfan.

Those who were originally targeting the Chu clan, Chu Yunfan, and all the forces related to him completely ceased their activities. What a joke, if he was angered, he could single-handedly annihilate a super-large force. It was no problem to say that he was a walking nuclear bomb.

Although the battle had ended, the aftermath had only just begun to ferment. Great Ancestor Liu was confirmed to have betrayed the country. One could imagine the situation that this once prominent family was facing.

Because Great Ancestor Liu had schemed against all the human experts inside and outside the Federation, and now that most of these experts had been saved by Chu Yunfan, their revenge naturally followed shortly after.

The Liu clan’s various forces were uprooted, their properties were divided up by various forces, and the remaining vacancies were filled by other forces.

Although many of the Liu clan’s descendants were not aware of their great ancestor’s actions, no one would complain on their behalf.

More people suddenly realized that out of the original eight great families, only the Chu clan, the Tang clan, and the Li clan were left. Out of the Eight Greats that had stood tall in the Federation for at least a hundred years, five of them had been destroyed in a few short years.

This was a slap in the face for many who had thought that the Eight Greats would continue to exist forever.

Within the Federation, the reshuffling of the major forces had just begun. Too many things had been exposed this time around. It was not just the Liu clan. Many other forces that had close ties to them, even the small forces that had developed from the Liu clan, were wiped out.

However, for the Federation, although these things were in full swing, they were only settled after autumn. The distribution of interests finally came to an end.

Of course, Chu Yunfan got the biggest share. Now, no one dared to ignore his existence. Even though he failed to save all the Federation experts, with his strength, it was only natural that he would get the biggest share.

He had saved so many people this time and almost everyone wanted to express their gratitude to him. Among them, the biggest benefits naturally fell into his hands.

Just Chu Yunfan’s various assets alone had exceeded 200 billion. The Chu clan and Special Ops, who had been following Chu Yunfan, had also benefited greatly.

His wealth had been comparable to that of a country’s, and now it had increased even more.

The major event that the Federation was facing was how the Holy Land would integrate into the Federation. With such a large force and countless experts, the integration of the Holy Land would naturally involve countless matters. It was not something that could be explained clearly in a few words.

There was the matter of which force would be assigned to which base city, who could enter the Federation and become a senior official, and so on. There were many trivial matters, but they had to be faced.

Fortunately, the higher-ups of the Holy Land and the Federation reached an agreement. As for the specific details, both sides would organize a large negotiation to finalize them one by one.

All of these things had nothing to do with Chu Yunfan. He couldn’t wait to go home. It had been a long time since he last saw his family.

At this time, Mr. And Mrs. Chu were living in the core area of the Chu ancestral land. Because of Chu Yunfan, this branch had long become the core of the Chu clan.

Compared to when Chu Yunfan first came to the Chu clan a few years ago, the scale of the Chu clan’s ancestral land had more than doubled. Because of him, the Chu clan’s strength had at least doubled compared to a few years ago. With their size, it was easy to imagine how many benefits they had gained.

However, as he walked through the core area, Chu Yunfan was surprised to see a familiar figure.