I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 98 - Top Rank On Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board

Chapter 98 - Top Rank On Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board


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With the city gate brow and the walls shaking, all the demon soldiers on the wall jumped down desperately. No one dared to confront Zhou Xuanji.

Zangniu Dark Emperor died a horrible death right before their eyes. Who dared to try their luck with Sword God Zhou’s swords?

Zhou Xuanji stood on his Windcutter Sword, with the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and Thunderclap Sword in his hands, and the Bloodbath Sword levitating above his head drew closer towards the demon kingdom.


A roar that shook the heavens came from within the Demon Kingdom. It was so loud that the mountains beside the kingdom shook, boulders rolling down.

A muscular silhouette leaped up, flew past the city wall. His two legs crushing the grass underneath.

It was a Demon King with a lion head. He wore a robe made of tiger skin and scaled chainmail inside. His mighty mane looked imposing, along with his ferocious-looking teeth that covered his mouth.

Tianhou Lion King!

It was the king of this kingdom.

He had the cultivation of 1,000 years, and his power was unfathomable.

His body trembled as he looked at Zhou Xuanji with unquenchable fury.

A group of demons with human forms leaped from within the city and levitated in the air, each with their own weapons, and looked anxiously in front.

A sense of anxiousness before war spread across the entire wasteland.

Zhou Xuanji flew to Tianhou Lion King’s head and looked down at him coldly.


Tianhou Lion King knelt on the floor with both hands on the ground. “Sir!” He gritted his teeth and said, “We are not related with Zangniu Dark Emperor. Please let us live!”

All the demons with human forms were stunned, but no one tried to stop the lion demon.

Sword God Zhou was too powerful after all.

Zhou Xuanji said expressionlessly, “Release all the humans in your city. If you dared to hide anyone, I will cut off your head immediately and let all your demon underlings die alongside you.”

His voice was soft, but the killer’s aura was filled to the brim, which sent a cold shiver down Tianhou Lion King’s spine.

He immediately turned around and cried as loud as he could, “Bring out everyone human! No delay!”

The pride of the king was thrown away by him in an instant.

Zhou Xuanji waited patiently.

The rescued people behind him did not leave but were engaged in exciting discussions.

”He’s that Unparalleled Sword God Zhou? He’s so powerful!”

”Tianhou Lion King doesn’t even dare to fart in front of him!”

”From today onward, whoever dares to say that Sword God Zhou’s reputation is far above his actual power, I will be the first to beat him up!”

”With such power, he must be one of the top cultivators. If he could join Great Zhou’s army, it would be easy for him to become a second or third-grade general.”

”Oh my… Is that really Zangniu Dark Emperor? He died such a lame death before Sword God Zhou. How much stronger is Sword God Zhou than him?”

Zhou Xuanji, whose back was facing them, smiled. It seemed like he underestimated his reputation.

These people recognized him even before he identified himself.


It’s hard to keep a low profile with such a good reputation.

While Zhou Xuanji was thinking to himself, the 10 men dressed in black, who were standing on the left mountain of the kingdom, fell silent.

After a long while.

The leader said with a deep voice, “A change in plan. Sword God Zhou’s power far exceeds the requirement of the mission. Retreat immediately!”

”From today onward, we will no longer accept the bounty mission from Great Zhou’s empress!”

”Damn her! She wants us to die?”

The other nine nodded in one accord.

They were here to spy on Sword God Zhou’s movements and assassinate him.

But what they saw today almost made them wet their pants.

They quickly disappeared into the woods.

Zhou Xuanji did not know that he unintentionally intimidated a group of assassins.

After half an hour, every human was escorted out of the Demon Kingdom. There were 1,800 people in total. Each was injured and was apparently tortured before this.

When these people knew that Sword God Zhou came to rescue them, they were all excited. Some even cried. It was very dramatic.

After they walked to Zhou Xuanji’s back, he stared at Tianhou Lion King and asked, “No more?”

Tianhou Lion King knelt on the ground and said anxiously, “Really no more…”

His heart was pounding heavily. I think no more?

As the Demon Kingdom’s lord, he did not know how many people were imprisoned in his kingdom.

”Can you bring me to tour around your city?”

Zhou Xuanji asked calmly. Tianhou Lion King dared not to reject and immediately brought Zhou Xuanji inside.

In the end, Zhou Xuanji found that no humans were left behind. So, he left.

Tianhou Lion King sent him to the gate with a humble posture.

Just when Zhou Xuanji walked away, a young man came running to him and knelt down. “Sword God!” He shouted indignantly, “Please exterminate this Demon Kingdom! To revenge those who died!”

With this, Tianhou Lion King’s face changed drastically as he cursed in his heart.

At the same time, he became anxious and was afraid that Zhou Xuanji would turn around to attack.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the young man and said calmly, “It is the Heaven decreed the survival of the fittest. Consider yourself lucky that I rescued you today. If you want to revenge, you have to rely on yourselves.”

”Don’t think of them as evil. When we humans were eating animals, have we thought of ourselves as evil?”

”The strong ones will make themselves strong. Don’t ever hope in others, or else, you will still fall into the same danger as before.”

After that, he flew away.

He did not leave quickly, just in case Tianhou Lion King might attack them.

The young man was stunned and let out a sigh.

Sword God Zhou was right. Instead of hatred, why not make himself stronger.

He looked up and saw Tianhou Lion King staring at him furiously, wanting to tear him into pieces. He immediately turned around and ran out of fear.

Everyone who was rescued began to run as far away from the Demon Kingdom as they could.

Tianhou Lionhong looked at Zhou Xuanji’s back and muttered to himself, “The Heaven decreed the survival of the fittest… I admire you.”

With such a mindset, no wonder he had such a reputation.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji sighed as he stood on his Windcutter Sword, “The duration of Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor was too short… What a pity…”

Slaying demons was the responsibility of all human cultivators.

It was the same for demons to eat humans. Looking from different perspectives, there was no absolute justice.

If he could destroy this Demon Kingdom, his fame would grow again.

Although he was confident in defeating Tianhou Lion King, the 100,000 demon soldiers were not merely for decoration.

If war were to ensue and he encounters a powerful enemy, then he would surely be dead.

”I will be 15 years old in half a month. Another legendary sword to hope for.”

Zhou Xuanji tidied his emotions and began his journey back.

The sun blazed in the clear blue sky.

Jiang Xue, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, the little black snake, and two Dragon Eagles stood in a row, with a worrying look.

On the grass plain in front of them, Zhao Congjian knelt on the floor with his sword supporting and gasped for air. There were six incisions on his chest, and blood was flowing out from them.

He stared in front of him with fearsome eyes.

Ten meters away.

A handsome young man who wore a golden robe smiled arrogantly and looked down at him.

”Matchless Three Sword Moves Zhaocong Sword, Contender to the Emperor’s Son?”

”What a joke! No wonder you become Sword God Zhou’s slave. You are so weak.”

The young man chuckled. An iron fan was in his hand, which was loaded full of metal pins.

Beixiao Wangjian said furiously, “Han Shenbo, you are ranked top on Hero Ranking Board, and you are decades older than Zhao Congjian. How shameless for you to say this!”

The young man in the golden robe was the reputable Han Shenbo, who held the top rank on the Hero Ranking Board!

His teacher was from the sacred grounds. Meng Tianlang challenged him a few dozen times, but Meng Tianlang did not even win once.

”I’m here for Sword God Zhou. Fortunately, he’s not around. Or else when you see him kneeling before me to ask for mercy, you will be more furious.” He mocked.

After that, he burst out into loud laughter and ignored Beixiao Wangjian and the rest.