I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 86 - Charge Up, Wait For The Dogs To Come

Chapter 86 - Charge Up, Wait For The Dogs To Come


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He saw the shadow of the Hell King on Zhou Xuanji’s body, Qin Qicun was shocked.

But since Zhou Xuanji was not even at the Inner Pellet stage, the kid could not stand up to him even if he was badly injured.

”Why?” He laughed disdainfully, “Prince Xuanji wants to fight to the death?”

How precious was the Royal Prince of Great Zhou!

Now that he could personally torture the son that Emperor Yan of Zhou loved, he was somewhat excited.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him coldly, with his swords appearing behind him out of nowhere.

Crimson Dragon Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Bloodbath Sword, Tiger Roar Sword, Windcutter Sword, Swineculling Sword, Golden Rock Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Residual Image Sword, Formless Sword, Furious Ape Sword, Chicken Slaying Sword, and Water Driving Sword!

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Xiao Jinghong, and Huang Lianxin were all stunned.

More than 10 swords!

Qin Qicun laughed even more arrogantly and mocked, “No matter how many swords, it’s all futile!”

After he spoke, he charged downward. The giant Black Dragon was like a mountain pounding toward Zhou Xuanji.

With the Hell King Sword and Legendary sword in hand, Zhou Xuanji charged forward with the other 13 swords.

The Crimson Dragon Sword quivered, and the soul of a Crimson Dragon appeared roaring.

The Frost Wave Sword jerked, and waves of frost Qi shot out.

The roar of a tiger came from the Tiger Roar Sword, while the confusing melody of Heaven Sound Sword resounded. The Residual Image Sword formed into countless shadows as the Furious Ape Sword roared.

Although Zhou Xuanji was alone, he shook the entire valley like a vast army.

Qin Qicun’s expression changed slightly. In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji’s speed increase tremendously.

At this moment, he could not see Zhou Xuanji as an Enlightening Stage Cultivator. Zhou Xuanji was the Hell King! Zhou Xuanji!

The Crimson Dragon Soul clashed into the Black Dragon. Although it was torn apart by its counterpart, it stuttered the Black Dragon a little.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Sword Wills of Vibrant Raindrops Sword and Tempest Slash. His speed reached its maximum as the two swords combined together and penetrated the Black Dragon, heading toward Qin Qicun.

Qin Qicun was already severely injured by Xiao Jinghong and was no longer in his best condition.

His instinctively swung his staff in defense, but the two Gold Grade legendary swords cut his staff into half.

”How could it be!”

Qin Qicun was aghast. It was a Level Five Supreme Grade magical artifact. How could it be so fragile?

The Hell King Sword and Thunderclap Sword pierced into his chest. Lightning exploded and scorched his entire body. The incredible pain forced him to raise his head in a loud cry.

”You dare to bully my disciple. I will let you see who is going to make you suffer, so that you can neither live nor die!”

Zhou Xuanji said coldly. His hands tore outward, and the two swords slashed horizontally, tearing Qin Qicun’s chest apart. Blood spilled all across the sky.

Next, his other 13 legendary swords flashed and slashed at Qin Qicun, who was like a wooden dummy. His flesh and blood were spurting and splashing all over, terribly pathetic.

The unimaginable pain caused him to almost faint.

He immediately transformed into a black mist and disappeared and reappeared on the mountain wall 30 meters away.

He was gasping rapidly with bloodshot eyes. With parts of his body missing, he looked extremely horrifying.

”Who are you? Dared to take Prince Xuanji’s body!”

Qin Qicun stared at Zhou Xuanji and asked with much difficulty.

No matter how devilish Zhou Xuanji was, he could not be so powerful. This did not make sense at all.

But he did not know that he was only half right.

Zhou Xuanji was not reborn by stealing someone’s body. He was reincarnated and had memories of his previous life.

”Remember, I have another name, Sword God Zhou. The God of the Sword’s Way!”

Zhou Xuanji shouted coldly. He could see that Qin Qicun was already injured enough for the kill!

Since he could kill him, the necessary boasts should be made!

After he spoke, he inundated Qin Qicun with the countless sword Qi of Tri-source Vein Severing Sword.

Boooom! Boooom! Boooom…

The mountain wall exploded, and countless rock fragments flew out. A wave of dust was swept up into the air.

”Ahhh– Sword God Zhou… Zhou Xuanji! You will die a terrible death! The Empress will send more powerful people after you. She will make you suffer like your damned grandfather!”

Qi Qincun roared with bitterness.

Soon, his voice stopped.

He was dead!


An infant surrounded by black light flew out from the rock fragments and dust toward the sky.

The Astral Infant!

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes focused and tossed out his Bloodbath Sword.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

Slay enemy from hundreds of miles away!

Right when Qin Qicun’s Astral Infant flew pass the mountain head, the Gold Grade legendary sword reached it.

His Astral Infant was cut into half like a watermelon.

Zhou Xuanji stood on the Formless Sword and levitated in the air, an immortal, surrounded by legendary swords. He looked upward and watched where the blood was spurting like a flower blossoming.

The Bloodbath Sword circled in the air and flew back to Zhou Xuanji.

Such a scene was like artwork.

It awed Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, and the little black snake.

Even Three-eyed Drought Rodent, Ah Big, and Small Er’s eyes were sparkling.

So dominating!

Jiang Xue muttered, “My Xuanji grew up indeed.”

Xiao Jinghong was mesmerized by Zhou Xuanji. He could not forget what happened just now.

Zhou Xuanji stored his swords and landed before Xiao Jinghong. He threw Beixiao Wangjian a stare and said, “What are you waiting for! Heal him!”

Beixiao Wangjian came to a sudden realization and took out some pills.

”Go and find if the old guy left anything behind,” Zhou Xuanji looked at Zhao Congjian and instructed.


Zhao Congjian could barely contain his excitement and left.

Jiang Xue walked to Zhou Xuanji and swept off the dirt on his body. “Xuanji, you are too awesome!” She smiled excitedly.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji’s identity was revealed, she openly called him Xuanji.

”Aren’t I always this awesome?” Zhou Xuanji replied ina smile.

Jiang Xue nodded, and the smile on her face could not be stopped.

Huang Lianxin sighed in exclamation, “You slew even an Astral Infant Cultivator. I feel like no matter how strong our enemies are, Master, you always have a way to deal with them.”

The Three-eyed Drought Rodent scurried over and lept on to Zhou Xuanji’s shoulders, dragging the little black snake along.

”I’m really convinced, little brat. I will follow you from now onward. Can you treat me a little better?” The little black snake said eagerly.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and said to Xiao Jinghong, “You realized the Dual Sword Will during this crisis, but it’s not stable yet. You have to work on it harder.”

”I will remember what you said, Master.” Xiao Jinghong tried his best to squeeze out a smile and replied. After he took the pills, he recovered much blood and Qi.

Soon, Zhao Congjian returned with three storage rings. Once Qin Qicun died, the rings lost his soul mark and turned into unowned items.

After some inspection, Zhou Xuanji said without a smile, “Not bad. Pack your things and prepare to leave the Immortal Sundering Mountain.”

”Where are we going?” Little Jiang Xue asked.

”Go to the territorial border of Great Zhou, “Zhou Xuanji replied, “Wait for the Empress to leave the court.”

The group had no objections.

Two hours later, they only left after Xiao Jinghong recovered much from his injuries.

Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue rode on Ah Big’s back, while Huang Lianxin on Small Er’s. The rest flew on their swords.

After they left the valley, Zhou Xuanji first regenerated his spiritual Qi.

He flipped his right hand and took out the Furious Ape Sword to charge up.

He tilted his head and instructed, “Watch over me carefully. If I need any help, do so immediately. Don’t let me fall down.”

”What do you intend to do?” Jiang Xue, who was hugging his waist, asked in confusion.

”Charge up,” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “And wait for the dogs to come.”