I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1081 - 1081 This Is What You Call a Massacre

1081 This Is What You Call a Massacre

Chu Yunfan sat down cross-legged on Ebony Dragon King’s back.

Ebony Dragon King let out a long roar and quickly flew out of the ruins.

As soon as they were out, Chu Yunfan found the entrance of the ruins in chaos.

Great Ancestor Chu, Chu Haoyue, Yang Feiyang, and Zhu Buping, who had come out earlier, were all here.

At the exit of the ruins, the demons and the marine folks had clearly discovered the situation inside. Countless marine folks and aerial monsters flew over.

They were so densely packed that almost the whole sky was blocked out. Even if everyone was a Divine, they would not be able to break out.

Although Divines were powerful, they were not gods. They could be killed and would encounter difficulties. It was just a matter of whether they were willing to pay the price.

Among the marine folks and the demons, there were also many monsters at the Divine Abilities Stage. It was these powerful monsters that made Great Ancestor Chu and the others unable to advance or retreat.

The whole battlefield was even more tragic than when Chu Yunfan had entered the ruins because more demons and marine folks had come to support the attack.

The experts from the Holy Lands brought by Chu Yunfan had urged the demons and marine folks to send more experts, blocking Great Ancestor Chu and the others inside.

They didn’t know that in the ruins, the demons and marine folks had already been completely annihilated by Chu Yunfan.

They were still continuously charging over, trying to surround and kill Great Ancestor Chu and the others.

Seeing this, Chu Yunfan didn’t hesitate. He put his index and middle fingers together and pointed. A terrifying sword light instantly burst out from his fingertip.

Wherever the sword light passed, all the monsters, regardless of whether they were marine folk monsters or aerial monsters, all exploded and turned into clouds of blood mist.

It was only one strike, but this sword light was over a thousand meters long. Wherever the sword light swept, hundreds of monsters were turned into blood mist.

Such a huge commotion naturally alerted Great Ancestor Chu and the others.

“Yunfan!” Great Ancestor Chu said in surprise.

Everyone’s attention turned to Chu Yunfan, and their faces revealed a hint of surprise. After all, at this point, everyone was trapped. Now that Chu Yunfan had appeared, they had a new force.

Sure enough, Chu Yunfan was different from them. Those monsters were tall and many of them were even like small mountains. They could kill a few humans with a casual attack, and even a dozen of them. But compared to Chu Yunfan, they simply paled in comparison.

Chu Yunfan’s casual attack had blown up thousands of monsters. The commotion was much bigger than their own. At first, they were wondering how Chu Yunfan managed to break through the encirclement of so many monsters.

Now, they finally understood that Chu Yunfan had killed his way in. Whoever got in his way would die. He had killed his way in.

Chu Yunfan took a step and flew up from Ebony Dragon King’s back, killing his way through the endless horde of monsters.

Countless monsters pounced at him, and Chu Yunfan began to operate the Emperor Method. All the divine power in his body began to boil, turning into thunder that filled the sky. After merging with the Thunderclap Physique, Chu Yunfan’s control over thunder had reached a peak.


A hundred meters around Chu Yunfan’s body turned into a sea of thunder, and Chu Yunfan was like the god of thunder in this sea of thunder.

This was a divine power that Chu Yunfan had developed based on his Thunderclap Physique, the Thunder Domain. Any monster that entered this domain would be electrocuted to death by the power of thunder.

Those monsters couldn’t get close to Chu Yunfan. They were all electrocuted and fell into the sea like stones, but more monsters rushed over without fear of death.

These monsters were clearly being controlled by stronger experts. Although they would die if they rushed up, the marine folks and demons had a higher life level than these monsters after they transformed. They could control these monsters, and these monsters couldn’t resist. This was the suppression in the depths of their bloodlines.

Chu Yunfan didn’t hold back either. The sword light from his fingertips kept sweeping out, and in the instant the sword light swept out, thousands of monsters died at his hands.

‘This won’t do. If this continues, there will be no end to it.’ Chu Yunfan frowned slightly.

There was no end to these monsters. Even with his killing speed, it would be difficult to kill them all. After all, they were not on land, but out on the Infinite Sea.

There were countless powerful marine monsters in the Infinite Sea, and they could not all be killed. It was simply impossible to expect to kill all of them. Even if the Federation were to launch all of their nuclear bombs, it would still be impossible.

Chu Yunfan didn’t mind. He could fight for another three days and three nights. However, Great Ancestor Chu and the others were seriously injured. If they continued to fight, they would probably run out of energy.

‘The only thing we can do now is kill those Divine monsters first. After killing them, these ordinary monsters will collapse without a fight.’

Chu Yunfan immediately made a decision. Even if these monsters were not afraid of death, they wouldn’t attack endlessly without anyone controlling them.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunfan immediately made a decision. He took a few steps forward, and already rushed toward a Divine monster.

The monster didn’t seem to have expected Chu Yunfan to suddenly appear in front of it. It let out a roar and opened its bloody maw, trying to swallow Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan slashed out a shocking sword light, splitting the marine monster in half.


The monster let out a blood-curdling screech as its body was cut in half. Its huge body fell and its blood dyed the entire sea red.

Countless sea creatures rushed over and began to devour the flesh of the Divine monster. It was not an ordinary monster. It was a Divine. Even if it was dead, its flesh and blood contained powerful energy, and it immediately attracted the marine monsters to feed on it.

There were even many aerial monsters that swooped down, fighting for the flesh and blood. They stopped listening to commands.

Chu Yunfan didn’t stop either. He immediately pounced on the next Divine monster.




In mere seconds, Chu Yunfan had killed more than twenty Divine monsters. Suddenly, the attacks of those fearless monsters slowed down.