I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 96 - Slaying Demon Needs No Mercy

Chapter 96 - Slaying Demon Needs No Mercy


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Zhou Zhongdao’s body was like an arrow and came to Zangniu Dark Emperor’s face swiftly. He waved the duster in his hand and a stream of white light beamed out. The light took the form of a whip and whipped onto the bull demon’s body.


Zangniu Dark Emperor did not evade. Even after being whipped, his expression remained unchanged.

The bull demon grinned, “You didn’t drink milk when you were young? Compared to your father, you are too weak!”

Zhou Zhongdao heard and frowned. He continued swinging his hand, and the whip of white light continued to land onto Zangniu Dark Emperor.

Zhou Xuanji watched the battle silently on his Windcutter Sword.

Bull demon indeed!

Thick in both health and skin. High in endurance!

Zhou Zhongdao saw that Zhou Xuanji did not leave and became angry immediately.

He scolded him, furiously, “What are you waiting for? Get lost! Kid, you think you have Inner Pellet and you can go everywhere you want? If you don’t get lost now, you will surely die here!”

The one biggest worry about helping people was to meet someone dumb.

Zhou Xuanji heard, and his face turned cold immediately.

This nephew had some issues. I need to teach him a lesson.

At this moment.

Zangniu Dark Emperor took hold of the white whip suddenly and pulled Zhou Zhongdao forcefully down from the sky.

Thump! Zhou Zhongdao’s face smashed into the small mountain under Zangniu Dark Emperor’s feet.

Zhou Xuanji felt pain for him even by just watching.

Who asked you to speak like that!

Zangniu Dark Emperor lept up and stepped onto Zhou Zhongdao, who just got free from the mountain wall with his hands covering his face.

The bull demon’s body was huge and muscular. It must have been at least thousands of kilograms heavy.

Zhou Zhongdao was pressed to the ground under his feet. The ground cracked, and blood spilled. The crisp sound of bone fracturing could be heard.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and scolded in his heart, “So weak and you still dare to come out and act like a hero!”

Although his father and his grandmother were Zhou Xuanji’s enemy, this young man dared to stand up for him. This showed that he was not bad in nature.

Zhou Xuanji knew to draw the line between gratitude and grudge. So, he decided to save him.

”Young man! You don’t have the power of your father, but you have the boldness of your father! Zhou Yalong doesn’t know that you will die here today. It’s your own fault!”

Zangniu Dark Emperor raised his giant blade with a peal of sinister laughter that was extremely proud. He even felt exhilarated.

He met Zhou Yalong before but totally could not stand up to him.

Now that he could kill the son of the future emperor, how could he not feel excited?


An air-piercing sound could be heard. Zangniu Dark Emperor’s eyes focused. He swung his blade and deflected the Bloodbath Sword that was shot at him

He turned around and looked at Zhou Xuanji, who was standing on the Windcutter Sword. “Brat! You dared to attack me?” He roared.

He slashed, and a black colored blade Qi swept toward Zhou Xuanji. The blade Qi was over 30 meters long, like a dark crescent, extremely powerful.

Zhou Xuanji immediately dodged with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

The next moment, he appeared at the back of Zangniu Dark Emperor.

With the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword in his hand, he immediately activated the Power of The Ancient Sword Emperor!

It was easy to use. He just had to channel magic energy into the blade and withdraw the magic energy. Repeat it three times, and the Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor would be activated.


Zhou Xuanji sensed a terrifying burst of power exploded in his body. He could see Qi flames surrounding his body. The ground beneath his feet burst. Pieces of rocks and grass were shot up.

He lifted his sword and slashed.

This slash was like a hidden dragon coming out of the abyss!

Destructive power overflowed from the sword in an instant!

It felt so good!

Zangniu Dark Emperor blocked with his giant blade instinctively.


The sword and curved-blade clashed. The impact sent Zangniu Dark Emperor flying backward straightaway. The view looked very grand with the giant body flying away.

Zhou Zhongdao, who was lying on the ground, was aghast.

His eyeballs were about to drop out.

”How could it be…”

Zhou Zhongdao did not dare to believe his own eyes. However, the pain in his body proved to him that everything that happened was real!

Zangniu Dark Emperor flew out for close to 100 meters, before rolling a dozen meters after he landed. A stretch of dust was swept up by him.

He looked up at Zhou Xuanji, appalled.

He gnashed his teeth and roared, “Who are you?”

With the Windcutter Sword and Bloodbath Sword levitating above both his shoulders, pointing at the Zangniu Dark Emperor, Zhou Xuanji stood with the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword on his left hand and the Thunderclap Sword on his right.

He looked grave and stern, but in his heart, he was full of excitement.

So powerful!

At this moment, he felt power overwhelming and could defeat any enemy that came at him.

He stepped toward Zangniu Dark Emperor and laughed loudly.

”Aren’t you looking for Sword God Zhou?”

Zhou Xuanji laughed mockingly and stunned Zangniu Dark Emperor.

Zhou Zhongdao, who just got up, was also stunned.

He heard about Sword God Zhou.

These two years, the most famous person in Great Zhou was Sword God Zhou!

”So it’s him…”

Zhou Zhongdao was shocked and felt ashamed in his heart. He really wanted to find a hole and hide inside.

Did he dare to call the famous Sword God Zhou a child?

He immediately understood that Sword God Zhou must have wanted to fool Zangniu Dark Emperor, but was disrupted by him.

That’s just too embarrassing…

At the same time, he was moved in his heart.

Even so, Sword God Zhou did not take it to heart and saved him timely.

”Sword God Zhou!”

Zangniu Dark Emperor roared. The intent to kill was beaming through his eyes.

He charged at Zhou Xuanji with all his might.

Zhou Xuanji stepped forward as well, with the Eight-step Sword Lunge, and came up to Zangniu Dark Emperor within two steps.

Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation!

Dual Sword Mode!

Two dragon roars sounded. Sky-sundering Emperor Sword and Thunderclap Sword were each enveloped with dragon-shaped sword Qi and slashed towards the Bull Demon.

Zangniu Dark Emperor’s arm muscles swell. He wanted to mash Zhou Xuanji into grounded meat with one slash.


The impact sent Zangniu Dark Emperor flying backward again. The horrifying power gave him extreme pain at his thenar webbing, and his face twisted uncontrollably.

”This guy’s strength…”

Zangniu Dark Emperor was shocked in his heart. No wonder the Gulan Demon Monarch wanted to kill Sword God Zhou so desperately.

The world was amazed by Sword God Zhou’s sword technique, but they did not know that his body was this strong.

Energy and physique cultivation simultaneously!

Zhou Xuanji charged at the Bull Demon quickly. This time around, he straightaway activated the Soul-eater Slash!

Lightning intertwined both swords. The flame Qi burned even brighter around Zhou Xuanji’s body. With both swords slashing out, a powerful gale blasted forward. The ground burst open, and five vertical streaks of black sword Qi charged at the bull demon.

It looked liked devil’s claw appearing out of nowhere.

Before it, the Zangniu Dark Emperor appeared small and short.

The bull demon’s face changed drastically and instinctively blocked with his blade.


He was covered in blood and blasted backward. His giant body was like a rolling boulder, crashing and smashing countless rocks and trees.

After flying out for almost 800 meters, he stuck his giant blade into the ground and could barely hold his form.


He vomited a gulp of blood. His whole body was trembling.

There were numerous cuts on the robe he was wearing. Injuries covered his body.

”What sword technique is this… The two swords are evil swords?”

Zangniu Dark Emperor thought and was horrified. He heard that Sword God Zhou had many swords, and each of them were one-of-a-kind legendary swords.

He got up immediately and transformed into his original form, a black bull, before turning to run immediately.

His giant blade shrunk, and he hid it into his ear.

In his original form, although his body was still huge, he could move swiftly. He covered 200 meters in three steps, leaving deep hoofprints behind.

”Demon! Don’t run!”

Zhou Xuanji cried loudly. He chased after the bull on his sword.

Zhou Zhongdao stood up with much difficulty. His face was full of admiration as he looked at Zhou Xuanji’s back.

The great demon, Zangniu Dark Emperor, was like a lost dog before Sword God Zhou.


Zangniu Dark Emperor gritted his teeth. His limbs were tensed as he ran as fast as he could, forming a gust of wind around him, as though a layer of air was covering him.


At this moment, whoever appears in front of him would be frightened by his momentum.

Along the way, many traveling cultivators avoided him desperately out of fear.

Zhou Xuanji followed closely behind. A human and a demon were both moving like the wind.

”Sword God Zhou! Are you really going to kill me!”

Zangniu Dark Emperor roared as he sprinted ahead.

All the cultivators within a radius of 10,000 meters were stunned.

Sword God Zhou?

”Slaying demons need no mercy.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice resounded across the sky. It was so cold and indifferent, and one could sense his killer aura in his voice.

Zangniu Dark Emperor cursed in his heart. So fake!