I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 92 - Sky-sundering Sword Emperor Wang Xiaofei

Chapter 92 - Sky-sundering Sword Emperor Wang Xiaofei


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Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way?

Zhou Xuanji deactivated the Hell King Possession and showed signs of curiosity.

He and Jiang Xue heard about them from Qiu Baili.

Since ancient times, Nine Sword Emperors were the most powerful ones in the Sword’s Way. They were the legends in the hearts of many sword cultivators.

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin heard about the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way too.

”How? It’s good news, right? Do you want it?”

Daoya Old Man asked with a smile, looking like a lustful old man trying to entice a young girl.

”Zhao Congjian disdained, “My master…”

Zhou Xuanji turned around and threw him a stare. “Shut up!” He shouted.

Zhao Congjian felt a little sad and could only keep quiet.

”Where is the inheritance?” Zhou Xuanji looked at Daoya Old Man and asked.

At the same time, he asked the Sword Spirit in his heart to see if he could receive the Sword Emperor’s inheritance.

”Of course, as long as it’s within the Way of the Sword, the Sword Owner can power yourself up without any limitations. The Supreme Legendary Sword System will continue to help the Sword Owner.”

The Sword Spirit replied promptly, which satisfied Zhou Xuanji.

He was worried that the system gave him too many restrictions.

But the Supreme Legendary Sword System was quite good. It was very open, with only one restriction, which was to only walk in the Way of the Sword.

Daoya Old Man flipped his right hand, and a small golden sword appeared in his palm.

”Probe into it with your mind, and you can begin the trial for inheriting it. There is only one chance. If you did not pass it, this sword would turn into dust. So, you have to be prepared.”

Zhou Xuanji received the sword as he listened to Daoya Old Man’s reminders.

The rest grouped over and looked at the small golden sword carefully.

Daoya Old Man turned around and waved his hand. “I’m leaving. Grand-disciple, I will wait for your victory over the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou and become famous all across the Northern Wilderness Region. Don’t worry about me. I live very carefree and happily.”

He left elegantly, like an immortal that traveled throughout the world.

But, he did not receive a reply.

Zhou Xuanji and the others were all focused on the small sword.

After walking for a hundred meters, he turned back and looked.”


He sighed and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji lifted his head and looked at the direction of his departure. “Thank you,” He muttered.

Zhao Congjian could not hold it but asked, “Master, are you really going to inherit from an ancient Sword Emperor? With your talent, in 1,000 years, you will surely be on par with the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way…”

Zhou Xuanji looked up at him and sighed.

”Congjian, bend down.”

Zhou Xuanji said softly. Zhao Congjian was a little confused but still bent down obediently.

Jiang Xue, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin were all curious.

Zhou Xuanji stretched out his hand and rubbed Zhou Xuanji on the back of his head and sighed, “Congjian… You are good in every way, except for the fact that you like to fixate on principles. As humans, we need to be flexible.”

”I have said, indeed, that we all have a Sword’s Way that belongs to us each. But knowing a 100 techniques is also a way of forging one’s own Sword’s Way. Of course, this requires a mighty mindset to maintain one’s own heart.”

”You must learn to balance this properly.”

Zhao Congjian thought about it, along with Beixiao Wangjian and Huang Lianxin.

The little black snake rolled his eyes and mumbled to itself by the side, “I almost believed in the rubbish you said.”

Jiang Xue pulled Zhou Xuanji’s clothes and reminded, “Xuanji, you only have one chance. You need to be careful.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I know. The Sword Monarch looks on Jinghong with favor. Along with his title as the Sword Monarch, he would not harm Jinghong. We don’t have to rescue him urgently.”

Not urgent is because of the lack of power.

He looked at the small sword in his hand and entered into deep thought.

Zhao Congjian got up and left. “Maintaining one’s own heart… Maintaining one’s own heart…” He mumbled to himself.

These few years, under Zhou Xuanji’s guidance, he never walked crooked paths. He progressed very smoothly in the Sword’s Way. So, he seriously contemplated every word of teaching that Zhou Xuanji gave.

Beixiao Wangjian and Huang Lianxin left to continue their training.

Jiang Xue did not disturb Zhou Xuanji. She returned to the hilltop to internalize Qi.

Three months later, Zhou Xuanji broke through to Inner Pellet Level Two.

That night, he took out the small gold sword and prepared to initiate the inheritance.

He gathered Jiang Xue and the rest, in case someone might disturb him.

When his mind probed into the small gold sword.


His mind exploded. When he opened his eyes again, he realized that he was standing in mid-air. With the blue sky on top of his head, and a sea of clouds underneath his feet.

He was amazed. There seemed to be a transparent floor underneath his feet. Could it be a mirage?

At this moment, a shadow appeared in front of him, which was hundreds of meters high and seemed like a mountain.

The shadow was only a silhouette. He could not see the face clearly.

”I am Sky-sundering Sword Emperor, Wang Xiaofei!”

”If you want to receive my inheritance, you must pass the trial that I set!”

The shadow opened its mouth and sounded dominating. It was like a god, inducing within Zhou Xuanji’s heart an urge to worship.

Sky-sundering Sword Emperor?

Such a Middle-two title.

TL: “Middle-two” translates a popular internet term that describes youths that think very highly of themselves.

Zhou Xuanji commented in his heart but showed anticipation on his face.

As one of the Nine Sword Emperors, he must at least have a Heaven Grade sword technique?

”In the first stage, you have to battle someone higher than your stage of cultivation. Since you are Inner Pellet Leve Two, you need to defeat a Soul Fountain Level Two soul swordsman. Do you accept the challenge?”

Wang Xiaofei asked. “Come!” Zhou Xuanji replied without hesitation.

Next, the shadow of a sword cultivator appeared in front of him. The shadow was about six feet tall and did not have the dominating aura that Wang Xiaofei’s shadow had.

Zhou Xuanji took out his Thunderclap Sword and dashed to the soul swordsman with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

Six shadow duplicates appeared around Zhou Xuanji out of nowhere.

It was Six-path Sword Shadow!

Zhou Xuanji pierced toward the soul swordsman, along with his Six-path Sword Shadow duplicates.

The soul swordsman was destroyed.

It was defeated immediately, even before it could withdraw its sword.

Zhou Xuanji had already reached the Level Three of Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation, Sword Qi Soar. Both his physical strength and sword Qi were powerful. Together with the Gold Grade legendary sword, how could he not destroy a Soul Fountain Level Two?

”Second stage. Soul Fountain Level Five soul swordsman. Do you accept the challenge?”

Wang Xiaofei continued to ask, with a monotonous tone. It seemed to have no self-consciousness.


Zhou Xuanji said, and a soul swordsman appeared immediately.

He swung his right hand and numerous legendary swords appeared above his head. He activated Ten Swords Form and charged towards the soul swordsman.

Ten swords slashed towards the soul swordsman like lightning.

The soul swordsman tried to block but was futile against the impact of ten legendary swords, so it lept backward immediately.


The Ghost Curse Sword was shot toward it with the Ranged Sword Propelling and penetrated it.

Another one defeated.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. “These are too weak. It feels like I’m fighting bots.” He mumbled.

If the soul swordsman was a real person, it would be more powerful.

”Third stage. Within three days, attain Small Accomplishment of an Earth Grade Low Tier sword technique.”

Wang Xiaofei’s voice sounded again. Immediately, an ancient tome appeared before Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and flipped through the ancient tome. He remembered all the sword moves and threw it aside, full of confidence.

Moonlit Wind Sword Dance!

He took out the Bookcutter Sword and began practicing.

There were 108 moves altogether.

He took 10 breaths time to complete one round of practice, which was extremely fast.

He had already mastered many sword techniques, after all. There were many similarities in the sword moves. So, it was easy to learn them.

After 100 times, he attained Small Accomplishment for the Moonlit Wind Sword Dance.

300 times, Great Accomplishment.

500 times, he realized the sword will of the Moonlit Wind Sword Dance.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword. “It took me an hour. Still too slow.” He shook his head and said, displeased with himself.

He looked at Wang Xiaofei and was prepared for the next stage.

But, Wang Xiaofei did not continue to give him the next stage.

After a long while.

”Damn, brat, you are cheating!”

Wang Xiaofei spoke vulgarly and stunned Zhou Xuanji.


This thing is conscious?