I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 95 - Amethyst Legendary Sword! The Power Of The Ancient Sword Emperor!

Chapter 95 - Amethyst Legendary Sword! The Power Of The Ancient Sword Emperor!


Morning came. The first strand of sunlight came from the horizon and swept over the mountains and rivers.

On a mountain top, a black bull that was 15 meters tall was looking afar. It was muscular, and the black hair that covered its body was like steel needles. His horns were like curved blades and his eyes were cold and sharp.

It stood on the mountain top like a king.

There were tens of thousands of demon soldiers at the foot of the mountain. Most of them had transformed and were waiting for the black bull’s instruction.

“My children, remember our target?”

The black bull suddenly said, imposingly. Its voice resounded in the mountains and the wilderness.

“Kill Sword God Zhou!”

The demon soldiers roared in one voice, frightening all the animals in the forests around.

The black bull’s body tirled and stood up, transforming into the form of a human.


A black cape appeared and he quickly wore his battle robe. He had a bull’s head with a sinister face. His human body was tanned and held onto a horrifyingly colossal blade that was 30 meters in length in his hand.

The blade was exaggeratingly gigantic, and it looked extremely imposing.

He raised his blade and roared furiously, “My children, Sword God Zhou is within a radius of 1,000 miles. Report to me when you find him!”

“Yes, my king!”

The horde of demon soldiers cried as one. They left immediately, and none was left within five breaths’ time.

“Sword God Zhou?” The black Bull Demon mocked coldly, “I’m going to see whether you are really that powerful. I’m going to take your head because the Gulan Demon Monarch wants it.”

After that, he laughed sinisterly, as though he already got Sword God Zhou’s head.

Zhou Xuanji sunbathed on the hillside. With his hands under his head, he was very relaxed and carefree.

At the foot of the hill, Zhao Congjian was teaching Beixiao Wangjian.

Jiang Xue trained her spellcasting while Huang Lianxin was training her sword technique beside.

The little black snake was getting bullied by Ah Big and Small Er. They swung it like a leather whip, and it cried pathetically.

The Three-eyed Drought Rodent sat on Ah Big’s head and squeaked.

“Analysis of the Emperor’s Sword is complete.”

The voice of the Sword Spirits sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. Three lines of small words appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Sky-sundering Emperor Sword!

Grade: Amethyst

Description: Contains within itself a sword soul. Forged with thousands of kilograms of black iron. It is indestructible and it’s power amplifies with swinging. It has a special effect, the Power of Ancient Sword Emperor, which can only be used once a year, without any side effects!

The Power of the Ancient Sword Emperor?

*  Once a year?*

Zhou Xuanji blinked as he asked in his heart, “How powerful is the Power of Ancient Sword Emperor?”

He felt delightful and did not expect his first Amethyst legendary sword to be from outside the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

Thousands of kilograms of black iron. Amplifying power. For magic cultivators, it would deal a fatal blow for sure.

“Judging from the Sword Owner’s power, the Power of Ancient Sword Emperor grows with each cultivation level you reach. Its power can reach a maximum of the Great Realization stage.”

The Sword Spirit’s answer and Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide.

Great Realization stage!

That was the stage of impending ascension to immortality!

He immediately got excited and took out the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword.

The giant sword with golden dragons looked very mighty. Zhou Xuanji handled its extremely heaviness with ease.

He held up the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword with one hand and activated the Moonlit Wind Sword Dance.

As he swung the giant sword, he looked like he was going to split the mountain and rivers into two.

This caught the attention of Jiang Xue and the rest who were at the foot of the hill.

“So dominating!” Zhao Congjian’s eyes glistened and muttered to himself.

I really want to learn it…

*  No!*

*  There are too many sword techniques that I want to learn…*

Zhao Congjian endured his excitement and turned his head back.

Beixiao Wangjian’s eyes were burning with passion as well, but they did not have Zhou Xuanji’s talent. The quickest that can do to master a sword technique was months. To learn a Black Grade sword technique would take them years.

After he finished the Moonlit Wind Sword Dance, Zhou Xuanji was feeling itchy in his hands.

He immediately gathered everyone and told them he wants to find a brigand stronghold for training.

He would try to come back by night.

The group had no objections. Although Zhou Xuanji was only at Inner Pellet Level Three, he was the most powerful among them all.

He left on the Windcutter Sword and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Outside the territory of Great Zhou, there were numerous criminals, evil cultivators, and rulers who built brigand strongholds, along with other powers and sects. They were countless.

Zhao Congjian, together with Ah Big and Small Er, found many of them.

When Zhou Xuanji brought little Jiang Xue out to tour around occasionally, they had seen traces of brigands as well.

After he flew for about thirty miles.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly stopped. He looked ahead and saw a stretch of wilderness with undulating terrain.

An imposing figure stood on the top of a small mountain.

It was a bull-shaped demon that looked full of might. Especially the ginormous curved blade beside him. Even when they were thousands of meters apart, it made Zhou Xuanji a little anxious.

Must not fight your opponent with brute force!

*  Could this demon be a Sixth Rank, or even Seventh Rank, great Demon King?*

Just when he was thinking about it, the voice of the Bull Demon came, “Young man, come here. I, the king, have something to ask you. If you don’t, I will cut you in half with my blade!”

Zhou Xuanji curled his lip and flew over immediately.

It’s an excellent opportunity to test the Sky-sundering Emperor Sword’s power on this demon.

Soon, he came to the Bull Demon’s face.

The Bull Demon looked at him with eyes the size of bronze bells. “I, the king, am Zangniu Dark Emperor. Have you heard of my name? Within your Great Zhou’s territory, my name is used especially to scare children like you!” He shouted.

Zhou Xuanji stood on the Windcutter Sword and pretended to be in fear, “King… What are you going to do?” He asked.

Zangniu Dark Emperor felt a sense of satisfaction. Zhou Xuanji’s Qi Obscuring Incantation was useless in front of him.

He already knew the level of cultivation of the young man before him, but he did not take it seriously.

Inner Pellet was like an ant to him.

This could not be Sword God Zhou.

Too weak.

“Do you know where is Sword God Zhou?”

Zangniu Dark Emperor asked with a deep voice. His eyes stared fixedly at Zhou Xuanji.

“No… My king. Why are you looking for him?” Zhou Xuanji answered with a trembling voice. He pretended to be at the brink of bursting into tears out of fear.

Zangniu Dark Emperor snorted coldly, “To kill him, of course. I heard that Sword God Zhou was short and small, but his sword technique was considered one of the top ones in Great Zhou. It’s a pity that someone with power in the demon race wants his head.”

Zhou Xuanji looked terrified, but he was contemplating in his heart.

Someone with power in the demon race?

*  Could it be the Gulan Demon Monarch?*

Other than him, Zhou Xuanji could not think of other demons that might have the motivation to kill him.

“Young man, don’t be afraid. I have a master as young as you. Do you know what happened to him?”

Zangniu Dark Emperor laughed, and never did he put down giant curved-blade in his hand.

“You ate him?” Zhou Xuanji asked carefully.

“How did you know?” Zangniu Dark Emperor asked in surprise.

He always used this story to scare people, but he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to guess the answer, which made him feel rather unpleasant.

“Come, kneel down. Let me kill you with one slash, without pain.”

Zangniu Dark Emperor waved his hand at Zhou Xuanji. The delicate and tender young man must taste excellent.

Zhou Xuanji’s face turned pale and asked stutteringly, “My king… Why are you going to eat me… I have answered truthfully…”

“So what. I just want to cut you into pieces. What are you waiting for? Kneel down. If you dare to run, I will torture you!” Zangniu Dark Emperor said, proud of himself.

Zhou Xuanji laughed coldly in his heart. Fool bull, I’m going to kill you!


At this moment, an upright and furious cry came.

Zhou Xuanji and Zangniu Dark Emperor turned to look instinctively and saw a Taoist wearing a green robe flying over on the clouds.

The Taoist in the green robe looked slim. Beard stubble surrounded his mouth. His eyes were sharp, and a duster was in his hands.

Zangniu Dark Emperor glanced at him and said disdainfully, “I was still wondering who it is. So, it is Zhou Yalong’s son, Zhou Zhongdao. If I kill you, will Zhou Yalong come at me with his all?”

Zhou Zhongdao shouted, “Let the child go. Fight with me if you have the balls!”


Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and cursed furiously in his heart. I am your uncle!

It was his first time seeing Zhou Zhongdao.

Zhou Yalong had many wives and concubines, along with sons and daughters. Zhou Zhongdao was the most famous and powerful son among his children, who was regarded highly by Zhou Yalong.