I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 87 - A God-Like Sword

Chapter 87 - A God-Like Sword


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The wind blew strongly against them. Zhou Xuanji’s hands felt a little sore.

He held the sword for three days and three nights, with only a little rest along the way, in which he needed Jiang Xue to support him.

Zhao Congjian flew to Ah Big’s side and asked, “Master, how much longer do you have to hold that sword up?”

Jiang Xue took out some pills and popped them into Zhou Xuanji’s mouth.

”Don’t ask so much. You will understand later,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly

Zhao Congjian became even more curious. He thought of the scene when Zhou Xuanji was facing off Meng Tianlang and came to some realization.

He looked carefully at the Furious Ape Sword and drew some distance on his sword.

”Such good scenery in front. My appointed battle with Meng Tianlang at the border is near. At that time, wait for my good news.” Xiao Jinghong said with a smile.

Beixiao Wangjian followed behind him and asked astonished, “You won’t let us follow you?”

Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, and Jiang Xue looked at Xiao Jinghong together.

Xiao Jinghong shook his head, “You cannot. This battle was already widely known. And it was secretly promoted by Great Zhou to pave a path for Meng Tianlang. If Revered Teacher were to go, he would surely encounter Zhou Yalong and the Empress’ other henchmen. It would be very dangerous. I could hardly deal with 10 of them.”

The group realized the dangers.

”If you win, will you get into trouble?” Zhou Xuanji glanced at Xiao Jinghong and asked.

Xiao Jinghong and Meng Tianlang. Who was more powerful?

As his Revered Teacher, Zhou Xuanji was confident in his disciple without condition.

With my Dual Sword Will, how could he not defeat Meng Tianlang?

Xiao Jinghong laughed, “Under the eyes of everyone in the world, the Great Zhou won’t dare to give me trouble.”

Even in such a cultivation world, most of the people here still loved their faces.

The higher they stood, the more they loved their faces.

The group smiled at each other and continued ahead.

In the next seven days, they did not meet with any trouble.

Zhou Xuanji’s face was ashen. With Jiang Xue’s help, he did not deplete his spirit energy.

But he had already charged up for 10 days, his arms were really sore.

”Damn, have I miscalculated?”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself, and Jiang Xue, who was behind him, tittered.

She reached her hands out to massage his arms. “What’s bad about miscalculating?” She smiled, “Isn’t it better to avoid battles and injuries?”

Zhou Xuanji sighed. Jiang Xue sounded reasonable.

But somehow, he hoped for enemies to appear so he can get their treasures.


I cannot have such a mindset!

I cannot rely on luck to live in the world.

Time passed.

Another 10 days passed.

Zhou Xuanji had already charged up for 20 days. He sensed that the horrifying energy stored up in Furious Ape Sword was enough to destroy the world.

If Meng Tianlang came again, he would surely crush him to pieces.

Xiao Jinghong had fully recovered from his injuries with the help of a divine recovery elixir. He glanced at the Furious Ape Sword in Zhou Xuanji’s hands and gulped.

Back then, when Zhou Xuanji dealt with Meng Tianlang, he waited such a long time.

It was terrifying.

Xiao Jinghong felt pity for whoever was coming to attack Zhou Xuanji.

”Master, we will be outside Great Zhou Empire in half a day.”

Zhao Congjian looked ahead and said. His eyes could not help but occasionally glance at the Furious Ape Sword.

Compared to Xiao Jinghong, he was even more alarmed.

Zhou Xuanji’s face was pale white and covered in sweat. His arms trembled incessantly. If Jiang Xue were not holding onto him, he would have already fallen down.

Looking at him, one might think that he was dying.

”So soon?” Zhou Xuanji squeezed out a smile, “What a pity.”

The group heard and burst out into laughter with hands covering their tummies.

Two hours later.

They passed by Guxia City. It was a small city that was a dozen miles away from Great Zhou’s border.

Looking down at the bustling street, Beixiao Wangjian sighed, “In the past, I really loved to be in cities bustling with people, but now, I loved the feeling of traveling around.”

Zhao Congjian smiled and said, “If not, why would there be so many travelers in the world.”

The group chatted in laughter and did not look like fugitives at all.

Just when they were about to pass by Guxia City.

”Sword God Zhou! Stop! You killed the Third Grade Royal Guard, Qin Qicun. Today, we are going to defend Great Zhou’s reputation!

A great roar came from behind them.

The group looked back and saw a huge guy wearing heavy armor and a tiger-head helmet. A group of soldiers followed behind him.

At a glance, one could estimate that there were about 300 soldiers.

The 100,000 people in Guxia City were stunned.

Sword God Zhou?

He killed Third Grade Royal Guard, Qin Qicun?

”This is not good!” Xiao Jinghong’s expression changed and shouted, “This is Tie Yulong. His cultivation is at Astral Infant Level Ten. He’s only one step away from Astral Projection. The royal soldiers behind him were all elites with the cultivation of Soul Fountain!”

The group heard him and was horrified.

Only Zhou Xuanji became exhilarated.

He said with a trembling voice, “Help me up…”

This group of people almost made him cry.

Oh, my mum!

You are finally here!

Jiang Xue immediately helped him up.

As Tie Yulong and the 300 soldiers drew close, Zhou Xuanji’s lips began shivering.

If they were a little later, he might not have held it any longer for real.

He held the sword with both hands and shouted to Yu Tielong and his throng, “I, Sword God Zhou, have never troubled the Great Zhou Empire in any way. The Empress sent someone to kill me for no reason. Are there still any principles in Great Zhou?”

Since there were so many people below them, it was an excellent opportunity to shame the Empress.

After he spoke, he slashed at Tie Yulong furiously.

Along with the roar of the Ancient Ape, the slash shook the heavens and the earth and made even the gods cry.

This slash feels just so damn good!

I endured for 20 days!

A full 20 days!


The roar of the Ancient Ape was so loud that even the deaf could hear it. Everyone who heard it felt dizzy, and their ears rang. It was as though day and night were reversed, and the mountains and rivers trembled.

A wave of horrifying sword Qi that stretched across 300 meters was blasted out with a dominating and extreme speed.

It swept past 1,000 meters in an instant!

For the 100,000 residents of Guxia City, it was like a white crescent moon flew by, sweeping past Tie Yulong and the rest with a powerful gale.

In an instant, Tie Yulong and the 300 royal soldiers turned into ashes and were decimated.

Tie Yulong’s Astral Infant could not even escape!

The sword Qi was unstoppable and dashed toward the horizon for over 10 miles. It destroyed a mountain behind Guxia City, causing it to collapse and the impact shook the whole place.

Everyone’s jaws dropped, and they could hardly believe their eyes.

Even Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian opened their mouth wide, their eyes almost popped out.

Jiang Xue, who was supporting Zhou Xuanji, was also stunned.

That slash was just too powerful. Could it even be done by a human?

Oh god!

The whole place was silent. There was a terrifying silence.

Zhou Xuanji panted and maintained the posture of holding his sword. Ah Big’s wings continued to flap.


It felt a little pain on the top of its head… and a little cold.

That slash just now cut off some hair on its head.

Zhou Xuanji did not notice the discomfort of his beloved pet. He cried arrogantly, “So much for Great Zhou’s Empress! First, she killed Lady Zhao Xuan and her son, and now she wants to kill me without any reason. This is the demeanor of Mother of Great Zhou?”

”What a joke! What a great joke!”

”I, Sword God Zhou, look down on such a person!”

After he spoke, he muttered Xiao Jinghong and the rest softly, “Let’s go!”

Ah Big and Small Er immediately flapped and flew forward, along with the rest who flew on their sword.

The group flew quickly toward Great Zhou’s border.

After some moment of silence, Guxia City immediately burst into commotion. Hundreds of thousands of people cried out in shock. Their voices were so loud that it seemed to overturn the sky.

”Oh my god! Sword God! Sword God for sure!”

”The famed TIe Yulong died just like that?”

”The empress was so vicious? She dared to harm my Sword God Zhou? Is there any sense of righteousness?”

”That slash just now… did I see it clearly…”

”Too horrifying… it’s definitely not something a mere human can do… He is a god! He is a god!”