I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1082 - 1082 A God-Like Man, Forcing Back the Allied Forces

1082 A God-Like Man, Forcing Back the Allied Forces

Even if those monsters weren’t afraid of death, they weren’t really reckless. They were just driven by the powerful marine folks and demons which were more terrifying than their instincts.

But now, Chu Yunfan had slaughtered more than twenty of those Divine monsters in one breath, and even more monsters and marine beasts had escaped from his control and fled in all directions as if their lives were lost.

Immediately, the pressure on Great Ancestor Chu and the others was greatly reduced. It was not that they didn’t know about this method.

To shoot a man, one had to shoot the horse.

To capture a bandit, one had to capture the leader.

It was just that in their current state, it would be good enough if they could protect themselves. They simply didn’t have the ability to capture the leader before capturing the bandit.

However, Chu Yunfan’s massacre was not over yet. He was like a killing machine that doesn’t know fatigue. He killed in all directions—from top to bottom and from left to right. Wherever he passed, countless monsters were killed.

The entire sea had been dyed red with blood. The remains of countless monsters and marine beasts had attracted even more marine beasts.

However, even though these marine beasts did not have any self-control, they didn’t dare to rashly attack Chu Yunfan and the others. Although they weren’t very intelligent, they could instinctively understand how terrifying Chu Yunfan was.

Chu Yunfan’s unscrupulous slaughter of these monsters finally attracted the attention of the main battlefield. He had killed these densely-packed monsters and no more monsters or marine beasts dared to come forward.

Finally, the Federation’s fleet saw Chu Yunfan and the others. When they saw that Chu Yunfan had rescued those inside, the morale of the fleet soared.

“He did it!”

After Moonfall Protege of Moonfall killed a few marine beasts that pounced at her feet, she stared in shock as she watched Chu Yunfan’s massacre in the distance.

For her, today was a good lesson. For the first time, she understood what a species war was. In the Holy Land, the largest battle she had experienced was the battle between sects.

The scale of those battles was huge, but it was nothing compared to a species war.

It was a model that she had never seen before—fighting for the survival of a species.

In the Holy Land, when the sects fought, the defeated party could still surrender and have a chance to start over again. There was no such opportunity in a species war. Whether it was the marine folks, the demons, or the humans, they were all fearless and would not retreat.

The Federation had suffered heavy losses over the past few days. A large fleet had been crippled, but they continued to push forward and fight to the death.

The losses of the demons and the marine folks were even greater, but no one retreated, because it was impossible to surrender on this battlefield.

If the monsters surrendered, they would only be killed by the humans, and their inner cores would be used to make medicinal pills. The other parts of their bodies would also be used for various purposes.

There was only one outcome for humans if they surrendered, and that was to become food for the monsters.

This was the first time Moonfall Protege had come into contact with such a mode of battle.

The other shock came from Chu Yunfan. He had gone into the ruins alone and killed his way into the demons and the marine folks’s encirclement.

However, he had been successful and rescued the people trapped inside.

Chu Yunfan’s unstoppable massacre left a deep impression in her heart. He was like a demonic god.

Not only Moonfall Protege, but the other Holy Land experts were also the same. A seed of awe had been planted in their hearts, and they were no longer as high and mighty as before.

What shocked these experts even more was that Chu Yunfan could kill Divines like they were grass. With just a casual strike, a Divine marine beast or monster would die at his hands.

Only then did they realize that the pride of Divines was nothing in front of him. Most of them recalled how he used a nuclear bomb to kill hundreds of Divines in one go.

That day, Chu Yunfan had used a nuclear bomb, so it didn’t count as his own power. But now, it was all his own.

Now, they realized that if Chu Yunfan hadn’t used the nuclear bomb that day, he probably would still have had the power to wipe out the more than two hundred Divines in one go.

It was just that he chose the most intimidating method to make them fear the Federation.

Chu Yunfan’s reappearance gave the Federation’s fleet hope of victory.

In the past, the Federation’s fleet had been extremely troubled by these endless monsters and marine beasts. Although they knew that they were driven by Divine monsters and marine beasts, it was difficult for them to do anything to these Divine monsters.

Therefore, the Federation had no other choice but to fight a war of attrition with them and use the mechas produced by industrial assembly lines to fight against the endless monsters.

That was the last resort. A human family might only have two or three children in their lifetime and maybe a few more. However, monsters could give birth to more than a dozen in one go. This fertility rate was not something that humans could compare to.

Even though the Federation had a large population, they still felt a headache from such a head-on fight.

But Chu Yunfan had changed the Federation’s thinking.

While he was killing the ordinary monsters that were pouncing at him, he spread out his divine will to search for those Divine monsters. Once he found them, he would point them out one by one.

The Divine monsters that were called out were, without exception, unable to escape.

Although there were many Divine monsters on the battlefield, their numbers were too few when compared to the endless number of ordinary monsters.

In just a short time, Chu Yunfan had singlehandedly killed more than half of the Divine monsters on the battlefield. Even with so many Divine human experts working together, they wouldn’t be able to kill as many as Chu Yunfan had.

This showed the soldiers of the Federation why a top master was so important. He was indeed as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

After Chu Yunfan went on a killing spree, the remaining Divine monsters didn’t dare to stay. Their intelligence was much higher than that of ordinary monsters, so they naturally understood that they were no match for Chu Yunfan.

Almost immediately, they started to flee in all directions.

Without the control of the Divines, the remaining monsters were finally scared of being killed. They quickly scampered away in an unorganized fashion.

They were chased by the Federation Army for thousands of miles before they finally successfully got away.

On the Internet, news that Chu Yunfan had rescued the Federation’s experts who were trapped in the deep sea ruins and then defeated the allied forces of the marine folks and the demons spread like wildfire, causing an uproar.