I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 94 - Grown Up Into A Young Man

Chapter 94 - Grown Up Into A Young Man


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Great Zhou’s Crown Prince provoked Sword God Zhou, and claimed that if Sword God Zhou dared to challenge the Sword Monarch, he would ask to become his disciple!

He did not say that Sword God Zhou needed to win, but only to challenge!

This shook the entire Great Zhou Empire. Within a few days, it spread to all the kingdoms under its rule.

Countless people thought that Zhou Tianyu was too high profile.

Sword God Zhou may not be comparable to the Sword Monarch, but he dared to challenge the Sword Monarch.

”Zhou Yalong is going to take his place anyway, that’s why he came out to stir trouble!”

”What a joke. Sword God Zhou is afraid of no one.”

”He even dared to offend the empress, how will he be afraid of the Sword Monarch?”

”Is Great Zhou’s Crown Prince mad?”

”What a joke!”

”No wonder Great Zhou’s Emperor did not take him seriously.”

Almost everyone thought that Zhou Tianyu was trying to attract the public’s attention.

The Sword God Zhou now was no longer what he was when he just came to fame. Numerous battles had already pushed his fame to the pinnacle.

Amongst the sword cultivators in Great Zhou, only the Sword Monarch stood higher.

Sword God Zhou acted uprightly and loved to help when needed. Compared to the Crown Prince who had no achievements, he was much more famous.

After he found out about how the public reacted to him, he smashed his table in anger and threw a tantrum in his residence

This also made the world understood Sword God Zhou’s fame.

Unknowingly, Sword God Zhou had become someone supremely powerful in their hearts.

”Ask to be my disciple? Just by his talent? I won’t fancy that.”

Zhou Xuanji snorted, facing Zhao Congjian.

Every three months, Zhao Congjian would go to Great Zhou to gather information. This time, he heard Zhou Tianyu’s provocation and came back to report it immediately.

Zhao Congjian smiled and said, “If Zhou Tianyu were to know that you are his younger brother, what will he think?”

”I don’t have an older brother like him.” Zhou Xuanji disdained.

The other princes were trying their best to loop people in, while this guy only knew how to talk.

Zhou Chengxin, for example. Although he was not talented, he was putting in the effort.

After that, Zhao Congjian told the rest about this.

Jiang Xue curled her lip and said, “If he did not provoke Xuanji, the world might still not know that Great Zhou has a Crown Prince.”

Beixiao Wangjian mocked, “What a caveman.”

”I didn’t expect Zhou Yalong’s older brother to be like that.” Huang Lianxin smiled.

The little black snake said, “Hahaha! I appreciate his effort!”

After that, it was starved for a week.

Time passed quickly.

Another three months passed. Zhou Xuanji reached the third level of Inner Pellet.

There was still a month from his fifteenth birthday.

Now, his body shot upward quickly, reaching five feet and seven inches.

Wearing his White Dragon Golden Robe, he looked handsome and elegant. His black hair tied to the back of his head, leaving a strand of hair dangling in front of each of his ear and showed his forehead.

Anyone who saw him would praise him for being such a bright and handsome young man.

After his breakthrough, Zhou Xuanji got up gradually and stood on the hilltop. He stretched out his arm and enjoyed the sunlight.

”Time passed so quickly. I’m going to be 15 already.”

”Haiz… Back then, I still boasted of becoming unrivaled across the world in 10 years. Now I’m slapping my own face.”

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and exclaimed in his heart.

At this moment, someone appeared behind him and hugged him.

Zhou Xuanji pretended to be falling and shouted, “Who dared to sneak attack me! Your life is mine!”

After that, he turned around to tickle Jiang Xue’s waist.

Jiang Xue had fully grown and looked as tall as Zhou Xuanji.

She wore a long skirt with a yellow shirt with her hair bunned up. On the fair and delicate face, her beautiful eyes moved the heart of those who looked at it.

The two of them stood together. They were such a match, as though they were destined for each other.

”Aiya! I surrender! Stop!”

Jiang Xue immediately got away from Zhou Xuanji’s hands and scolded him shyly, “You only know to tickle me!”

Zhou Xuanji snorted, “Who asked you to always sneak up on me!”

Jiang Xue moved close and pinched his face. “Xuanji has grown up. You are getting more rebellious. You used to let me play you any way I wanted.” She said with a smile.

Zhou Xuanjj rolled his eyes at her and said, “I feel that we need to sleep in different rooms. You are already 18 and still sleep with me.”

Now, he was afraid to sleep together with Jiang Xue.

His body had matured after all and could not endure physical touch with Jiang Xue’s body.

The key thing was, Zhou Xuanji could feel that the girl would purposely rub on him every night. She did not stop even when she forced him to the corner of the bed.


Zhou Xuanji pinched and pulled his face and snorted.

”It seems like what sister Lianxin taught me is correct!” She said proudly as she smiled.

To prevent Zhou Xuanji from becoming lustful and becoming attached to all sorts of girls, she felt that the plan needed to continue.

Zhou Xuanji had already lived two lives. He immediately understood what was happening when he looked into her eyes.

This girl was trying to flirt with him!

Oh god!

This girl is not innocent anymore!

Zhou Xuanji sighed. How come I feel like I’m going to lose my chastity?

Jiang Xue put her hands behind her waist and bent forward to move closer to him. She looked up at him and said, “Looking from this angle, my Xuanji has really grown much taller.”

Looking at her adorable face, Zhou Xuanji could not hold it but bent down and kissed her lips, like a dragonfly touching the water.

Jiang Xue was stunned. Her beautiful eyes were wide open and she felt an electrifying sensation in her body.

Zhou Xuanji smiled proudly and walked pass her.

”Dare to flirt with me? You are still far from being good enough!”

He smiled and was prepared to walk down the hill.

At this moment, Jiang Xue got hold of his hand.

He turned around instinctively, and Jiang Xue quickly kissed him on his lips lightly just as he did, before running away swiftly.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. He looked at the silhouette of her running away, and his heart was somehow beating much faster.

What the!

This is the feeling of falling in love?

Oh no, she flirted with me.

Zhou Xuanji stood on the spot blankly and began giggling.

At the foot of the hill, the little black snake, who was coiled up on a giant rock, could not take it any longer.

”I have never seen such a shameless couple, doing that in bright mid-day… Sigh!”

It let out a long sigh and began thinking about the female demons in its cave.

Looking bad, its emotion was mixed.

Zhao Congjian and Beixiao Wangjian were both training their sword techniques and did not notice what happened up the hill.

Huang Lianxin saw it and covered her mouth with a smile.

Ah Big and Small Er were sleeping sweetly beside each other.

Night came.

Zhou Xuanji returned to his room to rest.

Each night, he would internalize Qi in his room.

He will tell Jiang Xue a story first, before taking sleeping for a while. He would get up right before the sun came up to internalize the violet Qi that came from the East.

”Xuanji, what story are you telling tonight?”

Jiang Xue sat on the wooden bed and asked as she brushed her hair.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow and said, “Let me tell you a love story.”

Jiang Xue’s eyes brightened when she heard him. “Tell me, quick.” She said immediately.

Zhou Xuanji sat beside her. “Kiss me first, and I will tell you.” He said carefreely.

Jiang Xue blushed a little and said with a tender voice, “What is there to kiss. I kissed you every day when you were young. Did you say that my saliva is dirty?”

”That was before, but now…” Zhou Xuanji reasoned,

”So fragrant!”

Jiang Xue heard him and felt sweetly pleased in her heart. She raised her chin and snorted, “I’m not going to kiss you.”

”If you don’t kiss, then I won’t tell you the story.”

”Then, don’t tell.”

”Please, kiss me.”

”Call me sister!”


“Good boy! Come close with your face!”