I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 97 - Slaying The Demon King, Invading The Demon Kingdom.

Chapter 97 - Slaying The Demon King, Invading The Demon Kingdom.


Even with the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, Zhou Xuanji could not outrun Zangniu Dark Emperor.

Zangniu Dark Emperor sprinted as fast as he could. The two of them passed through mountains and forests. Their speed was on par.

“With the injuries he suffered, I don’t believe that he will not stop!”

Zhou Xuanji thought. His eyes looked cold.

Since Zangniu Dark Emperor wanted to kill him, he could not let him off for sure.

At the same time, he wanted to make this big to intimidate the other demon powers, so that they will not trouble him again.

The chase went on over a vast distance.

Zangniu Dark Emperor began to slow down, and the distance between the two was shortening.

*  Shwoooosh!*

The Bloodbath Sword was shot over and pierced Zangniu Dark Emperor’s back.

The Bull Demon cried softly in pain.

“You think you can penetrate my skin?” He said proudly to himself.

The next second, he was horrified.

Because he felt that the Bloodbath Sword was siphoning his blood.

He was so shocked that he immediately jerked his body and expelled the Bloodbath Sword from the surface of his body.

The Bloodbath Sword returned to Zhou Xuanji swiftly. In an instant, his stamina recovered to the brim.

A Bull Demon indeed!

*  His blood is so rich. Feels so good!*

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes sparkled. The next moment, he began to shoot out his Bloodbath Sword continuously.

Zangniu Dark Emperor began to dodge. However, he was shot every three dodges. He could not turn back and look after all, or else he might slow down.

Just like this, Zangniu Dark Emperor’s blood was depleting.

But he did not despair.

Because the Demon Kingdom was right in front!

Once he entered the Demon Kingdom, he would have a chance to live.

“Gulan Demon Monarch tricked me!” He cursed in his heart, “You said that Sword God Zhou doesn’t live up to his name! You are just trying to cover up your son’s shame!”

His hatred for the Gulan Demon Monarch arose immediately, even more than his hatred for Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji also sensed the demon Qi coming from ahead.

He heard from Zhao Congjian that the Demon Kingdom was nearby, which had 100,000 demon soldiers. The most powerful one was a Fifth Rank demon, which was equivalent to Soul Fountain.

He did not stop but continued chasing.

The Fifth Rank Demon King was nothing to him.

*  Booooom—*

Zangniu Dark Emperor charged into the forest with an unstoppable force, destroying the trees one after another and swept up a cloud of dust. Looking down from above, it seemed to have divided the forest into two.

Zhou Xuanji flew over from above the forest.

He asked in his heart, “Sword Spirit, how long can the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor last?”

Although Zangniu Dark Emperor was severely injured, without the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor, he could not kill the bull demon.

“Based on the extent of the Sword Owner’s usage of sword techniques. For now, it can still last for at least 15 minutes.”

This made Zhou Xuanji relieved.

Looking at Zangniu Dark Emperor’s speed, he must be slowing down soon.

He grasped the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword tightly and got ready to use the Ranged Sword Propelling.

Bloodbath Sword and Thunderclap Sword shot out consecutively, forcing Zangniu Dark Emperor to dodge to his left and right.

On a wasteland three miles away, there was a city situated in between two high mountains.

There were countless sharp lances made from bones, along with three giant monster heads. Numerous soldiers were playing on the city wall.

At this moment, a few dozen demon soldiers were escorting four prison wagons to the city gate.

About 80 people were locked in the wagons. Each of them crouched into a ball out of fear.

“Another good meal today!”

“Hahaha, I fancy that girl. When the time comes, let us play with her first before eating her.”

“Recently, there were many people at Great Zhou’s border. Not sure what happened.”

“Why do you care. It’s good news for us!”

“These people are all cultivators. They sure taste good.”

The soldiers chatted happily away, but their words weighed heavily in the prisoners’ hearts, adding to their despair.

The wasteland shook. Everyone was shocked. The demon soldiers turned around to look.

The demon soldiers on the city walls did so too.

What entered their sight was a fifteen meters tall, muscular black bull charging towards them. His momentum made him look like he was going to destroy everything in front o him.

“I am Zangniu Dark Emperor! Open the door for me!”

Zangniu Dark Emperor roared with urgency. At this moment, his entire body was covered with blood, leaving behind him a trail of blood.

All the demon soldiers were stunned.

In the demon race, Zangniu Dark Emperor’s had a great reputation. Every demon that was of some age would have heard of him.

At this moment, they noticed that someone was following Zangniu Dark Emperor!

It was Zhou Xuanji!

10 people stood on the mountain to the left of the demon kingdom.

They were wearing black clothes. Their leader was a middle-aged man with a head of white hair. Two swords hung at his back, forming a cross.

“Zangniu Dark Emperor? Why is he here? Who is the one chasing after him?”

The middle-aged man asked in astonishment and frowned.

The man in black clothes beside him shuddered and called out, “He has four swords! Could it be Sword God Zhou?”

Sword God Zhou!

Everyone’s expression changed!

Not only him, but the demon soldiers also guessed that he was Sword God Zhou.

Now, the most reputable sword cultivator in Great Zhou was Sword God Zhou.

If it were the Sword Monarch, Zangniu Dark Emperor would have already been dead.

Zhou Xuanji already saw the demon kingdom’s walls. At this moment, Zangniu Dark Emperor became much slower.

When the Bull Demon just dodged the Thunderclap Sword, Zhou Xuanji tossed out the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword with forcefully.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

The Amethyst legendary sword shot out with horrifying speed!



Zangniu Dark Emperor opened his eyes so wide that his eyeballs were almost popping out. The excruciating pain made him bit his tongue.

In that instant, he was about to faint. His two front hooves knocked onto each other and he fell facedown into the ground.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned and looked a little awkward.

Because the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword pierced into the hole below Zangniu Dark Emperor’s tail. Blood was spurting out. Even he fell a cold shiver at his own butt.

“Bad move… This is bad for my reputation as Sword God Zhou…”

Zhou Xuanji felt a little embarrassed in his heart, but he looked calm on his face and quickly flew up to Zangniu Dark Emperor.

The bull demon’s head was knocked into the ground while his hind legs were stiff and straight. His bull-butt was propped high up, which was the only way for him to relieve his pain a little.

His inside was like billowing of the ocean waves. It was extremely unpleasant.

Dying would be more preferable than this.

Under the sunlight, the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword’s reflection shone coldly.

The entire wasteland became quiet.

Looking at Zangniu Dark Emperor’s pitiful state, all the demon soldiers’ jaws dropped. Even the prisoners were petrified.

Zhou Xuanji took hold o this Thunderclap Sword and slashed.

Soul-eater Slash!

With lightning intertwined with his sword Qi, he decapitated Zangniu Dark Emperor.

Blood gushed out from Zangniu Dark Emperor’s neck, spilling all over the ground.

Lightning traveled freely throughout the bull demon’s body before dissipating along with all of the bull demon’s life force.

Such a reputable demon king died such a horrible death.

What a pity.

Zhou Xuanji summoned the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword with his right hand and the sword flew out from the bull demon’s body, bringing with it a gush of blood. The bull demon’s body jerked in spasm before it lay unmoving on the ground.

Looking at the disgusting substance on his sword, Zhou Xuanji jerked his sword and fling them off. After that, he slashed again at Zangniu Dark Emperor.

This was his habit.

Just in case that his enemy was faking death.

After he made sure that Zangniu Dark Emperor was totally dead, he looked up at the demon kingdom in front of him.

The soldiers saw him looking and immediately ran in fear, even leaving the prison wagons behind.

Zhou Xuanji flew over and unpacked the prison wagons with the Vibrant Raindrops Sword.

The rescued people were all crying out of joy. They got off the wagon and began kowtowing to Zhou Xuanji as they cheered the name of Sword God Zhou loudly.

Zhou Xuanji ignored them and looked at the Demon Kingdom in front.

As he flipped his right hand, the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword swirled and rotated, pointing forward.

He then tossed it out forcefully.

The Sky-sundering Emperor Sword shot out, followed by a loud boom.

The city gate exploded immediately, and the walls around it were full of cracks. The city walls were going to fall at any time.

Such horrifying power made everyone, be it humans or demons, aghast.

What kind of power is this?